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Legend of a Hero

28 February 2019 - 07:36 PM

I'll be advertising my channel here for a while, starting with my "Legend of a Hero" series. A NaruSaku fan fic that is a huge retelling of the original story. One that mixes the lore of Killer instinct and some OCs of my own. That said, there's what I have so far.


Episode 1 - His name is Naruto




Naruto, is a boy of the city of Konoha. He lives with is mother Kushina, and his mentor Nhathar. Today is the day when he joins the academy, and take the final steps to become a ninja. Though this does arouse some suspicion do to his late inclusion, most think nothing of it. Not long after Naruto finds him self making both friends and enemies, the latter of which he will be seeing many battles against in the future.


Episode 2 - The Final Test, To Be a Ninja!




After beating a thug named Sasuke into the dirt, Naruto finds himself in a spotlight of academy fame.Though he has more pressing concerns to deal with first, such as get his grades up before the exams come around. Luckily for him, Sakura has offered to help him with his studies. In addition, Nhathar has also tasked Naruto with extra training for the tests that are yet to unfold. Dose Naruto Have what it takes to get past the written part of the exams?


Episode 3 - The Athletics Exams




Naruto has passed the written part of the exam, but it seems that the test is the least of his problems now. As it would appear that the Athletics exams are much more challenging. However due to the extra training he received from Nhathar, one would think he would be prepared for all of this. Will the extra Training of his pay off? Or will Naruto be forced to stay behind?


Episode 4 - The Strange creature




The exams are over! Naruto has officially become a ninja! And so has... Everyone else apparently (Damn it Guy!) But with only Sakura as a ream member, things will be difficult for both of them out in the field. Though this doesn't bother them at all, they wouldn't have it any other way in fact. Not long after becoming a team, the two of them decided to go out on a patrol mission as the usual teams were understaffed. But while on this mission, Naruto and Sakura would come across something the two of them would never expect.



Episode 5 is currently in progress

I have returned

28 February 2019 - 05:05 AM

Welp, there's no sub-forum for re-introductions so thought I'd just put my "welcome back" post here. I've been gone for a really long time, but now I'm back from semi-sulking, and want to be part of the community again. I'm still at my usual Youtube shtick, link's in my signature if you are interested. Anyway, glad to be back