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In Topic: Onepunch-Man

13 August 2018 - 11:37 AM

SEASON 2 ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!! APRIL 2019!!!!!!!!! :dance:  :boogie:


In Topic: 26th Birthday Yesterday, so came to check in and update y'all

13 August 2018 - 11:28 AM

Happy Birthday man!!! :D

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

12 August 2018 - 07:48 PM

Hans always being evil is not my point though. The fact of the matter is him being a villain in the first place destroys the very foundation of the relationship that was created place that makes any developments not matter anymore because no one, not even the writer is supporting that shipping, and then you wonder what the point of the relationship being made then. Again I bring up SasuSaku. By the end of the manga you REALLY question what Sakura saw in Sasuke in truth after all the mass murder and criminal acts that he is pulling, and she UNDERSTANDS FULLY that that was not the Sasuke she liked in childhood, always thinking back to her old crush version of him and he tried to kill her several times and would have if not for timely intervention and you think WHY, JUST WHY she married him regardless. Same concept with Anna and Hans. If Anna still loved Hans in the end and married him would you still think Anna was sympathetic or would you call her a complete idiot for not picking Kristoff? :ermm: What I'm saying is making a character a villain is an  overblown, exaggerated reason as to why these two characters are not meant to be and COMPLETELY pointless because what self respecting human being with a logical brain would get together with such a person? I ask again, If that couple DID happen regardless, would you think  the victim of that relationship is still sympathetic or a complete idiot for crawling back to such a relationship, and they are only asking for what's coming to them?


As for AggRetsuko, YES it is realistic for Retsuko to break up with Resasuke if he is a lying manipulative cheater. But again that is not my point. The point is such a character reveal is deliberately setting up the relationship to fail and you wonder what was the point of that relationship at all? Is it for drama? Not really, because that is the writer BEATING THE AUDIENCE/VIEWERS OVER THE HEAD that this character is "completely wrong" for that other character and is setting up the poor soul crying and running into the arms of their twu wuv and you think to yourself, "Well I knew that all along and you deliberately set made it like that, so why are you wasting your time and mine? And that ultimately is my point. The writers for these love stories and relationships make things in such a blatantly obvious manner that you're thinking to yourself, What is this love triangle they are trying to portray? It is just two soulmates and a rejection button ready to be pressed and thrown away. If there is to be a love triangle wouldn't it actually be a love triangle if the audience doesn't know who the character in question will pick? that because that character in question has his relationship with both of his/her love interests that it is hard to say who will get together in the end?


Again if Retsuko were to break up with Resasuke because the latter is a manipulative a-hole that lies to her face and cheats on her, yes that is realistic, but it is a shallow and lazy farce that doesn't bother explaining why the relationship didn't work out  because you already know. Would YOU stay together with a lying manipulative cheater that constantly breaks your heart and continues to emotionally damage you? If not then you already predicted the outcome of such a fictional relationship unless the author wants that specific character to be miserable for life and you wonder "why show me what I already know?" Retsuko breaking up with Resasuke for the reasons shown in the series itself is a more understandable and normal situation that doesn't insult the audience's intelligence because that is a regular fact of life. Sometimes in a romance, you realize that the person you are with isn't right for you, and it doesn't have to be for malicious reasons like that other person is a scumbag, it is just that your personalities don't match, you have a dream or fantasy expectation of your partner that is sort of childish and unreasonable to want them to fulfill that expectation, or one or both are just not ready to commit. reasons like that are more subtle and interesting to watch than "MY EX IS SUCH A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!! HE/SHE IS LYING TO ME, CHEATING ON ME, AND IS JUST USING ME FOR HIS/HER PERSONAL GAIN!!!!!!!!!!" And you scream inside your head "WELL, DUH!!! You'd be a total moron and spineless, delusional coward to not act like that!" :ermm:

In Topic: The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

12 August 2018 - 12:14 PM

This is about Aggretsuko, and really, it can also show how anime sometimes isn't as good at romance, and yet it also shows a mature way to doing things compared to Naruto.


That is exactly how I felt Frozen should have handled things truthfully. Making a an outright villainous and abusive a-hole or manipulative "b" is not the right way to go about showing how romance is not meant to be, that is the extreme end of the spectrum and it does not make any realistic message stick. Would you enter a relationship with someone holding a gun/knife to your face and threatening your life? No? then why is writing someone as a villain meant to portray that the relationship would never work out thought of  as a "good idea"? You would REALLY need a "unique sense" of romance to still have feelings for someone after all that . Anna and Hans is just like the SasuSaku shipping where girl finds out what a scumbag of a person the guy she is infatuated with is, the only difference is that Anna learned her lesson whereas Sakura married said "scumbag" which is and INCREDIBLY awful message to give readers and her integrity as a (fictional) woman is questioned. You must really have not a INCH of self respect for yourself if you choose a man that threatened the lives of you and your loved ones JUST BECAUSE HE IS HOT AND SEXY. :sick:  :yucky:  :err:  :banana:


At least in Aggretsuko the whole "romance did not work out" aspect is portrayed realistically and not so over the top that the obvious answer is that the guy and girl should not get together. It is just a matter of Girl and Guy did not suit each other's personalities and they showed that they weren't ready for the relationship in the first place, That's all. And that Retsuko particularly understood she was just living a fantasy when she thought that she had an actual emotional connection with her boyfriend. That is a mature way to handle a failing doomed relationship, not nuking the very aspect of the relationship by writing off one potential partner as a disgusting excuse for a human being that would just use his/her significant other and throw them away like next weeks trash at the drop of a hat, if not try to outright murder them. that is beyond the realm of insanity and NO ONE would ever believe that that is a healthy or emotionally fulfilling relationship

In Topic: Boku No Hero Academia

12 August 2018 - 11:48 AM

Has there been any development between Izuku and Uraraka since she decided to "lock" her feelings away?


Nothing visible unfortunately. Although Kagomaru said that in an interview released this year He plans to adress it eventually,but the Link hasn't been found yet. I tried searching for it but no luck :ermm: