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naruto's confession, and "sorry" "i know"

Posted by starlitestarbrite, 16 October 2015 · 2,899 views

[summary: MY version of the scene in the last movie where naruto, and sakura are talking about hinata leaving with toneri. also a funnier reaction from sakura to sasuke's "sorry" in chapter 699]
*in the cave thing sakura's lying down*
sakura: remember when i said i loved you?, and you thought i was lying to myself?
naruto: i think so
sakura: you were right...when i thought i loved sasuke-kun it was because of a rivalry between ino, and i
naruto: -nods-
sakura: i was a shallow twelve year old girl then...very insecure, and just wanted to be acknowledged
naruto: -softly- i know
sakura: how could you've known?
naruto: i...transformed into sasuke one time...that "sasuke" that told you you had a charming forehead, and i wanted to kiss it? was me
sakura: -tears up- that was you that day at the bench?
naruto: -hangs head- i just wanted to find out why you liked sasuke so much...i'm sorry
sakura: -tears fall, raises up- i was slowly getting over sasuke-kun, and falling in love with you and i didn't even know it!?
naruto:-eyes water-
*they both hug, then kiss under the moonlight*

*chapter 699- sakura's healing naruto and sasuke on the ground...both lost their arms in the battle with eachother*

naruto: thank you sakura-chan...i kept my promise -smiles-

sakura: -smiles- thank you for all you've done for me naruto

sasuke: hey sakura?

sakura: -annoyed- what?

saauke: sorry

naruto: you call THAT an apology?

sakura: i know you are sasuke...your a very sorry piece of work aren't you?

sasuke: -sweatdrop- geez...i figured you would be as forgiving as naruto

sakura: i'm not naruto...now shut up so i can concentrate

naruto: i can finally say...i love you sakura-chan...i wanted there be a more magical time to do it though.

sakura: you'll have plenty of time naruto...i'll even take YOU out for ramen this time! my treat -smiles and blushes-
now...shhh just relax

naruto: -blushes--jokingly- will you feed me to?

sakura: -holds naruto's lips closed- -holds back laughter-i love you to naruto

*ends with naruto and sakura kissing*

awww sweet~

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I love this alot and considering i havent gotten past ep 312 in the anime i would totally believe this happening. Great writing too

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