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Here Are The Best NaruSaku Arguments I Have Made Over The Years

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Posted 28 June 2017 - 11:26 PM

Hello NaruSaku Forums!

I've created this topic to present to you all of my favorite and best NaruSaku arguments I've created over the years, Here they are:

Note: These NaruSaku Arguments were created BEFORE I created my theory topics that speculate that NaruSaku and SasuHina happens in the Boruto Manga, I'm telling you this so that you won't feel that these NaruSaku arguments are a contradiction to my theory topics



NaruSaku since it's the healthier of the two pairings. Naruto would have been just as happy with Sakura as he was with it Hinata and at least he showed that he cared for her unlike Sasuke. Seriously, the 180 Sasuke pulled at the VERY end was complete and utter BS and IMO a cop-out on Kishi's part. He was just trying to tie everything up regardless of whether it made sense or not.


Hinata DESPERATELY needed some panel time with Naruto or at the very least, the chance to grow beyond her crush. That's my biggest gripe with her character, that she is literally nothing without Naruto. Her character does not extend beyond him which is sad because she has potential. The story would have benefited from an arc that had Naruto teaming up with Squad 8, her team. That's the ONLY team Naruto is NEVER partnered with and I always wondered why that was.


If you want Hinata to be seen as a heroine, give her the opportunity. A scene here and one 100+ chapters later is honestly not enough. The two interact in less than 50 pages out of the ENTIRE manga which is well over 14000 pages. That isn't enough. The Last screwed up by trying to do what was essentially the manga's job to do, flesh out the pairing. I didn't like how they added to Naruto's backstory with he and Hinata as kids and the scarf from his mom which was used as a plot device to make Hinata jealous. I also don't like how they cheapened his feelings for Sakura. Rumor has it that his voice actress, Junko Takeuchi refused to say certain lines at the part where he and Sakura are talking in the film because she felt they were too OOC. OF course this is just a rumor so take with a grain of salt.


Anyways, the pairing should have been in the oven prior to the film, not just being made. So what we end up with is a love story that is horribly rushed and told in a way that isn't romantic in the least. It comes across as overly contrived and forced. I don't hate Hinata by any means, but a movie was NOT the best way to develop her because honestly, she doesn't really change, everyone around her changes to fit the scenario.


Considering the gaiden, she's working herself to the point of exhaustion, so much so she collapsed. All the while he's off wondering around the world, doing a job that the Anbu could most likely do. Yeah, great husband >_>. Also, I think you're mistaking passiveness for understanding. Sakura doesn't seem capable of standing up to or challenging Sasuke as much as she would with Naruto. We see this a lot throughout the series in her inability to defend herself against his abuse.


And honestly, when it comes to understanding Naruto, I think Sakura is the best. Not only have they been on the same team for years, but they've shared the same goal as well, saving their friend. No one else other than Sakura knew the full extent to which Naruto was suffering in order to fulfill that goal. So much so that she tried to free him from it through the infamous fake confession.


She had to UNDERSTAND that he was suffering to want to alleviate it. And if you're going to use the whole "I hate people who lie to themselves" angle, the Last practically states that Naruto had been lying to himself for years in regards to his feelings for Sakura. What he claimed to be love being nothing more than a sense of rivalry, told to him by Sakura no less.


I don't believe either of them was in a position to preach to the other, so I don't place much stock on either claim. Naruto's claim that Sakura was "lying to herself" and Sakura's claim that Naruto "never really loved her". Because if Sakura didn't love Naruto in some shape or form, why go that far? There was some love there though clearly not as strong as her love for Sasuke but love nonetheless. A love born from her understanding Naruto as a teammate, fellow shinobi, and friend.


Her crying showed that she already understood, she just didn't want to admit that she was partly responsible for it. Having someone else say out it out loud just drove it home. We know this because part of the reason Sakura became stronger was to help Naruto to bring Sasuke back, thus easing some of his burden. A burden she believed she had inadvertently placed upon him.


SasukeXSakura makes sense ? think again She put her own photo over the actual photo, over the face of the person who delivered her baby, the one who gave her daughter her glasses, her supposed new best friend. I'm sure some really pathetic people crop out such people in their lives to present misleading photos of themselves next to their "husband"(If you can really call someone like Sasuke that) picture, but its still some pathetic behavior of which you'd come to expect of a submissive person. Especially when they were apparently so unable to get a more current version of their husband as an adult when the two last met. Couldn't even get a marriage photo. I wonder how long the two actually even banged if they didn't even have time for a photo. Only a Stepford wife would put up with that.


Kishimoto got invested enough in Naruto x Hinata that he wanted it followed through ? keyword "Invested," he sure fooled me then cause in these past 15 years the two have BARELY interacted in the story, she was HARDLY ever present in the story, and she knew next to NOTHING about Naruto beyond him being lonely as a child. That's some REAL good investment there. >_> No, what he and the anime studio invested in was the ridiculously large number of NaruHina fans who would eat this **** up no matter how forced, contrived, or nonsensical it was.

Hinata Her understanding of Naruto ended after part 1. In part 2, Naruto is no longer a lonely outcast, he's popular and has friends while she's still hiding behind trees watching him from afar. The issues he had in part 2 , she played no role in aiding him with. Hell, she nearly got him killed at one point.


Sakura should've been with someone who actually cared about her (Naruto). Sasuke's change of heart at the end of the series was BS. Truly he's a "rare prodigy" who was saved by more plot convenient ass pulls than anyone else in the series. As for the "debt" to Sakura, you're right he doesn't owe her a thing. Except for maybe the fact that she could have poisoned him with the kunai but chose not to. She had a PRIME opportunity to do so. Or perhaps for her continuing to believe that there was still some good deep down inside that cold heart of his.


Whatever the case, his behavior towards Sakura was completely unacceptable and she SHOULD have given up on his ass. Her "love" for him caused her more pain than anything else. He deserved to be alone, or to be with a girl even more clingy than Sakura, Karin. Though IMO, they're BOTH too good for him.


Yeah, NaruHina and SasuSaku in a nutshell. Just pair the guys up with their respective fangirls. Also, claiming that Naruto was "competing" with Sasuke for Sakura would imply that Sasuke had feelings for her. Feelings that he made abundantly clear on several occasions he did not have. Not much of a competition when only one guy is actively pursuing the girl, Naruto.


"Fictional claims" lol. It's a fact that Sakura could have stabbed Sasuke if she wanted to. She stopped herself at the last possible moment. He was completely oblivious to her presence long enough for her to have scratched him at the very least. And furthermore, you want to blame Sakura for "trying" to kill him despite the fact that during that encounter, he tried to kill her first, while she was tending to Karin. No excuses, Sasuke was dead wrong to do what he did, yet later on he comes back with his crappy little "I'm sorry" 180 personality change and both girls forgive him, please. >_>


You chose to be blind to all the kittenish actions Sasuke took. Justifying them with honestly pitiful excuses seeing as it was Sasuke who chose to ignore his brother's wishes and walk a path of darkness. Apparently he can do no wrong in your eyes but I'll call a spade a spade and an ass an ass. That darkness had always been a part of Sasuke and the truth about his brother just brought it to the surface. Even before then, we could see some of this when he and Naruto first fought in the Final Valley in part 1. Sakura and Karin we oblivious to that side of him because they had never seen it, but he was most definitely being himself. It's just that after his final bout with Naruto, he set about changing himself to something a bit less dark.


I'm just stating why I think this "investment" Kishimoto "planned" for NaruHina was complete and utter BS that dirtied the story, I don't see how her interactions with Naruto were more important than others. She did confess to loving him but that gets thrown out and is never touched on again. She did encourage him after Neji's death yet, shortly after he calls Sakura his GF accompanied with the obligatory SakuShina parallel. Two of her best moments, completely disregarded.

Naruto as a character is defined by his bonds to others because that's all he has, his bond with Sasuke being the most important and the driving force behind many of his actions. Hinata not being able to understand that bond severely hampered her ability to understand Naruto and his goals, at least IMO. She is in the background for so long how anyone can claim that she knows him better than the people that actually stand by his side is beyond me. Hell, Sai probably understood him better than HInata and that's saying something.



This pairing war against the NaruHina shippers had to be one of the most obnoxious things in a very, very long time.

Since the Radical Naruto/Hinata shippers extremist are being so smug, here's a reminder: you guys enjoy but a hollow victory. You can't read back over the manga and ignore the fact Naruto loved Sakura for 699 chapters out of 700. Hinata was pairing fodder than never got much development, and neither did the relationship. You were "right" in the end, and yet Naruto/Sakura was the intended endgame pairing before Kishimoto capitulated. The manga reflects that fact, and the necessity of a movie to justify this BS pairing reflects that. You'll never be able to ignore that.


IMO the truth is that Hinata and Sakura were underdeveloped and poorly written. Hinata was almost never around Naruto for about ¾ of the story, even though it was clear what her feelings were. Sakura started out as a naive love struck girl who then kicked ass physically and mentally shortly after the time skip (Sai intro/Sasuke search arc) who then devolved back into a love struck teenage because…? If team 7 had 4 people in it including Hinata and she went on all those adventures with Naruto less people would give a fuss (I think).


Sakura became the worst character in the series IMO because she reverted back to her old self. I remember the first episode of Naruto I ever saw (Kakashi telling new Team 7 to steal bells). All 3 failed that “ninja test” for different reasons. Naruto failed because he never thought before he acted. At the end of the series he matures by becoming a more calculating person in his words and actions. Sasuke failed by taking independent actions without his teammates. He matures by realizing that he can’t accomplish any of his goals in life without support. Kakashi failed Sakura because she needed to get her head out of the clouds and stop obsessing over Sasuke so much. She matured in the end by…. Ohhh wait she didn’t.


With that said, people who say there is was NO evidence/foreshadowing for Sakura/Naruto to end up together must be dreaming. There is about as much evidence for Sakura as there is for Hinata, which confused the crap out of me when the series ended as to why Naruto and Sakura didn’t have any closure in the end (which not is properly addressed in the Last Naruto the movie). The evidence IMO pointed to Naruto confessing to Sakura in the end once he fulfilled his “promise” to her.


1.In the beginning of the series, it is revealed that Naruto has feelings for Sakura.
-Sakura knows of these affections (unbeknownst to him) thanks to Sai, but her feelings for him (according to the Databooks) are confused and unspecified.

2. Kushina's dying wish was for Naruto to find a girl like her so that Naruto can receive her love even when she was gone. Sakura was compared to Kushina by Naruto's father, noticing their striking resemblance in personality.

3. After Kaguya is defeated, Naruto talks with Minato, asking him to tell Kushina that he is keeping all her wishes. Kakashi and Sakura are shown staring at him blankly when he says that his feet aren't always properly washed. He eventually remembers his mother's wish for Naruto to find a girl like her, but starts stammering and eventually says that he hasn't quite fulfilled everything Kushina asked.

4. Throughout the series, Naruto and Sakura have been shown to share mutual admiration and strong respect for one another.

5.In Iruka's lesson of Heaven and Earth, he makes a real-world example of Naruto and Sakura, showing that each of them can't survive without the other.

6.Sakura has been shown to get angry and yell at people who insult Naruto, such as Sai and even Sasuke, who was her crush.

7.Sakura has been teased and/or pointed out as Naruto's girlfriend by Konohamaru, Gamakichi, and Minato respectively, among others.

8.Despite having feelings for Sakura, Naruto acknowledges her feelings for Sasuke. He also made a "lifetime promise" to bring Sasuke home, which is seen as both a positive and negative element of their relationship.

9.Sakura has shed tears for Naruto on numerous occasions whether due to his life being in danger or simply due to his commendable words and actions.

10.Naruto has been shown to recklessly save Sakura numerous times when her life was in danger, likely more than anyone else has

11.Sakura is shown to be openly protective over Naruto and constantly concerned for his well-being.
Additionally, Sakura realizes that Naruto has done a lot for her and wishes to repay the debts outside of "small and insignificant" things such as healing him.

12.Sakura greatly admires Naruto, particularly after he defeated Nagato.

13.Naruto and Sakura are known to constantly bicker, often ending with Sakura comically punching Naruto for being stupid, although they quickly get over each one.

14. When healing Naruto after he turned kyuubi against orochimaru, Sakura expresses her desire to be useful to Naruto. Despite her wound, she continues to heal the Uzumaki and soon asks Yamato to teach her the technique to stop Naruto's Kyubi form. She is quickly saddened when he tells her that he was the only who had this ability, saying that, as usual, the things she can do for Naruto are small and meaningless. Noticing this and her wound, Yamato claims that the important thing is Sakura's strong feelings, causing her to look up in confusion. Smiling, Yamato tries to say that he can tell she likes him by just looking at her, but he is quickly cut off as Naruto begins to awaken.

