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Sour Arashi


Sour Arashi

"Sakura-chan… why does he look so upset?"
"He is just an infant….it could be anything. Hopefully his mood improves before his big brother and sisters come to meet him… and poking his cheeks so much probably doesn’t help, Naruto."
"Ah, but Sakura-chan, he’s so cute. I can’t help myself."
"Yes I know… you say that every time. (๑ꈍ ᵕ ꈍ๑) "

I dunno. Suddenly, I’m imagining Arashi was born with a face such as this. He was born to be a sour boy.
I dunno why, but it’s so easy to imagine life for Shinachiku and Arashi, but imagining and drawing the girls seems so much harder for me? Arashi and Shinachiku are my favorites, hands down,