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In Topic: Boruto - the movie

11 October 2015 - 01:25 AM

At this point seeing a monkey come out of Kishi's ass will not surprise me one bit.


But, to find out that it was the monkey, and not Kishi who wrote the script, and then mailed it to the Teen Titans Go writers to check on the script...that would surprise me.

In Topic: Boruto - the movie

07 October 2015 - 12:57 PM


Of course it would appear like that to the pro-enders just like he said that he could not make NS happen because he pitied Hinata, he does not know how Sasuke and Sakura end up together and not to mention how contrived their relationship really is. 


In my opinion, not from a fan POV, Kishi was better off using logic to destroy NH and SS by tying up the NS red herring without destroying his characters. Naruto and Sakura end up with different partners but the audience knows that Naruto still loves Sakura after marring Hinata, while Sakura got with Sasuke was to force Naruto to move and because she was undeserving of his loves (and she loves) him. Their marriage explains that it was loveless and the reason why Sasuke was gone for 12 years although he would have kept in contact with his daughter. This would have explain why Naruto neglect his family because he could not got over Sakura and busy himself and drinks a lot out of depression, due to Sakura marrying Sasuke. 


An angst ending would not necessarily  been a trashed ending. This would have prevented Naruto and Sakura's character assassination. This would have undid nearly 50% damage alone.


If he done this, he could have avoided most of his contradicting interviews. Too bad this guy has a monkey's brain. Bananas.


Yeah...then again this is a boy manga...emphasis on the boy there...The wife has to have large boobs, and they have to acknowledge that farts exist.


12 years too late on a cruel twist of fate.


Came a less impressive Naruto.


He was drunk and depraved.


Made us crave the Sasuke


Twas a sad day for poor Naruto.



Naruto Narutooooo


With slapstick that just sucks kittene.


Naruto Narutooooo


A kid goddammit a kid.


Naruto Narutooooo


Stunts like a f**** cartooon


Naruto Narutooooo


A lame a*** sucking buffoon.

In Topic: How is Sasuke a reincarnation of Madara?

04 October 2015 - 02:24 PM

Here is the thing...then why didn't Sasuke died when Madara was resurrected.


Shouldn't his soul be liked...ripped from him or something?

In Topic: Current (as of Sept. 26) Naruto Anime

29 September 2015 - 04:15 PM

I...actually read this as Nutella Anime...


I thought...someone is actually making an anime about Nutella? My Dream has come true!!!

In Topic: Naruto Hokage-Oneshot

18 September 2015 - 03:29 PM

why naruto is the biggest scumbag


this naruto disrespected, lied and failed his parents wishes, punches his father and throws away his mothers retconned memento, he neglects his children, he doesn't enjoy his job, he doesnt care about his true friends, he doesn't care about his wife or her cooking, he doesn't talk to sakura ever, he lies to himself, he lies to his father, he lies to his friends, he lies to his friends daughter, he's a hypocrite, he's the least successful and most useless hokage ever, he tries to do EVERYONES JOB, he's rusty who can't take on anyone in base form, he punches his kid, he gets knocked out by his kid where he misses his hokage ceremony, he looks miserable and tired despite it being peace time and him having inhuman stamina, his kids aren't raised properly, his wife is still a door mat, he failed neji's wish by changing the hyuuga clan, he thinks obito is an inspiration despite obito's dream was tacked on LATER just to be even MORE of a naruto clone than he already was, so much he's got the losers hair cut. he cries and begs and spreads his cheeks for the worlds worst father and one of the biggest criminals ever, he's nonchalant with orochimaru, he doesn't train his own son and has his "friend" do it for him, he didn't know what the difference between love for a person and love for food is, and he'll want something because someone else has it.


He worships dogs and reptiles. He blackens his eyes with soot like a prostitute, he dances and plays the cymbals in vile nilotic rites


If you don't understand this, it was a show on HBO that one could say Game of Thrones got inspiration from.