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Konoha Gallery Rules

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Posted 21 June 2006 - 02:12 PM

Konoha Gallery Rules

Submission Rules

The Gallery is centered on Naruto fanart. All non-Naruto art MUST be submitted in the Members' Gallery. We are sorry we cannot create new sections for other series and genres, as we feel that would take the focus away from Naruto.

Any and all art submitted MUST be YOUR own work. You are not allowed to post artworks created by someone else. Here at Heaven & Earth, we take the rights of artists very seriously.

Any and all submissions found to be breaking the above rule will be deleted. If any poster persists in submitting works that are not his/her own, that poster will be banned for a time, the length of the ban depending on the severity of the offences.

While this is a Naruto/Sakura pairing board, you are free to post fanart of other pairings (yes, even NaruHina and SasuSaku) in the Other Pairings section. smile.gif Art without any pairings can be submitted to the Non-Pairing section.

Mature Themes

"Tasteful" nudity is allowed in Konoha Gallery, but must not depict gentalia, female nipples, nor must it involve minors.

More explicit fanart may be posted in an adults-only gallery, strictly controlled by the Admins and Moderators. Who can access and post in that gallery is entirely up to the Admins and Moderators - so don't post or PM asking for access! We see this privilege as a "perk" for good contributing members of the H&E community who have been around for a while (and are old enough).

Fanarts showing an excessive amount of violence and/or other themes unsuitable for minors will be removed from the Gallery, and a PM will be sent to the artist explaining why. Repeated offences will result in a temporary ban, which may even be permanent if the Admins and Mods deem it necessary.

Comment Rules

Please offer constructive criticism to the artists, so that they can strive to improve themselves. happy.gif Constructive criticism highlights the good points as well as the bad, and usually offers advice on how to improve on the bad points.

Many artists find constructive criticism more fulfilling and rewarding than simple "great picture!" comments, though those are also good. happy.gif

Rules of Conduct apply to comments as well. Abusive comments and spam will not be tolerated and will be deleted without notice. Posters will be warned if the offence is serious enough.

This specially applies to any artwork depicting characters/pairings that you may not like. Don't flame or complain to the artist just because you don't like his/her choice of subject. Remember, there are many members here who like pairings other than NaruSaku and that should be respected.

Now that is all out of the way, we hope you enjoy the Gallery. smile.gif

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