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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 66

20 January 2022 - 09:26 PM

From a few days ago: "Here let me guess: Madoc explains kitten again. Nail and Fem-Bolt fight because Naruto is useless. Something 'shocking' that hopefully makes people want to read this year's cycle... someone looks like they are about to die and it is probably a fake-out, again."


Summary Time: Chapter 66. Do or Die. If only someone told the people making this manga do a decent story or just kill it.


Cover page is Nail with Karma.


Nail remembers his conversations with Madoc about getting the karma seal again. Apparently, according to Hime Nail already had karma, Madoc re-installed it in him when he replaced his right arm...even thought the seal is on Nail's left side. He just need to want it to appear again...wow. Three pages in and I already just want to skim through this to be done with this chapter after that; that is a record. Of course, Hime is talking to Punk while he is holding Shikamaru so he realizes he must be talking to someone. Fem-Bolt see Nail's Karma and is impressed since apparently Karma does not usually re-manifest then correctly guess that it was Madoc doing; gotta love how every guess is correct in this story. He also chastises him since he just letting himself be used till he will eventually be fed to the Ten-Tails, so they can consume the planet...granted yes, but isn't that what Femmy would want? Also, he clearly has access to Bolt memories. Great, Nail has some new eye powers. It allows him to launch Pein's iron rods at Fem-Bolt. Naruto recognizes that attack. He then swipes his hand and launches wooden-flesh spikes. Then those stupid giant boxes from Jenga. Nail tells Naruto to stay still since Shikamaru is still held hostage.


Fight. Fight. Fight. Nail starts winning and is about to crush Bolt with a giant box, but Naruto dives in to save him. Punk points out that since Naruto moved he should kill Shikamaru to punish him, but doesn't see any point and says they should just watch the fight. Naruto and Nail start arguing and Naruto is not keeping an eye on Fem-Bolt...are they going to have Bolt kill Naruto? Please. Please. Please. Oh. Bolt woke up. Apparently, Madoc's pills help him be able to wake up even while he is still possessed by Femmy. Bolt and Nail talk and the decide to go with their plan from...months back. Where if they couldn't implant Karma in Punk they would have Nail absorb it instead to see if that frees Bolt. Naruto question what they're about to do, but Bolt causally pushes him aside with a wind attack...world's strongest ninja everyone.


Oh the fake-out is Nai looks like he kills Bolt...which you all know that, that is impossible and this is probably to absorb karma or something which of course will work, because God grant me mercy and make something interesting happen in this story instead is this trite.


Reminder to everyone, that Naruto is in Sage mode this entire chapter.

Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 65

20 December 2021 - 05:59 PM

Well, Endwalker was enjoyable. Imagine a story from a popular franchise that infamously started off on the wrong foot but was able to correct course to such an extent that they have become the biggest in their genre and they have to stop selling because they can't handle the influx of customers. Now then, lets talk about a series that never need to worry about that happening to it.


Summary Time: Karma Power...well stabbing their fans in the back years ago has repeatedly shown the power of karma in real life.


The cover page is Naruto in sage mode dramatically striding forward with his cloak blowing in the wind. Of course its ruin by it being that tiny half cape and the high collar blowing in front of his mouth. 


Bolt dealing with his karma trying to take control of him again...almost like he shouldn't have used it and probably should have just made some clones to get back up. Femmy appears to mock Bolt for thinking some random stopgap pill would halt karma enough to use it in battle. I can't tell if only bolt see this or if they other three brats can see it as well...and he just realized that the day they fought is likely when he implanted karma in him...when else did he have time to do it!?! Randomly at some Hyuuga get together like a picnic we don't know about?! I don't care about it reestablishing it, this just eats up pages. Femmy shows off how strong his rasengan is compared to Bolt's.


Now with Madoc, the clone...oh that's Sai I think or is it some random mook? They establish they know Bolt is fighting Punk. Well the close ups of the clone help show off the fat in her cheeks, and her squarish jaw. Well that was a waste.


Hime tells Punk to retreat. He grabs Nail. Femmy comes up with a new Rasengan...the Rasendan, the spiraling bullet. And, like you think, its like a Freeza death beam or Yusuke sprit gun, its shoot out from his fingers. Well, its better then that stupid invisible rasengan at least. Nail gives Femmy lip so to be a kitten he tries to break his remaining arm, but Naruto comes in just in time. While checking over him Nail yells at Naruto for coming...and now Shikamaru is held hostage. God, what is with people constantly getting stuck in holds with little to no resistance....Screw it, chaos happens until Femmy is about to kill Naruto with a big rasengan. Nail steps in to absorb it...and somehow got Karma again.


You know what its the end of the year let us see how little has happened. Lets see, oh thought that happen last year, the year started off with Sasuke losing an eye always a good start admittedly, in February it went onto Kurama's death so Naruto lost his power ups, but by March it just building up Code/Punk for the rest of the year. 6 months of build up for another boring fight that ate up the rest of the year. No wonder they didn't have any announcement for Jumpfesta there is nothing to talk about.


Here, let me predict the next year. January through March will be the wrap up for this fight. Then 6 months of build up for another boring fight for the remaining three. So, they can wrap it up the year after in a never ending cycle, unless they finally do the time skip.

Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 64

19 November 2021 - 07:33 PM

Well, hopefully this won't ruin my good mood. 


Summary Time: Chapter 64. Control...alt delete.


Cover Page is Shikamaru for once instead of Bolt, Naruto, or Nail again.


