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Striker`s and NaruSaku4Life`s dialog corner

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 09:16 PM

Welcome to the dialog corner
This is a topic where we collect dialoges. Were Striker and NaruSaku4Life I guess you could say were the editors/authors. We and the other writers hope that you will enjoy your stay at the Dialoge corner


The dialoges may or may not be slightly offencive to the members of the NH/SS party. Any and all dialoges are written purely for comic relief and should be considered as parodies. Characters may or may not put down or degrade the actual value of the characters or make them seem utherly rediculus.

*Bashing disclaimer*

I am going to call the parodie card on this one. If a parodie is allowed to make fun of the holocaust without going to hell for it then i hope i am allowed to do a little humurus bashing. In any case its not my intention to bash anything as this is only for laughs.

The comedy Center.

This is where the funny dialoges will get posted.

The NH event commercial --Click here to view--
You there. Yes you. Are you interested in poor character development? Do you like to put down heroines? Then this is the perfect place for you. Come right down to the NH conference in Las Vegas where we have for your own convenience placed 4 market stalls to sell all the NH stuff we could muster up. Do you like NH interactions? Then we have the perfect DVD special containing all the NH moments you could ever imagine. The DVD contains 36 minutes of NH fun and 3GB of random fanart we collected. Are you a reader? For you only we have gathered the 5 chapters of the Naruto manga containing NH moments. Are you more of do-it-yourself person? Then we invite you to take a look at our selection of self-help books containing such classics as \\\"Beginers guide to pointless arguments\\\" or \\\"Sakura bashing for dummies\\\" If you like all that than we will be waithing.*WARNING* NS FANS NOT ALLOWED DUE TO OVERUSE OF COMMON SENSE.

The end of the world. --Click here to view--

Sakura and Hinata are walking through the village and having a conversation.

Now listen Hinata. Lady Tsunade has placed a seal on you. The seal will give you great power, but only if you dont sleep for 2 day. If you fall asleep the seal will explode and the village will be destroyed.

Alright. But this isnt such a great idea.

Relax Hinata. What could go wrong?

Naruto shows up.

Naruto:(yells)Sakura-chan. Wait up.
(Sakura and Hinata stop). Hey Sakura-chan, how are you? Oh hi Hinata.

Hinata: (to herself) He spoke to me. He really spoke to me.(Faints)


The village explodes

What do part 1 Naruto, Hinata and Part 1 Sakura have in common? --Click here to view--

Sakura: I love you Naruto
Naruto: Do you mean it?
Sakura: Of course dummy.

Sasuke: Sakura, I aknowledge your existence.

Naruto: Oh hi Hinata. How are you?

Time for a visit --Click here to view--

Child: But mom I dont want to go visit uncle Sasuke in prison.
Sakura: Neji Minato Iruka Uzumaki do you have any idea how lonely it is in prison.
Child: But uncle Sasuke keeps telling me that I shouldnt go with strange men who randomly offer you power. He keeps forgeting he told me already.
Naruto: Well he would know.
Child: Why is Sasuke even in prison?
Naruto: He tried to kill your mother and I.
Sakura: Twice
Child: Then why do we have to visit?
Naruto: Because he is my best friend and the closest thing I have to a brother and I brought him back into the village.
Sakura: And then he got charged for murder and multiple attempts at terorism and mass vengeance.
Child: Mommy I`m scared. I dont want to go.
Sakura: Its alright sweety. Your father gave him enough bullsh** to make him good again.
Naruto: Just try not to mention the name Itachi, Uchiha, Sharingan or cake. He hates the cake.
Child: Dad you better teach me a good jutsu for this.

The truth behind 616 --Click here to view--

Naruto:(Lets go of Hinatas hand) Well thats that see ya.
Hinata: Are you breaking up with me?
Naruto: What?
Hinata: I knew it your leaving me arent you?
Naruto: What are you talking about?
Hinata: Think of all the times we had together.
Naruto: (To himself) What is going on?
Naruto: Somebody help. Kakashi-sensei, Kiba, Bug-man, SAKURA! Somebody exlplain what is going on.
Hinata: This was our first date and your leaving me already.
Naruto: Hold your horses Hinata. Its not like that. were just friends.
Sakura shows up hearing the conversation.
Sakura: He cant go out with you Hinata. hes dating me.
Naruto: Yea thats right. Im going out with Sakura-chan.
Hinata: This is the worst day ever. I will hit you for this later.
Naruto:(to Sakura) So you doing anything this evening?
Sakura: Yea, Im kinda fighting a war dummy.
Naruto: Oh yea the war. I forgot about that. (Shouts at Hinata) Watch out for the enemy. (to Sakura) Shes really distracted today.
Sakura: So should you go fight the bad guys or something.
Naruto: Yea I probably should.
Sakura: Because they are kinda polverizing our guys and they could really use your help.
Sakura:(caugh)And the alliance
Naruto: Whatever she said. Charge!

What Hinata hears --Click here to view--

*What actually happens*

Naruto: Hey Hinata, how are you?
Hinata: ...Naruto-kun...

*What NH fans think happens*

Naruto: I love you, marry me.
Hinata: Yes I will my love.

*What Hinata hears*

Naruto: Hinata wake up. Sakura I need some help, she fainted again.

*What NS fans think happened*

Naruto: I consider you a friend and nothing more. There will never be a romantic relationship between us unless theres some extremly poor writting involved.
Hinata: Ok, Im moving on anyway.

The truth about Sasukes combat style --Click here to view--

Suigetsu: Oh man, theres a fly over there
Suigetsu: Overkill much.

How it should have happened --Click here to view--

Sasuke:(Withnesses Itachi kill his whole familly) Why? Why did you do that?
Itachi: I got grounded yesterday. You`ve seen nothing.
Sasuke: But you killed them all.
Itachi: Shut up brat, you`ve never seen me here.
Itachi: (Uses mind-erase genjutsu) You`ve seen nothing.
*Years later at the academy*
Naruto: So you say your brother went to college and your whole family commited suicide?
Sasuke: Yep

Sakura: Naruto it hurts, pull it out.
Naruto: Im trying but its really stuck in there.
Sakura: This is all your fault.
Naruto: Your the one who wanted to go in deep.
Sakura: Naruto just shut up and pull it out.
Naruto: Im trying. Its not my faulth you put your hand in a cookie jar.

*Naruto and Sakura are getting married. Kakashi is performing the ceremony*
Kakashi: Does anyone have any objections?
Sasuke and Hinata: I OBJECT. I LOVE YOU NARUTO.
Naruto and Sakura: What the hell is this?
Naruto: Objection denied.
Sakura: The next one to object is going to meet my fist.
Karin: WTF Sasuke. Im your girlfriend. Love me or else.
Sasuke: Yes honey, whatever you say honey.
Naruto: Ah look at them Sakura. Remember when we were like that?
Sakura: Shut up and kiss me Naruto.
Naruto: Yes mamm.
Hinata: (To herself) I got ignored again. I wish someone would yell at me for once.
Shino: I know how you feel Hinata

Naruto: Well Sakura since Konoha finaly got internet we can check out this youtube thing I heard so much about.
Sakura: Its probably going to be amaizing.
Naruto: Lets type Naruto...
Naruto: I mean Naruto and Sakura
Sakura: (smiles)
(they both read the comments)
Sakura: Im a what?
Naruto: I love who? WTF is NaruHina?
Sakura: I think they want you to go out with Hinata.
Naruto: The SasuSaku is...?
Sakura: (discusted face) omg someone posted SasuNaru forever. And he called me a b*tch. Give me the keyboard. (Writes a comment).
Sakura: (gets a reply). What do you mean im not Sakura. Thats just retarded. Cmon Naruto lets go do some training.
Naruto: The internet is weird.

Naruto: Kiba sudgested we check out this site called devinart. You think its gonna be like last time?
Sakura: Lets hope not.
Naruto: I will just type in Sakura this time.
Sakura: (shocked face) WHAT IS THIS. THOSE PERVERTS THATS NOT ME. (keeps scrolling) DEAR GOD I AM OUT OF HERE. You comming Naruto?
Naruto: Ill be with you in a minute (keeps scrolling)

*John has used a portal to travel to the Narutoverse*
John:(steps out of a portal and looks around) OH YEA. IT WORKED. IM IN KONOHA
Naruto:(extremly shocked) Who are you and what are you doing in my house!?
John: I am John from the great land of California. And I came to this world to explore.
Naruto: What on earth is California?
John: Oh right you dont know about that? Well its a...
Sakura: (Walks out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth) Who are you talking to Naruto?
John: Is that Sakura? Are you cheating on Hinata Naruto?
Naruto: What are you talking about and how do you know my name?
John: Lets just say Im you biggest fan.
Naruto: What on earth do you mean by cheating on Hinata?
John: Well its so obvius you guys are completlly in love and will get married.
Sakura: My bathroom is being rebuilt you moron. And since when do you love Hinata Naruto?
Naruto: Hinata...Hinata? Oh right. The shy one right?
John: (Devestated) You... dont love her? What do you even see in this... this
Sakura:(angry) This what?
John:(really scared and high voice) Beautifull young woman?
Sakura: Thats better.
John: OK then. I see I do not belong here. I will go back home and continue to watch you from there.
Sakura:(disturbed face) What do you mean watch? Are you a stalker?
Naruto: Sakura wanna stay at my place tonight. Its got less windows that your house, and I can take the couch.
Sakura: I`ll take you up on that offer. We got ramen for dinner right?
Naruto: Yep, or we can go out to eat. My treat.
John: Can I come?
Naruto and Sakura: NO!
Naruto: So your comming Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Of course.

Naruto kidnaped --Click here to view--

*Naruto wakes up in a forrest*
Naruto: What is this?
Stranger: This is your destiny Naruto.
Naruto: Who are you? What are you talking about
Stranger: We are the NH cult. We follow our lord and will do anything to make NH cannon.
Naruto: What? What is NH and who s your lord?
NH: The NH or NaruHina cult will prevail. Our allies the SS have nearly eliminated the one true treath. The pink haired b*tch.
Naruto: Who, Sakura? What have you done to her?
NH: We have done nothing yet. The NS have been quite succesfull in holding them back but soon we will prevail.
Naruto: Who is your lord?
Hinata: It is I, Hinata. My plan was to pretend to be a sweet shy girl so I would gather followers. As you see it was quite succesfull. We will now get married.
*wakes up*
Sakura: I told you not to eat Ramen before bed.
Naruto: Thank you Sakura-chan. That was horrible.

*Sasuke trying to kill Sakura with a chidori.*
Sakura: Like can you like wait a second, i got a messenger pidgeon.
Sasuke: Im killing you here, what do you think your doing?
Sakura: Im like chatting with my friend hello. What does it look like? (reads the messenger pidgeons note). Like OMG Ino that totaly not true. (writes a reply).
Sasuke: Sakura what on earth happened to you. I cant even kill you properly. You ruined the moment.
Sakura: Like OMG when my boyfriend hears about this he is gonna be so pissed.
Sasuke: Your what?
Naruto: Are you touching my girl brah?
Sasuke: Naruto is that you?
Naruto: Like yea brah. (at Sakura) Are you ok babe?
Sakura: Like he tried to touch me and stuff.
Naruto: Now your dead brah. Bring it on.
Sasuke: WTF happened to you guys?
Naruto: Like we grew up and stuff. And Sakura is my b*tch now.
Sasuke: How did that happen?
Naruto: Like shes a cheerleader and Im captain of the football team.
Sasuke: What is football?
Naruto: Its a sport YOLO.
Sasuke: I dont know what those words mean. But they make me angry. Must kill anoying people.
Naruto: Like he aint gonna do it. How about we go back to my place babe and have some fun.
Sakura: Like totaly. Later looser.
Sasuke: I just got ignored. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS NARUTO.
Naruto: Like whatever brah.

