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Konoha Library Rules

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Posted 21 June 2006 - 02:01 PM

Konoha Library Rules

Naruto Fanfictions Only.

Please note that only fanfictions based on the Naruto universe and/or characters may be allowed in the Library. Any heterosexual pairings, where applicable, are allowed (yes, even NaruHina and SasuSaku). We are sorry we cannot accept yaoi/yuri stories (see below for explanation).

Stories are screened.

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure the Library is good quality, new stories and chapters undergo a screening before publication. Moderators will contact the author if there are any problems with the submitted story/chapter and attempt to resolve them. happy.gif

This is what we look for in submissions:
  • Good spelling/grammar.
  • Suitability of material (e.g. extremely graphic violence/rape/etc. may not be passed)
To ensure your story gets through the screening process quickly, please ensure your story is spellchecked and - if possible - proofread before submitting to the Library. You can ask for proofreaders at the Writing Discussion board. happy.gif

If the author does not respond to the moderator's request(s) and/or the problems are unresolved, then the story will not pass screening and will be deleted from the queue.

No Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is not tolerated here. Here at Heaven & Earth, we take the rights of artists and writers very seriously.

Any and all fanfictions you submit to the Library MUST be your own work and not a copy of any other fanfictions or works. If your fanfiction is based off someone else's idea, please give them credit.

If you see a fanfiction that has been plagiarised, please contact a Moderator via Private Message with the name of the story, the author, and a link to the original story. We will try to resolve issues peacefully and through private dialogue. No flaming will be tolerated.

However, if someone is guilty of plagiarism and refuses to remove copied stories and/or keeps publishing stories that are not their own work, they will be banned for a time, the length of the ban depending on the severity of the offences.

No Yaoi/Yuri.

We are not anti-yaoi/yuri, we would just like to limit pairings to heterosexual only - this is simply because we do not wish to be flooded with SasuNaru/KakaIru stories. There are plenty of other places to post yaoi and yuri, such as Fanfiction.net. happy.gif

We just want to be different. smile.gif


Reviews and other items such as Author's Notes are subject to the Rules of Conduct. Flames and abusive comments will be deleted and the poster warned.

Don't criticise the author if the pairing(s)/character(s) are not to your liking. Remember, others may like pairings/characters that you do not like, and that should be respected.

Please try to leave constructive criticism, many writers find that kind of feedback the most fulfilling. happy.gif Constructive criticism highlights the good points as well as the bad, and usually offers advice on how to improve on the bad points. This helps the writers improve themselves.

Lemons (Mature Stories).

Any and all fanfictions involving scenes of a sexual nature MUST be rated MA and carry a warning that the fanfiction contains sexual themes.

Readers wishing to read a MA story MUST be over 18. You can confirm your age by going into "Account Info" in the Library menu, then clicking on "Edit Personal Information" and selecting "Yes" on the Age of Consent statement.


While H&E accepts songfics in the Konoha Library, some songfics are a lot more song than fic. In order to maintain the quality of the library, songfics must contain an identifiable story. That is, it should be a story that incorporates the song rather than a song that contains only a few lines.

In addition to drawing on Kishimoto’s work, songfics also appropriate the work of the artist who wrote the song. Therefore, any songfics must contain an appropriate disclaimer that gives credit to Kishimoto and the song’s artist.

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