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New Blog System!

Posted by Smiter, in News, Uncategorized 28 October 2014 · 27,199 views

H&E now has a new blogging system for everyone to use!  :D
It's our hope that everyone can use these new blogs to talk and connect more with each other, and also post all sorts of NaruSaku related stuff like fanfictions, headcanons and essays!
To get started, just click on the new Blogs link between the Gallery and search links in the header menu above, and click Create a Blog!  Each user can have up to 2 blogs, so you can have a general blog and a fanfiction blog for stories for example.
Please remember that the Rules of Conduct still apply to blog entries, and they must not contain any explicit content.  Moderators will treat blog entries as if they were forum posts.
Of course, as with any new additions to this website, rules may be subject to change as we explore this new feature, and we reserve the right to remove this feature if it causes too many problems.  Hopefully, that will not be necessary.  :happy:
Anyway, please enjoy this new feature!  We hope that this will be a popular addition, and we'd like to see plenty of NaruSaku goodness being shared!  :nsdance:

Should everything be related to narusaku in blog system or its like library?
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Should everything be related to narusaku in blog system or its like library?


You can blog whatever you like, as long as it's in keeping with the rules of the forum. :)


Of course, more NaruSaku-related goodness is always welcome... ;)

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Maybe I should make a blog o.o

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hum we already had a blog section so whycreat this?
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