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The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

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Posted Yesterday, 08:17 PM


I can't believe I am saying this, but Hannah Montana in Disney had a triangle love that did it right and probably could have worked her. 
There was two boys she liked and had feelings, but she couldn't decide. Eventually, she had both their pictures on her bed trying to make up her mind. Eventually, she went outside to clear her mind when a gust of wind blew one of the pictures out the window and into her lap. Now you can see whose picture it is and she puts on a smile and you think "this is the guy she chose." Nope, she goes to the guy of the picture and tells him "I'm sorry, I can't be with you. You're a great guy, but when I saw your picture and wondered would your face make me smile everytime I wake up in the morning and it doesn't. It is not someone I can wake up with so...I am choosing the other guy."

Writing was a little sloppy, but the message I felt was heartfelt and made sense. She wanted the person who made her happy even just by waking up in the morning and it wasn't him. I think that is how they should have handled it: Where she sees Sasuke and realizes she doesn't make her smile like Naruto does.



A lot of Hallmark movies are like this. but she always chose the other guy (naruto) because she realizes even if her lust in place for the one guy, her heart was in another because she only thought what she wanted and not what she really needed. She is reminded of a feeling that she doesn't feel with Sasuke, but she does with Naruto and that is how they SHOULD have done it. 

What does Sakura feel with Sasuke? I don't see it. She doesn't feel protected. She doesn't feel loved. She doesn't feel anything really. She just feels empty and unsatisfied while both the fanbase and her lying to themselves saying "there is something hidden we can't see." No. You have to show me that, not tell me that and then show the opposite. 



This was an idea I have been pushing for a while. The Naruto and Sasuke fight should NOT have been the end.



Goku has one thing in common with Sasuke....according to them they both have never kissed their wives and they both weren't there when their kids were born.


or james like i said on the podcast power rangers did love and relatioships better heck r.p,m did it better with dillon and summer

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Posted Yesterday, 08:28 PM

or james like i said on the podcast power rangers did love and relatioships better heck r.p,m did it better with dillon and summer

Even Super Sentai can do it better.

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