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Naruto x Sakura [437] All fanfictions in this section focus on the NaruSaku pairing.
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Other Pairings [72] Fanfictions that focus on other pairings go in here. They may or may not feature NaruSaku. Please note - no yaoi/yuri fanfictions!
Non-Pairings [25] These stories do not feature pairings of any kind.
Round Robins [1] All round robin stories can go in this section! Round Robins are stories where chapters are written by different authors.
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Site News

A Change of Rules

From now on, any and all new stories will automatically be published.  This means that when you add a new chapter or story, it will be available for everyone to read without delay. :)

This decision has been taken because it has been too time-consuming to validate perfectly good stories, and I am sure the delays have disappointed authors and readers alike.  For that, we are sorry.

Of course, we will still check out newly published stories to ensure that they are suitable for the Library and have the correct ratings.  Also, please double-check your stories before you submit them by using the preview feature!  Remember that you cannot use CSS or advanced HTML to format your stories.

Tonight, I will be clearing the backlog of stories in the validation queue.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing even more stories!

--Smiter on 2008.08.03 - 10:19AM 1 Comments
New Looks

Alright, it was found that the reason the Categories and Featured Stories were not displaying on the home page was because the skin was not compatible!

I have now uploaded a couple of new skins and set the default to the Marauder skin. :)  You can change skin either by using the Switch Skin box at the bottom left of this page, or by going into Account Info -> Edit Personal Information and changing it there.

More skins may be uploaded later tonight, so keep an eye out!  As always, if there are any bugs, please PM me or any of the other mods on the boards. ^_^

--Smiter on 2006.05.05 - 11:49AM 0 Comments
Upgrade Complete

The Library has now been upgraded to eFiction 2.0.4 and the IPB database merge has hopefully been fixed. :) After we moved servers, there were some bugs involving using H&E member accounts on the Library.

I have also tweaked the layout a little, hopefully making some things clearer and better spaced.  Author's Notes have also been shifted to the bottom of the chapter - so readers can see the beginning of the story right away, and writers can include all they want in their notes without pushing the story down. ^_^ 

If anyone has ANY difficulties in using the Library, whether reading, uploading, reviewing, or anything else, PLEASE inform me as soon as possible by:

* PMing me on the boards.

* Posting in the Council Hall forum on the boards.

Thank you. ^_^

--Smiter on 2006.03.06 - 01:31PM 3 Comments

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