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Posted by Iwantbuns, 31 October 2014 · 41,835 views

dont know
Ever feel like you're trying to reach a goal, but instead it just keeps getting hard to reach? And in turn it gets worser, no matter what you do? Sometimes ignoring the goal, makes the issues go away - but I've tried that. So how much harder do I have to try? I'm giving it 80% of my hard work, but how can I will myself to go to 110%?
I'm just talking to myself right now. Not really asking anyone.
How do I stop doing things I shouldn't be doing, without slipping away from that part of my life that I cherish - even though it affects my life negatively? It's like two different types of happiness: instant gratification or delayed gratification. I'm the type of person to pick the first one. How do I stop myself from doing that? Simple. Just stop doing it. Why is that much harder than it should be?
Careful, in my blog expect a lot of weird analyses. And I love that I'm the only one to blog here... I feel special ^.^

Yeah, I've had that feeling sometimes. It's never been easy for sure to try to reach that goal, but I keep pressing as best I can to be able to do what I can to make my goal a reality.

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