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16 January 2019 - 09:01 PM

They are dating in real life from what Ive been told!


WHAT. I thought it was just a rumor!!! <3

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16 January 2019 - 08:16 AM

I've kind of always figured Naruto would be the one to die. You know, like Jiraiya and Asuma — in a meaningful, symbolic, loss-of-master-now-Boruto-has-to-step-up sort of way. Then Hinata would remain the sympathetic, super passive, long-suffering love interest that she is.


Cause if Hinata dies, then it makes Naruto look bad/weak. Not that it matters now though - lol.


Ideally I thought that the entire cast of K9 would survive in the end, happily celebrating their own accomplishments together. Maybe a third part showing the ropes of their lives and careers.


But yeah on the extreme end if someone were to get killed off/go missing for a while, it would have to be one or two of the members of Team 7. It would greatly challenge their goals, motives, and characters even, in a way that no secondary character could move them to do so. Endless outcomes to consider had that happened, and I would've definitely stuck around to see that instead of Burrito's Cashgrab Crusade.


I was so betting on Sasuke biting the dust though, for real. That guy has flirted with death so many times, done so many bad deeds... like it's a fact that him and plot armor are more intimate with each other than him and Sakura...


Yes if Hinata died and Naruto lived ... ooooohhhhh i can already imagine her fanatic will swarm him with lot's of curse and insult. Naruto can't protect his family , Naruto is incompetent husband , Naruto not only fail as father because he neglect his kids but fail as husband and man as well for letting the most precious female on earth died , etc. And if the other way around , Hinata lived and Naruto died : Hinata has done well as a wife , there's nothing she can do about it , shes not strong enough to protect his beloved husband it can't be help and it's understandable , and Naruto will be forgotten like fart .... :lmao:


:/ Not even Neji's death prompted major change with any facet of her character, other than her relationship status. There was no clarity on her ambitions thereafter and her personality remained the same, so I don't think she would be that much different if Naruto did die while married to her.

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16 January 2019 - 06:33 AM


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