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Yesterday, 06:06 PM

Well that's good that you did. :smile: I however threw the dvd that I had of it out and any other Naruto related merchandise because chapter 700 and all post chapter 700 content made everything that that I loved about the series turn into a nuclear meltdown. Sakura bashers turned out to be right about her just using Naruto to get her "kinky bastard boyfriend" back and "Naruto's love" for Sakura through out the series ended up being worth as much as you can throw a 5 tonnes stone ball. Not to mention in the very chapter that ends the manga that Naruto's era shows that Naruto Nardo is a "hypocrite" of a father and complete failiure as "ninja jesus" so what was the point of anything anymore?


We all hated the pairings and exploded at the couples conclusion because it definitely wasn't the writing we were staying for anymore. The story just became a plague of hypocrisy and lies that I admit that I would have dropped Naruto itself a long time ago if it wasn't for just wanting to see if Naruto gets together with his love. And no matter what Anti NaruSaku debaters say, Naruto and Sakura's relationship is NOT platonic, because they both did things in the manga and other source materials that go beyond friendship, And I would would LOVE to see anyone in an actual real life relationship or has fundamental understanding of fictional romance tell ME WITH A STRAIGHT FACE that that is how only friends behave around one another. Naruto made a promise of to Sakura to so emotionally draining and detrimental to his well being that when Sakura finds out, she is devastated and and does a completely irrational, self harming move to try kill Sasuke herself.


And anyone that wants to get behind the whole Sakura's confession is "false and a lie" argument, I again need to again bring up this counter argument, "what is the point of Sakura even confessing to Naruto then?" She had nothing to gain from it. And on that note I WOULD REALLY like to meet a person in real life, or any other fictional character that would FAKE their love for someone else if there was no benefit or favor in return for them unless they are masterfully acting. But I never knew Sakura to ever FAKE what she feels unless it is impressing and being a fan girl to Sasuke. Plus I would think that if she only felt like Naruto was only a friend she would just apologize and tell him that he doesn't have to worry about that "silly promise" anymore. She wouldn't even bother confessing to him. Wouldn't anyone here write it that way if THAT WAS THE INTENT?" Exactly.


So my point is, Ultimately, Naruto and Sakura relationship was a special and realistic type of romance and YES it was a romantic relationship. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional and in Denial. We wanted to see that relationship blossom and bloom into a wonderfully sweet and funny and the same time type of marriage but we didn't even get that. So "F#&%" all of this and everything that comes after it I say. I've wasted enough time and money on this mound of garbage. :superior:

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Yesterday, 05:11 PM


i think phantom's referring to Nana mizuki voicing Vanessa for the japanese dub. 


Yes, that is what I meant. Nana Mizuki seems to actually put effort into voicing Vanessa. I don't know  about how she does as Hinata anymore since I don't even watch that trash heap But I'll take Bail's word for it :smile:


Huh. I didn't know she voiced Vanessa in Black Clover. Honestly, I guess I just don't think much of Ms. Mizuki, even if I know she's a good and talented person, but I guess it's I always associate her with Naruto, and then Hinata, and then the downfall of the series as a whole.
Eh, I understand your feelings for that but regardless Nana Mizuki can't be held responsible for what happened to Naruto. She is just VA doing her job. That'd be no different from saying you now associate Junko Takeuchi with the scumbags that s#*!ed out  "Naruto The Last" from their @$$es just because she voices Nardo Scumzamaki in that movie and ever since.
You SHOULD Hate the "PEDO CLOWN, WAIFU JACKING OFF TO OTAKUS" faction of SP that that begged and coerced Kishi into making Hinata ruining the franchise along side some VERY biased Shueisha executives and fans. THEY ruined Naruto for everyone, not the voice actors. And again, Kishi's also responsible for this "Frankenstein's Monster" since he stand up for his work. I don't wish him ill will for it but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he lost a whole ton of credibility as a manga artist to the point that almost no one would give a damn about "Samurai 8"

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Yesterday, 11:28 AM

yeah but that is nothing to lose your mind over lol and say that it ruins the series :shrug:


I'm still waiting for ND anime though :smug:

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Yesterday, 11:23 AM

Yeah, her voice as Vanessa in Black Clover is pretty good for instance, and I really like it :happy:

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25 March 2019 - 06:18 PM

That is true, although admittedly that new ending was PRETTY fan service-y regarding Mimosa and then there is the fact that he smacked into Asta chest first a few months ago in the manga. :twitch:  Sooooooo........ yeah