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Rewriting The Story of Naruto Part II

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Posted 12 May 2018 - 07:10 AM

I've been thinking about this particular topic for the past few months, and this is mainly mainly just going to be an open discussion on how things would be done when it comes to the story of Part II because yes while we can include Part I. I for about 97% if not a 100% think Part 1's story from start to finish was solid if not perfect.  There's a lot of things about Part II that could be different, and that's kind of where I came up with this topic. 


Also  a couple ground rules for this topic  plot points such as kill Hinata, or Sasuke just to fulfill NaruSaku.. we're better than that I mean Neji's a prime example of that with NH am I right lol.  Another thing is to mention is don't just put NaruSaku becomes canon, I mean that much is obvious instead bring up elements for the story hopefully i'm not coming off as hostile towards anyone from this part of the thread.  I just think we can think outside the box instead of ending up with the usual responses ya know. That being said, let us dive into some of the reasons 



1.   Results from Naruto's Training with Jiraiya 









One of the most disappointing aspects for Part II upon reflection of the series as a whole is Naruto's training with Jiraiya for 2 and a half years. Yes, Naruto did get "somewhat mature" and a bigger rasengan. That was all  Naruto had gotten from Jiraiya one of the Legendary Sanin. Hell in my opinion Naruto should've gone through the same kind of experience that Luffy did with Rayleigh after Marineford. 



What Naruto learns during the Timeskip: 


  • Sage Mode -  Not to say he mastered it, but an incomplete state we just see what he showcases. 
  • Better Shadow Clone Usage - this one is pretty self explanatory
  • Better Control at Nine Tails Forms - This more so has to do with 1 tail mode, 2 tail mode, etc. When the going gets tough showcase Naruto having a grip on using 1-2 tails mode, and utilizing it's power. 3 tails mode you say is when things get tricky, like if he relies too much on the power than Kurama will take cover with him even realizing it. So 4 tails mode is still deadly and dangerous in Naruto's case because he has yet to deal with that power strength even from his training with Jiraiya. 
  • "That Jutsu" - Oh yeah everyone's biggest what is it that Jiraiya told him. Here's a simple answer  Rasenshuriken. This is the one that you can say is in Prototype stages never been tested, and Naruto recklessly tries to use it in perhaps the most dangerous situation, and it could cost him his arm or something. 


There could be a couple other things I'm missing, but that's as close as I can get as to training with Jiraiya outside of him gaining some sense of maturity. I'd say at the very least introduce the Sage eyes during the bell test to showcase what he's capable of in that regard. 




2. Konoha 11 Spotlight 






If there is one thing Part II did right it's the Hidan and Kakazu Arc where it was primarily an Arc about Team 10 with Team 7 helping out in a way showcasing a friendship between Naruto and Shikamaru. Sakura and Ino self explanatory. That's what honestly Part II should've done. Yes you can say Team Guy was apart of The Kazekage Arc, and Team Kurenei  was apart of The Pursuit Itachi Arc, but let's be honest they were just there.  They should be integral to the story of a particular arc. Best example I would look towards is Naruto Shippuden: The Movie Inheritors of the  Will of Fire that was a perfect example of how to utilize all the characters of the K-11 together. Yeah like have an arc where its all of them vs some kind of threat that would just be good in alot of ways. Maybe have an arc that relies heavily on Team Kurenai and Team 7 something that makes it feel like they matter you know. Maybe even an Arc that's centered on the Hyuga Clan particularly with Neji and Hinata, Hanabi, and Hiashi to showcase how far the clan's come since the Part I days.  You could even say make them relevent like they were in Part I ya know. 




3.  The Ties with Sasuke Uchiha 






So Naruto and Sasuke attempting to get Sasuke back after the timeskip was something I think works when it comes to starting off Part II. Despite that it's a totally different thing for that to be the overall focus of Part II, and that's where the main issue. I'm not even referring to pairings at all just in terms of their individual character within the story.  Now the point here is where does this drifting of Saving Sasuke occur? 



