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Weird translations or taking too literal?

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#1 James S Cassidy

James S Cassidy

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Posted 22 December 2019 - 08:14 PM

So, lately, I have been seeing alot of videos about Dragonball, One Punch Man, and more with trying to gauge feats and interpretations. I notice that I think people take some things too literally.

Let me give an example:
So during the fight with Boros in One Punch Man Boros was going to use his ultimate attack to, as he put it, "blow away you [Saitama] and this planet's surface/the planet's surface."

When I see people talking about this scene, people debate whether or not Boros is a planet buster and use the argument "well, he didn't say planet, he said "planet surface." I am like, but what else is a most effective away of destroying the planet surface other than just outfit blowing up the planet? Blow up the planet, the surface goes with it.

They seem to take Boros' words literally by claiming that the surface and ONLY the surface of the planet to be harmed leaving the rest of the planet intact.

To me, this is a dumb way of thinking that he meant ONLY the surface leaving the rest of the planet mostly intact.

Then again, this is not the first time I see people claim one thing and seem to take it off.

Non-canon I know, but in the DBZ Broly movie, they mention Broly turning the South Galaxy "dark." Now, at first you think "He destroyed the galaxy" and we get a good visual of literally the galaxy disappearing, but then...Goku goes to the South Galaxy and....the planets are intact albeit dead? Did he not destroy it entirely? (Almost like only the planet's surface were glassed.)

It is so confusing and I find myself like conflicted in people's reasons.

That plus the bias favortism when a character in their favorsite show does something vague and they assume it the best possible outcome, but then low ball anther characters feats by some "technicality" even though it is just as vague.

"Goku can shake an infinite void (made of nothing,) but Superman can't lift a book of infinite pages."
Fictional characters are fictional, but you have to be consistent in their reasoning. Playing favoritism

Have any of you experienced this?

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#2 Phantom_999


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Posted 26 December 2019 - 01:37 PM

It happened with Naruto if you will recall. "Fans" are always making up kitten in their heads on why X is strongeer than Y, even though there is evidence to the contrary. If you listen to Hinata's "fans" She is the world's story's strongest being, bar none :lmao:


But my point is context doesn't matter if it's ignored and pop culture fans ignore context all the time if they don't  like what they hear. we both know this :yes:

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