Oh wait. Bolt has gained some control of Karma and is conscious. Pages of fighting. Punk asks Hime what going on. She guesses the Madoc's pills gave him some control. She implies Punk is somehow weaker due to something and he should try to hold out till his power is restored. Guessing long distance traveling through the belts drains him. 


Naruto tells Ino (she still looks very young) to look for Bolt's chakra while he tries to sense him with Sage mode. The mook apologizes. Shikamaru appears tells Naruto he is coming along because Naruto is no longer strong enough to face off against Punk, who is currently going equal with Bolt, due to lacking Kurama. Just pointing out, again, really bring up how much Naruto has grown to rely on Kurama, that it became this much of a crutch...Also, is it just me or is this chapter implying that Bolt has already surpassed his father? Hinata asks to come along but he shoots her down. God, the art starts breaking down again. The daughter ask if he will be alright, he tries to be confident, but it clear neither of the females believe him. So, Hinata has instill the same level of faith she always had in Naruto in her daughter...none.


During a lull in the fighting, Bolt tries to find out if he can absorb the belts made from the claw marks' slashes. Can't since they don't seem to be made out of chakra. Nail reveals the the belts are made out of a mixture chakra and the iron in his blood. The physical aspect prevents absorption. Boy, I really hope Nail has been informing them of the various powers Kara members have instead of keeping it to himself and only explaining after the fact. Punk comments on the meds which makes Bolt instantly questions how he knows that; how many pages before someone figures that out? Punk tries to abduct Nail but he finally fights back.


Naruto finally locates them through sage mode chakra sensing. Shikamaru points out that sage mode has a limited combat time, but doesn't mention all Naruto has to do is summon the elder toads as back up to extend it. Just incase you don't remember because it is clear the writer doesn't. Sage mode works by gathering the natural energy around them to do this they have to remain still meditating or they will slowly use up the energy they had gathered. The normal work around is often pairing up with an animal summon partner to be the collector while the ninja fights. Naruto couldn't do this during the Pein arc because Kurama rejected the toad elder preventing the bonding. So, Naruto had to create his own work around with shadow clones. Now that Kurama is gone, and it actually shouldn't have been a problem once he befriended Kurama, that is no longer an issue. He can summon the elder toads and use the Sage mode the same way Jiraiya did. He isn't because who ever is writing this forgot that little fact and it treating it like Naruto still can't do that, even though Kurama is gone. You gotta love writers who don't remember what the actual limitations imposed upon certain powers are and how they actually work. Naruto says, 'due to age he has gotten better at fighting in the form for a longer duration.' Speculating: Likely, he will die after recharging the form with one of the two clones he set out, when that duration runs out, he will lose, tragic fatal wound, and if he dies; the one that remains will inform Hinata of his death before dissolving.


More fighting. It ends with Bolt starting to lose control. Femmy taking over.


Nope, still in a good mode. Not Guilty. Not Guilty. Not Guilty. Not Guilty. Not Guilty.


...Wait. I just remembered, wasn't there suppose to be this big sexist bit that the translator just had to change...What was it? Naruto telling Hinata she couldn't come along and she had to stay to protect the daughter? That's the only thing I could think off because Hime is barely in this and she isn't lusting after the boys like last time. Well that may piss off her fans for not bringing her into the fight, but that's very in character because in the manga she is near useless in battle.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 63

20 October 2021 - 03:40 PM

Happy Holidays soon I guess.


Summary Time: Chapter 63. Ask No Questions, because it not like the story has any answers.


The Cover page is Bolt again...I can't tell but it feels like this cover page looks worse then the others for some reason.


Bolt faces off against Punk to protect his boy-toy Nail. Hime talks to Punk about the obvious. Bolt guesses Nail snuck out as bait to draw Punk out...you know its kind of boring when every time someone makes a guess in this manga, its completely correct with only the most minor of details missing. Removes a lot of mystery from the story and doesn't allow either the characters or the audience to question and wonder; somehow making this story even duller. Nail guesses that Punk is working with someone that wants to meet him so he wants to talk to them to get them to agree to leave Naruto alone, because *groan* he correctly guess this person can influence Punk. So, this is why its 'Ask No Questions' because the characters already know all the answers. Hime is getting turned on by the idea that Nail wants to meet with/talk to her. Bolt demands to come along. Bicker. Bicker. Oh great, Punk becomes another person that worship Bolt for who he is, not for anything he has done like most of the other characters; except this time its because he has the karma seal, not just being Naruto's/Hinata's son. Bolt to fight Punk... activates his Karma seal...when he was only one use away from being completely consumed by Femmy last time.


Ino tells Naruto she can't find Nails' chakra for some reason like he is able to erase his chakra; like Bolt correctly guessed last time. Oh the poor mook informs Naruto his son left while he was talking to Ino.


Fight. Bolt uses his rasengan and lighting style attacks Punk uses his claws. He complements Bolts, but says he doesn't know how to use that seal, reveal his white karma, and then goes into detail on how it works. It makes you stronger due to the Kaguya's clan member's combat experience is being uploaded into a person's mind while also overwriting their own (yes Madoc already explained this already, but for some reason we need this explained to us again)...Wouldn't that mean to properly use it, is to just let it take you over? And Femmy possess Bolt, again. Can he get to 100% and just consume Bolt already? 


I guess they stop with announcing the next date.

Final Fantasy XiV

03 October 2021 - 03:15 PM

So, I was wondering does anyone else play this game? 


This apparently the MMO the finally became the WoW killer so many MMO tried to be an failed. Which is impressive considering this was considered the worst MMO when it launched. But, a new director was able to turn that around making it the success it is right now.