Configuration File Setup
[?]The host server for your mySQL database. Generally 'localhost' is the most likely setting unless your web host has informed you differently.
[?]This should be the name of your database. You should have already created the database before starting this install. You will most likely create your database through your web host's control panel.
[?]This is the user you (or your webhost) assigned to the database when it was created.
[?]This is the password for the database user.
[?]The sitekey will be used to access the settings for your site. It is also used to prevent crossed member logins when two or more sites are installed on the same domain. You must have a unique sitekey for each eFiction site! If you leave this blank, the script will randomly generate another one for you.
[?]The language the site will be displayed in. The language files are found in the languages/ folder. You may create your own translations through these files.
[?]This allows you to define a separate prefix for the settings table. This allows you to share the settings table among more than one eFiction site in the same database.