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The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

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Posted Yesterday, 12:08 AM

I was looking up Stephanie Sheh and I noticed this part which I imagine is a recent edit (lets not pretend hinata plays a major role in the story line). Also there is no mention of her voicing Rin for some reason

Major role ha I think not, heck she put more effort into rin than hinata heck nui from kill la kill had more effort in it. Even orihime and kyrie have more effort than hinata.

That is oddly strange... performance wise I think Stephanie did alright as Hinata, and no joke she did mention (this was years ago when I found out) that she found Hinata kind of boring by Shippuden. 
She does bring more life into Rin just by hearing her performance!

Again she puts more effort into her other roles than she does hinata cause there's only surface to hinata, heck yuri lowenthal put more effort into playing Spider-Man and the prince of persia, even Neil from residential evil Rev 2 has more effort and Neil is a Sasuke type character.   

Hinata IS boring and she HAD NO impact on the story. she had no motivations besides "I want Naruto-kun to notice me!" she has nothing else to her character. AT ALL. And the few times she showed emotional support, it could have been done BETTER by another character.

That's true take her out of the story and would anything change that much?
If you wanted hinata to have a point make her evil.

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Posted Yesterday, 06:30 AM

Hinata is so pointless that she makes Bella look like Winry Rockbell. Whoa... that was too far.

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Posted Yesterday, 02:26 PM

Yeah that was raising Bella's standard too high :zaru:  :lmao: Besides there is no need for comparison, Hinata is not any different from a nameless background character when it comes to plot impact or relevance so take any SIDE or SUPPORTING female character from any fictional franchise and they would be more important than Hinata

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Posted Yesterday, 06:09 PM

Honestly Bella has at leasr some character development even if it takes a few books to get there. 


Hinata is as shallow as a teaspoon. Shes abouit as 1 dimensional as they come character wise.

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Posted Yesterday, 08:50 PM

yup like I said strip away her crush on Naruto and you go a back ground character that is not even named. What makes her worse than other one dimensional girl charaters that are only single-noted to like a character and are soley defined by that in fact, is that Hinata might have been more, fanatics were singing praises for her to be more, and Kishi probably meant for her to be more but he didn't deliver. That and there is some double standard about Hinata compared to other shy girl characters that are closet fan girls with crushes on the MC that they may have fans but there are not so many fans that delusional-y turn that character into a goddess that isshould be the MC's "match made in heaven" like they did with HInata

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