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#974185 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 15 August 2019 - 08:51 AM

Not to mention he would piss off the Bolt x Hinata clone fanbase and Pierrot themselves(whom also ship anything remotely NaruHina-esque) if he made Boruto gay or bi. This would also re-ignite the NaruSasu fanbase into re-examining their relationship and make the assertion that Naruto really was in love with Sasuke and Hinata was just a cover, which would piss NaruHina fans off. Likely, any potential LBGT characters that he may or may not introduce won't be the current characters but ones yet to appear in the manga. And like you said, the manga's pacing is so glacial and in decline in terms of sales that it's likely to be cancelled before anything truly develops and that's assuming that this isn't just lip service.

The only character that matters if he gay is Nail but all that does is make us go, "oh he is gay," and add a bit to his relationship/conflict with Bolt. But, again, look at the comments they ain't pairing Bolt/Nail -the character the writers care about because he is their creation- they are pairing Bolt/Cups -because he is in the anime and the fans they have left are more anime watcher then manga readers-.

#974133 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 13 August 2019 - 09:44 AM

Here is another thing that happens from the new Sasuke novel,

Apparently he has addressed that one of his biggest regrets was the way he treated Sakura throughout part 1 and practically all of Part 2.

I mean wow.... I would say that's a sign of development for his character, but I don't believe that justifies everything that happened during that time frame cause too little too late buddy!

....HAHAHAHAHAHA...God that is both pathetic, and something to be expected. This is just another attempt to try solving one of the problems there antics caused to the story in the first place. 


Wait. He is apologizing for the stuff that happen during Naruto but has he apologized or feel guilt for the stuff that happened during their "marriage?" You know, the whole not visiting for 12 years -despite according to anime popping back into the village every few weeks- basically leaving her to be a single mother for their daughter?

Really?! In order to justify SS as a legit pairing, you finally made Sasuke regret and apologize to Sakura for the way he treated her after HOW MANY YEARS?!!!! Very ridiculous and down right pathetic.

I do wonder what brought this on. Yes, they need to pander to SS to keep the light on, but what brought this on. Have the complaint against how awfully abusive SS is gotten so bad they feel that have to address it?


"See? Sasuke says 'sorry' so that means you can all shut up about SS not working from now on!"

...is the message I'm getting from that crap.

The thing is no matter how much they try to add to the paring, how many story the create, or how many excuse or justification they make; they will all ring hollow because, they are not the original creator.


Nothing, they can write can ever truly wash away one of the last memorable events of the plot in the manga was Sasuke's rant against SS. Where he goes off about how he doesn't like Sakura, he doesn't understand what she see in himself, thinks she is delusional for ever thinking that he could having feeling for her and the fact that she has been pinning over him for so long despite everything he done. That one of the last thing in the manga and the only time Sasuke ever gives his feeling towards Sakura beyond either thinking her as just a teammate or an annoyance. That means that can be seen as Kishimoto giving his opinion of the pairing before forced to go through with it due to demand from the higher up. They can never get rid of that possible impression. Which is not help by Salad's gaiden which shows that SS is a complete mess.


Though they try and this novel is just their latest attempt.


...Out of general curiosity will the light novel go into detail about, "what Sasuke actually likes about Sakura?" That would actually help SS more then a thousand apologies.

#973898 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 01 August 2019 - 10:30 AM

Team 8 in general wasn't involved in a majority of the arcs (only Team 10 and Team Gai really) to where they needed to make an anime-original filler arc for them to participate in (and Hinatatas still a useless damsel in it, while Shino is made the butt of "always ignored" jokes). The times that any member of Team 8 is involved, it's in a very minor role, like Hinatatas was only along in chasing down Sasuke for her Byakugan, not for her "fighting skills".

The joke about Team 8 was always how irrelevant & forgettable they were; all of them were to the point even the teacher became a satellite character to someone on another team. Hinata was also apart of that joke until the new editors were her fans, who planned on making her the heroine, and after 6-7 years they succeeded; at the cost of the manga success.


They didn't read Naruto then. The impression I get is that so many of these people rewrote the series in their minds to suit their own whims. They looked at canon and walked away with fanfiction. There I said it.

