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#892280 Kishi Made Us Hate Sakura? What do you think

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 10 December 2015 - 05:32 AM

"I tried so hard to make you guys like her, I made her so pretty and yet hinafans give me hatemail. :superior:" - Kishi is bitter at fans.

And here I thought teen-Hinata was bland.  :whistling: She actually had a bit of character before - bad character, but character nonetheless. She's now nothing more than a smiley face and the most relevant thing about her is her uterus.

 it was all as clear as day that people LOVED NS and sakura had fans'...he reminds me of one of those people who no matter how many compliments', and encouragements' they get they would rather listen to the bullies, and haters just to get more attention [drama queen/king, attention seekers, you all know the types' lol]



but it backfired cause eventually the ones who DID care will soon move on cause the only attention they seem to love is negative attention!. kishi must love the hate he gets cause he CHOSE to let the freaking haters' win.


he only has himself to blame in the end. cause it seems to HIM haters' are the only ones who matter not true fans' who braught his work to life with fanart, fanfics, AND A HOLIDAY!...did the NH/SS fans give their ships a holiday? NO, NS did...kishi brushed off the WRONG group of fans'! and now i can tell by how he ACTS he REGRETS IT! lol.

#892206 Kishi Made Us Hate Sakura? What do you think

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 09 December 2015 - 04:54 PM

how is it that hinata's portrayed as the shy, sweet QUIET girl...yet her fanbrats are LOUD, and obnoxious, can't they see they're just fueling the hate she has towards her already LOL

#890896 Naruto Hokage-Oneshot

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 02 December 2015 - 11:40 AM

I'm less a Naruto fan and more an NS fan myself, guys. I checked out after Gaiden too, since it ended up being horse crap like the rest of the series after 699 and 700. So being a part of the NS community helps since we've established a way better canon than what Kishi (I'm sorry, Studio Pierrot) has established just to appeal to the fringe element of the nutjobs in the NH community.


i agree I'm more of an NS fan, and was a fan of the TRUE naruto, and sakura...sometimes i wonder "why is japan sending us their leftover boruto trash!?...what pissed THEM off this time! lol?" they pretty much "nuclear bombed" the naruto series though :(i guess it was the otaku, weaboos', fanboys, fangirls' and boruto is just a way of saying "ENOUGH ALREADY! JUST CREATE YOUR OWN VERSION OF NARUTO WE ARE DONE!".who knows. NH/SS ruined the fandom for everyone. but, the naruto fandom isn't the only one that's divided.


there are people out there who wont let anyone enjoy anything,and those who DO truly love the original are to "scared" of "being rude" by saying anything.seriously when it comes to politics and religion people'll speak up but when it comes to anime/manga  they just brush it off pretending to be okay with everything like perfect little know it alls'


saying things like "o well, its not real", "its fiction" "there's no hope anymore lets accept and move on", "oh well, get over it" even i don't treat people who still have hope, and want to believe in something, like THAT!. i hope this post isn't offensive but I'm really tired of how the anime/manga community is being destroyed cause the "FANS" [not the HATERS] don't care...or act like they don't care anymore when i KNOW they DO.

#889847 Naruto Shippuden episode 439

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 27 November 2015 - 04:45 AM

Milking the dying cow?

milking the dead cow that still has big giant hinata boobs LOL...


Posted by starlitestarbrite on 26 November 2015 - 10:04 AM

happy thanksgiving! i can't find ANY narusaku thanksgiving pictures BUT!, i found another one of team 7 instead. after all i believe:

1-naruto- would be thankful to have his team together again, have his "brother" and best friend back in the village, and that narusaku FINALLY happened!

2-sasuke-would be secretly thankful to have someone who acts more like a brother to him than itachi ever did,

3-sakura-would be thankful for naruto, and all the things he has done, and does for her!

THAT is the REAL team 7!

#889129 Why Did Orochimaru have a kid?

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 23 November 2015 - 01:12 AM

i guess someone told him "go screw yourself" and...he did LOL. who knows though.

