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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 31

26 January 2019 - 04:26 AM

Summary time: Chapter 31. Monster. They inform us that Nail will be on the next volume cover...Who cares? It will be out 2/4. Well at least we get to see if they'll lose another 30,000 in sales again. 


No "Cover Page" this time. Instead it starts off where the last one finished. Mustard is confronting Naruto, and the kids. They have some back, and forth. You can honestly guess what the dialogue is; even half assed you'd probably be correct. They fight. She has some eye power the absorbs chakra attacks; yet another eye power. They are implants though not kekki genkai. Ok their over-use of the term "Scientific Ninja Tools" for any of their new tech instead of coming up with other phrases makes it hard to take any of the dialogue seriously. Naruto activates his Chakra form. Her transforming wood legs manage to stab Naruto. Bolt tries to get into the fight. She threatens him. Naruto gives this threat back, "Don't lay a single finger on those kids, because you'll be paying for it until you die." Wow, I hope that was just a bad translation. Naruto is defeated. While he is on the ground he says that he included Nail when he was talking about the kids. You should all be touch by this. Be touch as the writer wants you to be. He tries to get some information by trying to getting Mustard to gloat while he is down. However, mustard instead does this:




He was faking it but god this fight tries to make him come off as cool. He just comes off as pathetic. They both go all out. One can tell this by their dragonball aura's that surrounds the both of them. She can call back attacks she absorbed...and that's the end of the chapter. With Bolt being in awe of how great this fight is...Where did I put the booze again?
Oh right. The reason this chapter title is called "monster" is Mustard and Naruto kept calling each-other such.
Next chapter 2/25.
So does anyone think this was worth a month's wait?
Like I said last month when Ike said this year will have more battles; "As for battles; if their one thing that drags this story out more then attempts at character building; its the battles."

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 30

21 December 2018 - 02:13 AM

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. We are now on month 30 of this manga. Which means this manga has been going on for at least two and a half years. I just want people to think of both on how far most manga normally are by that point, and how far its contemporaries have also gotten in that time.


Summary time: Chapter 30 confrontation. Oh Yeehaw y'all Barbarian hair will fight...maybe.


Well, I still haven't figured out a name for this...girl? woman? But the excessive amount of yellow I now feel must be part of it.




So, Nail is fixing the bloody vase while the daughter watches...god her design is crap. Oh course the daughter points out that this is unnecessary, and she has already forgiven him; making this stipulation by Bolt even more pointless. Monthly manga with a weekly anime nipping at its heels everyone. Bolt finally does something his mother would do; ease-dropping on their conversation in the hallway. Oh and Barbarian hair used his toad -that would stand out if anyone would notice- to spy on them. He is shocked that Nail isn't confined somewhere, and decides to wait. The problem is....Mustard is losing her patients, and uses....a drone from her back.


Bolt decides to butt-in and lecture Nail about giving up. When the person he suppose to be upset for said she is over it. Bolt decides that he want to learn about the seal. They get into a spat started by Nail even though this is exactly what he wants. They start sparring... god the tribal tattoo design still look stupid. They fight...god could they show this girl less her design is awful. Nail's body has been modified which he uses in the spar. wants to test out Bolt's absorption with a hand blast but... that arm looks stupid...I'm starting to feel that a lot of this would just be me showing how bad this stuff looks, But not for this one. Bolt gets pissy because his hand got burnt from the blast. They do that stupid seal thing..and only Boruto sees a vision one of those kaguya relatives (ootsutsuki momoshiki) which causes the seal to do...something? Oh his wounds healed great now it added regenerative abilities to this stupid power up. What next?


So Mustard's drone find them so she split her legs into jet engines to quickly fly over to them...*sigh* (Moving on.) Quickly being noticed by Ino who informs Naruto. She arrives...does her face look like child's for some reason to anyone else?




Next chapter out on 1/28. So two and a half years and this is what they have so far.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 29

24 November 2018 - 01:35 AM

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday everyone. Now, here is something to ruin it.


Summary Time: Chapter 29: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu...Naruto going to teach Nail that move isn't he? 