They watched the first few episodes of the anime quickly hated Sakura, identified with Hinata, and felt she was entitled to have Naruto. They then created a narrative where she must be the true love interest of the manga which the story must revolve around. Ignore anything that contradicts this. The ending was confirmation to them that they were completely right about everything. That Hinata was the heroine all along, the entire time the story was truly about her, and those claims the this was a last minute decision must be fake.

What fans though? Those types of fans are not fans of the character at all they just created a fanatical cult around her as a sex symbol. They just vicariously put what they desire into Hinata and by extension Naruto because they ARE Naruto. You, James have just listed all the reasons they are not fans. You ask them what they like about Hinata, and they respond, "she is nice and always loved Naruto." This is where the fun for us starts though when we ask them questions. So Hinata is nice? But isn't she only nice to Naruto? Do you see her rescuing anyone other than Naruto, or taking a lethal for another person that is not Naruto? So that is a nice person? THEN THEY START STUTTERING. If not then they say that is how much she loves Naruto, then all we gotta do is ask the billion dollar question so if she is SO IN LOVE with Naruto, where is she when he is depressed or upset about something? Then they start to panic and make ups excuses like she wants to give him space but then we can counter others didn't they went to talk him out of being depressed and do something because moping is not him. Shikamaru for instance, or that biatch you all hate for her Sakuke obsession, Sakura.

Ultimately they can make all they excuses they want about Hinatas love for Naruto, but deep down they know as well as we do that Hinata is an irrelevance that has nothing going for her except her love for Naruto which is actually pretty shallow in the end. They can bring up pain confession as their safety net, but we can rip right through by asking Oh so why did Naruto ignore her confession for two years then? That's what their romance starting movie said. They just don't want to admit they only wanted Hinata to win just so Sakura would lose, but we all know Sakura has displayed all the traits of Loving Naruto that they WISHED HINATA had done.

Pretty much. Though those are more the girls that insert themselves into Hinata. The guys obsess over her breast, her submissiveness, her devotion to Naruto, and the evils of Sakura friend-zoning Naruto.

#973844 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 28 July 2019 - 11:10 PM

Well again the issue is not what she is classified as but that there are double standards 100% of the time with her. If Sakura was displaying the same behaviour they would call her a domestic abuser that should be locked up for instance, but that personality is all okay for Hinata.

Oh. Don't forget when the daughter knock her father out -possibly neutering him in the process- and proceeded to then hunt down Bolt beating him to the point of death in such a fashion that it instilled such a psychological fear that he swore never to defy her or make her upset ever again; all over a stuff toy? The most adorable thing you will every see in your life.

#973783 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 26 July 2019 - 02:24 PM

Honestly looking heck it seems the Chunin wasn't really that well planned out given how few people can pass it and the number of ninja kishimoto needed for the later half of the series

Remember very few things in Naruto were ever planned. The chunin exam was an excuse for a tournament arc with some added stuff so it could still be about the growth of the characters. To be honest, it always seemed that it would be better if the passing of the chunin exam was more a prestige thing than an actual requirement.

#973623 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 21 July 2019 - 06:19 PM

Looking back years, I can't even count how many NH (or Naruto in general) fanfics I had read with one or more of these...

- Naruto just suddenly finds out he has some hidden kekkei genkai.

- Naruto is treated like crap by literally everyone, except Hinatatas; even Hiruzen's kindness is just an act to control him and he's no different than Danzo.

- Kurama one day just decides to see Naruto like a son and trains him, or is female and confesses to Naruto who instantly reciprocates after a sob story.

- Hinatatas one day just decides to come out and confess to Naruto (with otherwise no change to her character, who would never do so under normal circumstances), and Naruto just instantly reciprocates her feelings.

- Minato and Kushina are still alive, but treat Naruto like crap for some reason, usually having a sibling who is given all the favoritism.

- Naruto is just abandoned at the Valley of the End after his fight with Sasuke and ends up trained by Itachi or some other super-powerful individual who just so happened to be passing through.

- Naruto is somehow sent back in time to before the main story and magically falls for Hinatatas after seeing her crush on him.

