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The Keepers: Character Bios

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Posted 17 February 2012 - 11:39 PM

Name: Elizabeth (Last name unknown)

Age: 16

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Honey

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 100lbs

Ability: Able to change mass, energy, or light, into one another.

Misc: Barrett's true target.


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 05:11 AM

Strategic Terran Research And Weapons Sector

SQUAD 5: Squad 5 is made up of 4 members of the Super Soldier corps, originally deployed in 2018. To the continent they were from little is known about them, to the outside world they are simply known as the Plague Doctors. When an Area is considered Red this Squad is sent into the area with only one mission, purge all inhabitants, no code, no IDs, no restrictions. They simply have one job, Kill or take the person that killed you with him. No longer hampered by the War which they were part of numerous massacres on multiple fronts they are unleashed upon the overrun part of the midwest. The stories of Survivors are the same, they look up at the person and tell them for God to help them because he no longer exists to them.


Rank: 1st Lt.

Name: Lorenzo Martin (DECEASED)

Age: 23

Codenamed: Alaric

Hair Color: Ash Grey

Eye Color: Red

Powers: Decay

Misc- The Destructive Member of the squad but also the most calm, Martin has the ability to decay matter that he sees fit, the ground, the air, buildings or even the electrodes and brain cells within people. He has used this ability to destroy cities. In one instance the entire city of Korkura into the Sea when the city was sealed off by the Chinese when the Japanese population was exstinguished.


Rank: 2nd Lt.

Name: Catherine Wyvernic (DECEASED)

Age: 22

Codenamed: Queen

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Purple

Codenamed: Queen

Power: Hive, Spider

Misc: Catherine was given the name Queen as she displayed qualities similar to a spider, one night as scientist and guard tried to prank her by making her wear a spiderwoman costume. They came out without their minds, part of a collective formed around the girl herself, as psychic tendrills in the shape of spiderlegs grew on her back like wings. She can shoot webbing from her palms and mouth, along with webs she has nails and teeth laced with poison. She can take over the minds of thousands in a hive centered on her survival. Supersoldiers of greater power are immune to this, but everyone else is not. Because of her hive, she has an arrogant attitude and higher opinion of herself.


Rank: Captain

Name: James Spencer (DECEASED)

Age: 26

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Codenamed: Cerberus

Power: Dimmensional Access

Misc: Spencer was part of the ESPER program experimenting in Spacial Dimmensions. However Spencer's access led to an incident wildly compared to Event Horizon. A dimmension that opens into the darkness of people's hearts and into hell itself. Lately his abilities also include bringing things out of the dimmension. His use has resulted increased insanity.


Rank: Major (DECEASED)

Name: Rodrigo Alexander

Age: 28

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: White

Codenamed: Legate

Powers: Splicing, Infusion

Misc- The original Project 45 of Akuma, Alexander is the leader and exhibits a rough, Machiavellian tenacity. Wise beyond his years as he was named after by his devout catholic parentage, his powers allowed for the merging of DNA's and Infusion of foreign genes at will. Numerous Chimera type creatures were seen rampaging the Mongolian Step as he arrived for the final offensive of the war. His pets include a number of hybrids of people and beast that were either innocent or guilty. Because of his ability to rewrite code, Alexander can mess with Supersoldier DNA and has used it to make himself immune from the projects other then the one resulting in his creation. He shows no fear toward anyone but other 40 series of Akuma. They give him pause. For like other 40 series their DNA makeup includes a lost process that could not be duplicated after Alamos.

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 06:57 AM

Name: Elissa Potter

Age: 24

Eye Color: Green

Hair: Dark brown, wavy, shoulder-length (likes wearing it up in buns)

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 125lbs

Power: Empath (Ability to absorb abilities and then reuse them. A human library of super powers)

List of Absorbed Powers

Phasing - Able to phase through solids and liquids without any structural damage to the body.