15. At the end of the Sai/Sasuke arc, Naruto complains he can’t eat because of his broken arm and Sakura, seductively moving her chair and leaning in closer to him, gives him a flirtatious look and offers to feed him, which leaves him happily surprised and blushing.

16. Naruto who is still walking through the village has a flashback about the encounter he had with Sasuke and just as he snaps out of his trance, Sakura and Sai arrive to see him sitting on a bench. Naruto then questions Sai's presence and complains that both Sakura and Sai interrupted him while he was devising a plan to go with Sakura on a date.

17. After Karui beats up naruto after he wouldn’t give any information on sasuke, Sai asks Naruto if he likes Sakura (Notice this happened after the Pain arc, wherein Hinata professed her love towards Naruto) Naruto said that he couldn’t because he didn’t keep his promise with Sakura (to bring Sasuke back).


In conclusion, based on this evidence, I can see why many people Including myself believed that Naruto would end up with Sakura (and were disappointed in the end), just as I can see how kitten the minimal evidence that caused Hinata to end up with Naruto in the end. I just wish Kishimoto hadn’t turned Sakura from IMO the worst to the best and then back to the worst female character in Naruto, and Hinata from an undeveloped minor secondary character that is not in most of the story to the main character’s significant other without having a more concrete visible relationship in the end. Ultimately I think Kishimoto just didn’t know how to develop female characters in the series which was a factor in my disliking of the pairings in the end.


Hinata's "love" to Naruto... well minus how unlike naruto, Sasuke tried to kill Sakura multiple times. But then also in that sense, naruto never gave up on Sasuke even though he tried to kill naruto multiple times. It's sort of unfair to glorify how Naruto never gave up on his 'brother' while Sakura is always viewed as someone who can't get over an infatuation.


In the second part of the series, you get lost on her true feelings. At one point, it seems like she's in love with Naruto and now just views Sasuke as a teammate she wants to save because she's loyal to him, just as Naruto is loyal to him. She even tried to kill Sasuke herself because she wanted to free both of them of this burden... though it can also be viewed as selfish since she tried to get mixed up in something she doesn't understand (my understanding was that team 7 kept her out of the loop A LOT; e.g. her not knowing how strong the bond between Sasuke and naruto was, as shown at the end before the time skip, and her believing that naruto was just trying to save Sasuke because he promised her.)


It's hard to say why Sakura still loves sasuke, though it's for sure that she's loyal to sasuke AND naruto. During the war, you don't know if she still loves him since she just remembers him when she got that love confession from the shinobi soldier. It's never really explained and kishimoto never really tries. He just always makes hint in their relationship. Even during The Last, he doesn't even touch their relationship. For all we know, the time between when sasuke left and when they had Sarada, it took quite a while for them to actually get together.


Sakura's love for Sasuke never had a chance to develop, hence her inability to let go. Not to mention, as she states in the last movie, a girl never gets over her first love... which is actually true for a lot of people in reality. You can't blame her for something that makes her human, especially when there are so many things left unspoken.


The fact of the matter is that kishimoto never expands on sakura's feelings that much that it's unfair to say she has some sort of 'undying' love for sasuke. You can tell she's sad about how life was so cruel to him and wants to help, just like how any good friend or teammate would want to do. Just because she had a crush on him when she was TWELVE, people forget that she's also a kunoichi and a friend. Her bond with sasuke may not be as strong as the bond shared by Naruto and sasuke (especially since sasuke only viewed her as an annoying girl who'd never understand him, so he never gave her a chance to let her in, and rightfully at times since sakura was only 12 and still maturing in parts of her personality like any normal 12 year old who hasn't experienced horrible trauma in their life) but I'd like to believe she's a sensitive character who cherishes her precious people.


The direction Kishimoto took in Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Hinata's relationships has been flipped completely if these are indeed the final couples. Sasuke and Sakura is just... Incomprehensible. The man that tried to take her life several times and has never shown an interest in her has become her husband? When I go back and read through earlier Shippuden, as well as the anime, we see Sakura's character development in regards to overcoming her love for Sasuke. We are given heavy hints to Sakura's newfound love for Naruto, something that was never done for Hinata as we outright knew her feelings for Naruto from the beginning, albeit them stemming mostly from admiration than actual personal contact with him. Furthermore, Hinata's character development during the final arc also feels rushed. Killing Neji only to spark an intimate moment with Naruto and motivate him? It does not flow well and seems inconsistent, as we are given only a few lines from Hinata highlighting her passion to fight for Naruto during the war beforehand. If these leaks are true, Kishimoto has missed out on what would feel like a more complete Sakura story: the story of a woman struggling to bring back the boy she loves, constantly being hurt, but then overcoming her naivety in womanhood to love the man that has stood by her side not only seeking the same goal, but protecting her until the very end.


This is indeed a frustrating ship to go down with, because it defies cohesive storytelling. We see two characters constantly finding themselves in conflict trying to bring back a friend they both care about together, and a partnership develops, one in which deep feelings for one another possibly begin to blossom. We see Sakura present during key shifts in Naruto's life, in his self-discovery and struggle. We see parallels of Naruto's mother and Sakura with almost undeniable evidence of their romantic feelings for one another. But now we see a woman fall for the man that attempted to take her life in his indifference, which is not only a huge step back in character development, but just downright creepy. Naruto's relationship with Hinata is similar, and although it may have been forged out of kindness, there really was no deep, intimate relationship that connected these two characters. Naruto has always looked to Sakura when asked about his love, and for someone as stubborn and passionate as him, dismissing his feelings for Sakura is an even bigger step back in his character development.


I could ramble on and on but if this is truly what Kishimoto has finalized, it is possibly one of the most unsatisfying pairing endings I've experienced. Then again, Naruto as a series has never truly focused on strong romantic character development (unless what I've seen leaked is fake and Kishimoto redeems Sakura and Naruto's relationship). The shipping for this story has been a wild ride and it is a really sad defeat, in cohesive logic behind this conclusion is non existent.



Naruto loved Sakura for 698 chapters, over the course of which Kishimoto developed their relationship with the most focus and care. He set up blatant parallels to Minato/Kushina, Jiraiya/Tsunade and Obito/Rin. Characters like Yamato and Sai inferred Sakura had feelings for Naruto - this was only confirmed by the data books that mentioned how Sakura was no longer certain how she felt about Naruto, only that occasionally he would make her "heart beat faster" and yada yada. The build up was there. It undeniably was, and Naruto/Sakura is the only pairing in which the two showed genuine and mutual respect and admiration without compromising one another.

Naruto and Sakura were both very similar and yet different. I thought they complimented one another. More importantly, they could actually be themselves, and they always managed to laugh and smile around each other. There was clear affection and a level of intimacy between them, in the way that Naruto always regarded her with an affection suffix, and the way Sakura, as Sai pointed out how, was so familiar with Naruto there was no formality. They were close friends that shared a lot history; they laughed together, they went through difficult times together, and they always were thinking of each other.

The reason I could never "ship" SasuSaku or NaruHina was because they severely lacked development, or in SasuSaku's case only had negative development. Sasuke treated Sakura like crap for the vast majority of the manga, time and time again. On her own she was a headstrong kunoichi with convictions. When he part of the equation, she became a doormat, a demure little girl that allowed him to talk down to her and demean her. Forgiveness was one thing, but Sakura shouldn't have ended up with him. If not with Naruto, she should have moved on to someone else.

As for NaruHina, what irritates me about this couple is that no one seems to care what Naruto thinks or feels. Naruto wasn't attracted to Hinata, he didn't think of her as anything more than a friend, and he never had eyes for anyone but Sakura. It's not that I hate this pairing, it's that it's so underdeveloped that the only reason people seem to ship it is because Sakura is a "kitten" by comparison (which is nonsense). Hinata was one of the most intriguing characters of Part I. She had a very interesting background story and lots of potential. Kishimoto ended up relegating her to pairing fodder and had to break Team 7 to make NaruHina happen.

In 699, Sakura reverted to her 12 year old fangirl self from chapter 3. Sasuke instantly fell in love and acted like the Sasuke Naruto pretended to be in chapter 3. Naruto suddenly forgot he had been in love with Sakura for 5 years, was wholly apathetic, and fell in love with and married Hinata off panel. Yeah, we're supposed to watch a movie to make sense of that, but all that tells me is that Kishimoto changed his mind late into the game after he wrote Road to Ninja.

Also, what was the point in Karin and awakening her chakra chains to save Sasuke? What was that parallel to Sakura saving Naruto whilst Karin saved Sasuke for? NaruHina and SasuSaku must have been the intended endgame since at least 2012, and since then we had Minato infer Sakura was Naruto's girlfriend and compared her to Kushina; we had the CPR scene; Obito inferring Sakura felt very strongly about Naruto to which she was unusually silent, much like when Yamato inferred she was falling in love with him.

From 615 onwards, almost every last panel concerning Sakura had something to do with Naruto; she was always worried, concerned, panicked, relieved, praising him - what I don't get is why Kishimoto didn't give Hinata more panel time, she deserved that much at least. The fact he didn't simply gives credence to the theory he capitulated and chose to please the highest number of fans possible in Japan, where SasuSaku is the biggest hetero ship followed by NaruSaku and NaruHina.

In the end, my issue really isn't with the fact NaruSaku didn't happen. It's the way in which it didn't that I find upsetting. Naruto and Sakura didn't even interact after all was said it done. He didn't tell her how he felt, the promise wasn't brought up again - simply nothing. It's the lack of closure that will really haunt fans of this ship.


As the series developed and both characters matured, we see Naruto and Sakura develop something more than a friendship especially with the absence of Sasuke. Naruto’s once superficial attraction for Sakura became a genuine, deep love for her, a type of love that merits his need to protect her, care for her, and support her. In the same way, we see Sakura develop her feelings for Naruto; the once obnoxious brat she knew grew up to be a hero in her eyes. She never directly states how she feels about Naruto (not counting the Land of Iron confession, because we all know that was fake), but it’s easy to say that she does in fact care about Naruto on a level beyond just her friend.


Kishimoto essentially develops the NaruSaku relationship for almost all of Shippuden, only for it to be shiited on in two chapters (693, where Sakura says she still loves him after all these years, completely downplaying all the development of NaruSaku in the previous chapters, and 700 of course, where we see the actual pairings).


I just find all this incredibly wrong. Sakura loves a man who she hasn’t seen in years, thus giving no relationship development, and her only attraction toward Sasuke is a physical attraction she had when they were young (because all the girls thought he was so dreamy). Not to mention, Sasuke made attempts on Sakura’s life, to which NARUTO came and saved her (and countless other times from other enemies). Naruto ends up with a girl who’s merely infatuated with him, and the two have very few interactions that hint at a possible relationship.


If anything, we’ve all been played like fools by Kishi. He goes and develops the NaruSaku relationship for so long, only to troll us at the very end. We see Sakura slowly building feelings and a genuine love and care for Naruto. We get hints at a final NaruSaku ending when their peers constantly refer to Sakura as Naruto’s girlfriend and see parallels of Sakura and his mother. Minato himself states that Sakura reminds him of Kushina, and Kushina specifically says to Naruto to find a woman like herself. In my opinion, Hinata is nothing like Kushina. I saw that scene as a way of saying, find a woman who is strong like you are in both ability and spirit. Given all that Naruto and Sakura have gone through, it’s safe to say that Sakura is pretty strong in her constant support for Naruto, especially in the last arc.


There are also a few other things I’d like to mention. After the fight with Pain, Naruto was hugged by Sakura, not Hinata. In fact, Naruto didn’t even think about Hinata’s well being. Yes, he became fully enraged at the sight of Hinata being killed in front of him, but that was more of his desire to protect his friends. Had it been Sakura giving up her life, who knows what would’ve happened. Things might have been incredibly worse. When both Sasuke and Naruto “die” and meet the Sage of the Sixth Paths, it’s Sakura that tries to save Naruto and care about his being, and it’s KARIN that cares about Sasuke’s well being. In fact, that part in the manga shows exact parallels where both women seem to be traumatized at the thought of losing the person they love. If anything, Sasuke should have ended up with Karin, because Karin was the first woman he humbled himself to and apologized. It’s not like he apologized to Sakura after trying to kill her when he first arrived at the battlefield.


