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In Topic: Boku No Hero Academia

Today, 04:56 AM

Oh boy, there will be more memes of Endeavor on the horizon then. ;P


Also, no chapter next week. Horikoshi-sensei is in sick mode. Need to get better.



Author really needs to move off the Bakugou obsession. It's the only issue I have thus far about the new direction of the story involving Deku and his new abilities. This forced friendship nonsense is insulting and nauseating. 

From what I understand he actually very popular in Japan. Kids like rebellious types.

In Topic: Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 31

Today, 03:21 AM

$#%&!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I don't care. I;m not reading and you WILL eventually stop translating and spreading this virus, right?

I'm not a translator. Also like i said it could honestly just be a boost because of the cover. By the looks of things its the third week that will tell us or not; since that's when the sales seem to stabilize into a steady decline.


Today, 02:20 AM

So why is someone who has been trading blows with the number one seat only the 7th seat? It's genuinely baffling how Hayama, Ryo and Alice are all ranked higher than him but have been reduced to comic relief since the time skip and not played a part in the manga's progression since they all got expelled.


I get the reason to include Souma was because of the relevance to the knife, but I think having Aldini pair up with Megumi would have been better, they did show they work better together in their training, and it would have given them both a time to shine without Souma being involved.

No, they just been basically sparing/having a friendly competition with each other, and using Takumi's knife as a excuse to turn it into a Shokugeki. Not any title matches. Those three have been going at each-other as well over using their seats as the ante for their Shokugeki. It could be they are were given a seat, and don't feel a need to clime the rankings since their all friends.


I would have preferred his brother since we rarely see him at all. Megumi is the second girl so she always going to have at least one match in a tournament. That brother as a satellite character does not have that. 


Yesterday, 10:55 PM

So, apparently Souma and Takumi have been having matches during the-year-we-didn't-get-to-see using that half-moon knife to show who won the last round.

In Topic: Black Clover

15 February 2019 - 09:16 AM

*Looks at last page* Did we just enter into Berserk? :wot:

Is someone being raped and/or eaten?