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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 34

19 April 2019 - 09:30 PM

Oh joy it is here again.


Summary time: Chapter 34: Training. So, probably Naruto is now going to train both Nail and Bolt, while they rest of the cast other then the daughter is unimportant.


Huh for one no mention of the super popular 'X.' The cover is them with their tattoos activated....I don't want to describe how kitten they look:



Mustard is unconscious. Naruto wanted to capture her but she self-destructed. Bolt was confused by the idea of capturing people for more information, and Nail tries to talk up how edgy & dangerous Kara are. The drone from her back goes to Barbarian hair. He mention that their leader is clearly stronger than Naruto from what he has seen, and is deciding to use Bolt to unlock the true power of their tattoo. 


In the hospitable Sleazy inventor continues to act as the medic of the group,examines  Nail's arm which he can't restore, but they decided to give him the experimental arm Naruto was test during his spar with Bolt at the being of the Ao arc...Naruto has a weirdly shaped face this entire chapter. Bolt talks up the arm, Nail makes a joke about removing Bolt's right arm to get rid of the seal, Bolt freaks out, and everyone laughs.


Cut to a secret base where the scientist guy who help the Leader of Kara with his experiments see Mustard's drone. Turns out Mustard is a cyborg with multiple bodies:


She wakes off pissed. Goes storming off, and gets teased by Blacksmith's Hologram. Then we meet another member of Kara some werido with a metal brace holding their face together. They and their leader talk about what you expect: she was suppose to retrieve nail, she got beaten up, Barbarian hair doings, and Bolt has a karma seal. Turns out the effeminate one from the movie has turn Bolt into his vessel.


Back to Naruto's home; Nail thanks Naruto. They talk. Naruto again compares himself to Nail. Naruto agrees to take on Nail as his student.


The kids then hang out by buying cards. Nail gets the fourth hokage on his first pack. Fat filler thinks Nail is dreamy...so again she looks like a fat dark skinned Ino. Nail and Bolt trade cards, and it turns out in ever pack Bolt has ever open up he only gets his father's card as the rare card...OK. While Bolt celebrates having some card other then his fathers, Nail looks at Naruto's card with 'meaning', and Salad notices. Then he works on fixing the daughter's vase. Then a montage of him training with Naruto, hanging out with Bolt's friends, and fixing the vase occurs. He nearly fixes the vase...and then this happens:




Well more has happened in this chapter then any of the others so I will give it that.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 33

22 March 2019 - 07:20 AM

4000th post, been here little under 4 years (roughly two weeks from now) been through some highs since then, been through some lows, and in all that time; Boruto has never impressed me in any complimentary way.


Summary Time: Chapter 33 Breaking the Limit. What, is it finally going to break my limit of tolerating this manga?


Cover page is Naruto in his Demon Sage form advancing towards the reader (think those cover for shooters a few years back) with the words, "I'll Crush You," on the side. Promotions of both its "super popular" anime and seventh volume...Whelp I was right...This is the climax of the fight with Mustard which means it probably going to end this chapter. Three month long fight. The other manga on this magazine have gone through 12 issues since this fight has started.


So, it starts off from last time where everyone is circled around the injured Nail; who still hasn't bother to grow back his arm yet. Mustard get angry wondering what he is doing. Ranting about how his body belong to Kara. Oh The leader name is Jigen in case I haven't mentioned that. She was stupid enough to let that slip in front of Naruto. They have more back and forth with Naruto getting angry about her treating Nail like he an object, and she mentioning he'll be dead soon anyways.


7 pages of them fighting each other that look like they are from Dragonball; mainly do to the fact they are just punching and kicking each other but also this image:12.jpg

As you can see Bolt is shocked how mad Naruto is. Also, Naruto is apparently running out of gas...What is up with his hands? Wait, those are bandages, right. I forgot. He brings up that stupid threat from three months ago. He approaches her. She tries to blast him at point-blank range. He block with a Odama Rasengan. She absorbs it...Oh good god. Sigh. So, he creates a Chou Odama Rasengan...A Super Giant Rasengan. So, does anyone remember the old complaint of, "two and a half years of training with Jiraiya, and all he had to show for it was a larger rasengan." Well, now its; "fifteen years since the fourth great ninja war along with becoming hokage, and all he has to show for it in terms of training is an even bigger rasengan."




So they have a power struggle to see who will win out. Will she absorb it or will he hit her with it? Then again, he could just make a clone at this point and hit her from the back? Well, any way Naruto wins the struggle because it overloaded her eye. Then he hits her with...oh god damn it. A Chou Chou Odama Rasengan. A Super Super Giant Rasengan.




This may actually be breaking my limit. She is knocked out. Battle over. Next one is on 4/22.


Edit side note: I think Jiraiya made the Super Giant Rasengan that he used in his sage mode. Which was a way to show how powerful one gets from using the sage mode. So, Naruto likely made the Super Super Giant Rasengan. Not that its important.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 32

22 February 2019 - 08:32 PM

Summary Time: Chapter 32 A Sense of Duty. Still can't find the second week of their volume seven's sales.


I wonder if these colored cover pages' cost are being returned through people actually buying this issue to read this series or is it just a money sink? "The Climax" the cover says of this boring two chapter/month battle. It has Naruto in Kurama mode facing off against Mustard on some grid.