#888700 Happy 11th birthday, H&E!

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 21 November 2015 - 01:51 AM

hi to all the kage, and anbu on here this is a cool site, and smiter this was/is/always will be a cool website and forum you made. YAY NARUSAKU LIVES ON!

#888628 Honest ask; going from 0 to 100% how much do you believe ns still has the pos...

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 20 November 2015 - 07:46 PM

Esentially we are expected to view Naruto and Sakura's bond as superfluous, expendable and that it was never really all that important to begin with and at the end of that day thats what gets me the worst, because as far as i have ever been concerned SAKURA was a better, greater FRIEND to Naruto at the end of the day then Sasuke or anyone else ever was. 

They might not have started out as besties, but their progression was 1 billion times more believable, more likable then anything he had with Sasuke and it really tears me up that it just got thrown away. 

yeah, their bond was beautiful...true friendship, and in the end true love.

#888602 Narusaku Fanbook

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 20 November 2015 - 05:07 PM

one year later and STILL no fanbook...i'm guessing this person decided to just give up on NS completley after the last chapter, and after the last movie

#888535 Honest ask; going from 0 to 100% how much do you believe ns still has the pos...

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 20 November 2015 - 01:34 PM

The problem is when people dont know how to interpretate the information they have. Kishi indeed says a lot of crap on his interviews. For example "Neji died for Naruhina to happen". Of course, the same thing as "Minato died for Kakashi and Kushina get together". Do you understand? Thats what I'm talking about! Its userless to follow his interviews if you cant see "underneath the underneath"

i understand...you can't trust kishi's words! OF COURSE it don't make sense! minato died to protect the village so...neji died trying to protect hinata who was protecting naruto who could have been hit with the saban needles! so the red string of fate theory never existed cause there was never a cupid!...that was just something NH fanbrats made up cause they were desperate and kishi likes picking on them lol. thats kinda what i get from it...if NH/SS looked obvious to them then...they don't know how to see underneath the underneath, and see through deception

#888254 Genjutsu believers

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 19 November 2015 - 07:05 AM

i hope this theory's true. imagine how cool it would be if kishi, or anyone was THIS creative.naruto would probabbly go down in history! become a manga/anime legend!

#887382 Genjutsu believers

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 15 November 2015 - 05:21 PM

yeah, but it does make a fun series for a bunch of fanfics', and a game of "what if", and "what coulda been"

#887262 Manga-wise, why NaruSaku not happening makes sense.

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 15 November 2015 - 07:52 AM


(None of that The Last logic please, kishi didn't write that movie with his own hands. :\)
Hashirama's MISTAKE^ , which Naruto resolved to never repeat.
Instead of getting revenge (causing more fighting,) he forgives and brings all sympathetic villians to the good side. (Itachi, Obito, Madara, Nagato/Konan, Neji, etc)
But suddenly when his greeeat grandma shows up:


He seals this one permanently without trying to force her side of the story out of her and then convert her. This last one.
he did convert Sasuke but, he outright got rid of Kaguya without redeeming her. Just like Hashirama simply gave up on converting Madara and simply "killed" him. 
This could potentially be the start of Naruto's CHANGE into a "the end justifies the means" type of person, and that's how we gradually ended up with a semi-heartless Hokage who'd rather endure, forcing himself to take things SERIOUSLY and do paperwork all day instead of goofing off and playing around with his son+daughter+wife and doesn't give a kitten about how Sakura and her family is faring because he needs to endure his Hokage duties. (Like a parallel to Hashirama's mistake when he "killed" Madara.) 
If that were the case, it makes perfect sense why NaruSaku didn't happen and... Sakura would rather choose Sasuke over a guy like that, she rooted so long 600 chapters for and then he just GAVE UP. She would not want to be together with that Naruto. And I guess it's a wise decision, given this isn't the same Naruto?
What do you think?
"NS not happening" isn't the reason Naruto changed, I think this is the reason^
I also wonder, WHY, would he do this to Kaguya?
He didn't even try to talk to her to hear her motivations from her own mouth! 
So was it because Kaguya was too difficult an opponent and too incomprehensible that he just gave up because he didn't want to risk the lives of his friends over someone THIS unfathomable? Like Hashi didnt want to risk Konoha. 
Or it could have something to do with Neji's death. Hinata told Naruto to not go back on his words (a.k.a. endure it) and that Neji's memory lives in their hearts.
Obito (and inadvertibly Hinata) also rubbed it in Naruto's face that he could do NOTHING when Neji died in front of his eyes. (This is the difference between how Jiraiya died)
Thus saying that Naruto is useless and there are some things he can't stop even if he is physically there:  therefore, Naruto must endure it and move on. He must do it FOR his comrades because his own life isn't his.  (like Hashirama must do it FOR the village)
I can imagine either Sakura or Sasuke saying "You changed, Naruto" or just thinking it inside either their mind or subconscious. And this mutual feeling in regards to Naruto made SS possible, plus they were together for the Kaguya battle so they knew what happened.
"You changed, Hashirama," -Madara | = | "You changed, Naruto," -Sakura (+Sasuke?)