I also remember on multiple occasions where Sai tells Sakura that the things that she does are out of love for Naruto, and in fact, even tells Sakura that Naruto loves her. Yamato and Kakashi also both recognize that the two seem very intimate with each other. Naruto is honestly the only person to fully understand Sakura, especially because they share the same goal of rescuing Sasuke. a more complete Sakura story would be of “the story of a woman struggling to bring back the boy she loves, constantly being hurt, but then overcoming her naivety in womanhood to love the man that has stood by her side not only seeking the same goal, but protecting her until the very end.” THAT is how the series should have ended.

By the time Shippuden starts, we know for certain 3 goals that Naruto has:

1. To become Hokage

2. To bring back Sasuke (for Sakura and for himself)

3. To be with Sakura.

In a filler episode, Naruto talks about how he’s in love with Sakura but he knows that she still loves Sasuke, and he would do his best to win her over. For a person like Naruto, who’s always stood by his beliefs and his goals, doesn’t giving up on Sakura seem like a stepback in his character development? For Sakura to build such an intimate relationship with Naruto and then end up marrying the guy who tried to kill her seems pretty immature as well. And then Naruto goes out with a girl who he has barely any interactions with? The pairings themselves are just downright creepy.

I mentioned how Naruto needed someone strong like Kushina to be his wife. If Kishi had intended for NaruHina to be a thing, then Hinata should have been made out as a stronger character. Aside from TenTen, she’s probably the weakest (in ability, personality, and just overall screentime) out of the Konoha 11 females. Hell, we barely even see her at all. The main female roles are taken up by Sakura, Karin, and Tsunade, and yet the strong wife that Naruto is supposed to end up with is Hinata. Nothing makes sense with NaruHina, because it’s just not meant to be.

Naruto is a ROLE MODEL for boys, continue pursuing your goals, no matter how steep and dangerous the path, and for Naruto to not achieve his goal of getting with Sakura kind of distorts our perception of how the male-female relationship works. For young boys who followed all of Naruto, it seems like having the kitten win the main girl the correct way to win a girl’s heart, which is absolutely, and terribly wrong. Sure Naruto does end up with Hinata, but if you think about it, Sakura’s final confession to Sasuke kind of sealed the deal about how she felt about Sasuke, so Hinata is like a consolation prize for Naruto, since he obviously has to end up with SOMEONE, and that’s just really, really sad.

I know that the manga is completely set with their pairings, but since the anime isn’t complete, I’m holding on to a slight chance that the makers will have an alternative ending. I don’t think it’s quite fair for Naruto to have to go through so much, and not achieve his lifetime goal of being with Sakura. The way he loved on her is something that guys like us only wish we could do, and that’s what true love is about. For Kishi to not have Sakura fully recognize Naruto’s unconditional love for her is just plainly pitiful. I really hope that the anime gives us an alternate ending, cause quite frankly, fan fics don’t suffice. 
“The Last” better have a damn good development on the NaruHina relationship that beats out the past 5+ years I wasted watching NaruSaku develop and shipping NaruSaku (which quite frankly is impossible). Whatever. The salt is going to continue for a long time.

(The Last Naruto The Movie) has horrible development on the NaruHina relationship that beats out the past 10+ years I wasted watching NaruSaku develop and shipping NaruSaku (which quite frankly is impossible). Whatever. The salt is going to continue for a long time because people with an actual functioning mind who read and watched the Naruto Manga/Anime will always believe that Naruto and Sakura should have been the end pairing.




So why are NaruHina fans so excited about their pairing winning despite those facts?

So far the teases have been undercut eventually. Like, you would get an NaruSaku moment that would make it seem like it's finally setting sail and then it would sort of whoosh over our heads, and two years later suddenly you get an NaruHina moment and all you have left of your previous conclusion is a faint, confused memory. Now there's no time left for those shenanigans anymore. What's happening in the next two chapters and the movie is happening, and then that's it. No more story. It's winner-take-all.

If people were careful and reserved initially, the marketing machine behind the movie made damn sure to drag them kicking and screaming out of their skepticism. The "hey look at the scarf pointing at Hinata and also look at the tagline" tweet, the album cover, the notorious Kishi's assitant leaks claiming that it seems the manga has been pushing NH and Naruto hasn't been chasing after Sakura since the Pain arc -- it's just too much. At this point if you want to blame someone for the NH frenzy, blame the people who put out all this promotional material in the first place, because they are feeding it completely on purpose, 100% guaranteed.

All that said, "don't jump the gun" has never ever turned out to be bad advice in everything regarding to romance in this manga, so...

This has been cooking up in my head for the past week or so. So i've always been torn on shipping or not even sure if it would happen. Anyways, So Sakura gets rejected by Sasuke. Then goes to Naruto and he immediately doesn't believe her. So then wouldn't it be just as fake for Naruto to abandon his 5+ year long love for Sakura to go to the one that will take him... I know that she came to him to stop him from chasing Sasuke but it's the principle of it all. Well just a shower thought.

It's weird to me because so many things about Team 7 are direct parallels to their sannin counterparts, and thematically the show seems to be a lot about how the next generation follows their predecessors so closely in so many ways while correcting some of the errors of the past. Given that, I would've thought Naru/Saku was a sure bet - it seemed Jiraiya and Tsunade had some hidden/undisclosed feelings for each other. Thought the new generation Naruto/Sakura would've been the same way, but correct never having acted on those feelings.

This is what really gets me. If he had NaruHina in his mind, then why this? It just feels like bad writing, like he changed his mind at the last second. He wants the movie to cover his tracks but kitten, the manga will always be there. We can see the amount of development between Naruto and Sakura. Not so much the others, not nearly as much.

But he should have said that somewhere. He reconfirmed his promise of a lifetime in 693, it sure damn seemed like he was still in love with her. There was no inclination to the contrary, that he fell out of love with her.
Sakura never lost her schoolgirl crush on Sasuke and it worked out for her, though how the hell that relationship is reconciled, I'll never know.

I reasoned he shot her down because he knew she was lying to him and he still hadn't fulfilled his promise to her. As you say, promises are important to him. From day one, Naruto has said he loved this girl and there's been no indication that he stopped. Until the very end that is. It just seems like it was poorly handled. Totally out of left field.

yeah, from a pure, character-driven plot perspective, the relationship aspects were poorly handled by Kishi. Awkward turns, cryptic confession scenarios, and rushed ending plot points = bad romance writing.

I agree with ya, and take it a step further; IMO I feel like any Naru pairing is pretty left-field, regardless of who he ends up with. NaruHina, be it canon or not, was far too rushed in the end to be truly compelling or believable from a sensible standpoint. It's like... Chapter 1: Creepy obsession. Chapter 70: Mutual admiration. Chapter 71-400: No words exchanged between then. Chapter 500: Naruto, I want your babies. Chapter 6xx, OH SNAP WE'RE HOLDING HANDS and KILLING kitten.

Yeah, NaruSaku made the most sense to me, from a writer's perspective, given all the foreshadowing panels and mom-dad parallels, but then Kishimoto had to give Sakura this weird obsession with Sasuke that was never really fleshed out into a believable and honest love for him. SasuSaku will always be... pretty immature. And downright abusive, when you think about all the times Sasuke's thrown her ass to the curb... or tried to stab her, and not in the sexy way. In the anime world, it's cause for tension. IRL that's cause for restraining order.

In the end, I won't chastise Kishi for it because genuine romance a kittenload of ground to cover, especially in a shonen battle-manga, compounded by his own admission that he sucks at writing females and therefore romances. It just sucks because by attrition, his females lose a lot of humanity because of it and the series has a lot of potentially intriguing figures. Instead, we have a lot of nuanced character development backed by awkward character exchanges and a ending arc that took forever to conclude.

TL;DR Kishi is a fighter, not a lover. Will still cry my eyes out when it's all done.


The NaruSaku fans who played a huge role in the overall success of the series. Watching the anime, buying manga volumes, movies, games, etc. They were just as involved in this series' success as any other part of the fandom such as the NaruHina fandom. So when they get an ending they can find ZERO joy in, of course they'll be upset and rightly so IMHO.
Many of those NaruHina fans claim that NaruHina was a forgone conclusion despite having little to no development to back that claim. You do realize that hindsight is 20/20 right? And don't forget that Kishi was STILL pushing NaruSaku right up until the endgame. Then the 699 Sasuke personality flip and 700 came out of literally nowhere with a poorly done film to justify it. It's not hard to see why NaruSaku fans felt cheated.

NaruHina fans are always berating us NaruSaku and SasuHina fans because we are always complaining about the ending not being what we have envisioned ? well Because, once a series is over all you have to discuss are the things you liked and disliked. The pairings are a particular point of contention.

NaruHina fans are always using the counterargument that Hinata has been "MUCH" more useful than Sakura over the course of the entirety of the manga ? What good was Hinata is the manga, and how do her INSIGNIFICANT feats put her above Sakura in terms of ability and usefulness? Did Hinata develop an antidote to Sasori's poison and save Kankuro? Did she perform a heart massage on Naruto to keep him alive when meeting the sage? You can love Hinata all you want NaruHina fans, but there is no way you can EVER put her above Sakura in regards to her contributions to the series. Doing so is nothing short of extreme fanboyism. Sakura has saved and impacted far more lives than Hinata ever will. After all, Hinata is content being Naruto's girl, and hasn't shown any ambition beyond that.

NaruHina fans are always labeling Sakura as a coward ? LOL. She was tending to Tsunade who had exhausted her chakra. She's no coward, this is the girl who charged Madara after all. 
Next, Sakura, being a MEDICAL ninja could tell that Naruto's heart was on the verge of stopping. Uzumaki or not, he would have DIED if that happened. And what was idiotic, was Hinata tripping over herself, or was that pathetic? Her attempting to fight Pain was idiotic and her act nearly killed Naruto in that fight. Let's not kid ourselves, what saved Naruto was his father's foresight, not Hinata's interference. She nearly doomed him to being consumed by Kurama.
And yeah, those NaruHina fans are irrational fanboys. I love Sakura but I'm sure as hell not propping her up on a pedestal like you're doing with Hinata. And NO, Hinata's ambition was only to be with Naruto. EVERYTHING about her is NARUTO, which is partly why she leaves so much to be desired as a character. At least Sakura became a capable shinobi/medic in her own right and as a medic, she can continue to help people. What did Hinata accomplish as a ninja? What are her contributions to the ninja world?

NaruHina fans constantly state that Naruto has some sort of sub conscience connection to Hinata because he went 6 tails mode when he thought she died to pein ? That's an awful lot to assume. Did Naruto go six tails because of her, or was it because one of his friends was "killed" right in front of him and it just happened to be her? This reminds of that old "For want of a nail" quote. With that logic you could make nearly anyone more important than they truly were.

NaruHina fans always say that Hinata has stronger techniques then Sakura ? ok how often did Hinata's new techniques come in handy, prior to the Last and outside of filler? Then those NaruHina fans say Sakura's skills stagnated but that's not even remotely close to being true. She just has a different style to Hinata, that's all. One that values large AOE style moves over flashy, precise ones. Why do you need range, when you have that level of destructive power. As for new techniques, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Tsunade's style is more than enough for anything below the level of Naruto and Sasuke as demonstrated in the Gaiden when she one shots Shin. And lastly, Sakura profession is medical ninja so it's not really a flaw when she puts that first.

NaruHina fans always say Naruto has a loser complex, Naruto didn't have a loser complex, he had a "never say die" complex. The guy was hell bent on proving that he to could be a great ninja and he never thought of himself as anything less than that. It's one of the reasons his character is so well liked. Hinata was all alone in that regard but adopted Naruto's way of life as her own because she never never had one of her own that's why she started looking for one and found Naruto, She is literally nothing without Naruto.

Kishimoto had to have done something right to draw as many people to his manga as he did. That said, I don't appreciate how he mishandled MANY characters and took his story in the COMPLETE opposite direction of where it was headed at the end. Also, him letting an anime studio do his job for him (justifying the ending) was beyond careless IMHO. He should have done it himself. His whole "I can't right romance" spiel is weak as hell. If you can't right romance, why have it in the first place?
I also don't like that he had the NERVE to claim that people "misread" the manga and that he was using "red herrings" to fool us. That was the most blatant lie I have ever heard and a piss poor attempt at defending what ANY fan that wasn't blind would consider crap tier writing. I've followed Naruto for 13 years and I know full and damn well what I read. What I read was leading to a MUCH different outcome than what we got in the last handful of chapters and Naruto: The Last RETCON. >_>


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Yes!!!! finally someone who gets it, not just for the sake of a rational shipping, but actually due to the story line!!!! People say that him ending up with Hinata was the best, cause they look like his parents but that's ridiculous, he ain't his parents. Hinata never seemed to complete him in the way Sakura could. Minato and Kushina made it work. Him and Sakura being so hot headed, made a really nice pair, they could be themselves and keep up with each other.