The cover is Nail with his seal going off looking like a jack ass. That Boy...Spells Trouble the cover says. Kishimoto still credited as the editor despite someone else doing the actual work. The rest of the cover is going on and on about how popular Boruto is. Well, seeing the sale for the latest volume, I increasingly doubt that.


Barbarian hair infiltrates the village undetected. The female member (her name is delta) wonders how he was able to do this. He calls out another evil toad.


Back to Nail we see him starring at his vase, thinking about Bolt's deal. Naruto comes in and asked Bolt if he wants to train. You know spend time with him? The thing Bolt's been kittening about for over four years now! He tries playing it cool because he playing that video game...no wait it looks like Mario...moving on. The daughter pops in for a second... to say nothing of importance. Naruto invites  Nail to join. No. Sorry, watch it seem, along with the daughter. After a few wasted panels of Naruto and Bolt sparing Nail orders him to use Karma so they can figure out more about it in a safe environment. Since, their seals are connected he forces Bolt to use it. Apparently it both adsorbs chakra, and enhances a person physical abilities. God, the daughter looks awful. Naruto seems shocked by how strong it made Bolt, and after another few pages of sparing they do that finger shake thing that leaf ninjas supposedly do after sparing. Nail has a flashback to karma's leader beating the kitten out of him. The boss goes on and on about hollowness how karma will fill him, complete him yada yada.


Then Nail sits in Naruto's study and asks about Bolt. Naruto gives a lecture about the connective power of chakra. Nail wants to learn the shadow clone so he could punch himself when he frustrated with himself. Naruto says Nail just like him when he was a kid, and suggest he get himself a rival...for kitten sake they mess up the picture:038.png

I do like that the photos are Naurto and Gaara as kages, Konohamaru disguise as Naruto becoming hokage, and the team 7 picture. Also friends and rivals are not the same thing. And in the end after Naruto's speech Nail starts working on the vase, and barbarian hair found him.


And the ending credits mention that the next chapter will be out 12/22, and that every one of their volumes have been super popular since their release.


Again, this is too slow for a monthly manga.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 28

20 October 2018 - 01:47 AM

Summary Time: Flower. ...Well they got a colored cover again...Kind of wish they didn't. Also they haven't change their time slot for once. Oh volume six is actually the conclusion of the Ao arc.


The cover is Salad sitting on a bench. I don't have the image posted so I don't have to stare at it while typing this. So, with that in mind; lets talk about Loli/Shouto first. From what I understand recently is what Japanese call their pedophiles, and like Otaku this is not a positive term. Sure like Otaku in manga they are treated as wacky people, but that's because they are generally written by Loli themselves trying to defend their interest in little cartoon girl. The rest of Japan from what I understand like them as much as most countries like pedophiles. The stuff is made because there is a market for it, again the people that make them are loli fans writing for other loli fans and better 2-D girls then actual little girls. Now normally they try to play up the child innocence while trying to sexual children. Ikemoto just straight up sexualize  Salad. She is just sitting on a bench innocent enough, but that outfit as well as her posing is incredibly sexualize. The outfit has the length of a clubbing dress you know the ones where the woman wears it to show off how hot she is while dancing, and will rarely sit down because the dress will just ride up if you make one mistake sitting down. Then you have Salad having one leg slightly raise which because of her dress means you be seeing everything if that arm wasn't in the way. The arm takes the place of that strategically place tassel from that image a few months ago preventing the audience from seeing what they are only just blocking; Salad's panties. From what I understand Japan they sexulaize panties because they really like the idea that their only a thin cloth under a skirt that prevents them from seeing what's underneath. 


Beyond that she is just causally sitting on the bench which again is to address a complaint people had against Sakura. People didn't consider her attractive. So this image say that Salad is so hot that even causally sitting is sexy.


Now that image:




OK. The actual chapter starts with Naruto and Nail walking the village, which actually looks nice, Naruto still looks off. They almost instantly meet Salad who Naruto is very happy to see. she asks what's he doing walking around the village, he says he is on a mission, and that Nail will be accompanied by Naruto at all times. Naruto being chummy  decides to buy a snack for Nail. Salad recommend one flavor, and he goes with another which irritates her. he likes the snack he apparently never had it before and is devouring it. Salad seeing that he enjoying it ask if she could have a bite because she never tried that flavor before. He act like a jackass.


