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Today, 04:41 PM

Online manga sales made up more than half of overall market. Rakuten is not the only platform providing the service (Kobo, their platform, is a good one and I'm a returning customers there). Nonetheless, their figures can be treated as a good proxy metrics when it comes to online market for manga. I personally take it with a grain of salt.

It's known that manga sales are trending up since the past couple of years. Last year was even higher despite (or rather, thanks to) pandemic. https://www.animenew...in-2020/.169987

As for Naruto / Boruto franchise, it's a gone case since the disastrous ending. Not surprised that in the rank it's part of the long tail, 74 and 88 respectively. A manga that ended 7 years ago performing "better" than its successor by 14 spots. Yikes.

If only they didn't mess up with NH & SS ending that jeopardized the whole story structure, it would've been in top 10, or at least top 20.

One Piece is in the top 10. Likewise MHA. Heck, even Bleach that suffered from declining sales in its last 1/3 of volumes is at rank 48.

Not only Boruto is performing worst than Naruto, a manga that ended 7 years ago. Its sales volume by volume today is gradually declining. To put it into perspective, those who dropped the manga in volume 15 are Boruto/Naruto loyal readers that has been waiting for 7 years, hoping the manga would be better. That shows even the pro-enders have given up on Naruto.

Made no mistake, I believe heads were rolling. Not just the recent editor who got fired. Why would they need to move the manga to a second tier distribution? Ever wondered why suddenly Hinata / NH / SS never been seriously featured in Boruto manga or anime? Why Sakura got the top 1 most popular character in Boruto poll? Why the story of the franchise move very slow and gets all over the place?

The franchise lost over 90% of its paying customers. Of course they'd be scrambling around to bounce back.

Well, there goes me hoping to finally get Blue to give his own thought instead of just providing a link and making us come up with the answer.


Wait they recently fired another editor? Just to double check, you don't mean kodaichi who was the writer replace last year right? They actually recently fired someone else who was the editors?


As for why the story is so slow, here's what I think. If Kodaich was telling the truth and he was hired to only write 13 volume. Just to remind people companies don't like hiring people now a days because when they are fired they can sue, so instead they just use contracts, and when they want you gone; they just don't renew your contract. Then it means if we say it was originally for 13 instead of for every volume, they wanted at least 26 volumes of this manga to take about 10-15 years to write. They wanted another round of Naruto hopefully making the same amount of profits. The thing is Naruto actually had a goal and some plots that were able to keep people invested. Boruto completed his goal in the movie and doesn't have many plots.


So, what they did is they introduces a copy of the longest running plot in Naruto the chase after Sasuke, and hope they can make it last for 15 years. As well as going as slow as possible using build up as an excuse. Of course, since everyone has already seen it and they are going so slow; they are losing readers instead.

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Today, 04:07 PM

The problem with NS wasn't that it was less profitable, it was the it was perceived that way. What happened was, the companies that made profit from it wanted to maximize those profits with ending in hopes that the sequel would be able to keep up the momentum and remain as profitable. Naruto's big appeal to these companies was its success internationally. So, they wanted what would keep the international fans. The SP's Naruto team anime staff said nH was the most popular in the West especially in the US; the key target audience they were aiming for. So, they went it nH, and SS as a back up pairing.


Turns out nH had a very vocal group of pirates vocally supporting the pairing online but not willing to pay for much in support. So they didn't much profits they hope from them. Also, in Japan, NS was the assumed end game and was popular. So the realization of the kitten going on from they were ignored for the West to just the bad writing led to a backlash. So they lost most of their Japanese fans and the international fans weren't giving him the profits they were promised.


Not helped is that the sequel Boruto is just awful and at best painfully generic with very little of what made Naruto successful. Also part of the reason they didn't want Naruto-Boruto to end in 2014 was their was nothing to replace it with in Sales. But, quickly after Naruto ended anime like My Hero Academy, Black Clover, and Demon Salyer started replacing it. Removing a lot of the need for Boruto they originally had.


As for the fandom. Most left with the ending realizing it was garbage. The ones that did were either chase away by either the low quality of Boruto or nH/SS fans. Even nH and SS are broken up and feuding because they used to be allies but only of convenience since if NS happened neither of theirs could, but now that is has they fight each other. One, because they can't agree which pairing is better not helped by the fact Kishi made both pairings bad. Two, the anime has decided to create a Hinata clone with the goal to replace SS's kid as Boruto's love interest. Three, and ultimately nH hates Sakura for various reasons, while SS uses Sakura as a self-insert.


Now a days, Boruto is an average anime/manga that main appeal in sales is its being a part of Naruto's legacy means that they get a decent amount of money from distribute it to other countries who pay them for localizations rights. It can't even beat Naruto in current sales even though it been over for years now.

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Today, 02:24 PM

Boruto doesn't share even a single physical trait with Hinata. Naruto's genes virtually dominate hers in that regard since Boruto is an exact copy of him as a teenager sans a slightly different hair style.  And what would Sasuke, of all people, know? He never interacted with her or even looked her way.

Because, he is comparing faded memories of Naruto's childhood appearance to his son and going to any differences "oh those must be from Hinata." Though, it could also be he is taking after his grandfather -who had a delicate girly face- since Naruto has his mother's round face.


Hell, the daughter is pretty much Naruto with a purple mop on his head. So, apparently, Hyuuga genes just give people bad hair cuts, explains why most stick with long hair once they group up.

Speaking about sales, check out this https://twitter.com/...Gbi-yW1PRQ&s=19

Yes, and what are you're thoughts on it?

In Topic: Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 64

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Well, I found out why that sensor mook keesp popping up. He is Kodaichi's insert character.

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

25 November 2021 - 10:55 PM

Naruto is probably one of the most emotionally intelligent characters but according to The Last he does not know the difference between romantic love and love for... food? I don't understand how NH fans can even accept such a stupid film. It could have been a beautiful film if Naruto's love for Hinata were not so weird. Basically he likes it because she loves it, it's as simple as that. He had his brain washed by a genjutsu. If it had been an NS film, this scene could have worked because Naruto already loved Sakura so it wouldn't have been problematic. And I really liked the part where you talk about Sasuke. He is ultimately one of the least boring characters at the end.

Sasuke was the one least effected by the ending. What he became a wandering hobo with a kid he doesn't take care of and eventually becomes the mentor to the new main character. Compared to Sakura's regressing back to zero, Naruto failing at everything he set out to do, Hinata's quick rise in importance and then equally quick fall because she lack anything character-wise the could keep her as a main character, and Kakashi has pretty much disappeared like the rest of the older generation.


As for nH they don't care. They won and they got a wedding in the anime as the ending to the anime. Of course that's for the radicals, most just got bored and moved on to other series.