And there were so many moments that supported this, like when Sakura was healing Naruto and Yamato looked at her and said you actually lo-- and he woke up, but it was suggested the sentence was love him of course. 

And another time was when at an episode he admitted he knew what true love is because, he only wanted to see her happy, meaning Sakura. He sacrificed his happiness with her cause he thought Sasuke was the one who would make her happy, but he was way wrong. Sasuke was a mere obsession for her, and deep down she knew it but couldn't admit it. He never liked her. And now even though he married her he is like a lone warrior. Never there. It wouldn't surprise me if ig was just for the sake of having a child and continue the uchiha blood line. 

And when Naruto defeated Pain, although Hinata had just expressed her feelings for him, in the big hug between Sakura and Naruto, she was behind clapping with the rest, like she knew Sakura was the one.
And many more. Only at the ending the plot started to change and I bet it was because of the fans. 
I just saw the short OVA about the day he became Hokage... and both him and Sakura seemed so toned down and unhappy. They can't have their hot headedness anymore and havd settled for the safe married with children type... 
It just seemed wrong...?
ncorrect .. Sakura thinks Sasuke likes him base on a lie made by Naruto that lie has transcended so much that she is willing to give up all for him. Yet she still doesn't know it was all a lie made by Naruto

Sakura is in love with the man Naruto is with Sasuke face.. Hence she is in love with a ghost or a clone.. Sasuke has relentlesly said he never loved her.. and it has never been explained or Sasuke has never been shown to say to her that he loves her.. not even kiss her on the cheeks nor her lips nor her hand or the one she really wants the kiss on the forehead.. all she gets is a flip and she re-bottles with the line you still gonna make me wait..

So far to me there is no factual proof that they gotten together and if you bring Sarada I can tell you with all new developments she is looking like a clone made by Karin who Sakura gave birth or something else.. Kishimoto gave a general answer but he never admitted using the words she is her biological daughter which would have been the proper response..

So your assumption is incorrect..?

Well, a lot of NH shippers saying that NH it's batter for Naruto, but, they always use Hinata as base, don't do this think about Naruto's feelings for once, he love Sakura so much that hurts and no it's not a crush you know why? Nobody will never put your own life in risk for a crush, really it's a crush you get over with. I sympathize with Naruto because he taugh so much and never give up on nothing and all of the sudden he loves Hinata, please understand something Sakura have a crush on Sasuke, Sasuke just care about himself, Naruto and Itachi, in other words "HE DON'T GIVE A kitten ABOUT SAKURA" he married her for one and simple motive, his CLAN, he needed a child so that's why he married Sakura and Naruto... he is a liar, lied for himself, for us, for Sakura, for Sai, for everyone, and give up in one of his dreams, became an awful dad, and worst lied for the poor Hinata, for god sake please, I can't accept this end, no explanations on nothing, and The Last Hinata's movie, well it's a filler because too many false memories, like where is Sasuke? Iruka? Loleliness? Just Hinata... c'mon NH shippers see the truth your canon don't make sense, it's destroying Naruto's personality.

