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IMPORTANT: Rules of Conduct

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Posted 21 June 2006 - 01:32 PM

Rules of Conduct

These Rules of Conduct cover every forum/area of the Heaven & Earth board, including the PM system (Personal Messages).

The Warning System

Initial System
3 Official Warnings -> 3-day Temp Ban -> 1 Official Warning -> 7-day Temp Ban -> 1 Official Warning -> 1 month ban -> 1 Official Warning -> 6 month Temp Ban -> PERMANENT BAN.

Good Behaviour for 6+ months: The ban system is reset to the 7-day stage or the beginning, depending on how far the offender went in the system.
Good Behaviour for 1 year: The ban system is reset to the beginning.

If you are banned for 6 months:

The system will change to this.
3 Official Warnings -> 3-day Temp Ban -> 1 Official Warning -> 7-day Temp Ban -> 1 Official Warning -> 1 month ban -> 1 Official Warning -> PERMANENT BAN.

Good behaviour rules apply to the above as well, but the offender will never get the 6-month ban again. After all, if the offender has made enough trouble to get the 6-month ban TWICE, we may as well issue a permanent ban!

This is the basis upon which the admins and moderators of these boards act. A warning is given out each time a member breaks the rules, and the offense is judged to be serious enough.

A member will first be given 3 Official Warnings, and then a 3-day Temp Ban for the next offence.

Once the ban has ended the person will be allowed back on the boards. If they violate the rules two additional times, they will receive a 7-day Temp Ban. In other words, they will receive an Official Warning for the first violation, and a Temp Ban for the second one.

If they violate the rules twice more, they will receive a month-long Temp Ban. If they violate the rules twice more after the month ban, they will be banned for six months. That is the final warning. If they choose to return after the six-month ban and break the rules once again, they will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. There is no appeal.

The admins and moderators reserve the right to deviate from this format if the offence is serious enough to warrant it.

Be nice and treat others with respect.

Please respect other peoples' opinions, even if you do not agree with them. It's to be expected on discussion boards that everyone will have different opinions on various issues.

Just agree to disagree, especially in debates. biggrin.gif

This includes the opinions of non-members. This is an open forum and we don't want to insult any of our guests. Besides, many of our members like other pairings, including those that "compete" with NaruSaku.

We want to welcome people, not alienate them. smile.gif

Criticism of those opinions is certainly allowed, as long as it remains respectful.

Any and all disrespectful behaviour towards others will not be tolerated and will result in a warning by mods - persistent offenders will be banned from these boards. Any posts and/or topics that break this rule will be deleted without notice.

Character and pairing bashing is prohibited.

To a lesser extent, the same holds true even of characters of Naruto because character/pairing bashing can quickly lead into bashing of the opinion of those that like the character/pairing. It also often leads to a degeneration in the quality of the discussion, especially when comments are made in poor taste.

As mentioned before, our members also like other pairings, even those that may conflict with NaruSaku (such as NaruHina, SasuSaku, LeeSaku etc.). Some may also like characters who are not universally loved.

So please refrain from bashing. Any posts that consist of bashing will be deleted without notice, persistent offenders will be given a warning by mods.

Flaming is not tolerated.

Flamewars are absolutely wasteful and are not constructive. If any threads turn into potential flamewars, just sit back and let the mods handle it - if they are not yet aware, feel free to inform them by using the Report Post button on the offending post or via Private Message.

Anyone starting a flamewar will be warned or banned, and the same applies to anyone else who willingly participates in exchanging flames.

Swearing, Racism, Sexism, Cultural/Religious Discrimination.

The submission of abusive posts/topics is a highly serious offence here, and the poster will almost certainly be banned for at least a week - and it could be permanent. Abusive and discriminatory language is not welcome here.

Any posts that contain excessive profanity (masked or otherwise) will be deleted without notice. Repeat offenders will be issued a warning.


Dyslexia is a common problem that many people have to deal with. Please remember that not everyone will be able to submit a perfectly written post with correct spelling and punctuation. So, keep that in mind and be respectful.

No txtspeak, l33tspeak, nor posting in ALL CAPS.

Because many people here at Heaven & Earth enjoy having discussions on various topics, making in-depth posts, and the atmosphere the boards offer, we cannot allow txtspeak, l33tspeak, nor ALL CAPS in posts.

This is because txtspeak is a lazy, sloppy, way of writing a post. It's far more suitable for a chatroom or a mobile phone text message - not on a discussion board like here.

l33tspeak can also be extremely hard to read at times and can have an adverse effect on the atmosphere of the boards and the quality of discussion. People like to read clear posts.

But it's fine to use a couple of l33tspeak words to express emotion or even as parody, just make sure that your post is overall clearly written.

Posting in ALL CAPS is the internet equivalent to shouting and is more difficult to read. You are welcome to use caps (or bold or italicized text) to emphasise a word or phrase, but there is no need to emphasize an entire post.

Of course, we are not saying that every post must have perfect spelling and grammar. We appreciate that some people here do not have English as their first language, and others may be dyslexic. :happy:

But if you lie about English not being your first language, and we find out, you will recieve a severe punishment, depending on how we find out, starting with an automatic temporary ban. The same goes for anyone pretending to be dyslexic, it is disrepectful to those who have this condition and will not be tolerated.

Any and all posts that break these rules will be deleted without notice. Repeat offenders will be warned.

Don't go overboard with colours and text formatting.

This board lets you choose from a variety of fonts, colours, and other formatting for your posts. If you decide to use those, please use restraint. Bolding your entire post, choosing a bright colour, and/or using certain fonts will make your post hard to read. In fact, many people will choose NOT to read your post if they are blinded by your choice of bolded mauve Arial Black!

Moderators have the right to remove excessive formatting from posts, and can submit warnings for repeated use.