- Naruto just one day decides he's had enough and starts acting like an angry douchebag to people and suddenly starts owning everyone.

- Naruto reveals that he was always just acting, but was actually stronger than almost everyone; usually Hinatatas is in on it and they had a hidden relationship the whole time.

....and so on.

You forgot that they will constantly go on and on about how awful Sakura is, how Naruto for some reason can't remember how he could ever even stand her much less have feeling for her, justify that he never had feeling for Sakura to begin with, something about abuse being bad, and will ultimately culminate in Naruto killing her in a horrifically brutal manner, or rape her, or something else equally monstrous given in gruesome detail (clearly this act is seen as a good thing by the writer.) After that the story tends to peter out very quickly as you quickly realize that; that act was the true climax with the writer had been building towards in their fanfic, and once they did it they don't know what to do after that. So it just meanders on for a bit till they just drop it.

#973616 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 21 July 2019 - 08:04 AM

Because it would mean widespread mocking of Hinata, making her look absolutely pathetic. Her fans wouldn't like that, and since they seem to be the most vocal online it's stopped in it's tracks. A meme has to spread a particular interpretation after all, be it badass moments, silliness, or just mockery.


Let me give you an example. Orga from Gundam IBO is seen as a badass in America, so his death gets to people. In Japan though, they heavily disliked him because of how terrible a leader he was. So when he died and the show played up the tragedy (despite how he got himself into the mess), he became the Gundam equivalent of Yamcha. The mocking went viral, to the point he was voted the most popular character in the franchise in a later mega-poll because of it (while during the show's run, he wasn't showing up on Animage or Newtype polls).



It's actually the most well-known part of the show, leading more people to actually watch it.

While, I don't have any contacts in Japan. The general feel I got from them is the people that don't like the ending or the pairings they focus the blame on Naruto; if they have any hatred towards the characters. Hinata to many of them is a nobody. So, it is hard to hate her -if any of us have any hatred towards her it's generally because of and more directed to her fans- if all they know about her is she is the one that ended up with Naruto which again can point the hatred back to Naruto.


Can you put the answer to this in the gundam talks; "If they hate Orga that much what to they think of Fareed? The crazy char that convince himself that he only need a gundam to win."

I don't think it's just BOOBIES, after all the Hinata fanservice started before the timeskip. I think it stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the story.


See, a lot of weebs related to Naruto. They saw someone who, like them, was ostracized by their peers but wanted to prove all the nay-sayers wrong. That they were that awesome, and that everyone should bow to them. Almost like a chuuni fantasy before that entered the otaku dictionary.


But what they failed to understand was that Naruto was supposed to be an immature idiot, one who would only gain the respect of those around him through maturity and deeds. They also ignored that as an attention seeker, Naruto came off as hella annoying to others and caused problems for them via his pranks. Because to Naruto, the only way people will give him attention is when he's being a pain in the ass. Early Naruto has commendable traits, but isn't someone we should strive to be like.


He made his isolation worse is what I'm saying, but again they didn't want to see it like this. So when Sakura rejects him because she was a well-deserved low opinion of him after all the crap he's caused, it's like she's rejecting them as well. And then when they see Hinata pinning over him, they instantly latched onto her as someone who would accept them. No matter how immature they or Naruto are, her crush is obvious. And because they don't see Naruto's behavior as wrong, they don't get that Hinata's love isn't a good thing. That it's rewarding Naruto for being the obnoxious idiot he was initially, in addition to how Hinata doesn't believe in him. She's always the one who doubts him, from his match with Kiba to her believing he would die to Pein. It's either "throw in the towel" or "allowing her to confess before he dies". To Hinata, he will always be the proud failure, never acknowledging how far he's come and how much he surpasses her in ability.


Really, she looks down on him more than anything. But the story ended up siding with them despite the implications, and now Naruto is stuck in a marriage that only the most delusional believe is happy.

In part one, the support for Hinata came from sympathy and rooting for there underdog for the most part. It was time and those fans growing up that made the darker aspects form.


