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Posted 03 April 2021 - 06:48 PM


Oh I've known that  for almost as long as the anime was running lol. I know it is not the "Naruto division" that animated Black Clover. My beef with them though is for 3 reasons.


1. prominently is how they spread their filler episodes. Not two episodes in and they were already stretching out the content of the beginning more than necessary. It took them four episodes to get to the Magic knight examination which was chapter 2, another two filler episodes right after the first story arc which was the first fight etc. etc.. It would not be too much of a problem if Crunchyroll was not over selling it as the "next king of Shonen anime" and viewers getting bored of it after the first 3 episodes. Also is the fact that Black Clover had an overly cliché beginning and even fans of the manga were wondering if it was even anything unique or even worth investing in at first. Obviously this lost traction for the beginning and it frustrates me to this day because I LOVE this series, and was very hurt at how others bashed it to the ground and tossed it aside at the beginning, both the manga and anime alike. 


2. like other anime that fall into their laps they seem to have a "boob fetish" in that they overuse a "largely stacked" female character and milk her for all she's worth and throwing in moments with the MC that didn't exist in filler episodes just for the hell of it because they LOOOOVE such a character. This is a has happened enough that I can't call it coincidence. Besides the obvious Hinata (part II/Shippuden anyway,) they've done it to Mimosa as you've noticed, Orihime (though that obviously has merit in comparison) and even Mayura from Twin Star Exorcist. If there are other series that that involve this particular scenario I wouldn't be surprised. 


3. though I am actually not too bothered by this one since it is not only SP that does it, they also tend make tsunderes worse to varying degrees. I've no appreciation to how that cranked up Noelle's tsundere tendencies and jealousy to the point she'd smack Asta and even throw things at him for only being "slightly irritated". I think that also made the canon love interest from Twin Star Exorcist, Benio more of a tsundere than she actually was too (but correct me if I'm wrong I stopped watching the anime pretty early). I recall that they did it to Rukia as well. Not to mention it was Sakura that got the worst of it to the point that western watchers call her a  *beep* for it. Obviously it is for humor but then again the last case is what ruined an entire franchise, now isn't it? 


Point being, it may not have been the "Hinata pedo-clown wankers" animating Black Clover but I still have somewhat of a problem with how they portrayed it regardless. Just call it PTSD if you will. :dry: Even though It is all but guaranteed Tabata will not make the same mistake. 


That said I do at least like that they have Asta giving Noelle more "bridal carries" in the filler episodes at least   

To be fair about Sakura, those *fans* already considered Sakura a *beep* for initially rejecting Naruto's affection and chasing after a douchebag that didn't care about her. Pierrot amplifying her tsundere tendencies just reinforced and solidified that perception for them.  As you pointed out, Rukia, Mayura and Noelle received the same treatment and fans adore love those characters.


And I agree with your points on how they handled Black Clover's anime adaptation. While the team seemed to respect Tabata's direction (as it was said that Tabata actually did give certain instructions to them on how to handle the filler timeskip episodes) for the most part, they did make questionable decisions. For instance, when the director accidentally had Leo and Noelle learn Heart's Mana Method, which breaks continuity a bit since neither of them learned it yet(Tabata was reportedly upset about this and the director apologized for it). Or conflating Noelle's tsundere attitude or giving more "fanservice" with Mimosa and Vanessa.   While I'm sure the former was just for humor and not out of malicious bias (such as what happened to Sakura) and the latter was to titillate the male audience, it can be pretty aggravating and unnecessary. Especially, as you said, since some of us are still suffering from PTSD after Naruto.

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Posted 03 April 2021 - 07:41 PM

Oh yes definitely. On Twin Star Exorcist, the actual Love interest, is Benio. Mayura is the "sweet, gentle childhood friend" and her big chest is also used as a constant joke. Not to mention the story made it perfectly clear Mayura had no chance from the start but SP did a date filler for her and The MC for instance, at the beginning of the anime. Not sure how well loved Benio is, I never looked into it but I'm have some certainty in my mind SP may have over exaggerated her tsundere attitude too. Great manga BTW, but I don't know if you follow it.


Well ultimately I don't  necessarily agree with what SP does with their anime series over all. Bleach, in particular had many unnecessary filler episodes I think and even when the manga had more than enough content for them to animate. Not certain if this is what contributed to it being halted back then. That said I think that the animation for Black clover was quite consistent and had some top notch quality in recent tomes so while I have problem with SP handling it anime I'm hesitant that another may not make the animation look the same. It has happened before, One Punch man Being a prime example. It could happen with Black clover unless you KNOW the studio is will make top quality animation like the aforementioned Studios I listed.

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