  • I'd say shortly after their reunion during the Sai and Sasuke Arc. I'd still have Sasuke bring up the question about Naruto becoming Hokage, but instead of Naruto telling Sasuke what he did, he's just left speechless. Maybe you can even say Naruto and Sasuke have like a mini fight that ultimately ends in Sasuke's favor again.  After that you'd just Naruto contemplating about the entire thing maybe even he talks  about with Sakura who like Naruto is unsure of what to do. It could even be a reoccurring thing, and it almost hits a breaking point when he tries to go after Sasuke during the Pursuit Itachi Arc, but ultimately ends up being too late to do anything.
  • The entire purpose of saving Sasuke becomes difficult throughout the course of the story like when Sasuke works with the Akaktsuki and captures Bee. So when the news spreads thoughout the nation it leaves Naruto and Sakura  even more unsure as to what do to, and it can also be where you have Naruto discuss with the entire matter with  Jiraiya for guidence. You could even parallel with Sakura getting guidance from Tsunade as to what to do. You know showcasing growth within the character compared to how they were in Part 1 when i came to Sasuke's character. 
  •  The decision toward their ties with Sasuke comes at the 5 Kage Summit Arc. At this point Naruto's lost Jiraiya so he knows what that is like, and after hearing about what happened with the decision on Sasuke. It's here where Naruto and Sakura both decide to confront Sasuke one last time together, but to handle things on a more mature stance. Instead of letting Naruto take beats from the Cloud village ninjas, Naruto should stand up to them along with Sakura saying "listen we understand the situation we're not fools. We know exactly what's going on that's why you got to let us handle this. It's our mess after all." So when the 5 Kage Summit Arc is taking place it's less about trying to convince Sasuke from coming back as it is about stopping Sasuke from doing any more harm. A confrontation between the 3 former teammates is all it takes for Naruto and Sakura to realize it's too late on saving him. 
  • That lead to Naruto telling Sasuke if you ever so dare to lay a finger on the village I will stop you no matter what. Whatever bond I thought we had before is now gone or something along those lines. 
  • For Sakura's case it would cement at this point for her that the guy she's been imagining was nothing more a fantasy a mere distraction that's been throwing her off from doing better as a ninja. So not like forget Sasuke come here Naruto. No that's shallow storytelling, Sakura should go through a grieving process with her decision, and it's not until during the final arc or near the end of the series where she realizes what she feels for Naruto like  Chapters 662 and 663, but much better. Maybe even a callback to what Chiyo said to her. 


4.  Orochimaru's Role  







Orochimaru is a rather simple case if you ask me when it comes to Part II. He had ties with the Akatsuki originally so maybe that could be better utilized with his character for his own personal benefits, and the Akatsuki truly see him as a threat. I think even showcase solely on Sasuke and Orochimaru to really grasp at their relationship because that was a missed oppertunity in it of it self. Now him becoming a good guy is just absolutely ludicrous  with the thought in mind so I'd say keep him around as an antagonist as a threat to The Leaf Village. His defeat I think would be at the hands of Sasuke, but I would showcase a literal battle between the two of them  instead of whatever Part II showcased. Point is Orochimaru should be relevent if not as relevent as The Akatsuki in Part II. 




Team  Taka 





You wanna talk about a Team that was very under utilized after their introduction in the Pursuit Itachi Arc it was definitely Team Taka. I mean wow these guys were like a Team that Sasuke had formed for a reason, and to mention they had a rather interesting dynamic too. Honestly, I think Taka's relevence to the story should be that not only do they support Sasuke, but ultimately they are his people. Whatever ounce of good Sasuke could still have even after all the hell he could be causing after his fight with Itachi could very well come from Taka. I mean lets face it there is specific reason why he did view him as his family when he thought back to Team 7 during the fight against Bee. I mean when it comes to Karin that much should be obvious. Because of how long it's been since Part 1, much like what Sakura is to Naruto, maybe Karin could be that to Sasuke. That one could work, but who knows. 




6.  Hand to Hand Combat and Seals 







This one here is relatively very simple. The reason why is to ensure the quality in terms of fight's are stil there not exactly reliable on high powered jutsu it's still Hand to Hand and mainly seals that's what makes Part I so appealing ,and it could help very much so with Part II. I mean hey jutsus are still cool to see, but they should be like mix and match. 



7. The Lore and World building 






The Naruto lore for the most part is heavily Senju and Uchiha based which was like really annoying and almost unbearable during the second half of part II.  I'm not saying you have to focus on every clan, but god damn don't just focus on one clan for 2/3 of the manga. Honestly, we know so little about the Uzumaki Clan when you look at the manga even with the insight from Kushina we could've gotten more. I think what could work easily work is an entire arc that's about Naruto and possibly Karin discovering about their Uzumaki heritage about what really happened. It could even be that arc where it's revealed that Karin is an Uzumaki which is still able to make her relevant to the story. The Hyuga's could have their own little story arc too like i mentioned with Neji, Hinata, Hanabi, and Hiashi. It's through these clans were we learn more about the origins of chakra, i'm not saying it has to be Ootsootski's ,but maybe it's where they come to realize the source of where it comes from, and how it connect with all the clans. 