As you said, Naruto basic premise is a story about a lonely annoying pariah through hard work and self improvement rise through the ranks to be a beloved leader of his village/organization. But to the nH fans Naruto is a story of revenge and entitlement. Just look at how many of their fan fics that have Naruto destroys the village with some easily gained superpower.


True and why don't these people bother to care about why hinata continues to support naruto completely in his fight with kiba? even to the point where as he's being carried out on a stretcher she's still rooting for naruto?

That is incorrect. Though I get what you're trying to say.


Hinata at first during that fight didn't know who to support -her teammate or her crush- it wasn't until well into the fight did she slightly lean in support for Naruto, but by that point most of her friends were also somewhat supporting him. Also she gave medicine to both Kiba and Naruto.


What you really trying to ask is; "why do these people like the fact that Hinata seems to only care about Naruto and only focuses on him at the cost of ignoring everything else; for example how she behaved in her movie?" Because her fans want a woman that is that insanely devoted to them.

#973566 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 18 July 2019 - 08:33 AM

It is only hypothetical. I think we can admit that Naruto is nowhere as strong as Goku and even Goku has trouble with time manipulators. Also considering, adult Naruto is having trouble with even less minor things while kid Naruto seems a lot more powerful.

Naruto has let himself be "gone to rust" for years by the time Boruto starts, according to Kurama in the Salad gaiden, and everything else kind of confirms it. Well other then SP new excuse that he is permanently weak due to disease that couldn't even be cured by the power of SS's love in their upcoming filler arc. Besides that, other then maybe learning some unimportant jutsu over the past fifteen years? I suspect he is actually weaker then he was even before the fourth ninja war. What lets himself remain as one of the most powerful ninja in the world is his overuse of Kurama's powers to fight. 

#973521 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 16 July 2019 - 01:26 AM

Sasuke was essentially a proxy of his brother (which many suspect is the actual reason why Sasuke suffers no karmic retribution for his crimes and treatment towards others).

I also suspect that it part of the Shounen cliche of you don't have the protagonist kill people as much as let them die during battle due to other reasons. Kishimoto needing to justify why the entirety of part two was chasing after him which made kishi have to focus on him therefor become more interested in his story then everyone elses' story. Also the gay stuff could just be a misunderstand compared to the fact that most people don't have a twin like he does, and also some people desire for every man in media to be gay.


Though Sasuke -like you said- being some aspect of his brother is why he does suffer no real consequences. It also part of the reason I suspect why he hates SS; would you want to write about your wife have sex with your twin brother? 

#973519 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 16 July 2019 - 12:13 AM

This story is actually a Kishi Self Insert story. Kishi portrayed himself as Sasuke. He did say his wife was like Sakura. There was no way he was gonna let Naruto steal his wife-alike. lmao

...What are you talking about? Naruto was Kishi's "insert." Sasuke was an amalgamation of several people but primarily his twin brother. Sakura is his wife, and Karin is likely his sister in law. That was implied through interviews, the fact that Kishi doesn't like SS calling it both toxic and cliche, his wife being upset about NS not happening, 666 Satan, and so on.

#973504 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 14 July 2019 - 08:14 AM

Since, they have been making light novels into the anime filler arc or vice versa; I'm just going to assume that's the mission Sasuke and Sakura are going on to find the cure for the disease that will justify why Naruto will be killed by Nail later on. So like I said when we first found out in the anime discussion one its an attempt to try to justify how Naruto's going to be killed by Nail/Kara eventually, but more importantly its to appease the SS fans due to the fact they haven't done any for them in awhile and they need to appease them to keep the lights on.


They abandon everything for the nH/SS pairing, so they have nothing left but romance.

#973440 Gundam talk

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 09 July 2019 - 11:24 AM

To be honest, after re-watching some Gundam shows IBO just seem like its trying to be a new gritty take on the formula or trying to deconstruct it in some ways.


