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Naruto: Konoha's Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga Chapter 7

25 January 2023 - 04:00 PM

Forgot about this one again.


Summary Time: Chapter 7. A Clash of Rivals.


Chapter starts with Guy hyping up a clash with Kakashi...you all should already know this is going to be a joke right?


Cover Page is Mirai in a robe you wear to a hot-springs.


Then the story has Mirai relaxing in a hot-spring...ah this is the part where she tries rushing to the men's side naked bit. Tenten appears, out of nowhere. Apparently, Mirai called her asking her to deliver her things...incase you don't recall, she only brought two days worth of clothes for a 20 days long mission.


Oh they try to justify what Tenten does for a living. She makes new ninja weapons for her shop. In this case a rust proof kunai perfect for use in a hot-springs. Is this another of the great reforms Naruto's generation enacted rust-proof weapons? Mirai asks what use is that kunai that just suppose to be useful in a hot-springs, self defense, but Tenten realizes it is kind of useless other than making her look hot by wielding a weapon in a hot-springs. Mirai points out that this is the women's side so there no guys to check her out...clearly homosexuality is not that common in the ninja world it seems. Eventually, Tenten admits, after more back and forth, that Mirai has great to have a conversation with. Tenten says that she understands Guy puts on a brave face to face his fears, like ghost. This of course heighten Mirai concerns with protecting him.


Then once getting out of the hot-springs they spot Guy. Guy apparently was doing something that causes Mirai to aggressively lecture him, drinking more spring water than is advised. Tenten tries to spook him with ghost talk. Kakashi finished his phone call with Naruto. Guy challenges Kaakshi to a game of ping-pong. Tenten ropes Mirai into scaring Guy for fun.



Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 77

19 January 2023 - 05:30 PM

So let us see why Hinata slapped Nail.


Summary Time: Chapter 77. Time Drawing Near...they are really pushing that the time skip is happening soon. How badly are they breathing down Ikemoto's neck?


Cover page is Nail looking like a douche with his karma seal activated.


From where we last left off. Nail is demanding femmy to show himself. Since, he quickly figured out that he was still active in Bolt with just a hint or two. The ruckus draws Salad's and the Clone's attention. His rough handling of Bolt has the clone remembers him admitting to killing Bolt. Shikamaru his still in mental contact with them and tells him to stop. Guilting him with Naruto's reaction to Bolt's death. This gets Nail to back off, walks out of the room, and leaves in such a hissy fit he does that cloaking his chakra signature so they can't keep track of him again. Normally, when you have a character you can't track by your usual means, you try to find another way to track him. Like scent or placing something on him like a bug he won't notice. Of course because they are Kishimoto's characters they are all too stupid to think of anything like that, and even if they did. It would instantly fail as all Ikemoto's characters are smarter than the world smartest man as a base line of intelligence. Apparently, he so wanted to be on his own he also shrinked himself with his shinjutsu powers. So they spent time trying to figure out how they can find him...while the art gets worse and worse. Hime gets bored and decides to wander off since Nail isn't around. Bolt point out she is not suppose to do that, she says he can't stop her, and Shikamaru says to let her do what she wants. He has the clone and salad stay with her while the others look for Nail.


Its the old guy that Punk brought with him drinking because he is bored watching Punk's nudist force. Punk says there are a 1000 of these things. He considers launching an attack on the village with them but can't due to Hime.


Oh and Shikamaru is informed by Hime... my guess to give him something so she could go shopping. Oh he named them "Claw Grime." God the try hard edginess. The conversation is interrupted by the joke that the lady running the clothes store is gushing over her. The Clone and Salad despite being immune to her charm powers says, she is beautiful in anything she wears... again she is Ikemoto's type. Bolt and Moe tag along for some reason...Oh God No. Moe see Hinata's daughter and instantly falls in love with her. I'm pretty sure many people were making that prediction. This story is incredibly by the number and easier to predict the story than even Naruto; when its not throwing curve balls to keep itself interesting. 