No spamming or going off-topic.

Wikipedia definition of Spam

When posting, please stay within the topic. If something in a topic interests you (and it's not what the topic is about), and you would like to discuss it, then by all means create a new topic.

Off-topic posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be warned.

Spamming is not tolerated here. Posts that simply consist of comments such as "1st post!", "me too", "nice" and nothing more will be deleted without notice. Think before you post - if you can't really think of anything to add to the discussion, then don't post. Try to elaborate more on your posting, give some thought, and real insight on topics.

The same goes for posts that spam emoticons; they will be deleted without notice.

If you would like to advertise a website, please put it in your signature. If you want to advertise a fanfiction or fanart, you may do so in the Fiction Press's Coffee Shop or in the Artist's Square forums.

Advertising of pornographic sites and internet scams (such as pyramid schemes and chain letters) will NOT be tolerated and will be removed and their posters banned in the blink of an eye.

Also spamming simply because to gain user rank, or high post counts is strictly prohibited, and offenders will be Warned. Which is why we already have an User Rank List thread in the Guides & FAQs section, for those of you who are curious already.

Double (or multiple) posting.

Do not double-post in topics. Double (or more) posting is when someone posts the exact same thing twice (or more) in a row, or decides to immediately add another post to add to or correct a post they just made. If you need to add to or correct a post you have just made in a topic, please use the Edit button on the post. Double-posts will be merged or deleted by a mod depending on their content, and extreme cases of double-posting will merit a warning.

However, double or multiple-posting is allowed for your i-Blogs. Double-posting is also acceptable if you are just updating an inactive topic (not more than one post every 24 hours), or the content you wish to post (such as a fanfic story or essay) is too long for a single post.

Spoiler Rules

In threads that are created for specific manga chapters and anime episodes, the first page of the thread (20 posts) MUST be spoiler-tagged. This is so that people can click on the link to download or read/watch the chapter/episode without seeing spoilers by accident.

In threads that are created for an entire anime or manga series (such as One Piece and Fairy Tail), any discussion relating to a new chapter or episode MUST be spoiler-tagged for the first 48 hours (2 days) after it is linked in the thread. That gives people plenty of time to catch up on the latest episodes and chapters without getting spoiled.

How do I use spoiler tags?

It's easy. smile.gif If you are in the full post editor, just click Insert: SPOILER in the Quick Access menu on the left side under the smileys. You need to type in the title for it to work! If you're in Quick Reply, you can just type the following:

[spoiler="insert spoiler title here"]insert your spoiler text here[/spoiler]

You can also nest spoilers, if you need to:

[spoiler="This is a spoiler!"]
Some text here...
[spoiler="A spoiler inside another spoiler!?"]
Top Secret Spoiler inside here!

Pornographic Materials

In the Fanfiction Library, ALL stories with explicit sexual themes must be rated MA and carry a warning of sexual themes.

Pornographic material is absolutely prohibited on the boards and in the FanArt Gallery (except in strictly controlled areas only available to a limited number of members that pass our criteria) . "Tasteful" nudity is allowed in the FanArt gallery, but it must not depict genitalia, and must not involve minors.

Moderators have the right to remove any pictures, topics, and stories they feel are offensive, and to warn or ban the offender.

If anyone posts pornographic material that violates the law including, but not limited to, child pornography, rape, bestiality, and violence, then that person will be banned permanently.

Forum-to-Forum Conduct

For those who go from Heaven & Earth to NarutoForums, and vice versa (NF to H&E).

For people who go from H&E to NF: For those who travel in between forums, please keep in mind that the way you act here may not be suitable for other forums (especially ones of a general fandom). Since we are a NaruSaku-based forum, we are fairly liberal about the topic of NaruSaku and what we say about our fandom is open to the public. BUT when going to a more open fan-based forum, some of those things might invite strong disagreement or be viewed as offensive.

For people who go from NF to H&E: This applies to those people who come over from NF to H&E looking for NaruSaku debate material or support information. Keep in mind that just as some things said in this forum may not be appropriate in other forums, things said in those forums may not be appropriate here.

Recently, people have been using old material and are either NOT giving proper credit to the original person or are using the information and spreading it as their own. That is called plagiarism (copying other people's work and using it as your own) and is highly looked down upon. We don't mind if the information is used properly and appropriate credit is given, but if it is being abused we will enforce forum rules and, thus, give you an immediate warning (the severity of the warning will be decided by the Mods).

Also, the abuse of information as well as people's reputations is NOT tolerable. This means that if you (from either H&E or NF) debate in a very negative way (i.e. flaming people, ideas, and opinions) and then look for other people to back you up; you WILL NOT receive any help whatsoever. Instead, you will be denied any support for such a bad representation of our community. Even if you are defending us from other Fan Pairings who flame or insult us, you DO NOT respond in the same way. That only shows that you are sinking to their level. For such actions, there will be NO TOLERANCE and you will be punished immediately and may be BANNED PERMANENTLY from H&E. Here at H&E, we DO NOT tolerate such improper behaviour and representation.

So before you decide to debate for NaruSaku or use information from H&E as a reference, keep those points in mind. Use of flames for debating then relying on others to help out is an immediate warning (and possible BAN, depending on how much damage has been done). H&E WILL NOT (AND DOES NOT) support these kind of people and will NOT give them help of any kind.

Administrators and Moderators

It is important that H&E remain orderly and continue to be a place where all members feel welcome. In order to ensure that H&E remains that way, both Administrators (Kages) and Moderators (ANBU) may do whatever is necessary to maintain the orderly functioning of the site, even if that act is not specifically written in the rules.

Both Administrators AND Moderators have complete authority to regulate this board. This means that they have the authority to edit, remove, or otherwise alter posts that do not conform with H&E rules.

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