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Debate Rules of Conduct

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Posted 11 May 2006 - 09:53 PM

For a while, the mods and admins of H&E have been concerned at the increase in character bashing and attacks on other pairings. This of course led to a reduction in quality of the discussions, boiling down to cheap shots.

We have decided to close the Rant Thread and Pairings Tagline thread, and replace them with a debate thread. This debate thread is not for bashing characters, pairings, and their fans.

It's perfectly fine to post an explanation of why you don't like such-and-such pairing, why this or that pairing won't work. But we do not want to see things like "NaruHinas are so stupid. See?" No personal attacks, no posts that just consist of bashing.

We want to see more of things like scene discussions, discussion of theories, etc. The things that make a pairings debate interesting and thought-provoking.

The reason we also want to stop character bashing is because it very quickly leads to bashing of fans of that character/pairing.

Even if the people being bashed are not members of this board, the rules still apply as if they were members.

I know that there is no love lost between NaruSaku and its rival fanclubs, but we would like the board to project a good image. We have plenty of members who also like NaruHina, SasuSaku, LeeSaku, etc.

We want to welcome people, not alienate them. smile.gif

While we have highlighted the rules in this forum, please remember they also apply to the entire board.

Thank you for your cooperation!

BTW, this post may or may not be edited to clarify wording or add/omit things. Please check back if I have edited it.

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