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Anime Everyone But You Likes

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#21 Phantom_999


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Posted 24 July 2018 - 12:52 PM

Evangelion-There are parts I enjoy. But it is quite slow, and it has this thing in some anime where it's trying to be all smart and philosophical but just comes off as the writers saying "I AM AND ABSOLUTE GENIUS, AND YOU'RE AN IDIOT FOR NOT GETTING ME!" Shinji is also a terrible protagonist. Yes, I get he has a tragic backstory but he is just NOT FUN TO WATCH. 
For what it's worth, I'm interested in checking out the recent batch of movies.
Ghost in the Shell-Pretty much the same reason as Evangelion. It thinks it's smarter than it actually is. 

that actually describes how I feel about one anime in paricular. Name? Code Geass. what I feel about this anime is that that it is trying to portray a deep philosophical message but is so over the top and unrealistic in its execution that the message is lost to me. The way the characters are portrayed are not realistic in the sense that even though there are real life behaviours and mental psyche in it, it is portrayed to the extreme end of the spectrum that are not functional or a justified representation of the aspects of human nature it is showcasing.
Such anime seem to be doing "dark and edgy" just for the sake of "dark and edgy" instead of portraying a meaningful message, or again, being so over the top and unrealistic about it that the message is lost. this applies not only to Code Geass but other anime that I have tried but ultimately got turned off by the Melodrama such as "Valrave the Liberator" "Darling in the Franxx" and several others.
At least with some Shonen Jump series, even though they are copy and paste, what makes those series enjoyable to me is that the main character is relate-able in a sense and has a simple but understandable goal. How that story is portrayed and developed however is where it makes or breaks.

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Posted 27 July 2018 - 06:53 PM

I really don't care for One Piece. I still don't to this day. I know pirates are still the rage like Pirates of the Caribbean. I felt Oda's artwork is off-putting to me. Too much to be involved, especially during the action scenes.


Any mecha animes like Gundam and Code Geass turn me off too. OK, big giant robots...


There are other anime and manga series that don't appeal to me, regardless of genres. Hell, the sports ones are even worse for me. I just say, "Pass."


Visuals have to appeal to me. That's why I like series such as Naruto and My Hero Academia because the authors want to go a "realistic" approach but still apply fantasy in-between towards design.


What's Happening with the Naruto series as of now!

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Posted 28 July 2018 - 08:20 AM

To be honest, I think I am not able to say why I dislike these series because I didn't even watched them, but it's mainly because I don't like the genre/artstyle or simply I don't like the characters. 


But let's begin with Sword Art Online, I started it back then and dropped it because I disliked Asuna.


Fairy Tail: It reminds me of One Piece and there the originality is gone. Maybe it's just me being ignorant, but I also could never come to terms with the main characters.


My Hero Academia - I really started to read the manga and was committed, but it turned out to be not for me. Maybe it's for younger people? (also the main character reminds me of, like, every other shonen main character)


Steins;Gate: Ok, This is actually a really boring story, but I tried to watch the show three times and I always dropped it in the second episode.


Free!: I had to laugh so much when I saw the opening I could not bring myself to watch any more of it :lmao:


Yuri!!! on Ice: Just never interested me, not a big fan of sport anime. :sweat:


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Ok, I really wanted to like this show, but I don't like the art style and miss the depth I saw in other shows.


Kurokittensuji: I saw the series when I was younger, I never knew why I kind of disliked it. It's pretty weird to me, a little boy with his butler, and all these weird characters surrounding them. Also the story never made sense, or at least I didn't understand what it was about. Why do people ship them? :down:  it's so strange.

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Posted 31 July 2018 - 02:56 AM

DragonBall, Black Butler, K-Project, Fairy Tail, and One Piece are ones that I dislike. I will also immediately dislike any anime that contains ecchi/harem in it unless the plot and characters makes it worth it to watch.


And I got bored with these, not so much dislike or hate it: 


Boruto, (really I tried. I still love Naruto/Shippuden though, I won't bug), Attack on Titan (I might give this one another shot actually), and Tokyo Ghoul.

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Posted 31 July 2018 - 03:20 PM

One Piece : Everyone looks bad and ugly for me , in my opinion they trying so hard to be funny but all i can i see is stupidity and embarrassment , they just make a fool out of themselves. I try to watch this because i like Nami shes the only character that looks normal , but the other aspect really push me back.


Card Fight Vanguard : First i like the idea that one of the creator is once part of Yu Gi Oh , and i like Tokura Misaki. It's really bad when the MC is boneless , got bullied because he can't stand up for himself , he let himself get exploit and bullied , the cool guy best friend have to help. This give me a nightmare Naruto - Sasuke all over again , it's already a big minus for me when i see this kind of fomula , weak MC like Naruto and Cool handsome good at everything like Sasuke , BIG NO NO for me. The card game system is good but not enough to cover that big hole.


Black Clover : I still watch this ... but i have to admit barely hanging and about to drop anytime. Generic adventure shonen another Naruto clone and under studio pierot , meaning there is chance that this franchise might be ruined (maybe it already half ruined) because of their greed and incompetence.


Dragon Ball Super : Good art and i love DBZ , it's my childhood. But i drop it after black goku arc. Power level is a mess , super saiyan bargain sale , bad story and plot , always making tournament and another tournament. It's like they don't know how to make a good story and just throw lot's of colorful image here and there and a good fight here and there. SSJ blue .... this is what makes me upset , in the battle of the gods movie i saw SSJ god goku with red aura red hair , i thought this is what they gonna use in the anime. But BAM turn out blue hair blue aura ..... i feel betrayed.


Pokemon : I love digimon , but i wonder why i can't bring myself to love pokemon even though they both have same idea , at least back when i was a kid. Now i realize pokemon never have a sense of progress , MC is ageless , never get's old , team rocket always get blown away to the sky and come back in the next episode.


Yu Gi Oh : The newer season like Vrains , i mean it's already very bad after GX. The idea is getting even more and more ridiculous each new season. Bike and then now Skateboard in the air .... , the battle system getting even more bad. Player can summon at least one 8 star level monster in one turn and in "FIRST" turn , and when it dies the player can bring it back so easy in the same turn they died. When you can summon a very strong monster in first turn ... for me that's really bad. All the cards now is effect monster , the main character hair get's even more punk like. It's just sad seeing this franchise getting bad each season. I wish one of the pairing in yu gi oh got to sail but as far as i know none of them happen. I don't know what is the author thinking , teasing a ship and then just ignore them or let them sink. Still wish judai x asuka + yugi x anzu happen.


I was thinking sometimes maybe i have a bad palate or bad taste. One Piece for example been going for very long and like 700 episode that means it's has a lot of fans.

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Posted 31 July 2018 - 06:01 PM

For me Itd have to be JoJos Bizzare anything.


I cant stand this series for some reason, it just rubs me wrong. Villains are some of the most OP trype ive seen, and the heroes are at best unlikeable at worst outright trash.


one of the few series where when it comes on to the anime block I find something else to do.

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Posted 05 August 2018 - 07:30 PM





Yu Yu Hakasho.


Boko Academia or whatever it's called.


a few more that doesn't come to mind right now.

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