The part 1 scam --Click here to view--

*Sakura and Sasuke having a conversation*
Sasuke: I love you Sakura.
Sakura: What?
Sasuke: I love you with all my heart.
Sakura: Do you mean it?
Sasuke: Of course I do. I`ve loved you since i first saw you.
Sakura: (suspicius) Naruto is that you?
Sasuke: Of course its not Naruto what are you talking about. I love you.
Sakura: Im still not convinced. Naruto if its you you better stop.
Sasuke: Kiss me Sakura.
Sakura: I know its you Naruto. You can stop now.
Naruto:(Walks by) Hey guys whats up.
Sakura: (shocked) Naruto, then this is really...(faints)
*Shadow clone disssapears and Naruto cancels his Sasuke transformation*
Naruto: That was a close one. She almost got me.

*Team 7 is receiveing a mission*
Naruto: So whats this mission about granny Tsunade?
Tsunade: This is an F ranked mision and is highly dangerous.
Sakura:F ranked? What is that?
Tsunade: Filler ranked. you will travel to a random country, with a random weapon of mass distruction, that can only be stopped by a random useless girl that will fall in love with Naruto.
Sakura: Shes gonna what?
Naruto: Who else is comming?
Tsunade: You will also bring Hinata along so you can have some pointless non-romantic moments that people missunderstand and she can perform a skill she never performed in her life.
Naruto: So thats it?
Tsunade: No, you also better upgrade your vocabulary so you can name the new single-use rasengan you will develop in the shortest ammount of time.
Sakura: What about me master?
Tsunade: You should practice yelling Narutos name in disspair when hes near death.
Sakura: I will probably help him.
Tsunade: Oh thats right yelling is Hinatas job. Well then better be prepared to heal him when he gets injured.
Naruto: (perverted look) I love it when you heal me.
Sakura:(punches him) Then how about i heal you right now eh?
Naruto: I deserved that one.

The origin of Hinata --Click here to view--

*Kishimoto afther finishing Hinatas character*
Kishi: Yea I like this character, a nice solid side character that wont need a lot of development.
*Plenty of volumes later*
Kishi: Well Hinata is developed enough, wonder what do with her.
Editor: Make her do something useful?
Kishi: I think ill kill her to give Naruto some character development.
Editor: Masashi are you serius? The poll says shes in the top ten most popular characters.
Kishi: Seriusly?
Editor 2:(Runs in and shuts the door) Dude this is crazy. Someone heard a rumor you were killing Hinata. The fans were going mad. Something about a shipping war. The internet is in turmoil. I think the USA is ready for war.
Mailman: Special delivery for Kishimoto.
Kishi:(opens the letter)*Dear Kishi, kill Hinata and I kill you.* WTF is this. Shes just a side character. How did they find out?
Editor 2: They know man, they know. If you kill her now you loose a lot of fans.
Kishi: But shes boring.
Editor 2: Did you not read the letter? Just keep her in the background and pretend shes not there.
Kishi: I will have to develop her at some point. I hope it wont be a problem for NaruSaku.
*Years later*

What she was doing --Click here to view--

Obito: OK. The medical corpse has caused us enough trouble. I want you to kill the students of Tsunade.
Zetsu: Are you serius boss?
Obito: Yes, why?
Zetsu: The last guy that tried that didnt end so well.
Obito: So? I got enough of you to keep trying.
Zetsu: But it cant be done. And I hear the jinjuuriki loves her too.
Obito: He does? Why was I not given this information?
Zetsu: You never asked boss.
Obito: You incopotent fool. Now you will take 30 more men and capture her alive.
Zetsu: (shivers) Ok boss.
*One capture attempt later*
Obito: Wheres the girl?
Zetsu: (scared to death) It was horrible sir. So horrible.
Obito: Did the nine tails show up?
Zetsu: Yes but it was over by the time he came. Im the only one left sir.
Obito: You telling me a girl killed 29 of you guys?
Zetsu: Yes sir. One of us said she had an ugly forehead. The rest is a blur sir. But it was horrible.
*The wall breaks down*
Obito: He did, he did. dont hurt me please.
Sakura:(punches Zetsu) YOU SON OF A... WHOS NEXT?
Naruto:(grabs Sakura) Sakura save some bad guys for the climax battle ok?
Sakura:(calms down) Ok. But you better watch out when we meet again.

*The Konoha news station is doing a report*
Reporter: And in other news, a news team mysteriusly dissapeared while making a report on the wife of the 6th hokage Sakura Haruno Uzumaki.
Reporter 2: (makes a joke) I guess they talked about her forehead right?
Reporter: Dude dont go there.
Reporter 2: Why? Its huge.
*The next news broadcast*
Reporter 3: And in other news we will be saying goodbye to two of our crewmembers who had the crap beat out of them and were put in the hospital.
Reporter 4: The last thing the camera recored before being destroyed was a pink blur.
Reporter 3: And in other news Ichiraku ramen came in second place in the alliance ramen contest. Rumors say that the hokage will not take this lying down and has already filled an official complaint.

Why konoha doesn`t have laptops --Click here to view--

*Konoha gets its very first laptop. Sakura gets to use it while helping in the hospital.*
Sakura: The latest in computing technology. I cant wait.
Laptop: Thank you for using the CC564585. Please wait while the programs load.
Sakura: Oh cool it talks.
Laptop: 1% progress. 2% progress...
Sakura: Is it going to keep doing that?
*15 mins later*
Laptop: 99% completion, 100% completion.
Sakura: Dear god finally.
Laptop: The programs will now initialise in...5 minutes.
*10 minutes later*
Laptop: An unexpected error has occured. Shutting down.
Sakura:(punching the computer) USELESS PEACE OF CRAP, YOU WILL CEASE TO EXIST.
Tsunade: SAKURA! What are you doing destroying that device without me?
*They both proceed to anihalate the computer*

Why Sai is nowhere to be seen? --Click here to view--

*Naruto decides to confess to Sakura during the war*
Naruto: I love you Sakura.
Sakura: I know, dummy.
Naruto: What do you mean you know?
Sakura: Sai told me.
Sakura: You know the confesion I did?
Naruto: Yea?
Sakura: It was all to protect you.
Naruto: I know.
Sakura: What do you mean you know?
Naruto: Sai told me.
Naruto: Well he aint hearing anymore secrets.
Sakura: Yep.
*They notice Sai.*
Sakura: Hey Sai, where are you going?
Sai: Im going to see the hokage.
Sakura: You know women in charge love to be told they look ugly.
Sai: Really?
Naruto: Yea. And make sure to notice she is old.
Sai: Thank you guys.
Sakura and Naruto: Well thats taken care of.
Naruto: Wanna go out afther the war?
Sakura: Sure.

*Naruto and Sakura are going on a date*
Sakura: Naruto are you ready yet?
Naruto: In a moment Sakura
Sakura: Geez our first date and he makes ME wait.
Naruto: Im ready.
Sakura: What took you so long?
Naruto: I was deciding which jacket to wear.
Sakura: Isnt this the one you always wear?
Naruto: No this is the other one.
Sakura: OK... So where are you taking me?
Naruto: All you can eat Ramen, my treat.
Sakura: Really? Great.
*at ichiraku ramen*
Ichiraku: So you two on a date?
Sakura: Yea, how did you know?
Ichiraku: Sai told me.
Ichiraku:(wispers to Naruto) Dont worry Il give you half off.
Naruto: Thank you old man Ichiraku.
*They eat up and Naruto sees the bill*
Naruto: Next time were going to the movies.
Sakura: Fine with me.
Naruto: I had a great time.
Sakura: Me to.

The Yamanaka recesion --Click here to view--

*Ino and Sakura are having a conversation*
Ino: Choji is such a great boyfriend. He treats me to BBQ every weekend.
Sakura: Naruto is the best. He gives me a rose every day. I wonder where he gets them?
*A week earlier at the Yamanaka flower shop*

Sakuras contract --Click here to view--

*Sakura is talking to the rookies*
Sakura: Hey guys. Ive got a summoning contract.
Naruto: Really what is. i bet its going to be amaizing.
Sakura: Summoning jutsu (A flying panda apears)
Kiba: What is that?
Sakura: Its my summoning. Do you guys like it?
Naruto: I love it.
Shikamaru: What, did they run out of drawing kengurus?
Sakura: No...They had one more in stock.
*Sai shows up*
Sai: Guess what guys. I got a summoning contract. Really lucky to they had one more of these.
Shikamaru: Let me guess a drawing kenguru?
Sai: Yes, how did you know?
Shikamaru: Just a feeling. Thats why i get my contracts at the Konoha market.
Naruto: I get mine from perveted sages.
*Greenpeace shows up*
GP: Let it go, Let it go.
Naruto: Let what go?
GP: Let the panda free, free, free, free...
Sakura: Its not a real panda you bakas.
Naruto: Think on the bright side.
Sakura: And that is?
Naruto: At least it wasnt a flying whale.

*Sakura comes to visit Naruto at his apartment*
Sakura: Hey Naruto, what are you up to?
Naruto: Im watching TV. Theres a new channel called Anime24
Sakura: We dont have that one. Mind if I join you?
Naruto: Of course not.
TV narrator: Next up Naruto: Shippuden
Sakura: What?
Naruto: Yea, aparently theres a show about us.
Sakura: What like a documentary?
Naruto: Something like that. i wouldnt know, ive never seen one.
*Naruto and Sakura watch the pain invasion arc*
Naruto: Wow Sakura you did that? You`re so cool.
Sakura: (blushes) Thank you.
*The Hinata part comes up*
Naruto: I dont remember that part.
Sakura: Me either.
Naruto: Did they just make stuff up?
Sakura: I guess so. (realises) THOSE a**holes. WHY DIDNT THEY PUT MORE ME IN IT?
TV Narrator: Naruto: Shippuden is brought to you by Hyuuga inc.
Sakura and Naruto: Well that explains it.

*Sasuke is training in the village forrests*
Sasuke: Katon Fireball jutsu. Yea that was a nice one.
Firefighter: What do you think your doing?
Sasuke: Im training.
Firefighter: Are you trying to get me killed?
Sasuke: no...wh...
Firefighter: I have a wife and kids man. This kitten is dangerous and your maiking it even harder.
Sasuke: I reallly have no ide...
Firefighter: Who do you think is gonna pay for the family car eh?
Sasuke: I really dont know what a car is...
Firefighter: I dont care if you are friends with the hokage and his wife, you are not gonna use that attitude with me.
Sasuke: I was just training here I dont see the prob...
Firefighter: Thats it Im calling the cops.
*The firefighter leaves*
Sasuke: Da fq just happened? And what on earth is a car?

*Guy and Kakashi are having another contest*
Kakashi: Ok. I chalenge you to a race.
Guy: Where to?
Kakashi: The baseball courth
Guy: You are on.
Kakashi: Get ready, get set, Go
*Guy runs as fast as he can in a random direction.*
Kakashi: Idiot, there is not baseball courth in Konoha.
*Later that day guys returns*
Guy: I win Kakashi.
Kakashi: But there is no baseball courth.
Guy: Wrong! I figured you would try something like that eventually. So i built a secret baseball courth in the forrests.
Kakashi: You did what?
Guy: I win (does his signiature pose)
Kakashi: OK you win. But for the record thats retarded.
Guy: And expencive. But it was worth it.
Kakashi: Whatever im out of here. Naruto and Sakura have been waiting for me for 2 hours. Who knows what they are doing by now.
Guy: See ya next time, Kakashi.
Kakashi: Yea yea whatever.

Naruto: Lets get married
Hinata: Of course
Naruto: Lets have kids.
Hinata: Of course
Naruto: I love you with all my hearth.
Hinata: I love you too.
*They spend the rest of their lives together. Naruto is on his death bed*
Naruto: I have something i need to tell you.
Hinata: Yes my love?
Naruto: You are...
Hinata: Yes?
Naruto: in a...
Hinata: Im in a what?
Naruto: In a fanfiction.
*Naruto dies*

The origin of RTN Hinata --Click here to view--

*Kishimoto is writting RTN*
Kishimotos assistant: So you gonna put Hinata in it?
Kishi: Yea, I guess I have to.
Assistant: Its a alternative universe. What is she gonna be like?
Kishi: Well, Ive just about had it with the NH fans. So im gonna put every bad stuff they say about Sakura into her. And her own faults. That will show them.
Assistant: Yea but you cant do that. The character has to be somewhat likeable.
Kishi: Yea I guess your right. (thinks) I JUST GOT AN IDEA.
*The next day*
Kishi: So heres the new Hinata design for the movie.
Assistants: (in shock) But sir, this is...
Kishi: (smiles) I know right.
*One of the assistants takes the paper and leaves*
Kishi: Where are you going?
Assistant: To my room.