"i hate people who lie to themselves" oh naruto WHY did you have to say that ONE LINE!? i sometimes wonder if THAT is what turned sakura away. he had the chance of a lifetime to confess back to her! the promise was brought back up, etc it was the perfect moment, and he crapped all over that opportunity! maybe she DID fall in love with him but after that i wonder if she started to wonder if he actually really loved, or cared about her at all? waw looking at it from sakura's point of view's really...dark...and sad. she got over the one who ALWAYS broke hear heart...


then the one she thought would NEVER break her heart broke her heart!.i wonder also if it went in reverse naruto let her go just as she started to fall for him...then in the end she had no choice but to let him go now they let each other go without ever knowing "what could have been" cause they gave up on true love TOO SOON and it was too late when they both realized they LOVED each other the whole time.   there you have a tragic NS love story!

#887253 Boruto - the movie

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 15 November 2015 - 04:07 AM

Burrito: Daddy would you tell me a story? But make it short because I'm tired and want to go to bed.

Nardo: Sure taco, but you have to call me Lord Hokage-Sama Master of the World from now on.

Burrito: ...

Nardo: Once upon a time there was an orphan kid. This kid grew up without his parents and he never even knew who his parents were. No one wanted to tell him that his parents sacrificed themselves to save him and the village that he grew up in.

Burrito: That's sad.

Nardo: Yeah but it got even worse than that for him. You see all this kid ever wanted was for someone anyone to acknowledge his existence in this world. But no one did because all they saw when they looked at him, was a monster. So he did everything he could to get people's attention. Including making an ass out of himself.


And in the end it worked. One of his teachers finally acknowledged him. The boy was in tears when it happened. It was the happiest day of his life thus far. And starting from that day almost everyone started to acknowledge him. Including the girl the he loved from the moment he first saw her. But the girl liked someone else, so because the boy loved the girl he did everything in his power to make sure the girl was happy, including sacrificing and hiding his own feelings for her when he promised to her to get back the guy that she liked. It was an incredibly painful moment for him, but also one that showed how strong his love for her was.


Burrito: Sounds like someone filled with a lot of pain but with a heart of gold.

Nardo: Yeah. That was the boy. Anyway let me continue. The boy failed to keep up his promise but vowed to never give up.

So for years he chased down this guy who by the way he also called his friend. Even though he really had no reason to call him that.

But hey the kid grew up as an orphan so anyone who would even look at him was instantly considered as his friend.

In the mean time, this kid faced other problems. You see this kid was hunted by a group of really powerful men that wanted the monster that was sealed in him. He lost one of his teachers to this group. Someone who was more than a teacher to him. He lost someone who was like a father to him.


So he understood that the only way to face this group of people was to fight. And he did. The boy fought and won against the leader of the group, and in the process saved his village. Everyone who saw him as a monster before finally saw him as what he always wanted to be seen. As a hero. Even the girl that he loved showed him affection that day. He achieved what he always wanted to achieve. Acknowledgment from everyone.


