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Posted 25 November 2021 - 10:24 PM

Hi! I'm doing this topic to introduce myself obviously! I would like to thank eushingo on Twitter first, I don't know what his nickname is here but it's thanks to him that I was able to open an account.. in short, I don't know if someone will answer me? I'm not sure if this forum is still very active? I signed up a little late to tell the truth lol First of all, I will introduce myself so my name is Thomas, I am 22 years old and I am French, I live in France and I am a student to become a journalist! I started Naruto by chance when I was very young (around 9-10 years old) on a channel called Game One.. at first I didn't like it at all and I think I started to love it from the chunin exam (Orochimaru had traumatized me at the time aha) and I very quickly became attached to the relationship between Naruto and Sak So I was really a pure fanboy despite the rather miserable work that SP did on Sakura, which I realized much later. In short, I was a NaruSaku shipper from the beginning. I really thought they complemented each other. For me, these two? It was obvious, to begin with because Naruto was in love with her and he was so gentle with her. And because Sakura changed to her contact, she became strong, independent, charismatic thanks to Naruto's encouragement and the example he gives to everyone, among other things. You can imagine that I was quite disappointed when I read the end lmao but I wasn't that disappointed because I had detached myself from the manga. Indeed, it was not going in the direction I wanted. I was following the last chapters from afar. I wasn't involved in fandom at all, I wasn't interested at the time. I was disgusted but nothing more. Except that I watched The Last, I made this mistake.. how can I tell you that I wanted to vomit throughout the film? I felt so deceived and betrayed. I didn't want to know more and I stopped Naruto and moved on for 7 years lol, yes I picked up the manga this year by chance or I came across a fanfiction but really by chance on NaruSaku, it was very bad but it intrigued me and I wanted to read another one that was much better! And from then on my love for NaruSaku woke up, it's as if I had a big flashback of why The Last and the end itself was inconsistent, why I felt like the manga and Kishi had sold. Since I inquired I realized that everything was a marketing issue. That NaruSaku was less profitable for publishers than two good big NH and SS fandom who harassed NaruSaku fandom well at the time aha! Especially NH who still does it today (insecurity when you hold us).. So here someone advised me this forum that I knew by name before and I wanted to chat with other NaruSaku fans to share my theories, to know some too, to just talk about NS in fact. On Twitter we are not much.. I have the impression that the fandom is a little scattered and destroyed.. I fully understand myself having let go of the case for years. NS hasn't become great and I can conceive that. What I can't imagine is that KIshi turns against NS fans and pass them off as fools.. by declaring what NH fans were saying. That it was a joke, that Naruto loved Sakura only out of rivalry. I have this feeling that NH stole that what NS should be. This whole story of the common thread of destiny belonged to NS with this line on the forehead like Kushina. I would talk about it in more detail elsewhere. So here I am, I'm going to shorten or I'm not going to stop writing, I don't think I said everything I wanted to say but it doesn't matter! I hope there will be some answers because I don't know the forum at all so thank you to those who will answer me and see you later! NaruSaku forever

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Posted 25 November 2021 - 11:47 PM

Happy to help :) its active/ish


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Posted 26 November 2021 - 12:52 AM

There are still members who post pretty regularly. 

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Posted 26 November 2021 - 06:13 PM

Hello welcome. Funny you mention the marketing reasons, as despite the reasons with the ending happened the way it did it has not been the profit the studio and editors belived it would

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Posted 27 November 2021 - 04:07 PM

The problem with NS wasn't that it was less profitable, it was the it was perceived to be that way. What happened was, the companies that made profit from it wanted to maximize those profits with ending in hopes that the sequel would be able to keep up the momentum and remain as profitable. Naruto's big appeal to these companies was its success internationally. So, they wanted what would keep the international fans. The SP's Naruto team anime staff said nH was the most popular in the West especially in the US; the key target audience they were aiming for. So, they went with nH, and SS as a back up pairing.


Turns out nH had a very vocal group of pirates, who were great at vocally supporting the pairing online, but were not willing to pay for much in support of their ending. So, they didn't get much profits as they hope from them. Also, in Japan, NS was the assumed end game and was very popular. So, the realization of the kitten going on from they were ignored for the West to just the bad writing led to a backlash. So, they lost most of their Japanese fans and the international fans weren't giving him the profits they were promised.


Not helped is that the sequel Boruto is just awful and at best painfully generic with very little of what made Naruto successful. Also, part of the reason they didn't want Naruto-Boruto to end in 2014 was there was nothing to replace it with in sales internationally, at the time. But, quickly after Naruto ended, manga/anime like My Hero Academy, Black Clover, and Demon Salyer started replacing it internationally. Removing a lot of the need for Boruto that they originally had.


As for the fandom. Most left with the ending realizing it was garbage. The ones that didn't were either chased away by either the low quality of Boruto or nH/SS fans. Even nH and SS are broken up and feuding because while they used to be allies but it was only of convenience. Since, if NS happened neither of theirs could, but now that has passed they fight each other. One, because they can't agree which pairing is better; not helped by the fact Kishi made both pairings bad. Two, the anime has decided to create a Hinata clone with the goal to replace SS's kid as Boruto's love interest. Three, and ultimately nH hates Sakura for various reasons, while SS uses Sakura as a self-insert.


Now a days, Boruto is an average anime/manga that main appeal in sales is its being a part of Naruto's legacy means that they get a decent amount of money from distributing it to other countries; who pay them for localizations rights. It can't even beat Naruto in current sales even though it been over for years now.

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