*AU Naruto kidnaps Sakura*
AU Naruto: I got you my sweet Sakura.
Sakura: Are you retarded?
AU Naruto: Why?
Sakura: Your the second person ever to kidnap me.
AU Naruto: So?
Sakura: The last guy didnt turn out so good.
AU Naruto: He was probably weak.
Sakura: It was Gaara of the sand.
AU Naruto: (worried) Yea so, he aint so tough. But just so were clear what exactly happened?
Sakura: Naruto came and destroyed his ass.
AU Naruto: I can handle him.
*Naruto rushes in*
AU Naruto: Wait, wait cant we talk about this?
*One beating later*
AU Naruto: (bleeding from everywhere) Was this really necesarry?
Sakura: I warned you.

*Naruto meets Hinata*
Hinata: Naruto-kun...
Naruto: Is someone following me?

*Chunin exams*
Hinata: Naruto-kun
Naruto: Hi Hinata. Sorry you lost to Neji but I will kick his butt.

*The reunion*
Naruto Hey Hinata.
Hinata: (Kills herself) I love you Naruto.
Naruto: Hinata WTF are you doing.

Hinata: You have to snap out of it...
Naruto: (to Kurama) What is she doing?
Kurama: I dont know. But we are going to have to give everyone chakra. Including her.
Naruto: Do we have to? Theres plenty of guys here. How about that guy. (points to random dying ninja) He might survive.
Kurama: Yea we have to. She already here.
Naruto: Fine. (to Hinata) Here take my hand.
Naruto: What im giving you chakra. Were not a couple.
*Random NH fans come in*
Naruto: Who are you guys, and what are you talking about?
Naruto:(Lets go of her hand) Thats done. See ya kittenes.

The secret weapon --Click here to view--

*Shikakus plan doesnt work out well*
Naruto: Now what do we do?
Shikamaru: I have an idea.
Naruto: What is it?
*Shikmaru tells the idea to Naruto.*
Shikamaru: Hey Hinata.
Hinata: Yea?
Shikamaru: See the guy with the mask on the monster?
Hinata: Yea.
Shikamaru: Its really Naruto in discuise and he said he wants you to marry him.
Hinata: OMG REALLY?(Jumps on the juubi) I LOVE YOU NARUTO, MARRY ME!
*The juubi explodes*
Sakura: How da fq did that happen? Did I miss something?
Shikamaru: Not really. Just anyone who gets to close to Hinata will get hurt somehow.
Sakura: Well... Yea. So can we go home now?

*The americans are following the terrorist brodcast*
Terrorist: We are the NH fanbase. Yesterday we kidnaped Masashi Kishimoto. We had him work like a slave until he wrote a new chapter. In this chapter NH will be proclaimed cannon and Sakura will die.
If the NS fanbase doesnt admit that Sakura sucks and Hinata is perfect we will release this chapter.
Operator: Did you hear that sir? What do we do?
The president: Only one thing we can do. Open a channel.
Operator: Channel opened.
The president: This is the president speaking. We do not negotiate with terrorists. SO WHY DONT YOU NH ASSES GO READ THE MANGA. HINATA SUCKS, NS RULES. SAKURA IS AWESOME.
The president: Call them in.
Operator: So it has come to that eh? (Calls \"them\")
*One debate later*
Terrorists: NO. WE KNOW THE TRUTH. kitten FACTS. WE KNOW THE TRUTH. WE WILL SHOW YOU WITHOUT THE CHAPTER.(they destroy the chapter).
President: Nice work H&E. This is the third attack we avoided this month.

Behind Pierrot Studio *Made by NaruSaku4Life* --Click here to view--

Pierrot\'s head of studio (HoS) heads to Naruto
HoS: Hey, want to work in another filler arc?
Naruto: No.
HoS: Good! biggrin.gif (Hands in the script)
Naruto: So, what is it this time?
HoS: It\'s new and fresh. You\'re in a mission to escort a new original female character, Mai, along with your team, as well as the rest K9 to gain spotlights towards the middle.
Naruto: You said this is new but all I am seeing is rehash.
HoS: Yeah, but there are few twists in there. K11 will have stuff that only we can do since Kishimoto-sensei don\'t have time for them. We respect his work, so we decided to give in some extra special, like giving Hinata a healing ability.
Naruto: I don\'t understand. Y-you just said you respect his work, but you\'re being inconsistent with his characters.
HoS: Oh, we still respect it. We just have to tweak some to favor the fans.
Naruto reads his scripts
Naruto: \"I\'m hungry. Me want ramen. Me no think well.\" But I don\'t talk this way. huh.gif
HoS: Sure you do! happy.gif
Mai: I can\'t wait to do the kissing scene. wub.gif
Naruto: ...Huh? Kissing scene?
Sakura slowly walks to the group
HoS: Yes, in this arc, there will be romance with you and Mai. We received positive ratings and critics with you rescuing original female characters, and most of them have fallen in love with you in the end. So we decided to spice it up by having a kissing scene.
Naruto: But I\'m in love with Sakura-chan.
Sakura: It\'s alright, it\'s not canon. It\'s just for the anime. happy.gif
Naruto: Sakura-chan. biggrin.gif
Sakura: Of course, if it weren\'t for the anime and you kissed her well...I\'d have to feed you both to Katsuya. a_plotting.gif
Naruto: Eh!!! This is so confusing. shamefulcry0js.gif
Mai: And downright disturbing.... mellow.gif

*Naruto and Sakura are talking*
Sakura: Naruto whats an asspull?
Naruto: Let me show you. HINATA GET OVER HERE.
Hinata: Yes Naruto-kun.
Naruto: I love you, will you marry me?
Naruto: See Sakura-chan. Thats an asspull.
Sakura: Thats cold.

*Sakura was kidnaped by an unknown terrorist group.*
Sakura: (To herself) Naruto, Where are you?
Terrorist: Whos Naruto.
Sakura: Are you sure you want to know?
Terrorist: Yes I do.
Sakura: Hes the orange loudmouth, the next Hokage, the class clown, the hero of the leaf, the son of Minato Namikaze, the fool who loves me, and the idiot I love.
Terrorist: (jokingly) Is that all?
Sakura: No. Hes also standing right behind you.
*The terrorist turns around*
Naruto: (Rasengan) SUP NOOB?!
Terrorist: WTF? (gets pwnd)
Sakura: Thank you for saving me.
Naruto: No problem. These guys are a pushover.

Perfect Timing! *Made by Branden* --Click here to view--

*Naruto is taking Sakura home from their first date.*
Naruto: It\'s been such a great day, shame it has to end.
Sakura:(smiles in response.) It\'s not over yet. (She puts her arm around Naruto\'s neck, closes her eyes, and leans in.)
*Naruto overwhelmed with joy closes his eyes and leans in for a kiss.*
Meanwhile at Mount Myoboku...
Gamakichi: Kuchiyose no jutsu!
Gamakichi: Hey Naruto I\'m not interrupting something important am I?
*Naruto enters a furious rage.*
Gamakichi: Gamatatsu was bored and wanted to play.
Gamatatsu: Did you bring snacks?
Naruto: No I don\'t have any snacks, who said you could summon me here to begin with!?
Gamakichi: It\'s on the contract you signed.
*Gamakichi holds up the contract Naruto signed years ago.*
*Naruto\'s face fills with shock and disbelief.*
Naruto: That\'s.... that\'s just cruel....

*Konoha has been attacked by an extremly powerfull enemy that even Naruto couldn`t defeat.*
Enemy: Your champion has fallen. I am the strongest there ever was. Now I think I shall take my prize. (grabs Sakura)
Everyone in the village: Baka.
Enemy: Oh yea, why?
Tsunade: You have to be retarded to mess with Sakura.
Enemy: Is that so? Whos gonna stop me.
Enemy: How are you still standing?
Sakura: They warned you.
*The asskicking that followed was not allowed to be put into words.*

*Naruto and Sakura are hanging out with a new guy in Konoha.*
Naruto: Yea its a great place to live.
Sakura: The best place.
The guy: Theres something, I wanted to ask you guys.
Naruto: Go ahead.
The guy: Are you two an item?
Naruto: Yes (at the same time) Sakura: No
Naruto: I mean no (at the same time) Yes.
Naruto: Wait what?
Sakura: (Blushes)
Naruto: Does that mean you want to be my girlfriend?
Sakura: Yea, kinda (smiles)
Naruto: Thats great. So ichiraku ramen tomorow?
Sakura: Your treating.
Naruto: Of course.
*Naruto and Sakura hapily walk into he sunset holding hands*
Tsunade: (to the guy) Heres the money. Thank you for asking them that question. They were driving everyone crazy.

*A user in the debate room*
User: Hey guys I made a dialoge.
Everyone else:(facepalm)
User: Whats wrong?
Everyone: Just wait for it.
User: No seriusly whats the problem?
Striker: I smell a dialoge. (sees the dialoge) Why is this not in the corner?
User: Because I was using it to make a point...
Striker: Do I look I care. All dialogs are to posted in the corner... Or else.
User: (Slightly frigthened) Or else what?
Striker: Or else I will complain about it for the rest of the day.
Everyone: Just do what he says, it will be easier for all of us.
User: Ok...
Striker: (EVIL LAUGH)

Pervert v.2 *Made by DKey* --Click here to view--
Sakura:*panting* Na-ru-to.... NARUTO
Naruto:*taking heavy breaths* Sa-kura-chan are you there yet.*gasping for air* Did did you finish?
Sakura:*wiping some sweat of her forehead* Yes Yes almost there. Cmon Naruto come faster COME NOW!!
Naruto: I\'m coming I\'m coming!!!!
Naruto: Aarrrrgggggh!
*They are both lying on the ground gasping for air.*
Naruto: Kakashi-sensei is crazy. Who in his right mind assigns a mountain climbing training sesion while carrying a backpack filled with rocks in the middle of the night. Couldn\'t see anything.

*Kabuto and Orochimaru are going to do experiments on a dead body*
Orochimaru: Ok Kabuto start cutting.
Kabuto: I don`t want to, you start cutting.
Orochimaru: No you.
Kabuto: No you.
Orochimaru: This is rediculus im your lord and master, start cutting.
Kabuto: You cant make me, I`ll call the union.
Orochimaru: Your lying, there is no henchmen union.
Kabuto: Konan and I started one last month.
Orochimaru: Please start cutting. It`s too discusting. dead bodied freak me out.
Kabuto: But your the lord of discust, you have a sword in your stomach, you can drop your body, and reconect yourself with snakes. This is rediculus.
Orochimaru: Well yea... But I don`t do dead bodies.
Kabuto: Anything else I should know?
Orochimaru: I`m also afraid of rubber ducks.
Kabuto: How did that happen?
Orochimaru: Long story.
Kabuto: Tsunade?
Orochimaru: ...Yea kinda...
Sasuke: (from affar) What again?

Naruto`s despair *Made by Canadian_DJ* --Click here to view--

Obito:Naruto..you don't know what it FEELS like to lose the one you love the MOST....
Naruto:W-What do you mean...?
Obito:I will take the life of the one most precious to you!!!!
*Targets hinata with kamui*
Naruto:But S- NOOOOOOOO!!!
Hinata: N-Naruto-kuuuuunn!!!!
Obito:Haha!!! thats right moare!! MOARE hahaha!! fe- eh?
Naruto:Hehehehe!!!you fool! *Pulls sakura-chan and slapes her behind* did you actually think SHE was my lover??
Sakura: *sticks tongue out*

Obito:I should've knooown!!! NOO!!
Hinata: (In other dimension) AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

*Right after the volume end*
Naruto: Hinata, you are my friend.
Hinata: (to herself) Freaking friendzone
Naruto: (Sees the 64 cover) No wait, were lovers. It says so on the cover.
Sakura:(walks in) Naruto what the hell are you doing?
Naruto: Breaking the fourth wall?
Sakura: Yes you are. Stop it.
Naruto: Where were you I haven see you for a year.
Sakura: What are you talking about? Its been less than a day.
Naruto:I was going to confess my love to you but it would feel unnatural.
Sakura:(grabs him and kisses him) Does this feel unnatural?
Naruto: Who the hell am I kiddin (kisses her back) See ya Hinata.
Kishi: Shut up Hinata your development is over.
Hinata: (sad face) Okay.