"Humanity has moved into space, the governing system of the world is a corrupt failing apart mess, the world is on the brink of war if not already, and the most vital weapons in this war are mobile suits. In comes a young teenage boy -who is either a moody brat or a child soldier- whose world is up-ended by the conflict is thrown into a super prototype mobile suit -often with an advance system installed in it- called a GUNDAM.  Because this prototype mobile suit has caught the eye of the aggressors of the conflict; that want to destroy it. To survive the war he must join the other side of the conflict often the corrupt government under the command of a young inexperience ship Captain -who will often slap him when the character get too moody- with his friends who are most often useless tag-alongs. One of which will like be a childhood friend who has strong feeling for the pilot. There will also eventually be a princess the joins up with the crew at one point, she is often utterly idealist, she opposes the war, wants peace to be restored to the world, change the corrupt system through talking it out (while sending the GUNDAM after anyone who disagrees with her), and is disgusted that the pilot pilots such a deadly weapon to the point she calls him a monster with no feelings yet is also aroused by said pilot killing thousands in her name. Eventually, it is discovered the GUNDAM pilot is an new breed of human that have special abilities that allow them to pilot mobile suits better, also have some metaphysical aspect that tie into the anti-war theme of Gundam. As the GUNDAM pilot by that point will have gotten sick of the killing and instead of simply fighting for survival will instead fight to end the war. The villains will have several different archetypes but the most important ones are the power hungry dictator that rules the antagonists and the masked rival with a hidden agenda."


The setting: There was a war three hundred years ago that nearly destroyed humanity, but were saved by Gundam pilots who descendants have been ruling ever since in a corrupt decadent aristocracy. Currently? There is no war. As while the ruling government is corrupt causing the regular people to live in a hellhole. The ruling factions are content and have no desire for a war to break out, or at least one they cannot control. At best there are petty conflicts as the different organization vie for more control. As such the good guys are not an army of a government/Resistance Fighters like in other Gundam stories but instead a PMC. The gundam is not a prototypes but are ancient artifacts from 300 years ago, its advance system the AV which allows the pilot to merge with the mobile suit, but must be installed at a young age. So to get pilots for mobile suits you have to implant them in children leading to kidnapping of children by less scrupulous organizations that then treat them as non-human.


So the main characters are part of Tekkadan a rouge group of child soldiers that have taken over their old PMC, they live on Mars, and the Gundams they find are lost artifacts they cobble into working weapons. The antagonist is Gjallarhorn the organization that more or less rules humanity founded by the original Gundam pilots that are now an aristocracy.


Mika is the main gundam pilot in the same vein of the emotionless child soldier like from Gundam 00 and Wing. Unlike them however is he wasn't trained to lose his emotion by someone; he instead forces himself to be like that so he can be the best weapon he can for his best friend Orga's plans; to the point he willing to tap into the gundam at the cost of the feeling in his body for power to fulfill his commands. Which leads to at least one moment of crisis when he realizes that Orga has been playing it by ear and hasn't had a plan all along. Though for me he is still boring to watch.


Orga is the inexperience captain that is put in charge of the gundam. Except he is not in the military, he usurpers his position, and he is friends with the gundam pilot instead of being stranger force to work together. So instead of being given commands by some sort of higher up, he has to make them, and the responsibility weigh on him; especially when he has to keep sending out his best friend who slowly gives his body over to the gundam to fulfill his commands. As well as the fact that the crew he command consist entirely of his close friends that he realizes half way in the first season are his family. So he is pushed to keep them safe as well as to try and give them a better life by the end of it. With Mika pushing him even further. He comes up with good plans but he often fighting people with not a lot of combat experience.


Kudelia is the idealist sheltered princess who want to help change the world. Which makes her a pawn to powerful people that initially wanted to use her as a martyr for a controlled revolution to jack up prices, and deal with complaints about worker rights. she survive the assassination attempt as well as the story, but becomes a lot more pragmatic in how she tries to improve the world.


Fareed is a char that became so impressed with the gundam's power he decided to solely rely on them for his schemes. Eventually abandoning or losing his status, powerful friends, military power, intelligence, and sanity all because he believe the Gundam would be his instant win button.


Gaelio is sort of the char in the second season but he is more "what if Garma have lived after Char betrayed him," he would ruin all Char's plots.


Rustal is the evil dictator that is actually completely sane, and knows who to use his resources.


Beyond the standard messages a Gundam anime series ask; to me the main question the anime presents is: Can you win a war with only gundams?


