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2017 KFC Author's Comments

Posted by Konoha'sCrimsonFox, 05 July 2017 · 42,519 views

Volume 1 also know as season 1 has come to a conclusion on all four online literature platforms. This story first made its debut on wattpad on October 10 2016. Several weeks later released it on FictionPress. On early December 2016, I published this story on on Deviant Art and Roads Royal Legends.
As expected, this story was expecting to get low views due to my poor execution of volume one and how I introduced the story to its audience that most came and go. I feel that it's too early for me to give a full comment on the reviews. The story has to do all the talking and explaining first.
I have been working many hours and have less spare time with some author's block that prevents me from completing a chapter on time, and the corrections I need to make with my manuscript after my editors have proofread everything. My hats go off to them. They did a good job with the grammar. Unfortunately, copy editing is not cheap. Hopefully that explains why the grammar of my comments is poor quality writing.
Concepts behind the story. Yes, its a meshed idea of numerous stories. The main lore is from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Norse Mythology. Although the story itself is based off the Naruto manga franchise. This escalated to some negative feedback about protagonist Eddie Ferguson is being called a Boruto Uzumaki ripoff—vice versa the mother of Eddie—the lead female character has some negative feedback on her being too much of a Sakura Haruno clone in Erza Scarlet's (female character from Fairy Tail) body. This has already been anticipated.
Some asked if this will be like one of those superhero fictions like Marvel and DC. The answer is no. The literature interacts more with Japanese Shonen category stories like from the famous Shonen Jumps magazine company in Japan.
The future? I've already given the names to the final two books of the GoM trilogy.
Guardians of Midgard II: Tides of Darkness (Book 2)
Guardians of Midgard III: Rise of The Dragon King (Book 3)
I don't expect to finish volume 2 this year. Instead half of season 2 will be monthly. For Volume 2/Season 2 launch date, it will be the same Oct 10 this coming fall. I hope I can work my magic with the next volumes or else this series will be axed in the future. I would like to have some feedback and comments to know if the story has gotten better or worse since the start.
Any other than that thank you for reading and hopefully I be back as soon as possible.

thank you for your article

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