It's so sad that Naruto and Sakura were so close to being together. But because they loved each other so selflessly they moved on for each other's happiness. Sakura let Hinata have Naruto, because she felt she would be 'cruel' to take Naruto from Hinata, and she felt Naruto would be happier with Hinata even though she had feelings for him. Then Naruto put aside his feelings for Sakura, and got with Hinata because he felt Sakura would be better off with Sasuke. So because of their selfless love for one another they couldn't be together. Also if you're a NaruHina fan, why the hell are you on a NaruSaku video anyway? Go take your trolling somewhere else, and let us be happy with the couple that should have become cannon, but couldn't.?
I never said Sakura stopped loving Sasuke. But it's obvious her love for him was starting to diminish. During the war, Sakura would get these crushed looks whenever Sasuke talked bad about her. Also she was standing up to Sasuke, especially when he was talking bad about Naruto. It's also obvious for a time that Sakura was possibly in love with Naruto. But when Hinata tried to help against Pein, and Sakura found Hinata loved Naruto. She felt she would be 'cruel' to take Naruto from Hinata. So she shelved her feelings for Naruto, and focused on bringing Sasuke back and making Naruto's dream of becoming Hokage a reality. That's why she's so protective of Naruto, she wants him to accomplish his dreams and be happy. Because when he's happy she's happy.
That is just one sided comment.. Hinata was alway there, Sakura always love Sasuke.. but when you turn the coin people denied that Naruto did not do the same but body expressions and images speak louder then words alone..Every time Sakura talk about love to Sasuke in front of Naruto I would look to his eyes they were in pain or in shock..or he would look away...
Oh yeah Hinata was always their, right. She was always their in the fuucking shadows, from behind a tree or in an alley. Yeah that's really being 'their' for someone. If she truly lived Naruto, she would have had the fuucking guts to be 'their' for him in public. Only very recently has she been openly their for Naruto. You know who's been 'their' for Naruto, Sakura. She has always been one of his greatest supports. She helps encourage and motivate him. Did you notice how after the Pein attack. Sakura was the ONLY one who had the guts, to go up to Naruto and hug him for saving the village, in front of the entire village no less. Where was Hinata during this hug. She was off to the side, and fuucking smiling at them. Because she knew Sakura made Naruto happy, and if he was happy with Sakura she was happy. This is right after she fuucking confessed to him. Now onto Sakura 'always' loving Sasuke. That's not true. Sakura's feelings for Sasuke have wavered several times during the story. It is pointed out by numerous characters. Then in a interview with Kishimoto, he says Sakura would be a cruel woman to move on to Naruto. Which implies she didn't want to take Naruto from Hinata, because Hinata was her friend. Which again implies that Sakura did indeed love Naruto for a time. In the scene where Sakura is healing Hinata after Pein's attack. You can see the pain in her eyes, when she realizes Hinata loves Naruto. This is likely when she decides to push away her love for Naruto, and to step aside and let Hinata have him. Then Naruto was always willing to step aside and let Sasuke have Sakura, because he wanted her to be happy. Again that's selfless love, they both showed it. So don't come slinging some BS that Hinata was always their for Naruto, because she wasn't. I'm not saying Sakura was always their either, because in the beginning of part 1 she mostly wasn't. But she changed and grew to become Naruto's biggest support and closest friend. And don't come telling me that Sakura always loved Sasuke, because she didn't. Her feelings for him wavered and finished during Part 2. If she could've she would have definitely given Naruto a chance at her love. Also one last thing, why are you even here you fuucking NaruHina fan. Don't come to a NaruSaku video and start flaming. So please leave this video, and go watch some stupid NaruHina ones you jackass. Goodbye and good day.?
Yeah that's the biggest load of horseshiit I've ever heard. Naruto truly and wholly loved Sakura. Not because of some stupid rivalry with Sasuke. Kishimoto is just trying to cover up the giant fuuck up that was the ending, by trying to make Naruto's feeling for Sakura seem like they were untrue. When every fan, regardless of their ship know that Naruto truly loved Sakura. This movie disgusts me on so many levels. Kishimoto is just trying to erase Naruto's love for Sakura so he can explain, in an extremely shiity way, why NH even has a possibility to happen. He's trying to erase 15 years of Naruto loving Sakura, and then trying to cram NH down our throats to try and make this pairing seem even half believable. Honestly I really don't want to see the movie, but I will just to laugh at its outright stupidity. Because every character will be extremely OOC, and nothing will make sense. I mean couldn't Kishimoto have made a heartfelt moment between Naruto and Sakura. Where he finally confesses to her. Or maybe he could have told sakura that he did love her, but he's moved on. Plus I wanted to see Naruto finally tell Sakura, that it was him not Sasuke that thought her forehead was charming. That one scene is what made Sakura cling to the chance that Sasuke loved her. If she would have found out it was Naruto, her entire view of him would have changed. But instead of a beautiful and heartfelt moment. We get Kishimoto trying, and failing, to convince us that Naruto never truly loved Sakura.This movie is just one last big cash cow for Kishimoto, and he's officially sold out at this point.?
Not verbally/textual but visually or body language there is lots of it..
The main problem why she is so bent on Sasuke is the lie on chapter 3..she is waiting for the kiss on the forehead..but sasuke is clueles of this and only flips her forehead and says thank you like a good boy.. then she gets this puzzle look when the flip happens why cause is not what she is waiting for ..
I was waiting for a long time that Naruto would have done it already.. Cause he knows she is expecting that.. Would have been the perfect ending to 699 Sasuke flips Sakura's head and leaves .. Naruto sees that goes to her telling her "Sakura I forgot to give you something from long ago lowers her forehead and kiss it" then leaves too..She is puzzle by it and then remembers back to chapter 3 and starts crying as all the memories of the dumb things he has done for her comes pouring in as her tear start flowing faster realizing it was him that said those words and running towards him hugs him call his attention to turn around and gives him what was left pending on chapter 3 the kiss from her.. would have been the perfect ending in the manga or the movie...
That is all ruined now..?
yes that is why is all ruined .. no matter if Kishimoto amends the story is all is ruined.. cause HN went live already with kids and all..
Not sure if they are big as Hinata's but 700 show she did develop them she was a late bloomer..?
Agreed that is why I call the movie a patch job.. they dug up stuff that wasn't there and made it look like it was..
What Kishimoto should have done present each girl to him and having weight his feelings over each girl and have Sakura confront the lie blinding her mind .. cause her heart is in Naruto but she is too stubborn to admitted to herself.. would have been a good movie like that rather then trying to make up a long shot that hardly took cover in manga only in the last year of it and always overshadow by NS moments..?
Sakuras feelings show up every time Naruto was gonna do a dumb thing.. or need to be protected as stated above.. Chunnin paper exam, over use of chakra, harem/sexy no jutsu, naruto flirting with other girls..
Still many HN are one side just like Hinata love for Naruto.. the give the benefit of the doubt to Hinata being there and loving from a far.. but when it comes to Naruto for Sakura it was never there didn't exist, he was doing it as a friend lol all excuses to denied the obvious He did the same thing that Hinata did he love Sakura from a far as she was with all her defects including her loving Sasuke which really pain him still he was always there for her and she return the feelings by saving him at brink of death not letting him die..by protecting everything he care for.. yes friends and close friends can do that but you only return from death for the person you love which is madly healing you..
Sakura could have let him go when Kyuubi was pull from him knowing he was in pain and all the burdens he took still she need him still she brought him back  it was the perfect time to let him go..as she stated on her false confession..?
He doesn't care Sasuke plain states his love for his family and hate/revenge for itachi he has no room for love..and doesn't understand why she is so in love with him.. he questions her on the last arc.. and you can see it clearly how she looks him lovingly and he has a cold stare..(the color version of the issue was alter you can clear see it in the black and white) I am not making this up...
Sasuke never shows feelings of caring for her at all..for all the crap he put it thru he should have been on bended knee asking forgiveness he went to the point of almost killing her more then 1
Oh boy..got tell me what part of the manga Kakashi states that.. yes Hashirama said that and stated about the uchihas as a sick twisted love to obtain power.. Huh Naruto has never need to be told to take care for Sakura he does it willingly.. the cursed seal was removed by Kakashi after Sakura told him he had that..but still there since is what allow Sasuke to transform into eagle like..
You are right at 693 he said he was gonna take everyone hate in.so in order to do that he had to reject her and so he did again but point being another rejection..
That is flawed argument why she is a healer not a killer first foremost so you are putting she took the decision to kill him but actually doing it is a lot harder not cause a loved one just of how she is and what she does..and unfortunately he turns and does try to kill her cause he is full of bloodlust/revenge..
So overall in no point in the manga he has done anything good for her and except flip her forehead and say thank you..?
Also want to add Kakashi is clueless of what went on chapter 3 the only one that knows the truth is Naruto himself..He is only expressing what he has watch so far.. Sakura melting infront of Sasuke and he been cold-blooded rejecting her.. Another perfect moment to her out and her hear who she is really in love with... would have been a nice  x3 confrontation of feelings all venting out..since none have a reason to lie or hold back now..?
I am not twisting the manga how I want to view it I am just stating what the manga shows..I didn't say it Hagoromo say it .. you know the dude that made all  that can read people's heart wise as hell.. he said.. Sasuke has no love in his heart is all full of rage.. if you don't want to accept that I am sorry
That is the end result of what Itachi did to him.. Itachi told him to do that erase all love, emotions and refill it with hate you will be able to kill me..
Also please use words cause if you start with your ship this and your ship that you only talking about a big boat and leaving relation out.. the word is relationship.. not ship cause that alone means something else.. there is lot of proofs starting from the when Sasuke told her to put herself in Naruto's shoes also then the chuunin exam when she was about to raises her hand to protect his dream as Hokage.. Saying there is no proof you are denying all the crap naruto has done for Sakura and vice versa..
I agree Sakura has feelings for Sasuke but what you don't want accept is they weren't returned, they are base on a double lie and Sasuke refuses to care for someone..The only one he actually care is for his dead family and naruto why he wants to fight him as rivals over power before his huge battle in which Naruto never truly fought him to kill him but to save him if Naruto had fought to kill him.. they would have lost more then an arm...
sorry but if you can't see simple facts  cover in the manga..?
Yeah Sasuke really cares for his family. That's why he's totally in the village, helping Sakura raise Sarada. Not wandering around the world doing God knows what. Sakura totally isn't raising Sarada by herself right now. Right they're just one big happy family.?
If Sasuke truly cared for Sakura, he would have told her to move on. Because he knew he wouldn't be in the village very often. So he basically had sex with Sakura, got her pregnant, than left again. So now Sakura is basically taking care of their child alone. Yeah he really 'cares' for her.?
Did you seriously just say Sasuke wasn't in the village, because he's earning money for his family. Are you kittening retarded. You know he could earn money as a Leaf ninja, or even a regular kittening job in the village. He even straight up says in 699 that he's traveling around to find answers to his questions, that things will be clearer now. He's not earning kittening money for Sakura and Sarada. The only fanfiction is that piss poor excuse you came up with. Just face it Sasuke only truly cares about himself. He's just using Sakura to start rebuilding his clan.?
Kishimoto even says in an interview, that Sasuke won't be in the village. Because he feels like he doesn't deserve to be in the village. So again, Sasuke kittened Sakura, got her pregnant, than left her again to do more of his stupid soul searching kitten. So yes, Sakura has been raising Sarada essentially by herself. Sasuke is a kittening terrible father, most fans knew he would be a bad dad.?
No he can't do missions, because he's not a leaf Ninja. So he's not on a kittening mission. He's doing some stupid soul searching kitten. So once a kittening gain Sasuke left Sakura to raise their child alone. Sasuke is a terrible kittening father. Get that through your thick skull, God you're in such denial it's sickening.?
Yeah that's why Sasuke is in the village supporting his family, that he supposedly cares so much for. That's why Naruto neglects his kids, in favor of his job. We don't even know if Sasuke and Sakura are married. We just see Sakura cleaning her home, while Sasuke is off on some stupid soul searching journey. That's what's cannon. Both Naruto AND Sasuke ended up as bad fathers. You're just an annoying SasuSaku fan who's in denial over his terribly underdeveloped and abusive ship. Answer me this. If Sasuke cared for Sakura, why did he try and kill her on multiple occasions? Why does he constantly put her down and demean her? Why did he put Sakura in a genjutsu where he literally crushed her heart? Why does he constantly emotionally, mentally, verbally, and physically abuse Sakura? Why does he do all this if he cared for her? All the abuse and kitten Sasuke put Sakura through is cannon. The only reason SS is cannon is because NH is cannon. Kishimoto didn't want Sakura and Sasuke to be alone at the end of the series. So he threw them together, despite how toxic and negative their relationship has been to Sakura. So take your stupid SS loving ass off this video, it's a NS video for kittens sake, if you love SS so damn much.?
Yeah Hinata had tons of opportunities to help Naruto out his loneliness yet she gave more into her fear then help him.. Even if you make Hinata be there since birth makes it more painful to know someone was watching you with the power to change or make a change in your life but did nothing to help you.. the countless times Naruto ate expired or rotten food.. the times he had to borrow money to eat, the times he had to fool his sensei's so he could eat.. Hinata could have directly or indirectly help.. she was of a rich family.. fact being she never did.
Everyone blames Sakura as being a kitten hurting Naruto disregard that she was a victim of  bullying herself, that Ino help her get over her forehead issues and as well help her be more secure/confident in herself..After that Sakura was never the same and anything she did not like she well make notice of it which is one of the things that made Naruto fall for her.. to see how assertive her responses were no she never had doubts of what she wants and how unselfish she was .. while he wanted to be acknowledge by an entire village she wanted to be acknowledge he that she loved.. Still fate would have it that it would be that annoying clumsy idiot as she would call Naruto the one to acknowledge her feelings of love for she was not who she appears to be.?
Naruto likes Sakura the way she is Shippuden episode 1.. Yamato, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Minato have all notice how Sakura and Naruto act like a married couple..
Sakura is a late bloomer see 700 she does get her chest inflated lol?
The problem that you dont see is that HInata was flashback into the story and not properly develop along side Naruto .. while Sakura was always with Naruto regardless of team 7...by how Naruto was drawn when Sakura was introduced he had the hots for her way way longer then any can speculate.. since he calls her name Sakura-chan.. not Sakura-sama or other honorofic..  so he most have been watching her for awhile .. While Hinata was always running from him.. hiding and feinting around him not able to say one word..  I watch the movie, watching the shows and read the manga.. I felt the movie forced.. I felt he was force onto Hinata as having no other choice cause she is a nice girl.. So what happen to all the feelings he had for Sakura and all the stuff he did for her.. Why could not fight back and face her.. like any boy his age would have or for that matter any man his age.. all he had to do was kiss her on the forehead.. why was that so hard to do.. since that was the key item that would open their relationsship.. is absurd to think love/hate relationships don't work out.. His father had one and it work out why not him.. in essence that is kishimoto's mistake not to follow what he already set in motion since the beginning and listen to whiners..?
Some people think Naruto as a story is cut and dry but is really not.. there is a lot of info hidden which follows up with his chuunin written exam logic.. About gathering information and concealment.. both written exams versions on the base level are the same is bout how you obtain information and what you do with it.. So most take what Kishimoto says on interview as his true words but I realize he has always given generalize answers so not to give the plots away and still be truthful in releasing information to the fans.. Kushina and Sakura share more personal traits then with Hinata.. as females they do share some traits but on the personal individual levels Sakura share more traits with Kushina then Hinata.. Kushina was tailor around Sakura very carefully why would I say that cause no one knew what Kushina was gonna be like since before she was mention to be his mother there was no information about her at all.. the only information available that most could compare was Naruto to Minato and Jiraiya.. as the share the same spikey haircut.. then later on we found out Minato was his father and Jiraiya was his godfather.. I thought he was his grandfather but I was close lol .. Jiraiya was a father type to Naruto.. But many call me absurd an idiot.. Naruto was so dumb he could not be the 4th son.. and disregarded the logic that he was not brought up as a normal kid.. he was brought out in fear of him breaking the seal so he was taught stuff to make him happy.. Hey you give a kid wooden car and he will be happy as if it been the most expensive toy car..Hence he was keep at bay from important jutsu so he became kinda of dumb.. As well his level of learning curve was so high that easy stuff bore him to hell and he did not care whether or not he did it right unless it was use for pranking hence learning sexy no jutsu while not able to make clones.. then he was given something a lot harder and uncommon that force him to use his max chakra pool so of course he would master it and become his most useful jutsu..cause basically became his learning aid as we discover later on..
Overrall Kishimoto is far from over with the story but something funny is that he has a thing for number 3.. Naruto first time period ended around chapter 350 and the second period ended as well 350 chapters later yah I haven't seen anybody picking up on this.. lol I pick it up while watching doing a collage with page 663 page 6 and 693 page 6 something cool he did with it lol..Also remember there are 3 sanin.. every group has 3 people in it.. lol so on..?
Bah that was personality change on most characters in that movie.. it was very obvious he was being led stray to Hinata..  He did not choose of his own accord.. bascically the entire movie he was said your only option to love is Hinata and he accepted that.. when no boy his age would take it like without throwing a tantrum and speaking his mind out. Naruto character development wise was never allowed to voice his own feelings of love there were always held back for who know what reason but is absurd the reasons given why..  Naruto and Sakura were never about the rivalry of Naruto and Sasuke.. in the way the events were presented on chapter 3 their rivalry was presented after Naruto was introduced to loving Sakura.. Major mistake on whoever wrote the script of the movie..  Just overall tired of idiotic conclusion that goes against all shown in the manga prior to Hinata actuall appearing on the manga.. Whomever thought Hinata was a good match for Naruto was crazy and nuts to go thru with it.. Hinata should have died during the Pain Arc and Neji should have been the villan of the movie. Several things in the movie pointed to that..?
Yeah it is by choice.. and Naruto choose Sakura way way.. before Hinata was introduced in the story.. Manga wise and in anime wise the same Naruto did not know Hinata existed as lover till Pain Arc and Naruto was already head over heels over Sakura..
Point being Kishimoto doesnt do things with out leaving behind clues.. He left clues int he manga and is now giving them in the anime in form of fillers..  Pretty much here on is an assumption  that Sakura is stuck in the gengjutsu by either Madara or Sasuke.. Why cause somethings have been left out or belittle their effect..One of them was Naruto feelings for Sakura as a child and as young adult.. Another one was when class where writing on paper some wish or something Naruto had non one.. that was not true Naruto would have written Sakura.. but they were a relate of Hianta;s memories which she did not know how Naruto felt as a child..
Still the biggest clue that Sakura is the one trap in a dream state.. was chapter 3 before Naruto appear disgusted as Sasuke she was day dreaming of the perfect encounter with Sasuke where Sasuke would acknowledge her as she is and be with her.. We are watching the same events with a different story background further develop where she is married to Sasuke and has a kid.. Yet she still clueless about who Sasuke is or his family..
Sakura is trapped some how but we wont know till kishimoto decides is time to tell the truth like Mashima is doing with Fairy Tail..
I dont wanna cite the matrix but Kishimoto gave you all the blue pill.. you are trap in the matrix LOL.. ALL who think that Hinata is the right choice think about that Sakura is cherry or red and Hinata is blue.. and we all know Kishimoto is huge matrix fan.. LOL?
Wow.. Sakura loves Naruto but cant accepted why cause she thinks Sasuke has return her lover for him but it was not him..  Pain Arc who cried out for Naruto.. Sakura.. who ended the arc .. Sakura ended the arc hugging him.. Sakura knows and care more about Naruto then Sasuke but she has not realize that.. All Hinata did during the Pain Arc is put the entire village in danger of Naruto.. Who knew Naruto is over working Sakura.. who heals him when he is in the brink of death and brings him back Sakura.. .. Sakura is Naruto leading female companion.. Hinata was always the trap to fool everyone... Truth is harder to accept as lies are easy to follow.. this has been obvious in all of Kishimotos plots.. For most is harder to accept Sakura and easier to accept Hinata..?
 First I dont need improve anything I am not writing an essay nor making a formal letter.. so I don't care for proper things.. when they are not in need..
Second all your facts are trap plots Kishimoto made.. to open the third and final segment of the story.. This still the beginning of the third part of the story.. You think the story ended think again.. This will all end in the 12 movie that is how Kishimoto plan it. There is more information buried in the manga tbut some people are not willing  dig to learn the truth of it all..  Kishimoto wont be done with story till the 12 movie since everything has to end in 3.. If you think what has been happening is all true .. you fell for kishimoto's lies because he will not tell the truth till the end.. its a sequence of events  truth lies truth.. Learn to follow Kishimoto's sequence and you will discover far more then you have understood so far.. is not plain and simple as you and most think it is.. LOL
Naruto will end with Sakura to close the plot he set in motion back in chapter 3.. Got think really hard the schematics of chapter 3 to discover what is going on right now.. Because is all related.. everything Kishimoto has done so far relates back to something and this time period related back to stuff in chapter 3..?
Prior to The Last .. Sakura and Kushina were the only ones to be known for being bullying.. Kushina stood up for herself by becoming the bully.. Sakura was not that strong and was bully for a long time before Ino took notice and help her gain confidence.. 
Sakura did not want to be bully again so she never let anyone lower her confidence.. Which is why she stood up to Naruto .. the fact she beat him to Naruto was a joke since she never did enough damage to hurt him bad and his healing effect would take over fast..?
it was the comedy gag that kishimoto use to make all hate or forget what happens.. and most of the times he set it up for her get angry.. take in consideration his line afterwards "next time I better be careful or Sakura-chan might kill me".. every time he got beat up he would say stuff alike.. so he did it on purpose to make her angry..  most don't get that he was doing it on purpose.. LOL..
His father went thru the same problem with his mother.. which is why Minato said Sakura reminded him of Kushina..
Well I been around love/hate relationships..so I understand where Sakura is coming from and that she got mad at Naruto for stealing Sasuke first kiss.. lol.. Sakura was a fan girl over Sasuke cool attitude to deal with issues.. Most dont get that the only reason Sakura held on to Sasuke for that long is that she thinks Sasuke is shy around women a lie that Naruto help create when he clone him.. Still also they dont see how Sakura little by little outgrew her love for Sasuke..  I am kinda of certain the reality we are seeing now is a genjutsu world made by her.. I am just not certain where Kishimoto made all of us fall under it..
The first sign of Sakura falling for Naruto was the first episode to shippuden she was the one asking when he will return to the guards.. the guards even said to she would be the most happy for his return.. Since she was the one who kept asking them if Naruto had return.. Naruto left the village to forget her and it was her who was anxious to see him return.... During Pain Arc most fans of Hinata only cherish her confession .. yet disregard that it was Sakura who took charge of village .. that it was her who cry out to Naruto to return.. and it was her who ended the arc..Sakura's attitude in the end of the arc said it all.. She did not care what other thought of him or her anymore she just wanted to hug him..
I am very positive Kishimoto has something up his sleeves for next year.. He took a vacation on purpose so he could have enough time to prepare to end the Naruto universe..?
LOL What? Name the times Hinata saved the Naruto that wasn't filler. Not hating. I just can't recall any of the times, besides the Pain fight, that Hinata saved Naruto. Or are you just deluding yourself??