Parallels *Made by NaruSaku4Life* --Click here to view--

Naruto and Sai waiting at the set for their appearance
Naruto: You know what I don't get.
Sai: Hm?
Naruto: Parallels.
Sai: How so?
Naruto: Well I heard I am paralleled to at least 3 characters as well as the background of the relationship. I don't understand. I don't know who or whom, but that's what I'm being told
Sai: Well maybe if you overview it, you'll see it.
Naruto: Well, I don't know. I have no time. I wasted time to give too much screen time for side characters. At least Sakura-chan appears. Anyway, I don't know what's considered parallel.
Sai: Let's recap it now.
Naruto. Pass. Right now, I'm just thinking that I have to confess my love and not fail, save my best friend, save/protect my teacher and student, and lastly being Hokage.
Sai: (That's strange. It sounded like Jiraiya...)
Naruto: Oh, have I told you this story? Sakura-chan doesn't like her forehead. In fact, she hates it. But me, I love it. I want to kiss it. But she is one scary woman. She can sure overpower me. Haha.
Sai: (I heard something about Yondaime having the same situation in his time, but only it wasn't Sakura. It was with his wife, if I remember correctly, Kushina.)
Naruto: Ah yes, I hope the good days will come back, not with this war. It gets too complicated.
Sai: Yes, but war focus on many, not just you.
Naruto: I know. Even that Obito guy got a background. He wanted to be a Hokage, he had a love interest, who she loves someone else, who turns out to be Kakashi. Hehe, I heard he was a jerk in the past and Obito made him his rival. Obito wanted to protect both of them and get a load of this, he was a loser. That is a sad story I admit...
Sai: (I read this in the old files...) Hey, Naruto.
Naruto: What is it, Sai?
Sai: I think you just described all the parallels that people pointing you out. It all makes sense.
Naruto: !
Sai: If that's the case, then maybe you're duty is to...
Kakashi: Hey, Naruto, Sai. Time to get ready for the war. The flashback is almost over.
Naruto: We talk later. Thanks, Sai.
I don't know what this all means, but I guess I have to find out myself.
Sai: Yes.
Naruto: Hm...
Sai: What's wrong?
Naruto: Oh nothing. Haha, it's just that maybe I should start hitting books. Maybe if I get a kid or grand kid, I should try not to spoil before he/she takes after me. It's random thought, but I am a little goofy. I guess Sakura-chan was right. I could be the first goofball Hokage. Hahahaha Let's go.
Sai: Sakura wouldn't mind you at all. (Though that thought...sounds familiar...Oh well )

The wrong book --Click here to view--

*Naruto and Sakura and spending time at the library, they happen to notice Sai*
Sakura: Hey Sai what are you reading?
Sai: This fascinating book called the Kamasutra.
Sakura: (punches him) You pervert why are you reading stuff like that.
Sai: I am interested in the exchange of emotion.
Naruto: Sakura what is the Kamasutra?
Sakura: You don`t know?
Naruto: Nope. Should I?
Sakura: You purehearted dummy (smiles).
Sai: I am having some trouble imagining it. Would you two like to demonstrate?
Naruto: Yea su...
Naruto: Why not Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Sai gimme that (takes the book and gives it to Naruto) Thats why not.
Naruto: (starts reading) Oh... OH..........Why not?
Sakura: You two are hopeless. (She walks out)
Naruto: Sakura-chan are we still on for Ramen tonight?
Sakura: Yea sure, but your paying double for that comment.
Naruto: (looks at gamma-chan) I`m gonna need another loan from granny Tsunade.

*Naruto and Sakura are on a date at Ichiraku. This is their first date at the ramen place*
Ichiraku: Well if it isn`t Naruto and Sakura. Haven`t seen you in a while. Where`s Kakashi and Sai.
Naruto: Actually it`s just the two of us today.
Sakura: Were kind of on a date. (smiles)
Ayame: Is that so? You two? Well it was fairly obvious. (giggles)
Sakura: What do you mean obvious?
Ayame: It`s just you guys look so good together.
Teuchi: (at Naruto) So you finally asked her out eh?
Naruto: (embarrassed) Yea…
Teuchi: Tell you what. This date is on the house.
Naruto: Really? That’s great. I`ll still give you some money so Sakura-chan doesn`t think I`m cheap.
Teuchi: Yea sure.
Ayame: (to Sakura) So he finally asked you out eh?
Sakura: Yea. It`s our second date.
Ayame: So what was the first one like?
Sakura: (blushes) I`d rather not talk about it…
Ayame: That well eh. (smiles).
Naruto: Sakura-chan.
Sakura: (flirty) Yes Naruto?
Naruto: Want another round?
Sakura: Of course.
Ichiraku: (to Ayame) I hope they go to the cinema next time. The way those two eat we will be bankrupt by the time they marry.

*Naruto is training with his son Ichiro*
Ichiro: Dad your the Hokage right?
Naruto: Thats right.
Ichiro: So your the most powerful?
Naruto: Yes I am.
Ichiro: And nobody can tell you what you can do?
Naruto: Eh.....Thats not so true.
Ichiro: Theres someone in the village who can order you around? He must be amaizing.
Naruto: Actually its.....
Naruto: Alright honey I`m comming.

*Naruto and Killer Bee meet up with Sakura*
Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan.
Sakura: Hey Naruto. Who`s he?
Bee: I`m the eight tails Jinjuuriki, the rapping Killer Bee.
Sakura: (not amused) Naruto why is her rapping?
Naruto: I don`t know but just go for it.
Bee: (looks at Sakura) You look kind of familiar. Where have I seen you before? (looks at Naruto) Bump fists with me.
Naruto: Ok (bumps fists) What was that for?
Bee: To remember where I saw her. It was in there (points at Naruto`s heart and looks at Sakura) Yo girl. Bump fists with me.
Sakura: Wha… why?
Bee: Just do it…
*Bee and Sakura bump fists*
Sakura: Well?
Bee: Are you two an item?
Naruto: (sad) No…
Sakura: (blushing) Not yet.
Bee: I can tell you two are in each other`s hearts.
Naruto: Did you say not yet?
Bee: Yea she did fool. Now ask her out.
Naruto: I can`t not yet.
Sakura: (saddened) Why not?
Naruto: You asked one thing of me. And until I can keep my promise I don`t deserve to confess.
Sakura: Naruto I…
Bee: She forgave you long ago fool. She loves you.
Bee: Well sorry little miss angry.
Sakura: What did you say?
Bee: Nothing.
Naruto: That’s my Sakura.

Cycle *Requested by and dedicated to CD. Stay awesome* --Click here to view--

Poster: Guys I would hate to alarm anyone but there`s a panel of Hinata farthing next to Naruto.
Poster 2: My god how close was she?
Poster: I think they were in the same village.
Poster 2: This is serius. With all the development she`s been getting we could be in trouble.
Optimist: Guys it just a normal scene. Nothing to worry about.
Optimist: Dude we just had a NS kiss 2 chapters ago.
Pesimist: So what. He`s developing NH. It could be cannon. Cannon I tell you.
Optimist: But NS is already cannon. We won.
Optimist: Every time. (annoyed face)
Pesimist 2: Did you see the new panel? Im jumping ship. Hinata is the heroine now.
Optimist: Guys wait… Dear god.
*2 days later*
Pesimist: I knew it was not a problem.
Optimist: Told you…
Poster 3: Omg did you see the panel with Hinata in it?
Pesimist: I know right? What is Kishi thinking?

*Two guys are talking*
#1: Did you hear about the Konoha weapon?
#2: No, what about it?
#1: It`s said that Konoha has a weapon more powerful than anything.
#2: (scared) What is it? How does it work?
#1: Nobody knows. All that is known that the same words are always heard before the destruction and death comes.
#2: (really scared) What…What words?
#1: I don`t dare say them.
#2: Please…
#1: Alright…. It`s …
Hinata: Naruto-kun?
#2: Mother of god it`s a teenage girl? That`s the death bringer?
#1: Run I tell you.
Sakura: By the way Naruto… How come Hinata is not stalking us anymore since we started dating?
Naruto: I kind of told her I moved to the Village Hidden in the Clouds.
Sakura: Is that so?
*Back with the guys*
Hinata: Have you seen Naruto-kun?
#1: There it goes again. RUN.
*The village Hidden in The Clouds was mysteriously destroyed an hour later.*

*Naruto is Hokage, and married with Sakura*
Naruto: (runs into the hospital) Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Yea Naruto-kun?
Naruto: Where`s my…
Sakura: Third drawer on the right.
Naruto: Thank you. What about the…
Sakura: The first drawer on the left.
Naruto: You`re the best Sakura-chan.
Sakura: There`s a meeting with the Hyuugas in 10 minutes.
Naruto: What, again?
Sakura: Hinata is the clan leader, what did you expect?
Naruto: Dear god. Can you come with me?
Sakura: What? The Hokage needs his wife to protect him from Hinata?
Naruto: Yes please.
Sakura: Alright. But only because some guy wants a sponge-bath.

*NS just became cannon, there`s a debate at the forums*
NH: Obviously Naruto is over Sakura and loves Hinata.
NS: But Naruto and Sakura just kissed 2 chapters ago. He grabbed her ass last chapter.
NH: It`s not cannon.
NS: But it`s in the manga.
NH: But the anime is cannon.
NS: But Naruto told Hinata they are just friends.
NH: But Sakura is a b*tch. I want to hear what Kishimoto has to say.
NS: Kishimoto just stated that they are cannon.
NH: That’s a fake.
NS: But it`s on CNN, BBC how can it be fake?
NH: It`s not in the anime.
NS: I give up.
Kishimoto, Lee and Hinata *Made by NaruSaku4Life3g* --Click here to view--

Kishimoto: Okay, Rock Lee, Hinata. Get ready for your roles in the Chuunin Exam.
Lee: Yes, Kishi-sama! I am going to fall in love with Sakura-san and win her heart!
Kishimoto: Well actually...
Lee: Later, we will get married and have kids.
Kishimoto: I don't even have that in mind at all!
Lee: Eh!!! Why!?
Kishimoto: The reason I have you love Sakura is not just for development sake. I need you to show that Sakura is very pretty and worth to fall for.
Lee: That's cruel! Why not for Naruto-kun!?
Kishimoto: Well, yeah, it's that...
Hinata: I-I see. Kishi-sama wants Naruto-kun to...*blushes* to fall in love with me.
Lee: Oh!!! I get it. Sakura-san won't have anyone else and then she will come to me after Naruto is with Hinata! Smart plan!
Kishimoto: Didn't I just say your purpose already...Hinata, I know I made you a shy character and everything that I believe America will love, but...
Hinata: ???
Kishimoto: How should I say this...You're like Lee. Only you talk about how inspirational he is.
Hinata: Huh! No way...
Lee: Kishi-sama, you're a cruel man! Fight me.
Kishimoto: Sigh. Just get to work.
Cut to Part 2
Kishimoto: Hm...
Lee: Kishi-sama! I heard you're going to add romance in part 2! I still love Sakura-san and I am the right man for romance!
Lee: My romance will be explore much more! I can't wait!
Kishimoto: Actually...you're going to be on backseat.
Lee: WHAT!!!
Kishimoto: Don't worry, you'll have good action here and there.
Lee: Sigh. Fine.
Lee exits the scene.
Kishimoto: Sigh. Maybe one of my assistant could make a spin-off. I should at least make him do something though. I guess I'll drop some love hint here and there. Not powerful but easy to pick up. I could have move on and...
Hinata: U-um...you wanted to see me?
Kishimoto: Oh, yes. Well, good news. You get some extra moments in part 2. You get to express your love in the future.
Hinata: *Blushes* Eh! L-l-l-love?
Kishimoto: Well yeah, though don't get too happy. I'm only doing it for the fans and kind of need you to push Sakura forward in one scene. In fact, the one who's going to end up with Naruto is...
Hinata passes out.
Kishimoto: Sigh. I should have left her as a villager...Oh well, as long no one trying to tell me to change heroine, I'll be okay.