Telekinesis - Able to move distant objects with the mind. The closer the distance, the stronger force. Unable to move anything past 100 yards.

Aquakinesis - Able to control the various forms of water. Unable to create ice, water, and steam, or change it into a different phase.

Shapeshifting -Able to completely copy a person, even down to their DNA.

Alluring Gaze - As long as high doses of adrenaline are not present in a person's system, Elissa can make others fall in love with her.

Light/Dark Energy - See Roi's profile.

Cyrokinesis - See Leo's profile

Terrakinesis - See Lillian's profile

Illusions - Able to permanently or temporarily create illusions in the mind of a person or an illusion to all.

Memory Manipulation - Able to pluck out memories from other people, put in false memories, or even distort her own.

Hierro - Armor like skin and bones that help prevent damage from external forces. Even point blank gunshots won't penetrate her.

Vector Control - Able to control vectors. (Things that have a magnitude and direction)

Space Manipulation - Able to manipulate space. (Ex: Teleportation, Gravity Control)

Rejection of Fate - Can reject fate of certain events. Can be used like a healing ability or a force field.

Crimson - Able to form demon armies and weapons with crimson energy.

Chronokinesis - Able to stop time and move freely throughout it.

Magic Eyes - See Horrow's profile

Invisibility - Can cloak self and anything she touches.

Wind Manipulation - See Winfield's Profile

Leech - See Doakes' Profile

Animation - See Clair's ability

Kinetic Energy - See Clair's ability

Retrospection - See Eddy's ability

Electromagnetism - See Zane's profile

Super Strength - See Hoken's profile

Plasma - See Hoken's profile

Shadow Manipulation - See Evangeline's profile

Magnetism - See Ivan's profile

Pyrokinesis - See Barrett's profile

Mass and Energy Conversion (aka Human bomb) - See Elizabeth's profile

Misc - A psycho seductress who has only one goal in mind: to watch the world burn.

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 04:56 PM

Name: Lianna

Age: 16

Codename: Crimson Demon

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green (Was red).

Powers: Crimson powers.

Weapon: 2x desert eagle 44 mag

Misc: Lianna is an old friend to Roi and was in the same program with him. She can use Crimson powers from a demonic energy,Such as increasing the effectiveness from her attacks or speed. She was called the Crimson Demon because of her red energy and the summon she does. Lianna can summon the shade of the crimson demon created from demonic energy to assist her in fight or creatures of hell created from the same thing.

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 05:11 AM

Name: Thomas [REDACTED]
Codename: Agent Dog
Age: 27

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Abilities: Tactician, hand-to-hand, demolitions

A somewhat aloof agent from an unknown faction. He is usually the brains behind the so-called "Canine Duo." Despite the impracticality, he wears his prescription glasses almost every day, even during missions. Contrasting his personality, he also specializes in demolitions. He can be witty when given the chance. Though almost always aloof around his coworkers, his wife, Agent Wolf, is one of the few people who can break his composure.

Name: Wen-li [REDACTED]
Codename: Agent Wolf
Age: 26

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Abilities: Sniper, hand-to-hand, seduction

The other half of the "Canine Duo." Wolf and Dog are truly an odd couple. She is more outgoing and expressive than her aloof husband, which comes in handy during infiltration missions. Oddly, targets she has to seduce tend to be beaten to a pulp by an irate husband. She specializes in long-range sniping, stealth, and martial arts. Agent Wolf has a tendency to make bets before missions. The current score is 29-14, to Wolf's favor and Dog's annoyance.

The Canine Duo --Click here to view--
Wolf and Dog

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:41 PM

Alias- Phantom

Age- 26

Hair- Rustic Brown

Eyes- Grey

Height- 6'0

Weight- 180lb

Ability- Auto-Rebirth

Weapon- MP5, Bowie Knife, Training from former Spetnaz soldiers, and a gadget belt.

