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Am I the only one...

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Posted 10 January 2015 - 07:56 AM

I still don't get how Hinata could've truly loved Naruto if she didn't know all his flaws and spent more interaction with him. The strong attachment she feels for him is not LOVE-love...it's infatuation. She's infatuated with the mystery around him and his unattainability and what he represents. That craps fades away with time and would've faded away if Naruto had married Sakura.
Unless she's stalked Naruto so much that she knows all his vices and virtues and fell in love with the real him. Though it still seems unnatural considering he barely pays attention to her. Again that's not real love it's infatuation. That's not a bad thing to have but it seems that's ALL NH has..a one-sided crush with no real strong friendship. Naruto has a stronger bond with Shikamaru for all we know so his relationship with Hinata isn't that special that fans hype it up to be. It doesn't even compare to his relationship with Sakura.

Sadly Kishi and SP would never admit that and everyone will just act like Naruto and Hinata were meant to be since the very beginning.  I don't think I'll ever be able to understand what Kishi was thinking because if he wanted to do NH then he should have focused his efforts on that. Instead he wants to build Naruto and Sakura's relationship then throw it all away at the last minute by saying that their relationship revolved completely around Sasuke and he's the reason they became friends in the first place. What Kishi essentially did was destroy bonds rather than create them.


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