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Sorry, someone just informed me of this. Apparently, the daughter is suppose to be a gentle fist style taijutsu prodigy that is comparable if not completely surpasses Neji. Well, that's just great. However, she uses none of that in this fight and I don't think she used that when she was sparring earlier. That likely was something the anime had for her to just reinforce how nH is so perfect and deserved to be the end pairing. Which again is another problem is that the anime did a lot of filler story they want to be canon which Ikemoto did not watch nor would care to remember if he did.


He honestly was probably the worst choice to be in charge of the sequel. Does not care for the original manga in the slightest, wants to do his own manga uses his old boss' story as a skin to ensure it won't be cancel as well as leech of some money off the legacy of the original, and worse of all doesn't have any of the talent drive or skill needed to make it work.

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20 June 2024 - 05:37 PM

Right. Let's just say Kurama decided to be a kitten and let Naruto suffer injures for months as a lesson. Sakura after seeing him once already went to Tsunade to ask her to train with immense guilt over the injures he received trying to keep his promise to her. If Tsunade was taken care of him personally because it was that bad. whether she brought her along as part of her training or kept her away because the injuries were that bad. It would compound the guilt Sakura feels every time she saw him.


She wouldn't fall for him because of that. The repeat visit/care and seeing the damage would compound the horror that Sasuke could injure Naruto to this extent and the guilt she feels for sending him off.


Might be too late but since you are asking for your own story. This shouldn't make the girl fall in love with the main character. As much as it help cement the monster the rival was; that he could do something like this to a friend.

In Topic: Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter (8)1

20 June 2024 - 05:18 PM

Well both Elden Ring and ff14 have new expansions that are happening more or less in a few days.


Summary Time: Chapter 11. True Power....but is the power unlimited?



The cover page is Tree-Sasuke...and if I didn't know it was him, I couldn't tell you by looking at him. Why does Ikemoto mess around with the faces so much to the point they become unrecognizable? If I showed this to someone who wasn't watching/reading this and said, "this is Sasuke," they would be absolutely confused and likely would deny it.


First page is Blond Sai still on a spike unmoving and Tree-Jenga watching the daughter power up. She uses her hair to grab Blond Sai...and with complete Bull Shit heals him with no effort. He was impaled through most of his torso and she instantly heals him; so there isn't even a scratch. That wasn't one of Kurama's powers! That was a power Naruto was granted by the Sage of Six Paths, a power he never used to this extent. So that was a fake out and a flex of the daughter's power like what Naruto did with Might Guy. Also, from now on any death is on her hands because she can insta-heal anything now. She tells the others to take him to the hospital because she is not sure if she completely healed him, BS. Naruto could barely survive a two on one with Sasuke helping him, she going to take on the tree version solo. The power scaling. The power scaling is completely fucked once again. I knew this was going to happen and I am still annoyed. This feels very much like Goku going super Saiyan for the first time and saying he will take care of Freeza. Fat Filler tries to convince her to let her remain but she tells her to go, and as a joke they make a promise to go to a new pancake house.


Tree-Jenga monologues I swear even Zamasu never went on as much as a Boruto villain does. They fight. They fire Biju Bombs like they are Ceros. The daughter uses her hair to instinctively use it, also she isn't not in any cloak mode this is basic Kurama empowerment red eyes and darker whisker marks, Tree-Jenga his eye. He is impressed by her display and decides to test his power against her.


Back with Tree- Sasuke after being hit by Salad's Chidori. He acts like he barely knows anything and is confused from the Sharingan he saw Salad use, the chidori they both used, and him not knowing who Uchiha Sasuke is. The clone seems to know, not due to being informed, but by instinct or reading the script that he is after Salad. He uses the belts to hits Salad from behind with a lighting attack. The other ninja tries to join in on the fight. Konohamaru doing something for the first time in the entire story, uses a rasengan and then when attacked shows off a wind style-rasen barrier. Doesn't work and he has knocked out everyone except the one ninja based off Kodaichi who is too scared to do anything.


Back to The daughter and Tree-Jenga. He beats her up she insta-heals. She apparently can heal as quickly as the Biju do instead of what is normal for a container like Naruto. God this is becoming more and more like Dragon Ball, it is losing what little identity Naruto-Boruto still had...So Mustard and Punk are flying to the fight and they sense Bolt is flying there too. He rescues his sister. Then he uses the flying thunder god to teleport over to where Salad is to rescue her. So next chapter he fights off against his Tree-mentor.

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17 June 2024 - 05:46 PM

Her father may possibly well die before the arc ends, also vegapunk ask the straw hats to look after and she is an admire of nika which is luffy.

It is more likely for Kuma to be alive at the end of the arc than dead. His memories in his paw pain orb are slowly returning to him, the system that made him a mindless cyborg were shut off, and he has been knocked out but not fatally wounded so far.


So I find it far more likely that once they escape Kuma starts regaining his memories, the two Vegapunk feel obligated to restore him, and with Chopper and Franky help do so. The Straw Hats thank Kuma for his help two years ago, and he learns that Luffy is Nika. Tears shared between Father and Daughter reuniting at last. Then they go off to join their comrades in the Revolutionary army.


Luffy doesn't really let young kids join his crew, since Shanks didn't, or he would have let Tama join.


I also see Atlas acting as a donor for Kuma for spare organs, requesting Lilith be allowed to join the crew and see Laugh Tale. Lilith being the last Vegapunk feel obligated to join the crew to see through Stella's wishes.

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17 June 2024 - 02:04 AM

Booney seems more likely to be set up as the next straw hat as a cabin girl

Bonney desire is her father. That will probably be resolved at the end of this island's arc. Unless he also joins, he will likely join the revolutionary army again, there isn't much reason for her to stay with the crew instead of going her separate ways with her father.


Vegapunk wants to go to Laugh Tale and asked to join Luffy before the trouble start. Only Lilith and Atlas are the only good Vegapunks really left. Atlas is too big so it probably Lilith.