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The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

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Posted Today, 10:41 PM

You realize I was the one who said that it was a sexist depiction (as in espousing that females are helpless to control their feelings as a rule or stereotype is just obviously sexist, because it is), and KClaws was more or less just agreeing with me? I don't get why you singled him out.


There's a big difference between saying that someone is being sexist, and that they ARE a sexist. And I don't see the great controversy in saying that someone was being sexist in one instance. It's just a word.


Although Kishimoto didn't write the Last, and that was sort of what my statement was based on. (well, whatever.)

The problem with buzzwords like sexist and racist is that they take no real thought in use. You can broadstroke someone or a story and then it shuts down any real discussion. You claim these things are sexist, but what makes your thought process the correct answer? Just because those female characters might do that doesn't mean its sexist. Also you say "stereotype", well stereotypes exist for a reason because sometimes there might be some truth in it. Now are there exceptions to the rule? Yes, but those "stereotypes" also exist. So to accuse someone/something of sexism because it exists and because you don't like it is not a good way to have a healthy dicussion. Nothing Kishimoto wrote is intentional or unintentional sexism. He just wrote a crappy story and that's all there is to it. You also have to see that this is a shounen manga. A young male oriented demographic so if a female character doesn't get the "proper" or enough growth because of course the author is going to focus on the male characters. That doesn't make them sexist or the story sexist, it's just not the focal point.

Let me give you an example: A lot of people seem to be under the impression now a days that any female character that isn't a "strong independent woman who doesn't need a man to solve her problems" is somehow a negative depiction of a female and therefore sexist. Frankly it's good those kinds of characters with what people consider negative attributes exist because that gives a diverse cast of characters. Frankly if all female characters were "strong independent women" then that would be boring as hell.


Now obviously my post probably won't change your mind so let's change subjects. 

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Posted Today, 10:50 PM


I'm just so Happy Ochako, Noelle and Erina are in.  :yucky: To Sarada, and what a farce to put Sakura because she stopped being a heroine because ALL authorities say so and also character assassination that turned her in to a weak shallow anti-role model that NO ONE SHOULD FOLLOW. hypocrisy that I will again NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT. However I will relent that she over all isn't a bad mother, chapter 1 of the gaiden aside. I wonder Why Aoi was put in instead of Hilda lol. But other than that every lovely lady on that page DESERVES to be celebrated :thumbsup:  :w00t:

makes me wonder if shonen jump took the characters from the most shown girls in the manga and hinata just didn't have enough appearances

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