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Yesterday, 08:40 PM

  Okay, I doubt Japan gives a kitten about our politics, let alone some ubiquitous fringe group. What’s going on with Tifa, because I swear there was some sort of controversy a couple years ago about her having KK breasts and it just kind of sizzled out. There’s a saying out on the internet: Anti-SJWs are the new SJWs.
Really, this SJW paranoia has gotten ridiculous. The only reason you’re seeing this nonsense is because you’re convinced it exists and we get a case of believing is seeing. These media don’t care about “woke” points, they care about money, and if they think getting that money means appealing to women, PoC or LBGT people, of course they’re going to do that. Given how big FF7 has been, I honestly don’t see the need for them to do that beyond a few Tifa commercials maybe.
So just calm down. Whatever is going to go wrong with FFVII 2 is going to be because of bad marketing, bad programming and bad writing. Don’t blame it on some group of people that don’t exist, and if they do, I doubt they even play games so I doubt Sony is going to reach out to them exclusively.

The decision about Tifa was an order made by the American branch of Sony; who has been in-charge of Sony for quite a few number of years. Its the same reason Lara Croft also got a reduction in the reboot. The Japanese from what I understand don't like it and the company that does those dissieda games got good press for saying Tifa's figure would remain voluptuous in their games.


Japan is aware of this issue and has been for years as well. A moment I recall is that a developer of DOA Beach Volleyball said they weren't shipping the game over to the US because they didn't want to deal with the bad press. That was at the very early stage of this game censorship SJW/anti conflict nonsense before that was even a term. 


So, Japanese are aware of the fact that their games will be criticized if they try to sell them in the US, not because they are good or bad, but because of politics. Also, Sony under the command of the American branch has been using its influence to make Japanese game companies self-censor their games if they want to be on the playstation; which is why a lot of Japanese games are slowly moving to PC.

In Topic: One Piece discussion thread

17 August 2019 - 01:12 AM

So, turns out because most of Kaidou's lieutenants because they are half animal hybrids due the the smile fruit; the Dango Girl can make them serve her by feeding them her dango.

In Topic: Boku No Hero Academia

17 August 2019 - 01:02 AM

So now, he has an army, money, and a company the creates quirk support items.

In Topic: The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

15 August 2019 - 04:34 PM

Honestly salad can do way better than bolt I mean why be with him there's nothing about him that says she'd ever love him, but it's Naruto son and Sasuke daughter so by law they have to get together.

...Have you read any of the manga; 700-Gaiden-Boruto. From the start that she always had some interest in him, and the Boruto manga makes more blatant she wants his D bad because the writer seems to be obsessed with sex, and the artist little girls.

In Topic: The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

15 August 2019 - 08:51 AM

Not to mention he would piss off the Bolt x Hinata clone fanbase and Pierrot themselves(whom also ship anything remotely NaruHina-esque) if he made Boruto gay or bi. This would also re-ignite the NaruSasu fanbase into re-examining their relationship and make the assertion that Naruto really was in love with Sasuke and Hinata was just a cover, which would piss NaruHina fans off. Likely, any potential LBGT characters that he may or may not introduce won't be the current characters but ones yet to appear in the manga. And like you said, the manga's pacing is so glacial and in decline in terms of sales that it's likely to be cancelled before anything truly develops and that's assuming that this isn't just lip service.

The only character that matters if he gay is Nail but all that does is make us go, "oh he is gay," and add a bit to his relationship/conflict with Bolt. But, again, look at the comments they ain't pairing Bolt/Nail -the character the writers care about because he is their creation- they are pairing Bolt/Cups -because he is in the anime and the fans they have left are more anime watcher then manga readers-.