Misc- His auto-rebirth ability allows him recover quickly from injury, even life-threatening ones. It is unknown if his ability would bring him back from death. He works a soldier for hire.

Alias- Electric Hime

Age- is suppose to be 23

Hair- Brown

Eyes- Electric Blue

Height- 5'5

Weight- 115lb

Ability- Electric Manipulation

Weapon- Pouch with Iron spikes, S&W 38 revolver, Modified Mosin Nagant rifle.

Misc- The supposed dead subject 17 of former Project Raijin. Know apart of the current Porject Haikili, which is involved with cloning experiements as well as former experiments from Raijin. Her current power rating leaves her still below Zane.

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 03:59 AM

Anna Cartwright

Age 24

Hair- Blond

Eyes- Forest Green

Height- 5'8''

Project Akuma No. 43

Power: Genesis

Misc.- Part of the 40 series of Alamos labs, her parents divorced at a young age, she lived with her mother most of her life. Upon her friends being drafted, including crush Matt Horrow, she decided to enter the Super Soldier program knowing her father would find out if she enlisted. She and later Project 42 were created and stayed friends as they had since childhood. Her powers are considered the godsend of humanity, able to create life from nothingness, because of her revolutionary powers and manifested core her survival is of necessity to the military. She has been studied and contained ever since. Her location is unknown.

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Posted 04 March 2012 - 02:50 AM

Character: Senka

Age: 19

Hair Color: Strawberry blonde, a little wavy, cut into a short, chin-length bob.

Eye Color: Blue-green

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lb

Scars: one on the left side of her neck, extending down to her collarbone

Empathy. She can sense/hear the emotions of those around her with no physical contact needed. Can suggest/implant emotions into others, but to do so on a deeper level requires physical contact.

Preferred Weapon: low-caliber pistol

Always hearing the emotions of others has caused Senka's own emotions to become immensely repressed. She blocks it out a good portion of the time, otherwise too many emotions would just be like white noise to her. She's capable of removing emotions from a person by taking them into herself, as well as viceversa. Senka doesn't consider herself as part of humanity, and prefers solitude.

Senka, drawn in Paint tool SAI --Click here to view--

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Posted 04 March 2012 - 03:02 AM

Name: Mydia Blade

Age: 24

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Short Ponytail

Eye-Color: Dark Red

Height: 5'8

Weight: Undisclosed

Ability: Can use anything and make it a lethal weapon, genius-level intellect and an experienced martial artist.

Preferred Weapon: Katana (But can use anything)

Background: She was once a regular schoolgirl, with a loving family and great friends, and then she was abducted from this safe life by the whim of her country's government and she underwent rigorous training to be the ultimate soldier (for her country lacked the sufficient requirements needed to make the biological equipment used to make the conventional supersoldier). But her ultimate trial came when she was faced with an infamous "real" supersoldier, who went in and cleaned out her country, singlehandedly, and she was the only one left standing in her platoon to take them on.

She failed...

But surviving that ordeal switched something on for her, and to this day she still searches for that man, in a bid to try and prove her own strength against him...

Misc: She likes cats...

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 07:10 PM

Name: Hoken

Age: 48

Hair: Thick short spikey white hair. A very small ponytail. Short thick white beard.

Eyes: Pure white

Height: 6'1

Preferred Weapon: His fists.

Ability: Brute strength - Plasma (Any kind of it. Only uses it when he's serious.)

Misc: Hoken was Roi's master a long time ago, He trained Roi how to control his powers and use it. Hoken has a corrupted blood and dead cells and his DNA are corrupted too. ( Because of his Plasmatic powers) And person would die if they had something like that. He has a very thick skin that can deflect almost everything due to his cells and he almost can't feel any pain and he has a very muscular body. His strength could wipe out an entire army. He only use his plasmatic power when he's serious. Most of his life is 'fight'.