I know the theme of Naruto is bonds and 2nd chances which is why Kishimoto put Sasuke and Sakura together but its been played to such an unbelievable extent that someone as base and evil as Orochimaru is now walking among Konoha citizens. It really undermines the conundrum that is the cycle of hatred if monsters like Orochimaru can be so easily accepted back into a village that he himself terrorized for years. This is like a teletubbies ending centered around Voldemort. Imagine, Harry Potter ends with Voldemort as the defense of dark arts professor because after 7 novels of tyranny, he simply says "Nevermind"since the theme was forgiveness.

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Posted 28 June 2017 - 11:28 PM

I think Kishimoto's main issue is that he was way too ambivalent & structureless when it comes to creating his Love triangle. In part 2 he concentrated with Sakura way too much despite him describing Hinata as far better Heroine. Yet we never had her getting enough panel time with Naruto in order to create a good relationship. Granted he admitted his weakness but then again he could have invested more time with his favorite pairings and thus creating much more interactions.

Kishimoto was indeed considering having Naruto marry Sakura according to the interview he partaken in:


This translates to: 

"There was a time when I was on the fence about going with Sakura, but after coming this far and just having Sakura switch over to loving Naruto would make her kind of a terrible woman."

He pretty much confirms that he was going the NaruHina route with this comment however Naruto and Hinata's relationship is questionable because all of Naruto and Hinata's romance ever was always from Hinata's side 1 sided affection Naruto never showed any love interest in her and it was doubtful to consider the relationship to even come to fruition.

NaruHina fans insist on labeling anyone that doesn't agree with the ending a "butthurt" NaruSaku fan simply because we didn't swallow the tripe set before us by Kishi and SP. Romance requires MUTUAL affection, there was NONE of that in Naruto. EVERYTHING was one sided as all hell. What leads to POTENTIAL romance, FRIENDSHIP and close friendship at that. Hinata was NOT a close friend of Naruto's in the story(manga). She was more like an acquaintance, someone you run into every once a blue moon. He and Sakura on the other hand, well I'm sure you already know about that   :yes: 


In retroperspective it´s most logical shipping post time skip the whole confusion came from people refusing to accept their favorite pairings fading despite the Pairings such as NaruSaku making the MOST SENSE. But, it´s undeniable that the teasing was put in for marketing reasons. They know that cringy people are retarded. 

What I´m trying to say is Hinata's sole purpose within the series was from the very start, only to become Naruto's waifu, her whole development as a character was centered around Naruto despite Hinata being absent from Naruto for 90% of the entire manga series. Kishi didn´t change his mind midway into changing her from a side character into a wife character. Sakura was meant to be Sasukes fangirl/ future wife/ glue that sticks Naruto and Sasuke together because she was designed to be that from the start, but Kakashi took that spot away from her and pushed her into oblivion where Kishimoto forgot about her and we never saw her again doing anything useful. Kishimoto was told to by his Editor to build in a "love triangle", which sole purpose was to tease people and make them root for an unnecessary romance subplot, addressing the 14 year old teenage girl in everyone of us who dreams of her perfect wedding.

A large majority of NaruSaku fans wanted to see Sasuke being defeated possibly killed and Naruto getting his reward afterwards "the girl". Well problem was, this wasn't Kishimoto's story this was "a generic cliche story many people wanted" the Editor including. 
Kishimoto wanted to make a story about friendship and bonds forged on the battlefields on the verge of death. The whole romantic "kitten" was just some extra to create the next generation created by no other then the stupid editor.


Even if Hinata was supposed to end up with Naruto from the start, that still doesn't change the fact that her "Romance Development" with Naruto was trash. There is no way to defend Sakura as a character. Kishimoto was writing Sakura to be pretty much the worst female character in the whole series so that she would look like a bad female for Naruto to make NaruHina look so much better in comparison to increase the popularity of NaruHina. It´s less her actions itself, but the execution of her actions. I could go on a rant on why Sakura was written so horribly in an objective way stating in every little detail but that was done countless times.


In essence Sakura is a main character with worse development and less relevant screentime than some side characters. She´s a boring character that get´s lots of screentime to do nothing, fail or pity herself for being a failure. This would be perfectly fine even as a main character, if her main personality trait wasn't meant to be the highly self confident main heroine of the story who fights on equal footing besides the hero of the story. This was never delivered. Temari is the perfect example of what Sakura could have been if she was written as the character she describes herself to be. And Hinata is the perfect example of how Sakura should have been seeing herself with her accomplishments, If Kishimoto wanted Hinata to be the main Heroine then why did he make Sakura the main heroline then ? in fact why have only 1 female per ninja team ? it could have been 4 genin per team with Hinata included on team 7 that is a simple solution to fix Naruto and Hinata's lack of romantic or just a relationship at all that Kishimoto never thought of over the course of 700 chapters of the 15 years the Naruto series has existed, Kishimoto really isn't a very good writer.

Tenten is one of the most hated character because she´s boring and has nearly no screentime, yet that´s basicly her excuse. No screentime= what should I do? But Sakura had the chance to redeem herself (with her amount of screentime) multiple times from the "I´m a totally unbelieveable unrealistic useless kitten " into I´m a generic but decent character . Yet she didn´t. Instead she annoyed the kitten out of the audience with her self proclaimed badassness, like every time Skyler white appears in Breaking Bad. Ok let´s be honest no woman can hold a candle to Skyler white in terms of annoyance that kitten is obnoxious, but you get the point.

Kishimoto himself stated and apologized for Sakura's confusing character development. He just forgot about her.
If you play league of legends I´ll explain Sakuras character with an analogy. She´s Fiora she´s a failed attempt. Kishi tried to do something with her but did it wrong, noticed it later, but when he did it was already to late for her and every trial to redemption made it worse.

And no compared to Hinata's development Sakura's developement was great. As what she should become. She was not meant to steal the heroines place. Her whole purpose is to be that waifu character. Stay back be silent but when it's necessary stand up and fight for your man. For a side character that´s more than enough, heck Chichi had less impact in DBZ. 

Hinata should have been the feminist counterpart to Naruto. A woman that stands her ground, but she failed, she failed on the whole line Temari delivered what she should with the small screentime she had. 
Most independent woman in the manga Temari. Konan/Mai are good examples of strong woman Hinata is the opposite.Woman with the strongst resolve in the manga Sakura. 
If you can explain to me why Hinata is written as decent character I´m not asking to explain to me why she´s a good character I'll gladly listen, because I personally can't find any redemption. And neither could Kishimoto.
And i could find a solid explanation in Kakashis Susanoo as well as how Naruto could forgive Obito for killing his parents.


If the purpose of a character is to be the MC wife which is hinted from the start, because that character has no other reasoning to be in the show, people shouldn´t be surprised about the outcome. However if that was your plan Kishimoto then why did you keep Naruto and Hinata separated and not interact with each other for like 90% of the entire manga series ? that's why you're fans felt the end pairings were rushed and forced because they didn't receive any romantic development prior to chapter 700 leading to chapter 700

The whole purpose of Hinata's character is to be a wife character that´s why she´s a moe character, oh look she´s so kawai squeal!! Would she make a good main character? No! Is she a good supporting character? Yes, because she fulfilled her purpose! Look at Chichi, her whole purpose in the show was marry Goku, annoy the kitten out of Gohan in the later series, create awkward scenes with Goku and her.
Sakura on the other hand had enough screentime to show her own personality to the audience. That personality is opinion based.
But the whole hinting of her becoming the love interest of Naruto was just for money making, However as NaruSaku fans we are against that.

My assumption was that he just wanted to pair up Naruto with Sakura in a generic " i don´t care about this, kind of way" and considered killing off Sasuke or making him into a wandering hermit, basicly redempting Sakura from loving the bad guy.Then changing his mind midway by changing Sasuke's fate and therefore changing Hinata's impact to the story, basically using her as a backup plan. Since he didn't care much anyway. The latest interview showed me that it was more planed out. In essence Kishimoto wanted to give Naruto a love interest for the sole purpose of the "next generation" , but his editor told him to create a love triangle.

As for Sasukes Character. Sasuke in a nutshell:


Sasuke: My family get´s killed I want revenge, kitten I was wrong my family was a danger to humanity and I kinda get why they had to die from an objective pov. Big Bro was forced to do it and did it the gentlier way.
Sasuke: Now I´m gonna lie to myself and everyone else through the the whole storyline in order to convince myself into becoming like my brother although I know deep down I´m not like him and I hate to be that kind of person that emotionless burden holder for the world.
Sasuke: Last chapter, I tried to kill my best friend and failed, my failure showed me that´s not my destiny to be the emotionless antihero, but I have to give in to my feelings and let my bro save the world. I'm done lying to myself and I´m gonna embrace the feelings I had since all up till now was a charade, I was just confused.


Naruto and Sakuras point of view is that Sasuke isn't bad at heart we knew better than him all the time, last chapter 700 has proven us right. the whole point of his character is, his friends know himself better than he does. He pretends to be the bad guy and in order to prove that to himself he tries to kill off his emotions and kill his beloved ones.

As for the Sakura killing part, she tried to kill him herself, she was dedicated till she was in front of him where she got shaken, well yeah he used to be really mad at that point of the story. He was mad at the world and wanted to kill everybody which was understandable. Though his change of heart is unrelateable it´s understandable giving the kittened up circumstances he grew up with.

If anything, we’ve all been played like fools by Kishimoto and his stupid editors. He and his editorsgoes and develops the NaruSaku relationship for so long, only to troll us at the very end. We see Sakura slowly building feelings and a genuine love and care for Naruto. We get hints at a final NaruSaku ending when their peers constantly refer to Sakura as Naruto’s girlfriend and see parallels of Sakura and his mother. Minato himself states that Sakura reminds him of Kushina, and Kushina specifically says to Naruto to find a woman like herself. In my opinion, Hinata is nothing like Kushina. I saw that scene as a way of saying, find a woman who is strong like you are in both ability and spirit. Given all that Naruto and Sakura have gone through, it’s safe to say that Sakura is pretty strong in her constant support for Naruto, especially in the last arc.


I just find all this incredibly wrong. Sakura loves a man who she hasn’t seen in years, thus giving no relationship development, and her only attraction toward Sasuke is a physical attraction she had when they were young (because all the girls thought he was so dreamy). Not to mention, Sasuke made attempts on Sakura’s life, to which NARUTO came and saved her (and countless other times from other enemies). Naruto ends up with a girl who’s merely infatuated with him, and the two have very few interactions that hint at a possible relationship.

I know that the manga is completely set with their pairings, but since the anime isn’t complete, I’m holding on to a slight chance that the makers will have an alternative ending. I don’t think it’s quite fair for Naruto to have to go through so much, and not achieve his lifetime goal of being with Sakura. The way he loved on her is something that guys like us only wish we could do, and that’s what true love is about. For Kishi to not have Sakura fully recognize Naruto’s unconditional love for her is just plainly pitiful. I really hope that the anime gives us an alternate ending, cause quite frankly, fan fics don’t suffice.





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Posted 28 June 2017 - 11:28 PM

Read this : (it's an interview by Kishi) : Kishimoto: "But I didn't really have any devotion about the love story of the two (Naruto and Hinata) I didn't plan to write this story." --> Well.. I don't understand anything more sharo_dizzy_icon_by_magical_icon-d860ntz  So..is this an excuse because the rating from (the last) it's so small? 