The first season is yes, since honestly Tekkadan are pretty much breezing through it. Though that is because they have no enemies that are competent enough to defeat them. Gjallahorn members were either incompetent, unwilling to go all out against children, or Fareed was undermining them. They quickly fall under the protection of the only force that was a threat to them the space mafia. Beyond that one band of space pirates but only because they had a gundam. So, with everyone except the grunts in Gale horn helping them along they were able to win, and so were their sponsors. Then comes season two. Where they have flourish so much they have no become a nuisance to some of the power-players. Not only that, but they have become ambitious and decided to join up with Fareed on the deal that they would rule Mars once he won. Then throughout the season they lose the support they had from the last season till they are only left with Fareed...and his insane plan of getting himself a gundam to win. When they try backing out it too late and they are destroyed by someone that's actually competent. Though most of them that survived their PMC destruction were able to find happy lives where the weren't forced to fight, their apparent goal all along, which to me sort of states that if Tekkadan had disbanded after season one they would have been fine; it was their ambition that destroyed them.


Overall, its fine not the best of the Gundam anime I've seen so far. But it's not a standard Gundam anime, and treating it as such was a major problem based on the comments about it so far here and else where. Also the idea of a melee focus gundam series was interesting.

#973415 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 06 July 2019 - 04:09 AM

This i think was may in part due to Boruto losing numbers, but less due to the clowns horrible pacing or having no plot. This seems more to assure people(shueshia/SP/TVTokyo) that they still have an audience willing to pay. Again, they're asking for about $47,000 that is not that much money; Especially for any investment -that about the price of some cars or a house-. Also, it pretty much will only be running through July. Also it focuses on the American/English-Speaking audience.


To me this say one thing: We still have an audience.


My guess is a few months ago some of the companies were looking at the numbers and were seeing that Boruto was not pulling in the numbers they wanted; especially internationally. Their may have been suggestion to lessen funding for Boruto projects; which would eventually lead to cancelling if the numbers got too low. This project was already coming down the pipe but was probably in danger of being cancelled. So, to convince them not to cancel it and to continue to support Boruto because they do have an international fanbase; they came up with this funding PR scheme. They were given a month to do it. If it succeed they hope it will convince the companies to not start cutting Boruto projects, or at least not as many as they are planning. If it fail it would prove the executives' worries and further cuts will probably happen.


The manga already been moved planned all along or not. The anime had to keep moving to find an audience till SP settled it on Sunday. That Boruto game was a flop. There have been no movies like with Naruto...have their even been any OVAs? The Boruto movie was more the last gasp of the Naruto franchise before becoming Boruto completely. I don't know about the light novels; I hope they are under-performing but i don't know.

#973412 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 06 July 2019 - 02:10 AM

You got to be kidding me:



"Progress Technologies launched a Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday to fund an eBook version of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga.


The campaign aims to publish the entire manga (all 72 volumes plus the one Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring manga volume) in English on a device Progress Technologies calls an "eOneBook." The device has a high resolution display inside that allows readers to browse through the whole manga. The display is sandwiched between physical paper pages and an interchangeable dust jacket cover, to emulate the physical appearance and feel of a book.
The campaign aims to raise US$46,386 by August 13, and has so far raised US$26,990 as of press time. The devices will ship in December.
Masashi Kishimoto drew a new illustration for the device's dust jacket.
The company previously ran a Kickstarter in 2017 to publish the Fist of the North Star manga for the device. The Fist of the North Star release was bilingual with the ability to switch between Japanese and English, but the device did not include an SD card slot for users to switch to a different manga in the future. The new device with the Naruto manga will include the SD card slot.
Kishimoto ended his main Naruto manga after 15 years of serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in November 2014. He then wrote the one-volume sequel manga Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring. Kishimoto also worked on the script and character designs, and served as the chief production supervisor on the Boruto -Naruto the Movie- film sequel.
Mikie Ikemoto and Ukyō Kodachi launched a sequel manga to Naruto titled Boruto in Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2016. Kishimoto is supervising the series. The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations television anime then premiered in April 2017."


They can't do this through Shueisha for some reason? Even if this was something I liked this seems money grubbing.