Burrito: That's actually heartwarming.

Nardo: To keep this story short. After those events he meet his mother. It was a moment of instant joy for him. He jumped in her arms as soon as found out who she was.

She told him the truth behind the night he born. How a masked man attacked the village and his father fought and defeated him but even though he was victorious, he still lost. Because he realized that the masked man will attack the village again. So sacrificed himself and the life of his own wife to seal the monster in their kid. So the kid will fight against the masked man when time came.

Before she parted ways, she gave her son some motherly rules. To eat his veggies, to not drink until his old enough to drink, to not gamble and to find a girl like her.

She did not know that her son already found a girl like her. The girl that he loved from the very beginning.


Burrito: Please go on.

Nardo: Well after he meet his mother, a war started. A war that was started by the masked man, and the goal of this war was to capture the boy. Now since the boy made a lot of friends in life. All of his friends went to war to protect the kid and the world. But they kept the kid in hiding because they wanted to protect him. He eventually learned about the war and decided to step in because he will not allow anyone to die for him while he hides.


He joined the war fought against the masked man and won. Unfortunately someone else was on the side of the mask man, someone more dangerous than anyone. This man stole the monster that was sealed in the kid, thus the kid was going to die. But the girl that he loved jumped in and did everything in her power to save him. Even with her last breath she still didn't want to give up on the kid. She fought until the very end to save him. With her help the kid was rescued from death.


But all of that was for nothing.

Burrito: What? What do you mean?

Nardo: In the end all the suffering and pain the kid went through, all the fighting that he did, all the times he saved the world. Everything he did, did not matter in the end. This story that I just told you was for nothing. Because in the end the one of the most horrible traits mankind has ever known, won.


Burrito: I don't understand. What happened to the boy?

Nardo: Well taco, greed happened. Greed. The greed of a corporation won in the end. That combined with carelessness of man who decided to give up. A man who stopped fighting and just gave up. And in the end the boy's journey meant nothing. The story was made irrelevant and the boy lost everything he fought for.

Burrito: I still don't understand. What are you talking about?


Nardo: The boy was treating like trash by the very people he saved. He was given as a reward to selfish girl that never cared about him. The woman he loved distanced herself from him, his friends abandoned him, his own kids hate him, he hates his life, he stays at work as much as possible to not see his kids and wife, he never got to tell the girl that he loves his feelings towards her. And he's miserable and just wants all of this to be over.


Burrito: I still don't understand. Why did you switch the story to a horror story? What's going on here? What are you talking about? What is this?

Nardo: Maybe another time taco, now I need a drink to drown my sorrows and get something from my drawer. Goodbye kid. I don't think I'll ever see you again.

Burrito: Wait ... were you talking about yourself this whole time?

Nardo: Go to bed kid.

Burrito: You were, weren't you? The orphan boy is you. The story was about you. What are you planning to do?

Nardo: ... Goodbye kid. Make sure you don't end up like me.

*later boruto talks to his sensei instead*

boruto: sensei?...my dad told me a strange story about a kid who was an orphan -tells sasuke the tale-

sasuke: -sweatdrop- did he also tell you about how he gave up on the girl because she wouldn't TAKE A HINT that the other guy DID NOT LOVE HER, and then they no longer were friends because he got brainwashed into loving another girl?

boruto: WHAT! that sounds like it came right out of a japanese horror film! how does the story end!?

sasuke: well, how do ALL j-horror end?

boruto: ah...crap!

#886992 Manga-wise, why NaruSaku not happening makes sense.

Posted by starlitestarbrite on 13 November 2015 - 05:10 PM

seeing how naruto, and sakura never interact anymore just shows they're not friends, nor do they care about eachother anymore. if they did naruto would ALWAYS be there for sakura, because thats what true friends do, TRUE friends' are there for eachother no matter what, TRUE friends wont betray a friend.TRUE friends' will love you no matter what, and wont dump you just because an old flame/crush/whatever comes along, TRUE friends will wholeheartedly love their friend for who they are.