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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter (8)1

20 August 2023 - 03:56 PM

Well, let's see what they do to desperately try to get their old customers reinterested in part two of Boruto. They certainly haven't improved their 'engrish' title problem.


Summary Time: Chapter (8)1. Boruto...oh my god. They are actually trying to pretend that this is a new manga. I was just going to do the (8) bit as a joke. They are actually trying to treat this as it is a new manga...Wait I already said that. Sorry, just I am stunned.


First page is Salad in her new outfit...Well, it is not as bad as I feared. It is not "lady of the evening" wear. So I will go with a K-pop look Serenity says it is. Her hair looks awful, and like I said her face hasn't changed because Ikemoto is still likely using the same image to base her face off of when she was 12/13 to now the she is 15/16. It is better than her old outfit, but that is a low bar to pass. She is standing outside the hokage's office




Cover page is Bolt's new outfit. Oh God. Leave it to Ikemoto to try to make it look cool and fail in everyway imaginable. His cloak is blowing into his face but he is doing it wrong so it just looks stupid. His jacket has various metal pins that I think are suppose to mean something, but just look unnecessary. He also has a sword now.


So, Salad is yelling at the new Hokage Shikamaru trying to explain the perspective flip again...wait. Is her having her coat off one shoulder going to be a permanent part of her design going forward? Oh No. Konohamaru is Shikamaru's aid/second in command, it seems. Salad was never promoted and is stuck as a genin for trying to explain what happened and asking her father to protect Bolt.




Sorry, she does the look over the shoulder look to show how tough she is, but her design just makes it look stupid. That hair and her jacket especially the off the shoulder bit, also since her jacket is longer than her shorts it looks like she is just wearing her jacket, and her glasses prevent us from fully seeing her eyes to make it work. She says her role model is Naruto not Shikamaru and brings up the chase after Sasuke.


Then we see Naruto and Hinata unconscious, stuck in magic box limbo. Then Nail and his new design...eh most generic of them so far, but his hair looks stupid.


Then we see Salad and the Clone talk about how they can't convince anyone due to the perspective flip, in order to see her new design...Every. New character design. Looks. Awful. Stop showing the side of Salad's hair or I'm going to bust a rib from laughing. Apparently, people did question the contradictions at the start but that slowly faded away as the shinjutsu set in. Oh Hime and Moe designs haven't changed. Guess Ikemoto liked them too much to change them. They talk about how they can't do anything about the shinjutsu because Hime isn't really in control of it. Due to Shikamaru's warning they pretend to be affected by Hime's power, so Moe doesn't see them as a threat. Which means instead of trying to figure out how they are immune; they haven't to play, "I know, you know," so they don't get killed by him.


Next up, is Cups who due to the effects of Omnipotence has become Nail's lackey. His design is the best out of a low bar so far. Turns out because Nails is such a jackass, that he is making Cups question if he really is his 'sun' while still being under the effects of the perspective flip. Again, the idiot is making enemies just so easily.




Now we have the daughter and her new design. She grew her hair out. Her design was always bad, but now she has a t-shirt with a sunflower on it. She is training with Fat Filler. That hair does not work with that face. Oh Hinata fan are probably going to be upset; as she does not seem to have inherited her most important trait. She tells Neo-Ino-Shika-Cho that she wants to help Bolt because she also feels a contradiction.


Nail deals with some of the Punk's claw marks and two mooks start dropping exposition. He keeps coming around to lay his marks, but he doesn't attack; seeming to want to wait till Bolt returns. He also has thousands of his nudist now. So, maybe he is just busy with them. Turns out he hasn't been just doing nothing as he as secretly planting his belt marks on villagers. Of course once Shikamaru is informed, Punk sends one of his nudist to attack the village. Oh, apparently the Konoha Police force was revived at some point just not by Sasuke.


Salad and Nail arrive to fight them. As due to the belts marking the nudist are able to summon others. And they summon...




God, is Punk going to ask them if they want a spot of tea or to drink their blood. His design might have remain the same like Hime's and Moe's except for a new scar and I just haven't seen it in a while. Turns out Punk has been chasing Bolt for the past two years. There has been a three years time skip... He finally got bored of that and decide to capture her instead to draw him out. As he says that. Bolt appears and steps on him. it suppose to look cool, but Ikemoto.


Bolt says what is suppose to be a cool one liner but its ruined by his cloak again...as well as the rest of his outfit.


The village is informed that Bolt has appeared. Shikamaru tells them to focus on Punk but keep an eye on Bolt. Bolt and Salad are surrounded by nudist...its suppose to look cool but its ruined by the expression on Bolt's face.


Hints at the three way battle between Bolt, Nail and Punk next chapter.