Sakura: Hey Naruto. I just signed up for Konoha`s got Talent.
Naruto: Really? That`s great.
Sakura: Are you going to see me perform?
Naruto: I wouldn`t miss it for the world.
*At the audition*
Sakura: (stops singing) How did I do?
Naruto: (clapping and cheering way louder than necessary) GREAT JOB SAKURA: THAT’S MY GIRL.
Judges: Well it was a tad pitchy at times, and you could do something about the forehead.
Sakura: What did you just say?
Judges: I said you have a big forehead.
Sakura: (angry mode activate) Is that your final answer?
Judges: Yes it it…
Naruto (sneaks up behind them) Are you sure?…
Judges: (scared) The singing was perfect and you look beautiful.
Sakura: (acts like nothing happened) Aw, thank you, you`re so sweet.
Awkward picnic *Made by NaruSaku4Life3g* --Click here to view--

Naruto, Sakura, Ino, and her 3 girls from outside of the village are at the field, having a picnic.
Ino: Ah, it's been so long since we last hang out, Sakura.
Sakura: Yeah. Your friends wanted to meet Naruto personally, so I told him to come along.
Ino: Well, Naruto is the Hokage, but let's not forget, he's our friends since the academy. Even though we saw him as a annoying kid.
Sakura: That's true.
Naruto: Sakura-chan...
Sakura: But, he was a kid like all of us were, so we really didn't know better.
Ino: Come to think of it, how were your parents, Naruto? I bet these girls wanted to know.
Sakura: ! *looks at Naruto*
Naruto: Well, um...
Girl 1: Yes, a guy like you must mean your parents must be incredible.
Girl 2: I bet there were great history between you and your parents.
Naruto: I....never really met them.
Ino and 3 girls: Oh dear. You poor boy.
Naruto: They were killed...by a masked guy.
Ino and 3 girls: sad.gif
Naruto: Actually, by Kuruma, the demon fox.
Ino and 3 girls: huh.gif
Naruto: In which he stabbed them both. Bloody!
Ino and 3 girls: wot.gif
Naruto: It all happened in Konoha.
Ino and 3 girls: ohmy.gif
Naruto: In this field.
Ino and 3 girls: wot.gif
Naruto: Right here!
Ino and 3 girls: omfg.gif
Sakura: Naruto. Hehe, can you get us fruits from the forest? Please?
Naruto: Well, I can send a clone and-
Sakura: Best if you go out, because...um...you need fresh air.
Naruto: But we're outside.
Sakura: Right, and the forest is a great place to relax.
Naruto: ...Those girls look pale. Are they-
Sakura: Y-yes. They are. I trained for this, remember.
Naruto: I'll be back with food. *leaves*
Ino and 3 girls are frozen as Sakura looks at them
Sakura: ...Anyone wants rice balls? happy.gif

*Taka, hokages and Orochimaru arrive at the battlefield*
Sasuke: Naruto. I will fight you to see who is superior.
Naruto: Sasuke? What are you doing here?
Sasuke: Enough questions. Lets fight.
*Naruto and Sasuke fight for 5 minutes*
Madara: I`m still here. (no response) Hello? Anyone?
*Still fighting*
Madara: Well then I`m free to do the jutsu. Last chance to stop me…Anyone?
*Sakura grabs Naruto by the ear and Karin grabs Sasuke*
Sakura and Karin(angry) HEY FOCUS.
Naruto and Sasuke: Sorry… Let`s do this Naruto.
Ororcimaru: ( in the background loud and happy) I FOUND CHILDREN.
Studio Pierrot meeting *Made by NaruSaku4Life3g* --Click here to view--

At the Pierrot Studio, a meeting being held about the release of April’s schedule episodes.
SS fan worker: Oh yes, not only a new intro and outro, but a Sakura’s centric episode as well. The best part is that it centers on love, like how one girl has to fight her old love in war, making it a tragic story, and Sakura is going to reflect this with her love, Sasuke-kun! She going to think over about her love and perhaps get herself ready to fight him as they will embrace love together to the death! This is exciting! Mr. Head of Studio, I’m ready to work!
HoS: …about that.
SS fan worker: Yes, sir?
HoS: Well…it’s just that…do you know the current status of the studio and the manga itself?
SS fan worker: Yes, of course I do.
HoS: Good. Well, we don’t think SS is going to work at all.
SS fan worker: What!?
HoS: Yeah, well, there have been hints going on that she’s done with him a long time ago. In fact, databook 3 and one of Shounen Jump magazine kept saying she used to have a crush on him. So pretty much, the only small SS drop we will have is when she says, “I could not fight against the one I used to love.”
SS fan worker: But that’s an anti-SS moment! And how do you know she’s over with him? Have you not read the manga, sir?
HoS: I have and it seems like she hasn’t mention any thoughts of him in love context in a long time. It’s ambiguous to be honest. In fact, why you think we created that conference scene in one of the earlier episodes?
SS fan worker: But what if you’re wrong?
HoS: Then, we will still continue to throw the stuff we have now.
SS fan worker: But they’re anti-SS.
HoS: Hey, we gave you Part 1 episodes to work on, so you should be fine.
SS fan worker: But you make me work with NS fan worker.
HoS: What’s wrong with that?
SS fan worker: It becomes more NS than equal to SS.
HoS: Hey, Naruto is the protagonist. He has to get the main priority. Besides, isn’t Sasuke a guy who seeks no love? It makes the perfect sense.
SS fan worker: …You guys, by any chance, hate SS?
HoS: ......No…no. Why we would be like that? What about you guys?
NS fan worker: Nope.
SN fan worker: Nope.
Hinata fan worker: Nope.
Side characters fan worker: Nope.
SK fan worker: Yup…I mean nope.
HoS: You see.
SS fan worker: Sigh. Whatever. I will work on the episode.
SS fan worker leaves the meeting room.
NS fan worker: I wish I was like that person.
HoS: Meaning?
NS fan worker: That person's work schedule is like endless vacation. Lucky Kishimoto-san did that pairing right to make that worker work extremely easy.
HoS: That's true...Quickly, we need more part 1 center episode!
NS fan worker: And my work is about to get busier...

The Romance Center

This is where the romantic, tragic, serius dialoges will get posted.

The fall of Naruto --Click here to view--

*Naruto managed to defeat the juubi but ended up taking an extremly serius injury]
Naruto: Sakura-chan
Sakura: (sad and worried) Dont worry Naruto Im here. Ill fix you up in no time.
Naruto: Im sorry Sakura not this time. This is the one time you cant heal me.
Sakura: Yes I can, with Kuaramas help.
Naruto: Sakura, Kurama used up most of his chakra. Theres not enough left.
Sakura: No. You cant die. Not here.
Naruto: Im sorry i wont be able to be here for you. I wasnt able to keep my promise.
Sakura: Its alright Naruto. I would kill Sasuke in a minute if it braught you back.
Naruto: You got me this far. You are the one who gave me strength and the will to keep fighting. Promise me one thing.
Sakura: Anything.
Naruto: Be careful. And enjoy your life.
Sakura: (starts crying) I promise.
Naruto: I will finaly go and meet them. Sakura I...
Sakura: Yes?
Naruto: I lov...(dies)

*The war is over and Sasuke was imprisoned. Naruto and Sakura are having a converstaion on a hilltop at sunset*
Naruto: Its finaly over.
Sakura: Yes. Its seems like were finaly safe for the time being.
Naruto: Im sorry.
Sakura: Sorry for what?
Naruto: I couldn`t bring him back. If only I was stronger then.
Sakura: Dont be silly. You`re the strongest person I know. If it wasnt for you I wouldn`t be alive right now.
Naruto: If It hadn`t been you that was taken by Gaara, I would never have beat him. You are the one who gives me hope, and the will to fight. And I`m sorry I couldn`t do the one thing you asked of me.
Sakura: Naruto. You risked your life for me and the village time and time again. And I`m happy that your safe. You deserve someone that will cause you less pain. You deserve someone better than me.
Naruto: (puts a cherry blossom in her hair) You are worth all the pain and suffering. There is no one better than you. If you`re happy than I`m happy.
Sakura: (slightly shocked) So this is what it feels like.
Naruto: How what feels?
Sakura: Love (kisses him)

Sakuras parents --Click here to view--

*Sakuras parents were killed during a raid on Konoha. Sakura and Naruto just came back from a mission and Sakura was informed*
Sakura: (devestated) What? How? When?
Kakashi: Im sorry, we werent able to save them in time.
Sakura: I cant believe their gone. I never even... (starts crying)
Naruto: (puts his hand around her) Its going to be alright. Im here for you.
Sakura: (hugs him and cries on his shoulder) Oh Naruto.
Kakashi: The funeral is in 3 days. But there is a matter of where you will be living. I dont think you can cover the bills on your own.
Naruto: I dont have bills. You can stay with me.
Sakura: Naruto. You`re always there for me. And all I`ve done is cause you grief.
Naruto: Sakura-chan. Don`t be silly. When your happy I`m happy. But it kills me to see you like this. Lets go get something to eat. My treat.
Sakura: Thank you Naruto. For everything.

*Naruto and Sakura are on a secret mission. Naruto and Sakura have badly hurt both their arms. Sakura was just about to heal them when the ground beneath her gave in. Naruto managed to catch in time but he does not have the strenght to pull her up.*
Naruto: I got you (yells in pain)
Sakura: Naruto, pull me up.
Naruto: I`m trying. (to himself) Damm it. If I cant pull her up shes dead. What do I do?
Sakura: Naruto your arm is bleeding. (realises he cant pull her up) Let me go. They can heal you in the village.
Naruto: The hell I will. If I drop you here, I might asswell fall fight you. It`s all meaningless without you.
Sakura: It`s alright Naruto. Your body cant take much more of this.
Naruto: (starts crying) I don`t care. It can last forever. It has to. Because I`m not letting you go.
Sakura: Don`t do this to yourself. I`m not worth it. Let me go please.
Naruto: Don`t say that. You mean everything to me. I... I love you Sakura.
Sakura: Naruto... I love you to.
Naruto:(slowly starts pulling her up) I`ll be dammed if I loose you like this.
Sakura: Naruto you trully are amaizing. How are you doing this?
Naruto: The same way I beat Gaara. With love (pulls her up).

*Naruto and Sakura are on a mission with Kakashi. They are ambushed and Naruto takes a hit for Sakura which knocks him out*
Sakura:(worried) Naruto. Why do you always do this?
Kakashi: Sakura focus. Were still not alone.
Sakura: (looks at Naruto) But...
*And enemy ninja jumps behind Sakura and tries to slash her with a kunai**Naruto covers Sakura with his body while Kakashi takes out the remaining ninja*
Sakura: Naruto how did you? (looks at him and realises hes still unconcious) (sadly) Naruto. Why?
Kakashi: He cares about you. Enough to protect you as a pure reflex.
Sakura: When I`m around him it feels different. I`ve never felt like this before. It feels better than when I was around Sasuke. What is this feeling?
Kakashi: I have a feeling you will find out soon enough.

