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Naruto: Sasuke's Story-The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: Chapter 4

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#1 Bail o' Lies

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Posted 05 December 2022 - 07:20 PM

Sorry I was busy this weekend and forgot.


Summary Time: Chapter 4.


From last chapter. Sasuke is again telling Sakura about how he is going to gamble against one his cellmates and hopes he has the info they are seeking as he is the library attendant. Sasuke goes up and talks to him about what he just won in his latest match...a picture book full of dinosaurs which they call 'dragon beast.' Likely to help Sasuke realize something suspicious about the fact that their guard beast is an extinct animal. Can I just pretend to forget this chapter exist and skip it now? So, ask him directly about the book and he looks through their book catalogue to find it...is there a reason Sakura couldn't do this on her own? Unfortunately, its lock and the basement and anyone who goes down there without permission will be sentence to death by hanging. And then, Sakura walks into their conversation. So Sakura ask him for the key since apparently he has it...why are they letting a prisoner have that key if no one is suppose to go down there? Sakura then suggest they gamble for it. Isn't Sasuke the one that should be doing this on his own. Actually, I think this is backwards. Sakura finds the information from the catalogue, then Sasuke gambles for the key?


So, the guy agrees and they play the prisons own card game called star lines. Probably important but I'll skip it for now. Sasuke points out that he could just use genjutsu so Sakura doesn't have to play...he could have also just used genjutsu to get the information without having to do any of this at all. Sakura refuses because she is Tsunade's Top Apprentice...so one of the things she pick up from her is a gambling habit? Oh this I like, the guy asks if she wants to look over the rules some more but she casually says she has already memorized it. Which is one of Sakura's skills good at memorizing information. Sakura takes off her coat so she has no sleeves and then draws against him 5 times in a row. He admits he lost and give her the key, but warns her that some of the books have been moved around due to the renovations.


Sakura goes outside where Sasuke is waiting for her. He didn't watch her match after a certain point it seems. Sakura asks about Jiji since he was constantly coming into her office...not realizing that he wasn't sick he just wanted to see the one women in this prison filled with men. Sasuke thinks about what Jiji told him on the walk back, holds her hand, and give her a ring he made. Sakura keeps staring at the ring while Sasuke asks her questions. Sakura was able to draw five times in a row because she memorized that conditions of each card allowing her to figure out the cards.


Ok This was interesting. So when Sakura started out her apprenticeship under Tsunade, they used to play cards a lot. Sakura memorized the cards then as well, so she could appease her master by letting her win. Of course, this gave Tsunade a big head. So, eventually Sakura decided to instead just keep drawing to bored her. Of course she could have revealed this talent to her master to impress her, but no.


Sakura touches the wall and feels there is a open space which she then senses is a spiral staircase leading to the directors office. They conveniently find the book. It has pictures in it which because of her time with Sai is able to tell is made by someone not from Redaku and more from their homeland the land of fire. In other words, its a book made by the Six Path Sage. Sasuke notes the picture match the ones on the star cards. Sakura realizes its the constellations. Sasuke thinks these clue will take a while to figure out but Sakura believes she can figure it out in two days. They find a note with the words 'The Stars Increased' with the mark of Konoha at the bottom.


A few days pass. Sakura gives Sasuke a note to meet her tomorrow at 2 pm since she likely figured it out.


4/10. The story still has holes you can drive a truck through.

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Posted 05 December 2022 - 09:35 PM

I will give credit where it's due, they at least haven't forgotten Sakura's intelligence and give it some justice here. It doesn't mean the chapter is good nor does it pique my interest still.

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#3 Bail o' Lies

Bail o' Lies

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Posted 06 December 2022 - 01:55 AM

It was rare for Sakura to be allowed to show off her intelligence due to it being a battle focus manga, she not getting many chapter focus on that aspect, and Shikamaru taking over the role of the smart member of the cast. So it is nice but the story is always twisting itself for these scenes to happen instead of letting the scene happen naturally.


Also, "I can memorize playing card decks, since I used to have to do it when I was training under Tsunade," is a nice moment but nothing really that big that Therece was hyping it up as. 

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