8.  One Definitive Main Antagonist!!







I'll be honest Pain being the leader of the Akatsuki was good, and the reveal that there was another person above Pain which was Tobi, or Madara Uchiha at the time easily works.  Now whether or not Tobi being Obito would still be a thing is something that's left to talked about. However I do think one definitive final villain like Tobi can work, and if Madara Uchiha is the defacto final villain then it can work to given what it was leading up to. I know 4life mentioned it a long time ago, but I think the crazy twist would be is that the final villain ends up being Orochimaru the entire time not Tobi? How you ask? Black Zetsu don't bring up anything regarding the Ootsotski's outside of maybe Hagaromo, but if it's Madara a simple qoute from Black Zetsu is "My will is Orochimaru" Boom! you've got yourself a legit answer right there. 




9. Naruto and Sasuke's Final Fight 






The OVA itself from this gif alone says it all in terms of how things will be played out.  Since by this point the story would be more focused on stopping Sasuke as opposed to Saving Sasuke it'll have more weight given what you saw from Naruto's progression as a character. Coming to the realization that Sasuke is going to do what he believes is the right cause, and ultimately being the one who puts an end to his shenanigans. Not necessarily kill him, but put him in his place once and for all after everything that's happened. 








So what do you thinks would be done in terms of Rewriting  the entirety of Naruto Part II?

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Posted 12 May 2018 - 08:15 AM

I agree with most of your post.
There's something i think could improve.

At the start of part 1, Give Naruto wind element Jutsu and already rasenshuriken. That Jutsu could/should be a fuuin Jutsu or something else. But Naruto should learn fuinjutsu after print arc. Tone down his gayness toward Sasuke. Make him has more interaction with other character.

Make sakura learn genjutsu and one element ninjutsu, preferly water element. Improve her healing Jutsu so it Will be different from the other medic like give her healing range or more efficient. And last one give her slug Sage mode to "even" out Naruto and Sasuke.

Give Sasuke buff early on so there Will be no asspull. Make him learn 4 or 5 element. Increase his stat, give mangekyo sharingan buff to his body just like kurapika eye.

No kyubi tsundere. He muat remain evil.

No war arc between Akatsuki. War arc should be between country.

Make Naruto and Sasuke figh 2 Times in part 2.

More action.

More villain so the like of sakura and other character Van get screen fight.

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Posted 20 May 2018 - 04:43 PM

I more or less agree with most of this; Part II had a lot of wasted opportunities.


Slowly working on a Naruto Reboot of my own, I've been making plans to change quite a few things:


1) Spread out Naruto's friends across the nations


I think this works into your world-building point; it kind of bothered me that the series made a big deal of having at least 4 other major ninja nations yet all of the focus was on Konoha/Fire Country. I think the way Kishimoto approached his world building is also why his characterization became as uneven as it did. He couldn't develop the Konoha 11 without sacrificing developing the world, and vice versa. I think this way you could have arcs that focus on certain parts of the world, put the spotlight on one group of characters without sacrificing Naruto or Team 7.


2) Keep Orochimaru in Akatsuki

For Orochimaru, this was something of a moot point to bring up how he was driven out of Akatsuki. Why not keep him in? This would help with consolidating most of the main villains into a single organization and not throw a bunch of subplots in the mix to detract from the main plot.


3) Make it Uzumaki vs Uchiha rather than Senju vs Uchiha

I've a feeling this is something that Kishimoto didn't think all the way through. He had to parallel Harashima and Madara with Naruto and Sasuke, and then when he made the conflict Senju vs Uchiha over generations, he just made Naruto the wild card that destroyed that mythology. So, he came up with the Uzumakis and said "They're relatives of the Senju, so it counts!" Yeah, and the Hyuuga were cousins of the Uchiha, but they still didn't matter. Again, let's keep it simple and just have the Uzumakis matter.


4) Detail Team 7's training.

This was a missed opportunity for the main characters. We could have seen them develop while learning and bond with their mentors (well, maybe not Sasuke, but it would have been interesting).


5) More diversity of techinques

The only character who fulfills this, again, is Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura's abilities were centered around one thing. That's fine to a degree, but we need to be more creative. We should have a diverse set of techniques centered around the personality of the characters. I'm thinking video game characters like Dante, Ryu Hayabusa and Bayonneta, who each have a wide assortment of abilities that tie in with their heritage. Something akin to that.


6) Madara is the main antagonist (besides Sasuke)

I think it's as you said, have a central antagonist. I recall seeing a sketch of the Naruto villains, showing how one was the puppet master of the other. No more hidden villains, but you can surprise readers in HOW you reveal them.


I've got some other ideas, but I think these would be the most important issues I'm trying to address.

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Posted 06 June 2018 - 04:01 PM

don't kill my best guy jiraiya and i'll be happy. I still miss him.


edit: i would also love more Tsunade/Naruto bonding moments. 

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