*Sasuke is back in the village, the war was won, and Naruto and Sakura are having some alone time on a hill*
Naruto: Sakura... Theres something I always wanted to tell you.
Sakura: (Smiles) What is it?
Naruto: I love you.
Sakura: (suprised)
Naruto: I love your smile, your forhead and even the way you get mad at me. It makes me happy to be around you.
Sakura: You love my forehead?
Naruto: To me it`s the most beautiful thing in the world.
Sakura: But why? All I`ve done is cause you grief and made you sad. How can you love a person like me?
Naruto: A kind, beautiful girl that has always been there for me? How can I not?
Sakura: I don`t deserve you. You deserve someone like Hinata. Someone who has always loved you.
Naruto: Hinata is a nice girl. But you are my Sakura. Just your smile brightens my day like nothing else could. If anything I don`t deserve you. It took me 4 years to bring Sasuke back.
Sakura: I released you of your promise a long time ago. You are much important to me than Sasuke.
Naruto: What are you saying?
Sakura: I guess I`m saying (blushes) I love you to.
Naruto: (starts crying)
Sakura: Whats wrong Naruto?
Naruto: This is the happiest day of my life. To hear you say those words and mean them. It means the world to me.
Sakura:(hugs Naruto) How about this? (kisses him)

At the library *Made by NaruSaku4Life* --Click here to view--

Sakura gets ready to close the library
Sakura: It was nice of me to close the library for them. Besides, today, I\'m in a good mood. What can get better than this?
Sakura encounters Naruto sleeping in the library with many books surrounding him
Sakura: Naruto!?
Naruto: Huh! Sakura-chan. What are you doing here?
Sakura: I should be the one to ask that. In fact, what\'s with these books around you?
Naruto: Well, it\'s just that I decided to study more since the Hokage must have a good knowledge of his own village. Plus, I still remember your advice to read more, so I did! I went to the library since opening time and I read head on!
Sakura: I see. (Naruto, you really are a hard-working guy who just keeps improving. I\'m so happy to be with you.) So, how many books you read?
Naruto: One. Sort of. Three pages.
Sakura falls down
Sakura: Naruto! You supposed to read all the way if you want more knowledge as well as being a great Hokage!
Naruto: Sorry, sorry.
Sakura: Sigh. So much for that.
Naruto: ...
Sakura: What?
Naruto: I\'m just happy.
Sakura: Huh?
Naruto: While I am going to learn more things, I\'m happy that you\'ll be there at my side. My father had my mother. Hokage may be strong, brave, and the best, but the Hokage can\'t be really Hokage if that person don\'t have friends to cherish and protect.
Sakura: Naruto...
Naruto: ...and a lover will forever give that strength that no one can\'t break.
Sakura smiles and Naruto smiles at the Hokage Mountain through the window.
Sakura: Well, I got to clean this table. Need those books back to its place.
Naruto: No worries, I\'m taking them. I already asked for these books and will return them when I\'m done. Hokage needs to be strong and smart. Hehe.
Sakura: Naruto...
Naruto: Ah, Sakura-chan. I need one help.
Sakura: Huh?
Naruto: I decided to pick one book that\'s fictional. Hope to see something great like Ero-Senin wrote. Anyway, one word I don\'t understand. Ah, this word: K-I-S-S
Sakura: Sigh. Naruto, I know you can read well, but that word is easy. It\'s kiss. Huh?
Naruto chuckles as Sakura blushed. They lean towards each other closer.
Naruto: I see. What does it mean...
Sakura: That\'s easy. I can tell you the definition...or better yet...a demonstration...

*Naruto was hit by Obito and apears to be dead. Sakura is holding him.*
Sakura: Naruto... Please... Don`t go (starts healing him) don`t leave me...
Kakashi: (sad) Sakura... He`s gone
Sakura: He can`t be... He`s Naruto. He can`t be gone.
Kakashi: ...Sakura...
Sakura: Naruto... I love you... Did you hear me? I love you... Don`t leave me.
*Obito sends the Juubi to strike her*
Sakura: (sees the juubi) NARUTO (closes her eyes)
Naruto: (Grabs the juubis limb with one hand and stops it) Don`t you dare.
Sakura: (happy) Naruto...
Naruto: (gives Sakura a lot of chakra) Lets do this.
Sakura: When this is done your treating me to some ramen.
Naruto: Its a date (smiles)

*Naruto is at the Haruno residence picking up Sakura for a date at the cinema, he knocks on the door and her father opens up*
Naruto: Hello. I`m Naruto. Nice to meet you.
Kizashi: So your the guy dating my daughter eh?
Naruto: Yes, that would be me. Sorry I`m not better looking (smiles)
Kizashi: You seem fammiliar. Have I seen you somewhere?
Mebuki: Kizashi don`t be rediculus. Thats the hero of the hidden leaf.
Kizashi: You`re the kid? And you`r dating our daughter.
*Sakura walks in and sees her father grilling Naruto*
Sakura: Dad leave him alone.
Naruto: (looks at Sakura) Sakura-chan, you look even more amaizing than usuall
Kizashi: (to Mebuki) Is he saying Sakura is hot? Why I oughta...
Mebuki: (punches Kizashi) Shut up.
Sakura: (blushes) Thank you Naruto. You clean up nice too.
Naruto: You ready to go?
Sakura: Of course.
Mebuki: A photo of the lovebirds please (takes a photo)
Kizashi: Have her back by 10.
Sakura: Dad...
Naruto: Don`t worry Mr. Haruno. She`s safe with me.
Sakura: I sure am.

*Sakura manages to enter Narutos subconciusnes after the battle with Sasuke*
Kurama: Are you alright Naruto? That last hit was pretty powerful.
Naruto: I`m alright. But its only because of Sakura. If she wasn`t there we would both be dead. Please don`t tell her I don`t want her to worrry.
Kurama: If you want her to be your girlfriend you will eventually have to start sharing with her.
Naruto: I know but... I don`t want to depress her. I want her to be happy.
Kurama: Do you really care so much about this one girl?
Naruto: I do. More than anything. She makes life worthwhile.
Kurama: I know that you fool. I wanted her to hear that (points at Sakura)
Sakura: ...Naruto... You nearly died... All because of your promise?
Naruto: Sakura, I would gladly die... If it kept you safe and happy.
Sakura: Stop it... I don`t want to be the helpless girl you always have to rescue. I want to be there with you. Hand in hand.
Kurama: You are both so naive. Sakura do you have any idea what would happen to him if you weren`t there for him? he would be long dead by now.
Sakura: Damm it Naruto. Why did you have to fall for the weird one. Why couldn`t you fall for a normal girl like Hinata?
Naruto: Sakura-chan... Hinata is a friend. You are Sakura-chan. No matter what I will always love you. And even if you don`t love me back...I` ll still protect you no matter what.
Sakura: (cries) Naruto... Stop putting yourself in danger, we can`t be together if you die.
Naruto: Sakura-chan....Does that mean....
Sakura: It means I love you Naruto. I mean it this time.
Naruto: Sakura-chan....Thank you... And you too Kurama.

*Naruto has been given a paid vecation at the beach, for all his hard work. He was allowed to take one person witn him. He chose Sakura. They are at the beach and its sunset*
Naruto: It`s really nice here.
Sakura: It sure is. Naruto?
Naruto: Yea?
Sakura: How come you took me along?
Naruto: Because theres no one else I` would rather spend my time with.
Sakura: (smiles and blushes) We really have gotten close haven`t we.
Naruto: (smiles) We sure have. You know some people even think were together (slightly blushes)
Sakura: Is that so? So if were together and people asked you what you liked about me what would you say? (smiles)
Naruto: I would say I love you with all my hearth from head to toe. Especially your forehead and your smile.
Sakura: (blushes) My forehead? But it`s way to big.
Naruto: Don`t be rediculus. Sometimes I just want to kiss it..
Sakura: So it was you back then. You were the one who complimented me that time.
Naruto: Yea, sorry I looked like Sasuke. That was way immature from me.
Sakura: But it was still sweet. So how about we finish where we left off.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Sakura: (kisses him) Thank you... For being you.

*Minato has another reunion with Naruto*
Minato: You sure have gotten strong haven`t you? I`m proud of you.
Naruto: (cries a little) And I got to meet mom. Thank you dad.
Minato: Well it`s probably not my place to ask but, do you have a girlfriend already?
Naruto: Your my father of course its your place to ask. And no. But I do love a girl... her name is....
Sakura: Naruto we cleaned up most of the zetsus. You can take it easy for a while.(sees Minato) Is that the...
Minato: Yes, I`m the fourth Hokage. (smiles)
Sakura: The...(looks at Naruto and punches his shoulder) Stand straight you idiot its the fourth hokage.
Minato: Actually, I`m also his father (smiles again).
Sakura: Hes your father (punches his shoulder again) Why didn`t you tell me you were the son of the fourth hokage?
Naruto: (rubbing his shoulder) It never came up, sorry Sakura.
Minato: Sakura isn`t it? You kinda remind me of Kushina, my wife.
Sakura:(blushes) Your wife?
Naruto: I can see the simmilarities. You and my mom were really pretty.
Minato: (to Naruto) And violent. This girl is a keeper. Trust me I can tell. (to Sakura) Well It was nice to meet the girl who brings my son joy ( another smile).
Sakura: Nice to meet you to. And don`t worry. He makes me just as happy (smiles and blushes at Naruto).
Naruto: So you want to go to the cinema sometimes?
Sakura: Sure.
Birthday *Made by StrikerTheNoble and NaruSaku4Life3g* --Click here to view--

Sakura`s Birthday
*Sakura just woke up and it`s her sweet 16th birthday*
Sakura: YAY, it`s my birthday. I better get dressed for the surprise birthday party.
*She gets dressed and walks downstairs*
Sakura: Good morning mom, dad.
Kizashi: Hey Sakura. How are you?
Mebuki: There`s some rice in the cupboard if you`re hungry.
Sakura: (disappointed) Thank you. (to herself) What, no happy birthday? Did they forget?
Kizashi: Where are you going?
Sakura: To hang out with my friends. (herself) They will probably remember.
*Sakura meets up with Ino*
Sakura: Hey, Ino. What` up?
Ino: Not much, I`m going on a date with Choji. You?
Sakura: Not much either (to herself) Can`t believe she forgot too.
*She meets a bunch of her friends but none of them remember*
Sakura: (kind of depressed) I`m sure Naruto will remember.
*She happens to run into Naruto 5 minutes later*
Naruto: Sakura-Chan. How are you?
Sakura: I`m fine. You know what day is it today?
Naruto: It`s half off day at Ichiraku. Come on my treat.
Sakura: It`s ok. I think I`ll take a walk and go back home.
Naruto: Ok. Have fun
Sakura: (to herself) I can`t believe Naruto forgot too. I guess I`ll just go home. This is the worst birthday ever.
*She gets to her house and opens the door crying*
Naruto and the rest of the guys: SURPRISE
Sakura: (shocked) Wha…How…When
*Naruto walks up to her and gives her a big hug, then whispers into her ear*
Naruto: Happy birthday Sakura-chan. You didn`t think I would forget did you?
Sakura: Yes I did. (cries a little)
Naruto: Don`t cry. Don`t you wanna see your present?
Sakura: Present?
Naruto: (gives a bouquet of Cherry Blossoms) Sakuras for my Sakura.
Sakura: Naruto…That’s so sweet. (gives him a kiss) Thank you Naruto.
Naruto: You`re welcome. (smiles)
Kiba: Hey love birds we`re here too you know. Let`s get this party started

*Pain just disabled Naruto, and took down Hinata*
Pain: This is how it ends Kyuubi. You and your entire village will die. I will leave no one alive.
*Naruto hears Kurama*
Kurama: (evil) She was only the first to fall. They will all fall, your teachers, friends, even the pink one. And you can`t stop it.
Naruto: Sakura, Kakashi, Iruka, Tsunade… I wasn`t able to save them. I`m still not strong enough.
Kurama: (tempting) I can. I can save them all. I can save her.
Naruto: (looks at Kurama) I made a promise to myself. You hurt Sakura, you will not see the light of day again.
Kurama: Give me your body Naruto, and I will give you my power. All of it. And I will leave the ninja world alone. You can save them all. Rip off the seal.
Naruto: (treat) You lay a finger on her and I will kill you. (jumps to the seal) Please…Save her…(rips it off) Save Sakura.
*Kurama is free and takes out Nagato*
Naruto: You promised.
Kurama: You kept me imprisoned for 16 years. You will all perish. Staring with your precious Sakura here.
Naruto: (grabs Kurama`s chakra) You will not lay a finger on her. You made your choice. (starts taking control of Kurama`s chakra)
Kurama: You are nowhere near powerful enough to stop me.
Sakura: NARUTO.
Naruto: (hears Sakura`s scream) I am as powerful as I need to be. I can defeat whoever it takes. If it keeps her safe. EVEN YOU FOX. (gains an upper hand on Kurama) YOU WILL NOT HURT HER.
Naruto: And I am Naruto Uzumaki, and you will not hurt her. (takes Kurama’s chakra)