JImUDvA.jpg (and now it's 3.18 ! )

Hinata is a tsundere character... Wow.. chiyo_wow_icon_by_dreann-d7ximmc.gif 
Now Kishimoto made a horrible manga to explain to the fans how Naruto and Hinata ended up together. It's called: "The Rest".

How big will become the hypocrisy of the NaruHina? Before they hated Sakura for being a tsundere, calling it unfair and intimidating, and now..this...

Even Junko Takeuchi(Naruto voice) doesn't like the ending.Basically, she says that nothing in the manga suggested that NaruHina would become canon.
Apparently (for what I heard), she won't be voicing Bolt in the future movie. And it's funny because she told to Kishimoto a long time ago if she could voice Naruto's son if he ever has one.dramaticdean_by_oohexxyoo-d88azsb.gif 

NaruHina (and SasuSaku) are canon.
But I see that there are still NaruSaku fans in Japan and around the world, and that instead than decrease, they increase.sakura_ohmuro__pretty_please___v2__by_je 

Note that almost all the Japanese in the picture are holding two balloons: one orange and one pink. It represent NaruSaku. 
But...Why is kishimoto there? Huh?chiyo_blushing_icon_by_magical_icon-d7vx 

Hmmm...Yeah...Interesting..Do you see something? *Well,I see ^-^ -> 
Naruto is wearing a jacket that is very similar to that of Sakura.*me_gusta_by_oohexxyoo-d88mpyc.gif 

Sorry Naruto. Let's meet the main character ! Hm.. it should named '' The Last- Hinata the Movie'' Motto: '' Let's go Naruto-kun <3 ''

Wtf? Well...Yeah, logic went out of the window when 699/700 came out, of course.ft_nfl_augsrly_emoti_by_maryenne042-d86z 

Well, these are some arguments as a prove that this ending has no LOGIC ! *cough* When i have more new informations, i will share with you guys. *Don't be a hater,it's just my opinion. But if you are Naruhina fans, then you are a moronic retard , Gj !*
chiyo_sway_icon_by_magical_icon-d7vrxq0. See ya' ! aug_emoti3_by_maryenne042-d87mmiw.png


They knew they were gonna lose fans when they focused on pairings. And they were right. So they opted for the "larger" fan base.


And come to think of it, their pairings make perfect sense if they wanted to start a new series.
Its perfect, you make a spin off of a popular series so that your new show has a pre-existing fanbase. You introduce new but familiar characters so that fans don't feel alienated and at the same time can't complain if the characters seem OOC.

Of course the series would take place in the Leaf village so all of the main cast needs to live there. This being a Naruto spin off you need at least one character to have the Sharingan (nobody cares about the Byakugan, its portable binoculars at best, plus every other ninja can sense chakra accurately making the x-ray power moot).

Sasuke is off on his nature walks so you need his wife to live in the village to explain why the kid isn't traveling with his father. His wife needs to be from the main cast. Karin can't do it, she has no ties to the Leaf and she would be traveling with Sasuke. Tamaki and Ino can't do it cause they both have their own Kekkei Genkai which they need to pass on with a regular shinobi (oh wait).

Tenten and Sasuke would make absolutely no sense. The only Kunoichi left would be Hinata. She is apart of a major clan, she's loyal to the Leaf, plus she has a shipping fanbase with Sasuke. She can have a kid with him, stay in the Leaf, and it will appease a large part of the fanbase.

In short, they did it for the marketing.


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Posted 28 June 2017 - 11:29 PM

If Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot are all in it for the money then wouldn't it make sense to cater to the largest Naruto fan base ? Because the biggest fan base of a series will have the most anime viewers, and the most merchandise customers, If NaruSaku is the biggest fanbase as shown in this image:


Then why didn't Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot make (The Last Naruto The Movie) about Naruto and Sakuka getting together romantically ? because Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot would have made the MOST profit off the movie if it was about Naruto and Sakura since that pairing has the most fans compared to NaruHina Pairing which means they would have had MUCH MORE PROFIT from people buying a ticket to go see the movie,

And IF Kishimoto AND Studio Pierrot KNOW that NaruSaku has MORE fans then NaruHina in Japan then they should be aware of the mistake they made of making NaruHina cannon because they made less money then of what they could have made if they went with NaruSaku if they were actually out for the money only,

Kishimoto HIMSELF said that he is aware that NaruSaku is more popular then NaruHina, he confirmed it in these interviews he partook in:



Here are some of his comments pertaining to NaruSaku in these 2 interviews:

Kishimoto: I Naruto had decided in a pretty early stage that be with Hinata. That's why, Naruto and in order to mislead as if the cherry stick, dare or overlaying the movement of Kushina is the mother of Sakura and Naruto such did you also can draw the scene.

Interviewer: Did you expect such a divided reaction (in the U.S. at least) when you revealed whom Naruto marries in the future?

Kishimoto: I actually didn’t realize I caused such controversy.
Interviewer: Really? You had no idea?
Mari Morimoto: So the fans wanted Naruto to get together with Sakura?
Interviewer: Well, there’s definitely camps of fans who felt that way, and there were also those that were very happy he ended up with Hinata. But there were quite passionate opinions on both sides!
Kishimoto: I almost caused a rift in my own household too, because my wife was very upset also that Narutodidn’t get together with Sakura. In fact, she complained quite vehemently to me!
Jo Otsuki: Quite few of the female staff at Studio Pierrot that produces the anime, apparently were also upset.
Interviewer: Whoah. So how did you handle that, especially with your wife?
Kishimoto: I tried to defuse the situation by assuring my wife that SHE was actually the model for Hinata. (laughs)
Interviewer: As you were saying that, I thought, I wonder if your family life was more like Hinata and Naruto‘s family or Sasuke and Sakura’s? (everyone laughs)
Kishimoto: Well… it might not actually be like either. My wife is quite strong as well, she’s a strong character.
Interviewer: Oh, so kind of like Sakura!
Kishimoto: So I think my wife might secretly realize that Hinata wasn’t really the model for her… (laughs)
Interviewer: Did you decide this early on, that Hinata and Naruto would get together in the end, or when…?
Kishimoto: From the middle, actually.
Interviewer: From the middle of the story? Hm! What sealed this decision for you?
Kishimoto: I think what made me realize it was partly because, if you really look back and think about it, Hinata always supported and acknowledged Naruto, even before Master Iruka. She had the ability to see beyond his reputation and see the true person inside. I think I started realizing that they were meant to be.

Japan Hates NarutoXHinata, America Hates NarutoXHinata in fact a large majority of the whole FUCCKING WORLD hates NarutoXHinata as compared to the amount that hates NarutoXSakura, 

Even his staff members and editors hated NarutoXHinata "Jo Otsuki: Quite few of the female staff at Studio Pierrot that produces the anime, apparently were also upset."

Even Kishimoto's own wife and kids hated NarutoXHinata "Kishimoto: I almost caused a rift in my own household too, because my wife was very upset also that Naruto didn’t get together with Sakura. In fact, she complained quite vehemently to me!"

Literally 80%  of the Naruto fans on the whole fuccking entire globe hates NarutoXHinata, So Kishimoto and Studio Pierrot let me ask you ? HOW THE FUCCK DO YOU THINK NARUHINA WOULD MORE PROFITABLE THEN NARUSAKU" is Kishimoto's and Studio Pierrot's brain ok ? do they need to make an appointment to a neurologist ? 

Even to this day despite the 2 year conclusion of the Naruto series people are distraught baffled by this fuccking pathetic excuse for a manga conclusion of having 2 people who BARELY interacted AND are not compatible get together (NaruHina) 

Lets not forget about the infamous petitions to ban Naruto in both America AND Japan:



Long time no talk, eh? I haven’t been that much commenting around the movie because given its apparent contents, everyone including me can’t seem but to feel absolutely disappointed with the ending of these 15 years of Naruto.
The Last: Naruto the movie seems to be nothing more than a bad Sailor Moon rip-off romance between Naruto and Hinata, despite the author pointing towards Naruto and Sakura all throughout his 15 years of manga context.
At the end of it, apparently NaruHina and SasuSaku are the end pairings we got. Many fans around the world have expressed their dissatisfaction with this and apparently, in Japan, the all-promised NaruHina fairy tale fails to bring fans to the finale… Fans that have reserved tickets for The Last: Naruto the movie apparently have been cancelling their tickets reservation and many of the seats of Japanese theaters get emptier and emptier according to a Japan resident. :)

Kamiooka: Kanagawa Prefecture ; Gray chairs: reserved seats ; White chairs: unreserved/free seats.
Apparently in Kamiooka: Kanagawa Prefecture, as we see, only a few number of seats seem to be reserved (gray chairs), while a higher number seems to still be available.
Same seems to be the case with Nihonbashi Tokyo, where apparently people with VIP statuses sit during premiers so we can draw the conclusion that maybe here is where the Naruto producers will be, along with Kishi & co.?

Nihonbashi Tokyo; Pink chairs: VIP reserved seats ; Gray chairs: reserved seats; White chairs: unreserved/free seats.
Likewise Kanawaga, as we can see, the number of unreserved/free seats greatly outmatches the reserved along with the VIP ones.
Japanese fans likewise fans all over the world seem to not be welcoming with open arms The Last: Naruto the movie in Ichihara Chiba either.

Ichihara Chiba; Gray chairs: reserved seats ; White chairs: unreserved/free seats.
As observed, in Ichihara Chiba, likewise the other two instances, the high number of unreserved/free chairs seems to be greatly outnumbering the reserved ones, according to the images.
Despite being marketed as highly successful in Japanese media, in reality, The Last: Naruto the movie seems to be doing very bad as no matter how much Kishimoto together with Studio Pierrot calls the fans out to the movie, given its marketing and the fact that the whole cast was pushed back for Hinata to have her love story with Naruto and despite NaruHina and SasuSaku fans being seemingly enough to cover-up this disaster of an ending, the collective voice of the Naruto fandom tells us one thing: no one liked the apparent NaruHina and SasuSaku ending and Kishimoto along with Studio Pierrot’s marketing ploys aren’t welcomed.
Fans all over the world that have been following this manga for more than a cute love story cannot help but feel not only disappointed but also betrayed given the contents of the manga up to chapter 698 given the bad reviews that this ending receives underneath all the loud voices of those who “enjoyed” the final two chapters and the supposed plot of The Last: Naruto the movie. Maybe it’s because everyone expected for Naruto to finally get to conquer the heart of the girl who he has loved all his life as the manga shown us, because of her beautiful fighting spirit and not because of a childish rivalry with Sasuke like the plot of The Last: Naruto the movie seems to imply? Maybe, because, in the end, all that everyone expected without much fuss and over-exaggerated romance would’ve been a simple moment like this:

Source ; Original art by: LadyGT
After all, given that Kishimoto gave us something like this:
One could only expect, seeing how much it meant for Sakura that Naruto should be alive to fulfill his dream, seeing this all-encompassing  love of hers… it’s just absolutely beautiful and could have kept being so… until The Last: Naruto the movie along with chapter 699 and 700 came. But oh well…
Interesting fact, nevertheless, with Japan’s real reaction not what they promote in the media, now, as we move closer to the grand opening of the final story.

Kishimoto.... NarutoXHinata is a horrible pairing, a large majority of the world hates it, You're staff members and editors hate it, You're wife and kids hate it, You're own fuccking country hates it, and you knew this all to as evident to you confessing to it in the interviews you partaken in and yet you still went the NaruHina route without at least writing an alternate ending of which Naruto marries Sakura to at least settle down the NaruSaku fans so that there wouldn't be as much of the chaos and mayhem that the NaruSaku fans are causing even to this day ? How could someone with a rational brain possibly see a positive outcome with a ending like this that is scorned by millions ? Does Kishimoto have some sort of un diagnosed mental disorder that has been yet to be revealed ?

And the NaruHina fans still don't understand the meaning of "girlfriend". In the case of Sakura, we NEVER get to see her feelings explained so all we have to go on is what the people who are close to her (Kakashi, Naruto, and Yamato) say. And NaruHina fans say Sakura performed otherwise, well we know why that is because Kishi stated himself why he wouldn't let Sakura be with Naruto. Hard to claim there was "little to no focus on shipping" when the ONLY cannon film is about just that, SHIPPING. Not to mention 700 with its shipping bombshells. >_>

NaruHina fans are all delusional idiots who are in denial to the point of which they ignore all the facts that their little precious substanceless pairing is illogical, 




Yes, because a woman's value and self-worth is dependent on her love for a man.   :zaru:


And having said that, even sarcastically, I think I'm going to be sick now.