Hold on let me do some math:


OK. So a basic Naruto volume is $9.99 physical $6.99 ebook. 72 to get full collection.

A three in one is 14.99. 24 to get full collection.

A multi-Volume such as 1-27 (there are three of these in total to get all 72 volumes) is $214.99 now on sale for $115.17 on amazon.

The entire series bundle is $596.00.


There goal for this is $46,386.


Now lets see how much you save first by buying the physicals bundles


3 in 1 is 14.99/9.99=1.50 So for that you get 3 volume for the price of a volume and a half. So, you save half a volume.


1-27 214.99/14.99=14.34 or 214.99/9.99= 21.52


All 596/214.99=2.77 or 596/14.99=39.76 or 596/9.99=59.66


So this new thing 46,386/596=77.83 or 46,386/214.99=215.76 or 46386/14.99=3094.46  or 46386/9.99=4643.24.


So they are basically asking for about 78 or so people to re buy the complete collectors edition, or 216 to buy the 3 massive volume editions, 3095 for the three in one, or 4644 to by all the volumes again.


Even at its highest that not many people they are asking to fund it. Even the amount they are asking for is still with in the range of how many people buy the Bouto volumes.


So I say judging by the quick release date. They are mostly done with it they just want to see if people will buy an early edition. Or even if their that much of an audience for it to be worth making.

#973405 Kishi's New Sci-fi Series: Samurai 8

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 05 July 2019 - 10:10 PM

Oh so lucky already at that stage.


Woah ... you posting 90% of the chapter content / panel here ? I see you already hooked and crazy about this manga already :sweat:.


Somehow i got reminded early shippuuden , from Gaara rescue arc to Tenchi Bridge arc. NS moment flood ..... maybe it's just me but , looking at all those images i can see that Kishi saying "i'm sorry" , it's written all over each pages. I'm just waiting when Sasuke and the eye power show up :lmao: I mean there's no doubt at least Sasuke like character will show up knowing Kishi's love for Sasuke.

At the moment he seems far more interested in trying to make clear the pairing is Hachi/Ann, and establishing the setting than he is introducing the new Sasuke. Not saying he won't but it maybe the next arc when that happens.


Yeah, I don't  like BEING TOLD about about how a relationship is is suppose to develop and having that relationship forced down my throat. I prefer to see it develop organically and for the behaviour to occur naturally around each other without others FORCING the issue. that said, I will be more lenient here considering Hachimaru seems to have never interacted with a girl in his life,(I don't think Nanashi counts, per say) and Ann seems to be more tsundere-ish than were lead initially to believe .


On the subject of Kishi, I'd be more sympathetic to how he is feeling if that were true but honestly, his "regrets" with Naruto are mostly self inflicted. He should have had more faith in what he was writing instead of trying to please everybody, should NOT take youtuber's (sawyer7mage) comments at face value, and most of all he SHOULD HAVE concluded the series properly himeself and not hand the pencil and pen to anyone else. That is all I will say on the matter.

Like I said the way it comes off is both him clearly stating to any of his editor from now on, "I'm NOT changing this pairing," and to the readers, "I am not changing the pairing this at the last moment like with Naruto," and to his wife "Honey, I am not humiliating you like they made me do last time."


Normally? Yes, I would find it annoying he is beating everyone over the head with this, but because of how Naruto ended all I can think of is; "How much harassment did the editors put him through before he finally bent to their will, and how bad was the backlash? That he feels he must do this?"


Funny thing is, if Kishi just kept the story going in his original direction with Naruto being with Sakura-Chan. It would have actually seemed like he could write decent romance. But since he bent over, his romance writing is being dragged through the mud. He hurt himself by not being himself.

Kishimoto can write romance, it is part of the reason NS was liked by a lot of people. The problem was that he treated it like a standard Shounen romance; ie no settling until the ending. So he was always somewhat tepid with it, and after the new editors started pushing Hinata. Well, he had to keep one foot tepidly in both camps. until the editor forced him to choose hinata.


Now that the backlash happened, and he probably got letters from people telling him they actually loved the NS romance; the opposite of what his editors for years told him so they could get the ending they wanted. Well, he going all in on the romance now.