*Sakura is walking in the streets when she sees Ino and Naruto eating at Ichiraku ramen*
Sakura: (to herself) Is that Naruto and Ino? What are they…
*Naruto holds Ino`s hand*
Sakura: (sad) Are they together? No that can`t be…
*Sakura goes home and she is about to fall asleep*
Sakura: Could they really be? Could I really loose Naruto? Naruto is my friend… So why does it bother me?
*The next days she sees Ino and Naruto sharing a drink in the park*
Sakura: (depressed) So they really are together? Why do I feel like this? Do I love him?
*Sai walks by*
Sai: Sakura-san. What`s wrong?
Sakura: It`s nothing. I just…
Sai: (notices Ino and Naruto) I see. I could tell you and Naruto are more than friends. Do you love him?
Sakura: I think so… Yes. But I can`t tell him. He looks so happy. And Ino way prettier than me.
Sai: I see. Well good luck.
*Sakura meets Naruto in the streets the next day*
Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan. How are you?
Sakura (crying a little) How do you think I am? Leave me alone.
Naruto: What did I do?
Sakura: You know what you did.
*Sakura goes to Ino`s house to hang out, they start having a girl talk*
Ino: So how are things with Naruto?
Sakura: You should know. I should be asking you that. (slightly angry)
Ino: Sakura what are you talking about?
Sakura: I saw you two. Holding hands, sharing drinks, your dating him aren`t you?
Ino: So you saw us? He was worried this could happen?
Sakura: What are you talking about?
Ino: I was trying to make Shikamaru jealous. So I asked Naruto to pretend to be my boyfriend. But when we were hanging out together all he could talk about was you. He loves you.
Sakura: (small tears of joy) So that’s what happened? Why did he say yes if he was so worried?
Ino: I paid him. He said he needed the money for something.
Sakura: So my feeling have a price? That little… Thank you Ino.
*Sakura meets Naruto the next day when he drops by her place*
Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan. Ino told me what happened so I wanted to explain things. I need the money to get you this.(gives her a picture of Team Kakashi.) It`s the one year anniversary of Team Kakashi.
Sakura: You silly. You didn`t have to give me anything. (smiles) Naruto… Are you free this Friday?
Naruto: Yea why?
Sakura: I was thinking we could go on a date. Just the two us.
Naruto: Sakura-chan…. I would love that.
Sakura: Great. It`s a date.

*There`s a dance organized in Konoha. Somehow Naruto ended up attending with Hinata and Sakura with Sasuke. They are both having a less than great time*
Naruto: (to himself) She looks so beautiful. Why didn`t I ask her?
Hinata: What`s wrong Naruto?
Naruto: It`s nothing.
Sakura: (to herself) He looks so handsome in his suit. I hope he`s having fun.
Sasuke: What`s wrong Sakura?
Sakura: It`s nothing.
Sasuke: Well I`ll go get us something to drink.
Sakura: I`ll wait here.
*Sakura sits on the bench and waits for Sasuke. She notices that he is flirting and dancing with some other girls*
Sakura: (cries a little) I`m such a fool. I should have known this would happen.
*Naruto is looking at Sakura*
Hinata: What are you waiting for?
Naruto: Eh?
Hinata: She`s right there. Go to her.
Naruto: Are you sure?
Hinata: I know you love her. I understand… Go to her.
Naruto: Thank you.
*Naruto walks to Sakura*
Naruto: Care to dance?
Sakura: (wipes of her tears) Naruto? ...Sure (smiles a little)
*A slow song comes up*
Naruto: I`m sorry...
Sakura: For what?
Naruto: I wanted to ask you to the dance. But you were so happy with Sasuke… I didn`t want to ruin it for you.
Sakura: Silly. I would happily go with you had you asked. I…I think I love you?
Naruto: I love you to.
*They kiss and happily spend the rest of the night together.*
Naruto`s birthday --Click here to view--

*It`s Naruto`s birthday*
Naruto: (Wakes up.) So it`s my 16th birthday? I thought it would feel better.
*Naruto eats a cup of ramen and goes out. He meets team 10.*
Shikamaru: Naruto, just the guy we were looking for. We`re doing some formation training and we need an opponent.
Naruto: Don`t you what today is?
Shikamaru: What, half off at Ichiraku? Come on you have nothing better to do.
Naruto: I guess I don`t. (to himself) I wonder what Sakura-chan is doing.
*They spend the day training and Naruto returns home*
Naruto: Why should today be any different? (he opens the door)
*Every one of his friends is there*
Sakura: (gives him a hug) Happy birthday Naruto. I have a present for you (kisses him on the cheek).
Naruto: (blushes) Sakura-chan…
Sakura: You sure have turned into a wonderful man haven`t you.
Naruto: Good enough to go out with? (jokingly)
Sakura: How`s Friday?
Naruto: (surprised) Friday? Friday sounds great.
Shikamaru: We didn`t keep him busy all day so you two can get all lovey dovey. Let`s get the partly started.

*Naruto and Sakura are hanging out*
Naruto: Want to get something to eat?
Sakura: Sure.
*They run into Kiba and Hinata*
Naruto: Hi guys.
Kiba: Naruto, what`s up.
Naruto: Not much, you two on a date.
Hinata: (being shy) well…yes.
Kiba: Yes we are. Since we`re at it how about you?
Naruto: Were not…
Sakura: (slightly blushing) Yea we are actually.
Naruto: (to himself) Why did she do that? (blushes)
*They arrive at Ichiraku*
Naruto: I`ll have a double Ramen with BBQ please.
Sakura: I`ll have the same.
Teuchi: (to Ayame) Well they`ve been coming here for quite a while haven`t they.
Ayame: They have. And it`s obvious they like each other. I have an idea (smiles)
Teuchi: What is it?
Ayame: (to Naruto and Sakura) Sadly we only have one bowl left. Would you two care to share one?
Sakura: It`s alright with me. How about you Naruto?
Naruto: Fine with me too.
*Ayame brings them the bowl*
Naruto: Enjoy Sakura-chan
Sakura: You too.
*Naruto and Sakura eat out of the same bowl and eventually they hit the same noodle. They slowly come closer and gently kiss. They are both blushing heavily*
Naruto: I`m sorry Sakura-chan
Sakura: Shut up Naruto (kisses him again)
Ayame: I told you it would work.

*Sakura is sleeping at the hospital. She just woke up.*
Sakura: Where am I?
Tsunade: At the hospital. Don`t you remember?
Sakura: Oh right. The mission. How long was I out?
Tsunade: A week. You had us quite worried. If it hadn`t been for Naruto, well…
Sakura: (remembers) Naruto? Is he alright? Where is he? (notices Naruto sleeping by her bed)
Tsunade: He`s never left your side. The only time he left was when he took a shower. He didn`t want to stink when you woke up. We even had to bring him food.
Sakura: Oh Naruto…
Tsunade: Well I`ll leave you two alone then.
Sakura: (starts shaking Naruto) Rise and shine sleepy head.
Naruto: (wakes up, sees Sakura and immediately hugs her) Sakura-chan, your awake.
Sakura: Yea I am. Thanks for saving me.
Naruto: What else was I supposed to do. I love you Sakura-chan.
Sakura: Aw, that’s so sweet. Come on. Let`s get out of here and get some real food. Just the two of us.
Naruto: I`d like that.

*Naruto was injured on a mission and has amnesia. He is at the hospital.*
Iruka: So he can`t remember anything?
Tsunade: Nothing. The way he is right now he`s a civilian.
Iruka: How did this happen?
Tsunade: A really strong blow to the head. Kakashi and Sakura barely managed to get him out of there.
Iruka: All that work he put in his training wasted. How can we make him remember?
Tsunade: (sad) At this point I don`t think there is anything we can do. He may never remember again. The best we can do is try to fill him in.
Iruka: Where is Sakura? She should be here. They`re best friends.
Tsunade: I gave her some work to do. I know Naruto wouldn`t want her to see him like this.
*Naruto wakes up*
Iruka: Hey Naruto. How are you feeling?
Naruto: Who is Naruto?
Tsunade: You are.
*They fill him on most of his life. Later Sakura walks in*
Naruto: Who`s that?
Iruka: That’s Sakura. She`s your best friend.
Naruto: (blushing) She`s pretty.
Sakura: Thank you. (blushes)
*Naruto and Sakura go around the village so she can fill Naruto in on the rest of the details*
Iruka: Hokage-sama. Do you think he will ever remember again?
Tsunade: Even if it`s Naruto… It would take a miracle.
Sakura: (introduces Naruto to K11) These are your friends.
*They have a chat and later say goodbye*
Naruto: Sakura-san. I`m hungry. What do I like to eat..
Sakura: (saddened to herself) Sakura-san? That feels strange. (to Naruto cheerful) I know just the thing.
*They go to Ichiraku Ramen and Sakura explains the situation.*
Teuchi: I see. Well here`s Naruto`s favorite dish, on the house. I hope you get better soon.
*Naruto and Sakura are walking in the forest when a bunch of bandits attack them. Two of them focus all their attacks on Sakura who is trying to defend Naruto*
Naruto: Wha….What is this?
*Naruto is in complete shock. He sees Sakura fighting for their lives and how she is slowly getting overpowered. Two jounin level ninja appear as Sakura is almost out of chakra. They attack her.*
Naruto: ( Jumps at the ninjas and Strikes the first jounin ninja with the rasengan. He then jumps between the second jounin and Sakura.) Are you alright… Sakura-chan?
Jounin bandit: The rasengan? It`s the hero of the leaf. Run.
Sakura: Sakura-chan? Naruto? Is it you?
Naruto: Of course it`s me.
Sakura: But Tsunade-sama said that you would nev…
Naruto: There is no injury in this world that would stop me from protecting you.
Sakura: Naruto… Thank you.

*Naruto, Sai and Sakura were going to the hotsprings. They just arrived*
Sai: I apologise. I forgot I have some important work to do for the ANBU. (he leaves)
Naruto: (wide smile) I guess it`s just the two of us. Too bad we have to use different baths (jokingly).
Sakura: (flirty) I hear there`s a mixed gender one. Interested?
Naruto: (blushing) Sakura-chan? Bathe with you? Of course I`m interested.
*They enter the mixed bath*
Naruto: (smiles) Isn`t this great Sakura-chan?
Sakura: (smiles) It`s wonderful. I`m sure glad it`s just the two of us.
Naruto: How come you`re so ok with this?
Sakura: (blushes)We`ve been spending a lot of time together, and I think I may have fallen in love with you.
Naruto: (blushing happily) Really? Do you mean it Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Of course Naruto-kun.
Naruto: I love you Sakura-chan.
The rest of spring: Aw… How sweet.
Sakura: Mind your own business you perverts.
Naruto: Sakura-chan just ignore them (tries to kiss her)
Sakura: Right Naruto-kun. It`s just you and me (kisses him.)

