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Castlevania RPG

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Posted 31 July 2009 - 04:25 AM

Very Important: These are the absolute rules, they will not be bent, and never broken. Any NEW rules will be added here at a later time.

The Character Sheet:





Note* (For or Against Dracula.) You are choosing a side.


Note* It is understood that everyone is from the village. In other words, no, "I'm the fairy princess from new scotland and I've come with my army of guilded lillys..."


Rule #1: All characters are human. No half breeds, beasts, no creatures of any kind.

Rule #2: There is no magic, the game is based on 15th century Europe.

Rule #3: All characters must be approved by unanimous decision by Yaka, Tahaji, and myself.

Rule #4: No Japanese mythology, No ANIME references.

Rule #5: All special weapons, armor, and equipment are gathered within Dracula's castle, via the quest system.

Rule#6: All characters begin in the village, nobody just appears in Dracula's castle.

NOTE: The idea here is that everyone starts out poor and without weapons and equipment, until they venture into Dracula's castle looting his limitless fortune.

Unique Characters::

Richard Belmont (Yaka, GM)

Sophia (Tahaji, GM)

???? (ForgottenBushido, GM)

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Posted 31 July 2009 - 05:00 AM

Name: Richard Belmont

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Alignment: Good, like almost reaching the point of queeziness.

Brief History: Born from the dynasty of famous vampire hunters , Richard is the grandson of Richter Belmont , who imprisoned Dracula. And he makes sure everyone knows that. His arrogant look and state of spirit makes enemies and makes people ...notice his weird vibe. Not to mention he's not too shabby on the eyes. Of course , for him to be arrogant , some skill comes with the package. He wields a whip , just like his ancestors did and he does it well. Now , Dracula comes back , like legends told , now it's Richard's quest to imprison Dracula. More glory to gloat, he thought....

Appearance : Short black hair, not really too small as well, has a nice round , white face with set of brown eyes , something totally stereotypical from the dark corners of England. His fit. Not like super rigged enough to look like a titan of muscles. But he's not a little boy. He's tall , 6'2 of ..ah.. masculinity. Wearing a blue overall coat , and white cotton shirt made of the finest sheep hide. For his lower pants he has a set of dyed black pants and his boots made of the finest brown letters. But let's not forget the most important.

The whip. Made of nothing special. Perfect to whack some undead back to their graves. Simple attachment of rope and leather , to make this fine piece of basic weaponry...so special.

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Posted 31 July 2009 - 05:05 AM

Name: Sophia
Nickname: Soap
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Alignment: Good

Appearance (Human): Standing only 5`2”, this simple looking girl was tiny. With long, dark hair that drapes to the middle of her back, she boasts deep, exotic yellow eyes and mid toned skin. Her face is visually narrow, with tiny a tiny hint of freckling on the bridge of her nose. She is moderately muscled, and often seen wearing lose, and airy clothing. (She just throws on whatever she can find, due to her changing ability)

Appearance (Wolfen): Her wolf form is bipedal. The color of her eyes do not change. Visually, the change is of the ‘Morphing Type’ and can be completed very quickly. The color of her fur is black, with flecks of white running over her main ’points’. When reverting back to her human form, it looks as if her hair is falling out and underneath it lies her form.

Brief History: Born a werewolf (Not bitten) she hailed from northern Europe with a small pack of secluded werewolves. Here, she was taught how to tame her abilities, and use them in combat. Not long after adolescence, Her pack was hunted down by a local village that feared their presence. Most of the pack scattered and some were killed. Getting separated from them, she was sentenced to wander alone, and spent the next few years traveling as a human child, until she was placed into an adoption agency, where she learned the mannerisms and sociality of humans. After a few years living in a tiny village, she began her trek and settled in the woods next to Oakeford, where the people mistake her for a demon, as she often preys on their livestock and plays tricks on them.

Her fighting style relies heavily on her wolfen form, using brute strength, claws and teeth. It is often described as ‘having to rhyme, or reason’

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