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 05:21 PM

Character: Sol Amander
Real name: Sol Taeyang Choi
ESPER number: VF-17
Age: 23
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Ability: Equivalent exchange transmutation
Preferred Weapon: Glock 17
Misc: An on-and-off member of Barrett's Keepers mercenary group

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 05:23 PM

Name: Lona Moonlight

Age: 16

Hair: Short silver hair, Reaches her shoulders.

Eyes: Blue.

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 115lbs

Codename: Moon.

Stars and mini Novas. (Supernova)

Misc: Lona was Roi's teammate in training with Hoken. Roi lost his memory so he forgot about her. Hoken favors her like his own daughter. She can create stars and use it in many ways. She also can use novas from her stars to make them explode at her enemies creating destructive and massive explosions.

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Posted 10 March 2012 - 02:49 AM

Character: Marzi Raine

Age: (Age unknown. Appears to be around 23)

Hair Color: Grey-blue

Eye Color:

5' 1"


Manipulating reality such as fabricated scenery, beings, ect. to the point where it is very believable.

Misc: Marzi likes to manipulate reality around her, as well as using it offensively against others. She is a nature-loving being, and is often seen with graceful white birds floating around her, though they are only faceless illusions that have no real amount of detail to them.

Marzi wears a simple white dress and likes to walk around barefoot; the reason for that is unknown.

(Will elaborate more on biography later)

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 08:04 PM

{Blood's Tear} (organization)

(The Leader Of Sangues)

Name: Areyan

Age: 35

Hair: A long black-red hair reaches his back.

Eyes: dark red

Height: 5'9

Preferred Weapon: Dagger

Ability: Sangue (The master of blood arts).

Misc: Areyan is a mad man. He don't believe in humanity so he mastered blood powers to kill it. He can freeze someone's blood and make it in various forms. Or corrupt a human blood system. He also feeds on their bloods. His Illusions makes anything bleeds and when it comes back to reality his Illusion harms it. When Areyan berserks, He transforms into a vampire beast, And his blood powers will improve and he can make any blood nearby to boil and explode in that form.


(The First Of The Sangues)

Name: Nain

Age: 29

Hair: Silver

Eyes: dark red

Preferred Weapon: Short spear

Ability: Bone ( Can create bones in shapes, blades made of bone and defend him self with a skeletal armor.....)


(The Second Of The Sangues)

Name: Woran

Age: 28

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Green

Ability: Toxin (Hemotoxin - Necrotoxins - And may cause Necrotizing fasciitis when physical contact is made)


(The Third Of The Sangues)

Name: Sora

Age: 65

Hair: A long white beard. And a bold hair with a small ponytail.

Eyes: None (Blind).

Preferred Weapon: Sonic grenades - Bombs

Ability: Sonic (Can create a high sound that can kill an enemy), Pressure (Can create a force that can destroy anything)


(The Fourth Of The Sangues)

Name: Neo

Age: 39

Hair: Spiky black.

Eyes: Deep blue.

Preferred Weapon: Long sword.

Ability: Blue energy. (A very powerful and sharp energy that can cut anything into two.).


(Blood's Tear soldiers)

Codename: Vampires

Preferred Weapon: Swords - Ak 103 - glock 19.

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:44 AM

Name: Gwendolyn

Age: 25

: ArC

Mark: (Aleph, Ox, position 1)

Hair color: red, wears it in a long ponytail, layered bangs around her face.

Eye color: crimson

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 120 lbs

Power: energy manipulation

Weapon: crimson energy

Extra: Gwen was the first ArC to be created. As such she is considered somewhat the mascot for CoreSystems. She tends to be very outspoken about her feelings and has a short fuse, but she holds a motherly attitude towards her fellow ArCs.

Her aid's name is Rose, and she is very good friends with her.