*Obito has infected Sakura with a virus that can turn anyone evil. He used it on Sakura to demoralize Konoha. She left the village and Tsunade is informing K11*
Tsunade: (sad) And that`s what happened.
Naruto: (angry) How could this happen? What was she doing?
Tsunade: She was helping in the hospital. An enemy spy managed to infect her.
Tsunade: I know your upset Naruto, we all are, she is my student for god`s sake.
Naruto: (cries) It`s all my fault. I should have been there. I should have saved her.
Tsunade: You can`t blame yourself Naruto. It`s not your fault.
Naruto: Tell that to Sakura. (walks out angry, closes the door but over hears something)
Tsunade: Shikamaru, you know what will happen next right?
Shikamaru: We`ll get it done. What about Naruto?
Tsunade: Keep him in the dark. He will try to stop you.
Naruto: (to himself) Was that a termination order? Not on my watch. I`m coming Sakura-chan. Don`t worry. I promised to protect you.
*The assassination squad is preparing to hunt for Sakura. Naruto is quietly following them*
Shikamaru: I`m sorry Sakura.
Kiba: I feel sorry for Naruto.
Shikamaru: He can take it. He`s a shinobi.
*They catch up to her and prepare an ambush*
Shikamaru: Tenten. On my go fire everything you have at her.
Tenten: Understood.
Sakura: Those leaf looser. I will kill every last one of them. Just for the fun of it.
Shikamaru: Now.
*Tenten fires all of her tools at Sakura but Naruto get in the way and takes every last hit.*
Sakura: Good to hear (kicks Naruto in the gut and sends him flying)
Naruto: (sad) Sakura-chan stop it. It`s not you.
Sakura: How are you going to stop me? (jumps at him to attack)
Naruto: (intercepts her attack by hugging her) Sakura-chan…
Sakura: LET GO OF ME…
Naruto: Sakura-chan… I love you… please come back.
Sakura: STOP.
Naruto: Come back… please.
Inner Sakura: Naruto? Is that you? Where am I? And what is this? (starts to remember) GET OUT OF ME.
Naruto: Please Sakura…
Sakura: Naruto? Is that you?
Naruto: Of course it`s me. I`m here for you.
Sakura: It was horrible. The things I wanted to do. Thank you…
Naruto: It`s alright. Everything is better now (holds her head)
Sakura: (noticed his wounded back) What happened to you?
Naruto: It`s nothing. I`m happy you`re back.

Introductions --Click here to view--

*Sakura is introducing Naruto to her parents*
Sakura: Hi mom. I`m home. This is…
Mebuki: What are you doing with the nine-tails kid? I know he`s your teammate but I don`t want you spending time with him.
Sakura: Mom… His name is Naruto, and he`s really nice.
Kizashi: What`s this I hear? The nine tails kid? Get away from my daughter before I hurt you.
Naruto: Hello. Nice to meet you. (smiles).
Mebuki: You be quiet. Sakura get inside.
Sakura: No. (hugs Naruto`s arm) We`re dating and I love him. Please be nicer to him.
Kizashi: No daughter of mine will date him. GET INSIDE.
Sakura: No!
Naruto: Sakura it`s alright. I understand.
Sakura: No, Naruto stay here. You`re my boyfriend and they will have to accept it. Whether they like it or not…
Mebuki: Get out of my house both of you. If you love him so much you can go live with him. (shuts the door) We`ll send your stuff in the morning.
Naruto: Come, let`s go home.
Sakura: (cries) Alright.
*At Naruto`s place*
Naruto: I`ll set up the couch so you can take the bed if you want.
Sakura: Don`t be ridiculous. The bed is big enough.
Naruto: (smiles) Alright then.
Sakura is the best *Made by NaruSaku4Life3g* --Click here to view--

Naruto: Hm, you know, there's so many people in the world and we have not yet explore all of them
Sakura: True. If you explore more, you can find interesting people. Not to mention, other women
Naruto: Nah, Sakura-chan is the best.
Sakura: *blush, fixing her hair* Oh. Thank you, but I'm sure that I'm like a 7 out of 10
Naruto: No. Sakura-chan is the best.
Sakura: Hm, you only saying that because I'm here.
Naruto: Yeah, and it will still be in my mind when you're not here. Hehe.
Sakura: *blush* (No, no. Nice try, Naruto) Oh yeah, how can you be certain if you only met a very few of women?
Naruto: I am sure. Solid. 100%.
Sakura: Oh, you are wonderfully stubborn.
Ino enters the scene with another woman
Ino: Sakura, Naruto!
Sakura: Ino. Who is she (she's pretty...)?
Ino: Sorry. She is Timiko. She's from Sand Village. She wanted to stop by and see the festival tonight.
Timiko: Y-yes. And...I came here to meet Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Me?
Sakura: (She seems like she has a crush on him...)
Ino: Oh I know! How about you and Naruto spend time together in the festival? That will be great for the two of you.
Timiko: Eh? Um...I don't know...if it's ok with Naruto.
Naruto: I like to go.
Ino and Sakura: What?
Ino: I mean that's great.
Naruto: Timiko, let's go.
Timiko: Y-yes.
Ino: Well Sakura, looks like you're free. No pesky Naruto to bother you.
Sakura: Y-yeah...
That night at the festival, Naruto and Timiko spend time together as Ino and Sakura are standing by the cabinet.
Ino: Sakura, what's wrong?
Sakura: Huh? Oh it's nothing. It's just that Naruto seems like he's enjoying with her a lot.
Ino: Oh, are you jealous?
Meanwhile, Naruto and Timiko walking down the forest.
Timiko: Sigh
Naruto: Hm? What's wrong?
Timiko: Do you believe...in fate?
Naruto: Hmm, not so sure on that. Why?
Timiko: O-oh, nothing. It's just that sometimes fate brings two together.
Naruto: Oh, you mean like me and Sakura-chan?
Timiko: Huh?
Naruto: Oh! Sorry, it's just that I'm in love with another woman and nothing is going to change.
Timiko: Oh. Is that so?
Naruto: Yes, I have love her ever since the academy days. Or perhaps even before it, but all I know is that I love her with all my heart. If a crazy woman threatens me to love her or love Sakura who is in another world, I'll choose Sakura. N-not that you're a crazy girl or anything.
Timiko: Hehe.
Naruto: Hm?
Timiko: N-nothing. It's just that Sakura-san is a very lucky person to have you. I hope she knows that. Thank you for everything.
Naruto: No problem!
Sakura's on the hill, staring at the stars.
Naruto: Sakura-chan!
Sakura: Huh? Naruto?
Naruto: Sorry, am I late?
Sakura: Uh, no?
Naruto: Hm? What's wrong?
Sakura: What happened to Timiko?
Naruto: She left.
Sakura: Hey, don't leave a girl alone in the night. It can be scary for her.
Naruto: Of course not. I walked her back to Ino. Then, I realized that you weren't there, so here I am.
Sakura: So why you came looking for me?
Naruto: Huh? Sakura-chan, you're not completely yourself tonight. Because I came to watch the fireworks with you,
Sakura: Huh!
Naruto: Is that a problem?
Sakura: N-no. It's just...it's just that I didn't think Naruto would actually remember anything.
Naruto: Sakura-chan...
Sakura: It's nice to meet new people, especially if it's another woman.
Naruto: Yes, but I told you, Sakura-chan is the best.
Sakura blushes
Sakura: You are truly stubborn.
Naruto and Sakura lean each other, enjoying the fireworks.
Ino: Thank you, Timiko. Looks like the plan works. Funny, you don't have to do it, you know. It was a just a joke.
Timiko: I-I didn't want to do it before, but Naruto-kun is truly a great guy. Hehe, I think I envy Sakura-san
Ino: Yeah...YEAH! I can still beat her in love!
Timiko: Eh?
Parenthood *Based on a concept by HauntedCake* --Click here to view--

*Sakura and Naruto are meeting at the park*
Sakura: (serious) Naruto… I have something to tell you…
Naruto: What is it Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Remember that night?
Naruto: (happy) How could I forget?
Sakura: (worried) Well… I think I`m pregnant.
Naruto: (surprised) You`re what?... (happy) That`s great.
Sakura: Please don`t go fight Sasuke.
Naruto: Sakura-chan…
Sakura: (cries a little) If you go… you may not come back. I don`t want our child to lose his father… I don`t want to lose you. Not because of Sasuke.
Naruto: Sakura-chan… You know I can`t do that. I made you a promise. And until Sasuke is saved there will never be true peace in the world. I don`t want our child to grow up in the world of hatred.
Sakura: (cries) Forget about the promise. There has to be another way.
Naruto: There isn`t… Sakura-chan I promise I will come back.
Sakura: Can you really? I`m begging you… Please don`t go.
Naruto: (hugs her) Sakura-chan… So be it. I will stay.
Sakura: (cries out loud) Thank you.

*Obito and Madara have immobilized Naruto and Sasuke. They can kill either one in a second. Sakura is forced to choose*
Obito: Which one will it be girly? Who will you sentence to death?
Sakura: (flashbacks of Sasuke) (sadly) Sasuke-kun… (flashabacks of Naruto) Naruto… How can I choose?
Inner Sakura: (sacrcasticly) Well Sasuke obviously. Don't you love him? Sasuke-kun is so cool, so great. Why not Sasuke-kun?
Sakura: (to inner Sakura) But…
Inner Sakura: Or could it be Naruto. The cute blonde kid who was always there for you. Who made you laugh, who nearly died for you. It`s your choice.
Sakura: (out loud) It`s not really a choice is it? Naruto-kun lives.
Naruto: Naruto-kun?
Obito: So be it.

*Sasuke is back at the village. He is still the most popular guy in the village*
Sasuke: (to Sakura) Well, well Sakura … I`ve never noticed how beautiful you`ve gotten. A lovely woman indeed.
Sakura: Sasuke-kun I…
Sasuke: I think you and me should go out.
*Naruto is watching from afar*
Sakura: Sasuke I…, there`s someone…
Sasuke: You like someone else now?
Sakura: Yea, he`s is very nice and tall, and he protects me and makes me happy. I think I love him.
Naruto: (to himself) So there is someone else? Well if it makes you happy.
Sasuke: Sounds like a looser. Forget about him.
Sakura: Don`t talk about Naruto-kun like that.
Naruto: Me?
Sasuke: Naruto? You like Naruto? You know what forget it. You two losers were made for each other.

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Dafuq did i just read?

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QUOTE (Dαrkrєrsŧ @ Mar 9 2013, 10:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Dafuq did i just read?

One of my lesser works of literature. I kinda went out there with that one but the next one will be funnier. I promise. Stay tuned.


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I lost my Naruto's copypasta...

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QUOTE (Dαrkrєrsŧ @ Mar 9 2013, 10:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I lost my Naruto's copypasta...

I don`t understand


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Hey, I think this is a good breather. I always like doing these stuff. I actually do them on Xbox live. I usually twist some words from the anime/games and just make them out of context. Neat, stuff.

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New material ^^

Also a little feedback would be nice so I can improve my work and know that poeple actually read it.

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Oh my gosh... 111189.gif My lungs can't take this.

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Oh my gosh... 111189.gif My lungs can't take this.



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Funny stuff with one correction

part 1 hinatas reaction to narutos saying hi to her would have actually been *faint thud*
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QUOTE (catsi563 @ Mar 10 2013, 02:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Funny stuff with one correction

part 1 hinatas reaction to narutos saying hi to her would have actually been *faint thud*

Yea but I didnt want to push the faint jokes to much. It might get boring. Theres a lot of stuff to make fun out of with Hinata but they are practicly the same joke. Shes shy and loves Naruto. So I have to get creative with her (hence the exploding sketch). Anyway tnx for the feedback, its apreciated.

New material ^^

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 03:52 AM

The funniest ones was the NH event comercial, 616 one, and the Part 1 comparision. The Part 1 was particularly funny, because it had a lot of truth to it. 111189.gif And 616 ... gawd, Hinata is turning into an Obito. laugh.gif

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 08:14 AM

Hahaha! laugh.gif I loved those! The 616 one and the NH event commercial were priceless. Keep 'em coming.. smile.gif

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 10:27 AM

As long as you read them i will write em. Tnx for the positive opinion.


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 10:47 AM

Haha I really enjoyed these, especially the truth behind 616 one, that one got me good laugh.gif

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    The guy who changes his obsesions way too often.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 11:44 AM



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    The guy who changes his obsesions way too often.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 03:26 PM

Sorry for double posting but, NEW MATERIAL ^^


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 04:26 PM

I liked them. They're funny XD

Why don't you try to make a dialogue that has Karin in it seeing that she has a temper too XD

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    The guy who changes his obsesions way too often.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 04:35 PM

QUOTE (T XD @ Mar 10 2013, 05:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I liked them. They're funny XD

Why don't you try to make a dialogue that has Karin in it seeing that she has a temper too XD

Yea I would, and I probably will but I havent really seen a lot of Karin(kinda skipped a portion of the anime). Maybe in the next one.


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    The guy who changes his obsesions way too often.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 08:44 PM

New one Karin included


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