They start out clashing; this goes on for several pages...Oh look Naruto can use lava release...he still has the abilities he got from gaining the chakra of the other tailed beast. He uses it to create a lava rasengan shuriken...That seem kind of inefficient. The wind one worked because its maximized cutting power. Lava, he's just throwing out super heated rock with spinning chakra blades on the side. Also it's kind of lazy they couldn't think up another attack. It manages to blow off her legs, which she instantly restores because of course they would never let battle damage like that stick.


After ten or so pages of this in a forty page chapter. We get some commentary from the kids in the peanut gallery. Bolt wants to get involved. Nail tells him not to because he will just get in the way. Apparently, Naruto is in complete control of the battle now according to Nail. If fact, he is so strong, he will win no matter what as long as no one interferes...where is barbarian hair again?


She has eye lasers; Nail explains why that attack is dangerous. More fighting. Naruto gets kicked in the stomach; so, bolt decides to intervene. Her drone can see Bolt's invisible rasengan...wait it really is just invisible not dispersed but still maintains it power for a distance...god that's stupid. She adsorbs it. Goes after the kids. Then Mustard to uses the daughter as a way to attack Naruto with those eye beams, by forcing him to take the blast for her. Nail blocks it.


For protecting the daughter, this has now made Bolt and Nail even, and the flower vase is a thing of the past... this is stupid as it is dull. Just to remind everyone, this battle will at-least take three chapters. That's 3 months. That is 12-15 chapters in a weekly series. By the time this fight is done; it will have gone on longer then Naruto and Sasuke final battle among others.


3/25 is the next chapter.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 31

26 January 2019 - 04:26 AM

Summary time: Chapter 31. Monster. They inform us that Nail will be on the next volume cover...Who cares? It will be out 2/4. Well at least we get to see if they'll lose another 30,000 in sales again. 


No "Cover Page" this time. Instead it starts off where the last one finished. Mustard is confronting Naruto, and the kids. They have some back, and forth. You can honestly guess what the dialogue is; even half assed you'd probably be correct. They fight. She has some eye power the absorbs chakra attacks; yet another eye power. They are implants though not kekki genkai. Ok their over-use of the term "Scientific Ninja Tools" for any of their new tech instead of coming up with other phrases makes it hard to take any of the dialogue seriously. Naruto activates his Chakra form. Her transforming wood legs manage to stab Naruto. Bolt tries to get into the fight. She threatens him. Naruto gives this threat back, "Don't lay a single finger on those kids, because you'll be paying for it until you die." Wow, I hope that was just a bad translation. Naruto is defeated. While he is on the ground he says that he included Nail when he was talking about the kids. You should all be touch by this. Be touch as the writer wants you to be. He tries to get some information by trying to getting Mustard to gloat while he is down. However, mustard instead does this:




He was faking it but god this fight tries to make him come off as cool. He just comes off as pathetic. They both go all out. One can tell this by their dragonball aura's that surrounds the both of them. She can call back attacks she absorbed...and that's the end of the chapter. With Bolt being in awe of how great this fight is...Where did I put the booze again?
Oh right. The reason this chapter title is called "monster" is Mustard and Naruto kept calling each-other such.
Next chapter 2/25.
So does anyone think this was worth a month's wait?
Like I said last month when Ike said this year will have more battles; "As for battles; if their one thing that drags this story out more then attempts at character building; its the battles."

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 30

21 December 2018 - 02:13 AM

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. We are now on month 30 of this manga. Which means this manga has been going on for at least two and a half years. I just want people to think of both on how far most manga normally are by that point, and how far its contemporaries have also gotten in that time.


Summary time: Chapter 30 confrontation. Oh Yeehaw y'all Barbarian hair will fight...maybe.


Well, I still haven't figured out a name for this...girl? woman? But the excessive amount of yellow I now feel must be part of it.




So, Nail is fixing the bloody vase while the daughter watches...god her design is crap. Oh course the daughter points out that this is unnecessary, and she has already forgiven him; making this stipulation by Bolt even more pointless. Monthly manga with a weekly anime nipping at its heels everyone. Bolt finally does something his mother would do; ease-dropping on their conversation in the hallway. Oh and Barbarian hair used his toad -that would stand out if anyone would notice- to spy on them. He is shocked that Nail isn't confined somewhere, and decides to wait. The problem is....Mustard is losing her patients, and uses....a drone from her back.


Bolt decides to butt-in and lecture Nail about giving up. When the person he suppose to be upset for said she is over it. Bolt decides that he want to learn about the seal. They get into a spat started by Nail even though this is exactly what he wants. They start sparring... god the tribal tattoo design still look stupid. They fight...god could they show this girl less her design is awful. Nail's body has been modified which he uses in the spar. wants to test out Bolt's absorption with a hand blast but... that arm looks stupid...I'm starting to feel that a lot of this would just be me showing how bad this stuff looks, But not for this one. Bolt gets pissy because his hand got burnt from the blast. They do that stupid seal thing..and only Boruto sees a vision one of those kaguya relatives (ootsutsuki momoshiki) which causes the seal to do...something? Oh his wounds healed great now it added regenerative abilities to this stupid power up. What next?


So Mustard's drone find them so she split her legs into jet engines to quickly fly over to them...*sigh* (Moving on.) Quickly being noticed by Ino who informs Naruto. She arrives...does her face look like child's for some reason to anyone else?




Next chapter out on 1/28. So two and a half years and this is what they have so far.