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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime Discusion

Naruto Boruto anime Next Generation Studio Pierriot

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Posted 20 September 2018 - 08:29 AM

The characters and the entire franchise were sacrificed, and to do what? Make these people feel better about their miserable lives?


It's not like it could possibly make them that happy. At the end of the day Hinata doesn't exist, and even if she did, she loves Naruto, not them. So they don't really get that much out of it. I would have gotten more out of it, because I don't want Sakura to be with me, I want her to be with Naruto. Which is actually possible.


It's just pathetic.

They could've still had their pathetic fantasies had NaruSaku became canon. Kishimoto created her, those images are still there, and they were free to think up whatever they wanted.


I'd share my crazy imagination where anime girls are concerned, but there's no way to do that without coming off like a complete creep. I'll just say when I do go to that place, who those characters are in canon, what they would like or not like isn't a factor. I'm just imagining it would feel good to...well, you know.


Basically what I'm saying is Wet Dreams should STAY IN YOUR HEAD. 

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Posted 20 September 2018 - 01:46 PM

Episode 74 "The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!"

Orochimaru tells Boruto and Sarada about the White Snake Sage who lives in Ryuchi Cave. On their way there, the two are confronted by Team 10, which is determined to take the two back to the village so that they are not labeled as "rogue" ninja. But there's no way Boruto or Sarada will oblige until they find out the truth from Mitsuki, so they are forced into confrontation using everything they've got!


Episode 75 "The Trials of Ryuchi Cave"

Boruto and friends head for Ryuchi Cave in order to see the White Snake Sage. But it's not a simple task, since they have no clue where it is. They search for miles, becoming hungry and tired. They are near their limit when Ryuchi Cave suddenly appears before them along with mysterious women to guide them. They are told they must pass a series of tests in order to meet the White Snake Sage!



I just notice that the story is written by a bunch of different guy ... no wonder there's no consistency and the story is all over the place. I'm done with this farce ...



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Posted Yesterday, 06:19 AM

Thoughts about the last few episodes.


Shikamaru’s son decides to accompany bolt. He says it’s weird that if mitsuki was a spy why would he leave a message for bolt.

Umm.. what if this is all meant as a way to lure bolt away from the village to capture him and use him to blackmail the seventh hokage?

Like I don’t think that’s what’s actually going to happen, but it’s a really obvious possibility that this genius kid doesn’t seem to consider

Shikamaru’s choice to send team 10 after bolt and Sarada is also really weird.. like we shouldn’t send konohamaru.. but a bunch of their young impressionable close friends of theirs can go?

Its weird that shikamaru's son was the one to decide to split up and Moegi just did what he said. Moegi is supposed to be a jounin.. like she just does what this kid says and leaves a bunch of genin to fend for themselves against possible ambushes (she was ambushed herself) while she chases what could be shadow clones.

I feel bad for Inojin.. getting dragged along for this crazy trip that could get them all severely punished (at best).



Why doesn’t bolt form shadow clones to make picking up the gems for the door quicker and easier?

Bolt getting bitten RIGHT after he finished saying that he didn’t intend to be eaten made me laugh.

To be honest the stuff so far at ryuchi cave could be more creative and clever. Like with the gem puzzle – all of the gems that didnt fit could be poisonous snakes that have been transformation jutsu’d. Meaning you would have to think carefully about which ones to try and pick up. Or do an indiana jones thing and have snakes all over the ground crawling over the gems. Meaning you would have to watch your step and very carefully pick up the pieces without disturbing the snakes.Then their would have been a real threat of becoming exhausted.There are tons of things like that you could think of to make it more elaborate and challenging. Sadly the writing seems a little bland.

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Posted Yesterday, 10:48 PM

I have no words for how much of a prick Hokage Naruto has become, and people and the bull to say Boruto is better than DB Super and while Super had it flaws at least it tried harder than Boruto.

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