A kid bumps into him while playing, and he attack him with his tree arm which is thankfully stopped by Naruto. After checking on the kids Salad again act like her mother, and chews Nail out for it. Naruto is taking Nail to Ino's flower shop. Shockingly Ino almost looks good in art style compared to most of the other characters from Naruto. Then again he barely changed anything other then adding the face details he add to all his females...such as apparently reducing her breast size. He order Nail to pick out a flower vase, as well as ask for Ino help from the sensory division to help keep an eye on Nail & Kara. Salad & Nail continue to bicker, and every once in a while Naruto steps in to lecture him; I suspect this will happen throughout the rest of the chapter as it has so far. Nail picks a vase that goes will with the dinning room.




Is it weird that she still looks and dress like she did when she was 15 when she is now easily twice that age?


Ino decides to give the vase flowers for free. However this triggers Nail into remembering the pot, tubes, and the kara leader. Which causes him to drop the vase. Naruto feeling empathy for this boy suffering after vase dropping give him a hug, and assure him that he is safe.




When they leave Ino calls him a Ikemen (a man who has a full set of desirable qualities: charming, handsome, stylish, and cool.) So the idea he is this generation Sasuke increases. Salad leaves the two, but not before tell Nail that she is planning to become hokage, and if he needs help all he has to do is ask.


Bolt is back home, when they come home. He see the new vase, and decides to give him a chance if he glues the old vase back together.


Ah those two from Kara for the last few pages. Ino leads the Sensory Division. They are the guys in charge of that Barrier from the Pein arc that alerts them if anyone enters the village. Barbarian hair hint again that he is from the leaf village as after informing the woman about the barrier he leaps onto the wall.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 27

21 September 2018 - 04:45 AM

Summary Time: Oh for once there is not a color cover for a chapter. Volume 6 comes out 10/4, and on 10/7 the anime will be moving to a Sunday time slot at 5:30 pm. The Naruto franchise has finally made it to Sunday. "The Breakdown of Negotiations." So, some spat between Bolt and Nail living together, and if some old lonely ladies actually fantatsize about those two being together this might interest someone.


So the chapter start out with Hinata, and the daughter throwing away the broken vase from last chapter. God this art style makes them look awful. Oh the broken vase was covered in sunflowers I think that what the girls name means. Bolt wakes up in the morning needing to pee. While walking to the bathroom he sees Nail. They glare at each other. God there not even any background in those why can he focus on not making his main characters not look like crap? When he does draw back for reference it the same stuff you would see from Naruto. Oh I think both pajamas have the hyuuga clan symbol on the back of them.


Oh you got to be kidding me.


OK. So bolt strikes up a conversation with nail in order to over who get to use the bathroom first. IE Himself. This leads to another spat. But turns out Naruto was using the bathroom, and tell them to just use the wall behind the house.


After they are done pissing they fight...without washing their hands. Their tattoos act up, Naruto has to make a shadow clone in order to break up the fight, and we get an image of Naruto on the can...this is a monthly manga that has a weekly anime nipping at its heels right?


So then they eat breakfast. Naruto and Bolt argue over him putting too much salt on his eggs. Hinata sides with Naruto of course, and Bolt wonders why his dad hasn't left yet..obviously to keep an eye on Nail the strange boy you brought back to the village.


After breakfast Nail asks where Bolt got his tattoo. He tells him, and then we get another flashback. Turns out that Kara child experiments had fatal risk, and by the time he wakes up their down to three. They don't notice he is awake so they monologue about what the point is of this experiment; to create a vessel. The main Kara guy is covered in seals that he pours into children. The children can't handle there seals died. He was actually telling this story to Bolt while Naruto eavesdropped. Nail's goal in to find away to remove his tattoo, and asks Bolt's help in removing both their seals. Oh for Pete's sake Bolt is still hanged up about the stupid flower vase why does he even care...*suddenly remembers that the daughter beat him to the point of nearly died which he then swore he would never up set her again out of fear.* That's some strong conditioning. The daughter doesn't even seem to care much about it.


So in order for him to work with Nail to remove a dangerous seal that is sought by an organization that's members are stronger then God apparently. Nail needs to get a new flower vase... Where the booze.