Now at Naruto's house. Naruto is helping Hinata set the plates for Dinner...to set up the Hinata moment. No wonder Ikemoto tries to avoid drawing her, she looks awful in every panel. Hinata is sad that Nail and Bolt won't join them. Naruto says they will be busy for a while dealing with problem children, right as Nail appears right behind him. Naruto asks why he is here instead at the villa where his mission is. Nail wants to talk with Naruto. He starts with saying how grateful he is to Naruto taking him in to the point he is willing to die if that's what is needed to repay him. The way he decides to repay Naruto is to kill all the Otsutsuki. He is informing Naruto this to follow proper procedure. Hinata is confused at what is going on. Then Nail admits that his first thought after Bolt was brought back wasn't, "thank god he is alive," but "damn, I likely failed to kill femmy."  He feels bad for messing up, but the next time he will get it right. This causes Hinata to slap him. She says, "no decent human being would think that way"...aren't all you ninja taught from birth to be weapons? This should be standard line of thought in their society. Oh no, I failed in my mission, I feel great shame and want to try again to redeem myself. Even if that mission is killing someone I care about. He admits he is not right in the head. Who would, when they plan on killing someone they consider like a brother...you know, he hasn't informed them that Femmy is still active in Bolt. At best, he implied it. Probably more important and make him sound less insane. Than him admitting he is planning on killing Bolt again. Naruto says he won't let him kill Bolt, again. So, he uses his power to seal Naruto and Hinata away so he can kill Bolt. Of course he does this without any difficulty.


As someone that has had to read this story for over 6 years. This feels rushed. It feels like Ikemoto was given a serious warning. Something like, "if you don't hit the time skip by the end of the year we are canceling your manga." Of course he is not used to actually writing a chapter where events of the story happen. So it is a rush mess. This feels like what would take 2 years, at least, for the story to reach this point at its usual pace, crammed in a single chapter. While its good for the story to finally be moving along. Its now rushing too fast and the scenes have no impact...granted before it was so slow nothing had any impact because you stopped caring by the time the story finally got on with it.

Naruto: Konoha's Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga Chapter 6

09 January 2023 - 08:55 PM

Kinda held back and forgot this one because of the debate going on in the other one.


Summary Time: Chapter 6. Asuma and Kurenai, Fire and Illusions, the two powers she inherited from her parents.


Mirai uses the illusion she made last time to pretend to be a fire god...which is apparently an actual thing for this village, Lord Nenu the third God. She uses it to proclaim both stories are true in hopes, that will stop the fighting. Isn't this festival to just let off steam and the village is normally really peaceful? The only people that are having a bad day are Kiba and Tamaki and that could be resolved by them simply talking and apologizing to each other. Guy sees this as stopping the festival, so he tries to attack the illusion, and crashes through into a wall. Which made the Cat and Dog hot springs one. Please tell me this part is done now. Oh and Kiba and Tamaki are back together, they knew what she did. Kiba points out he was Kurenai's student. So he should recognize her style of genjutsu and points out she showed of the skills she inherited from her parents. Fire and Illusions...wasn't Asuma know more for his wind? Yes, he had fire release but that is apparently very common in the Land of Fire, and apparently wind release was so rare there that he was the only one Kakashi knew that could help train Naruto when he was having trouble with his wind training.


Guy has become Lord Nanu's messenger, and they decided to worship him as well as build a statue of him. The inns are crowded. So, Kakashi notes they will have to sleep outside, and teases her about how this will build both her stamina and mental fortitude when she complains.


The chapter ends with them camping out while some cult prepares for some ritual. 


5/10. At least the cat-dog hot springs part is over.

Naruto: Sasuke's Story-The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: Chapter 6

01 January 2023 - 03:41 AM

Happy New Year's Eve. What a year. Fuck all still happened in Boruto but it seems the companies have had enough of that. So, now they are doing these side manga to see how they can make profits off this franchise.