Now that I think about it, Kishimoto is one of the biggest sexist manga writers i've come across so far, why is it that when any of the female characters in Naruto grow up to be apron wearing, house dwelling, kids raising, kitchen cleaning, food cooking housewives ? what was the point of having the female ninja's undergo so much ninja training when there only fate is to become dedicated house wives ? it's like once your married as a women in the Narutoverse you relinquish everything about yourself and what you worked hard for to sacrifice it to become a dedicated 24/7 house wife, The women in Naruto are always humiliated heh.
Kushina Uzumaki


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Sakura Haruno


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Hinata Hyuga


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Posted 28 June 2017 - 11:30 PM

Hinata was absent for a much greater estimate than 50-200 chapters of Naruto's life I'd say roughly around 500+ chapter range and that isn't an exaggeration.
Kishimoto's Wife as I pointed out numerous times is a NaruSaku Shipper, She absolutely hated and resented the decision her husband Kishimoto made by making NaruHina and SasuSaku the end pairings according to the interview that her AND Kishimoto partaken in, Heres the link:
In the interview Kishimoto stated that he attempted to soothe her by making her feel better by telling her that she is based off of Hinata and more like her personality wise, But it's clear... that she is not... Because Sakura's character is combative, loud, argumentative and bold, and Kishimoto's wife in the interview stated that she disagreed with her Husband by saying that she is more like Sakura, the very fact that she is arguing and bashing her Husbands decision on the end pairings only further validates her claim that she is Indeed like Sakura,
When has Hinata ever been Loud, Combative, Argumentative and Bold ? Hinata has NEVER shown any of those personality traits, Hinata she goes along with anything people tell her to do or what ever mission to carry out WITHOUT question or her even being argumentative about it "I... uh... s...sure" "well.. I.. I guess... I... can..." Hinata has always been a delicate and submissive girl and Kishimoto claims his wife the woman who is constantly arguing about the end pairings in Naruto on a daily basis to be just like Hinata ?
Cut the baloney Kishimoto you are clearly lying just admit that you knew you were gonna lose fans when you focused on pairings. And you were right. So you opted for the "larger" fan base. NaruHina has a larger fanbase then NaruSaku However probably only 5-10% larger so to reduce as much damage as possible when he ended the manga with the pairings you choose the LARGEST pairing fanbase instead of the Pairing that is the most plausible and makes the most sense, NaruSaku.
Also in that interview, Kishimoto stated that he decided midway through the story, because Hinata acknowledged him and saw him for what he really was before Iruka.. which is a big load of CRAP!!! considering that doesn't mean much since she never approached the guy. Was she by his side all those years he was alone as a kid, hell no. That was Iruka, not Hinata, that's sad when even NarutoXIruka makes more sense then NarutoXHinata.
Kishimoto's story as to what he plans for romantic pairings is always changing. First he claimed he had planned NaruHina since the beginning, next it was NaruHina towards the middle of the story ? Kishimoto flip flopped more than a pancake in the interviews he gave after 700.
Kishimoto stated he "planned" NaruHina since the beginning of the manga ? And if that's true, why focus nearly ENTIRELY on NaruSaku? Why the need for all the parallels? Why have Naruto call Sakura his GF? Why no closure for Naruto and Sakura? Why does an irrelevant background character like Hinata get such favoritism? That's part of what pisses me off. How do you go from that to what is seen in 700? Then, The Last retcons and butchers characters as it pleases to fit the narrative. In the manga, Naruto has no fond childhood memories of Hinata yet, in The Last we're expected to believe that he met her before Sasuke. That's bull. Also, Naruto gives up the scarf Kushina made for him to keep from making Hinata sad. That makes no sense. Why would Naruto give up ANYTHING that Kushina made for him to make a girl he barely knows feel less jealous? Would pre 698 Naruto do that, after the emotional outpouring he showed when he met her, HELL NO! His feelings for Sakura, explained away with the most insulting of reasons, petty rivalry, BULLSHHIT!
These inconsistencies are what make it hard to accept The Last as anything by fannon made cannon. It was designed so that EVERYTHING simply fell into Hinata's lap regardless of how much it ruined the other characters, especially Naruto who's my favorite. Hinata is not the heroine and was never designed to be one, at least in the traditional sense. As far as Kishi is concerned, the heroine is simply the girl that gets in the hero's pants, no more no less. And it's pathetic that in the end, that's all her character amounts to, uninspired, one dimensional, paring fodder. She and all the other characters deserved better.
No, but what SHOULD amount to romance is the bond between characters and Naruto's bond with Sakura was stronger than any he shared with rest of the female cast. The Last just makes SHHIT up and throws in it there. Hinata gets a BS rare chakra type, Naruto receives his mothers scarf just as Hinata herself is making one for him. The worst part is when he gets guilt tripped via genjutsu into loving her, he couldn't fall for her on his own. And we know that Naruto understands love as he was in love with Sakura throughout the manga.
I say that to say this, the natural progression of love could be observed BEST through NaruSaku. They start as teammates, then over time become dear friends that share a bond in their desire to save Sasuke from himself. This was a MAJOR driving force behind both character's development and something Hinata had jack-all to do with. Truth be told, she had next to nothing to do with any of the hardships Naruto went through. Anyway, on the subject of NS , naturally one would expect them to move to the next stage which is love especially given that Sasuke have ZERO interest in Sakura, treated her like utter SHHIT while Naruto treated her almost like a princess. If Kishi wants to call Sakura a "bad woman" for falling for Naruto then that makes Naruto equally bad for falling for Hinata. Since in Kishi's mind giving up on your first love makes you the scum of the earth.  -_-
Regardless of whether you believe the development of Sakura and Naruto's relationship was romantic or not, there's no dispute of fact that there was a lot of focus on the bonds of Team 7, but with Sasuke gone and Kakashi not being their age, a lot of that 'Team 7 focus' was between the evolving friendship of Naruto and Sakura. At the beginning Sakura hated Naruto with a passion, At the end Kishi says she's the 'guardian of Naruto's dream' and her own dream is to see Naruto become Hokage, If you don't feel that there was anything romantic about their relationship, that's perfectly fine and you can make an argument for it, but how are you going to deny that Kishi didn't focus on Naruto and Sakura's relationship ? That's ridiculous.
Naruto confessed to loving Sakura, that is a fact. Prior to the war arc, Sakura's feelings for Sasuke were changing which is also a fact. Naruto NEVER acknowledged Hinata as anything more than a friend, fact. He called Sakura his GF, fact. Yet, because of The Last, all that was thrown out the window with a weak ass explanation, "red herrings". The ONLY reason Sakura did not end up with Naruto was because Kishimoto felt it would be unfair to Hinata and would make Sakura a "bad woman", confirmed in an interview. Why else would she choose a guy that tried to kill her on multiple occasions over the guy that has ALWAYS supported her? It defies logic and her character suffered IMMENSELY for it. Hinata got Naruto out of pity. He was guilt tripped via Neji's death, a damn scarf, and genjutsu into being with her and had his feelings for Sakura cheapened. Feelings we've known about for over 13 years. If you can live with that, I wonder how much of a fan of the story you were to begin with. Hina fans only care about Hinata's happiness and could seemingly care less about the amount of contrived crap that happens with her character. The story could go to hell and back (which it did) and as long as she came out on top, it'd be worth it. -___-
Before all of this shipping BS, I'm a fan of good story telling. The ending of Naruto was a MAJOR letdown and The Last was the topping on the SHHIT sundae. Believe what you will about me cause I couldn't care less. I'm taking to NARUTO fans, not blind NaruHina ones. Just because Hinata ALWAYS obsessed over Naruto doesn't mean they have to hook up. But then again, that's all her character is, "Naruto-kun", so maybe there was no other alternative. >_>
I'm complaining about more than just pairings but those are key. Why, because that's what The Last and 700 dropped on us, BS pairings. Naruto becoming Hokage was no shock, him being hitched to Hinata, THAT was a bombshell as were SS and the other random pairs.
So yeah, I will sit "here" and talk about the pairings. I will talk about the OOC moments in The Last and the retcons. I will mention the pointlessness of Neji's death or the meaninglessness of ALL the NaruSaku moments and parallels if NaruHina was always the intended end game. These are ALL problems IMO with the story, Naruto and Hinata They had less than 50 pages together out of 700 chapters. That's lacking to say the least.
NaruHina would have been plausible and made sense had it been given the panel time it desperately needed. 6 or so scenes out of 700 chapters doesn't convince me of it's legitimacy and I don't care how cannon it is. The Last was a desperate attempt to flesh it out that fell flat on it's face because it forces too many characters to act out of character and conveniently adds in past content to force a bond between Naruto and Hinata, one that did not exist before. Why didn't Hinata's character grow stronger, why is she still so timid around Naruto? What was she doing for those 2 years, stalking him like always? Her character is her crush, no less no more.
Nor was the interaction between NaruHina plausible. A one-sided confession that is NEVER addressed is not romantic. NaruSaku had better romance POTENTIAL because of the strength of their bond and their interactions
The only pairing I think is really bad taste was Sasuke and Sakura due to obvious reasons. For me Hinata and Sasuke ending up together would have been great character development for both. Hinata becomes more than her crush and Sasuke get a chance to interact with a girl he hasn't tried to kill yet. Also Sasuke and Hinata's personalities seem to match perfectly compared to his and Sakura in which she's the one that acts submissive (Hinata's Personality) which I always saw as out of character.
Both Hinata and Sakura understand Naruto but however Sakura IMO, knows better how many hardships he's been through. She doesn't "mistreat" him out of malice, that's just her temper similar to Kushina. I find NaruSaku interactions more enjoyable because she's vocal about her complaints with Naruto, Hinata's too shy. NaruSaku seems natural while NaruHina is awkward and forced.
Considering that we got a CANNON movie about the MAIN ship. The ships gave closure to the character's lives. Problem is, ALL of them were horribly handled and some got ZERO development, they just popped into existence. That is not acceptable, you have to JUSTIFY if you want your fans to accept it. Fans that actually care about closure that is. Some people just take whatever is thrown in their faces.
Kakashi stated during the war that Sakura's feelings for Sasuke had changed. Naruto told Minato to his face that Sakura was his GF AFTER the Hinata pep-talk I don't care about the NaruHina BS examples because they don't apply. All I'm getting is that NaruHina fans don't understand the traditional meaning of the term "girlfriend". It doesn't matter that romance wasn't a major theme Kishimoto had planned for the manga. Kishimoto brought into the equation and is obligated to justify it. He doesn't deserve a free pass.
And the NaruHina fans still don't understand the meaning of "girlfriend". In the case of Sakura, we NEVER get to see her feelings explained so all we have to go on is what the people who are close to her (Kakashi, Naruto, and Yamato) say. And NaruHina fans say Sakura performed otherwise, well we know why that is because Kishi stated himself why he wouldn't let Sakura be with Naruto. Hard to claim there was "little to no focus on shipping" when the ONLY cannon film is about just that, SHIPPING. Not to mention 700 with its shipping bombshells. >_>
The fact that the series ended with shipping as a MAJOR element is the issue. Yes, the majority of the manga did not deal with it but the ending, arguably the most important part of any story did. And no, the NaruHina fans don't appear to understand what girlfriend means going by their comments about how NaruSaku doesn't make sense. A girl who is my friend is just that, my FRIEND not my GF. In Naruto's case it was clearly meant to be taken as wishful thinking and a bit of a joke. He called the girl he liked his GF and she freaked out over it and hit him. It was comedic relief but, it's still meaningful because this was AFTER Hinata's confession and pep-talk meaning that Naruto still had feelings for Sakura what went beyond mere friendship, but not romance. You don't call someone you think of as a mere friend your GF. I NEVER said there wasn't any romance between Naruto and Sakura only that the potential for it was GREATER in that pair compared to NaruHina. Close friends with strong bonds stand a better chance of becoming lovers than mere acquaintances. And he and Hinata weren't much more than acquaintances with no real bonds.
Yeah, that NaruHina logic. "Don't like The Last or 700, you're just a salty NaruSaku fan". Must be nice to be so willfully ignorant >_>. I don't see how NaruHina fans do it. I swear they are like a gnat. The moment anyone voices discontent with the ending, you're all over them.
How about this, if your ship made logical sense and was developed, I'd be okay with it. If NaruSaku got proper closure, I'd be okay with it. If Naruto had not been guilt tripped and OOC in The Last, I'd be okay with it. If Hinata had become more than her crush and Sakura had not regressed in character development, I'd be okay with it. But we got none of those so I'm bitter as all hell, LOL. Followed this series too long to be let down this badly so hell yeah I'm gonna vent, whether NaruHina fans like it or not.  :P
In other words, NarutoXHinata sucks.

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