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the greatest gift of all

Posted by starlitestarbrite, 08 December 2015 · 29,728 views
naruto, sakura haruno and 2 more...
[summary: gaiden universe-Naruto, and sakura never talk...but, what no one knows/knews is they DO catch up once a year...and it's worth waiting for.also a headcanon idea i had about how naruto got his jacket in part one!]
*hokage office night time Naruto's eating ramen*
naruto: -slurrrp- -logs on the computer looking at fan art- -smiles-
*beep- that was t...

naruto's nindo in a song!

Posted by starlitestarbrite, 04 December 2015 · 30,451 views
naruto, maruto uzumaki, S club 7
this is SOOO part one naruto LOL


this song is so sakura! lol

Posted by starlitestarbrite, 30 November 2015 · 6,572 views
naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno and 1 more...
the song "i will be there" by Britney spears reminds me of sakura's confession to naruto. someone should totally make an NS AMV using this song. i think it describes her feelings towards naruto perfectly..there are other songs that reminde me of NS. really NS is easy to relate to in all forms' lol i guess cause it's so natural. thanks for reading if you l...


Posted by starlitestarbrite, 26 November 2015 · 5,390 views
naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno and 2 more...
happy thanksgiving! i can't find ANY narusaku thanksgiving pictures BUT!, i found another one of team 7 instead. after all i believe:
1-naruto- would be thankful to have his team together again, have his "brother" and best friend back in the village, and that narusaku FINALLY happened!
2-sasuke-would be secretly thankful to have so...


Posted by starlitestarbrite, 31 October 2015 · 4,129 views
narusaku, naruto uzumaki and 1 more...
happy halloween to all!

naruto's confession, and "sorry" "i know"

Posted by starlitestarbrite, 16 October 2015 · 2,897 views
[summary: MY version of the scene in the last movie where naruto, and sakura are talking about hinata leaving with toneri. also a funnier reaction from sakura to sasuke's "sorry" in chapter 699]
*in the cave thing sakura's lying down*
sakura: remember when i said i loved you?, and you thought i was lying to myself?
naruto: i think so
sakura: you were righ...

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