Summary Time: Chapter 6


Sasuke is staring at the room full of cocks in confusion... granted he probably uses his own so rarely he doesn't know what it is. There are fossils in the room. My guess hinting at some resurrection experiment...why is everyone unhappy with the edo tensei? Zanzul ask if anyone is inside his cock room. Huh. I figure he turn himself into a cock in order to hide...which would make him less of a prick. But, instead it was always just a shadow clone he dispelled...it be interesting if he and Sakura learned it from Naruto but I doubt it.


Sakura gets another message from Kakashi. She sends another message back before heading to the prison cafeteria to eat with the prisoners...pardon me. I assume that prison staff and the prisoners do not eat at the same time at the same place. In order to prevent things like say convicts trying to stage a break out due to having hostages, if not even just spite killing, or in the case of a woman, rape. I assume I'm correct and it looks like I am by what I looked up, but can anyone tell me if I am wrong.


So after Sakura is sexually assaulted and killed by a legion of horny convicts that haven't seen another woman in months if not years. Sorry, that does not happen because I guess they saw the ring on her finger and realize that she is protected by the Guy Code. They just stare politely but lustfully at her while she gets her meal and sits down. The old guy who is one of Sasuke's cellmates, the one that paints his toenails, they talk about the discovery of the heliocentric system apparently. Sakura apparently was once taught that the Earth was the center and the Sun revolved around it. Is this suppose to show how their world progressed in the last two decades? The old guy notices her ring allowing her to talk about Sasuke. She tries to be vague but he correctly guesses who. Apparently, the tree outside is a Sakura tree, Sasuke normally sits in the place she is sitting now waiting for the Sakura tree to bloom; to show he thinks about her.


Sakura goes back to her office and ponders stuff. She comes up with a theory that the hand seal ninjas uses might also be connected to this mystery.


Sasuke and Jiji are doing a task. They see a lake and Jiji informs him that it formed due to a meteor. He says that it looks red right now but at certain times it changes to the color blue, making it look like a piece of the sky landed there...do you get it?  Sasuke leaves with this discovery and stumbles upon Sakura. They share discoveries and make plans to go to the lake tonight.


3/10. I am sick of the management of this prison. Also, I have never seen a mystery be this blatant before. Taping the answers to the end of a hammer and bashing the reader in the skull, would be more subtle than anything this story has done.

Naruto: Konoha's Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga Chapter 5

25 December 2022 - 10:37 AM

Forgot about this one.


Summary Time: Chapter 5. The Third Choice... to the stupid, 'which hot springs,' we should go to. Damn it. They are going to be still on that this chapter.


Cover Page is an annoyed Mirai, a tired Akamaru with pup, and the two love birds from last time.


Chapter starts with people declaring their animal statue is going to win. Kiba and Tamaki get into another spat. Then the people of the festival recognize Kiba as a famous dog ninja master. So, apparently Kiba is the closest ninja hound master ever got to becoming hokage, knows every walking trail in the country, is good at training dogs, and has his own brand of dog food that he eats himself.



...Good News Everyone. We FINALLY found a change to the ninja system under Naruto, their dog food is better. Clearly poor dog food was one of the leading causes to the cycle of hatred, people to be made into tools of war, stripped of their humanity, and general corruption in the ninja system as well as society as a whole. Thank god that was solved. So, they put Kiba on top of the dog statue. This upsets Tamaki as he is ignoring her or something, so she walks off. As he sees her walk off, he feels guilty because he wanted to enjoy the festival with her. The people at the festival fight each other.


Kakashi notices Mirai is worried about those two, she wants to mend the bridges between them, and she recommends finding something that is both cat & dog. 



Also as she heads off he asks her to find Guy because they lost him somehow.


Her answer is to set fire the the festival. Bit extreme. She uses genjutsu to make a third fire god. The chapter is over.


4/10. Too short and the conflict between Kiba and Tamaki is not that interesting. But thank god we finally found a reform to the ninja system the Naruto cast did; better dog food.


Merry Christmas everyone. May you spend time with your love ones and be jolly on this joyous day.