Status: Deceased


Name: BlackLight

Age: 23

Company: Kaimera

Hair color
: Black (changes depending on the cores he has absorbed recently)

Eye color
: Black (changes depending on the cores he has absorbed recently)

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 164 lbs

Power: energy absorption/energy manipulation

Weapon: absorbed energy

Status: Deceased

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 04:16 AM

Name: Désir Le Tu

Age: 27

Hair: Black. The left side of his head is kept very short, the right side is left just long enough to brush his neck.

Eye Colour: Dark blue with a ring of icy blue around the pupil.

Height: 6'3

Scars: Skin at the edge of his right eye is slightly discoloured. The rest of his body is covered by clothing, so he may have other scars but it is unknown.

Ability: Accelerated cellular regeneration and muscular density manipulation.

[character sheet will be added soon]

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Posted 30 March 2012 - 02:18 AM

Vassili “Ivan” Rhechenko

Age 37

Height 6'’6

Eye color: Snow

Hair color: Grey

Power: Metal

Enhancement: Control of Plastics

Bio: In 2015 the CIS used a new weapon to wage war against NATO, the first human weapon to be used in combat. The worker from St. Petersburg was transformed and codenamed “Ivan”. He is a legend among super soldiers living with the myth that he died saving his comrades from the crazed empaths that turned on each other in New York. He defected with one of his constant adversaries and lover to the former United States. He is strong, cold as the Russian winter, and very intelligent.



Age: 36

Height: 5’11

Hair Color: Blond

Eyes: Ice Blue

Power: Amplification

List of Known Amplified Characters:






Sister (name Unknown)

Bio: She is one of the famed twins. Considered to be the saviors, the first of European Super soldiers. She immediately is used with her sister against CIS forces before encountering Vassili in the Black Forest. What followed was a long love affair that changed the nature of her image. She was declared deceased after an operation gone wrong. In reality her rare power and herself was hidden away when she defected and eloped with her former adversary. She is the definition of a Happy Euro, flirtatious, bright and charming. However she is as tactical and coercive as her counterparts. She collects information when not trying to live her life to the fullest. Which shows in her age, at 36 she doesn't look a day over 28.


David Carter

Age 29

Hair: Dark Green

Eyes: Sage

Power: Aggressive Elemental Foliage

Bio: The face of Super Soldiers in Europe for PATO, David Carter is charming, witty, calculating and open. He had served in the European war as well, afterwards achieving titles for his service for the preservation of Europe and England. He has become the playboy philanthropist of the Western World. He also has connections throughout Europe due to the position he holds in the command as the youngest general in the PATO military.

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 03:53 AM

Name: Evangeline Archer

Age: 23

Hair color/Length: Dark red hair that reaches past her shoulders

Eye color: Amber

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 126lbs

Clothing: She wears a black T-shirt with a white stripe that goes down the front of it. Jeans that hug her thighs? Idk.

Ability: Shadow Manipulation

Bio- She was a little girl when she was brought into the same testing facility as Winfield, they met when they both were 8 years old. She grew up being best friends with the long haired boy. Doing everything together she made him promise he would never leave her, he agreed to the promise only to leave when he was 17 leaving her alone in the facility. Not knowing why he left she planned on going after him for leaving her in this dreaded testing facility she called home.

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 05:34 PM

Name: James Fiske

Age: 46

Hair color: Blonde, silvering hair, wavy, receding hair line

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 162 lbs

Extra: Ex-Director, and founder of CoreSystems. James was best friends with Ayla's father, Adam Woodard. He went into hiding after he left CoreSystems.

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 01:48 AM

Name: Trevor

Age: 28

Hair color: Gray eye length

Eye Color: One eye is light blue the other is dark green due to Heterochromia

Height: 6'1

Weight: 152lbs

Misc: Being a scientist since he was 18 years old at the facility Winfield, Evangeline and Clair grew up in, he became very skilled scientist earning him the Director position at the facility at the age of 25, he's had a few assassination attempts on himself but they all failed. During his first year as a Director he hired Renee Chance(Skadi) as an assassin and information broker.

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