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I need a beta reader! Help this NaruSaku Fic gain it's full potential!!!

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 11:37 AM

Hello Narusaku fandom! I have been working on this story for quite sometime, and it's evolved with me as I grew as a person...so its very close to my heart. I have posted three chapters online via fanfiction and AO3, but have long since grown dissatisfied with how they turned out. What initially started as a response fic to Kishi's poor treatment of our favorite heroine turned into a story that unintentionally grew to become something more long and complicated. 


My story is a Sakura-centric fic that aims to give her some much needed development and to explore some of the headcanons I've made about the Shinobi world. It covers events of the 4th Shinobi War and then diverts from the canonical ending as the story goes on. There will be romance, but it comes second to Sakura's development within the story. 


I am currently in the process of adding more to the story and revising those three chapters that are already online thanks to camp nanowrimo! This is very new to me. I'm naturally a private person and I'm quite wary asking for help (mostly online), but this story is very dear to me and I want some damn justice for my favorite character even if I have to write it myself! 



  • Gives good constructive criticism on story structure and grammar
  • Open minded
  • Regular readers of both books and fanfiction
  • Has been writing for a long time
  • Knows how this beta reader thing works
  • Honors the beta reader code (ie. will not steal my story) --> Sorry if I'm being paranoid!

If anyone would care to read what I've posted in order to get a feel of what they are getting into here is a link!

Otherness by ATimeForeverything567





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