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Posted by starlitestarbrite on 12 August 2014 - 10:48 PM

*it's a wonderful life*
[what could have been for chapter 662-675"it's a wonderful life" natuto-style!]
*after hinata trips and falls on the rock chasing after gaara's sand who on it was naruto. they're heading towards sakura*
hinata: neji! please protect naruto-kun -cries-
*in naruto's mind*
naruto:it's...dark...kurama's gone
voice:didn't you wish you didn't have kurama?
*naruto turns to see neji*
neji: naruto...it is your destiny to help others...you proved that many times
naruto: they'd be better off if i wasn't around -sadly- even this war was because of me being the junchuuriki
neji: so, you feel like a caged bird?
naruto: - -() why are you here?
neji: it is my destiny to help you. just like you helped me.
naruto: but, due to me the village was put in danger...my friends, sasuke, sakura-chan
neji:do you want to see what would've happened if you never existed?
naruto: do i have a choice
neji:no...it is your-
neji: be warned your about to see a very different life.
*they go to the mirror to watch the first scene. a classroom sakura sits near sasuke, and girls are fangirling over it*
ino:hey forehead i'm sitting next to sasuke
sakura:no i am hi sasu...huh?
*sasuske had already poofed to another desk*
naruto:he's an even bigger jerk? or is he smarter since i don't exist.
neji:will you pay attention?, and no that's not the idea.
naruto:wait if i wasn't born who became the jinchuuriki?
neji:noone. you were a stillborn. after kushina's death minato sealed himself and the ninetails into konoha
naruto:so, he sacrificed himself.
*iruka's calling out the names of the teams* team 7 sakura haruno, sasuske uchiha, yota makabe
naruto:whoes that?
neji:your replacement
naruto:well i know THAT.
iruka:team 8 kiba inuzuka, shino aburame, hinata hyuga
hinata:-holds head down, and tries to hide-
naruto:well, she's shyer than usual
shikamaru:whats the big idea?
ino:don't you get it shikamaru?
shikamaru:no because i'm not a girl
ino:i sure feel bad for who gets on your team
iruka:team 10 ino yamanaka, shikamaru nara
shikamaru:-teasing-did you say something about being on MY team?
iruka:choji akimichi

*the scene changes to in a classroon. kakashi decided just to stay in there and talk to the students*
kakashi:tell me something about yourselves... likes, hobbies, and dislikes
*yota goes first then sakura*
sakura:myname is sakura haruno likes are flowers...and gardening...my dislikes...i guess the rain...it always wilts the flowers, but they soak it up...absorb it as it they're redydrating
*sasuke stares at her*
naruto:she seems...diffrent
neji:she is.
sakura:i don't have any real hobbies...my dream...-sighs- nothing but a fantasy
sasuke:my name is sasuke uchiha. i don't like anything, i dislike alot of things. my dream is to avenge my clan, and kill a certain someone
naruto:same old jerk
neji:no...he's different...keep watching
*next scene shows the chuunin exam*
*auneji [alternate universe] and hinata step on to the stadium*
neji:since you weren't there to stop our fight hinata due to injury decided to give up on being a ninja. she had noone to inspire her that day.
*at the hospital gaara uses sand coffin on lee*
gaara:-stops mind way- -holds head- this stupid ...aaah i'm becomming the demon... -in the shadows sasuke's watching the event play out-
sasuke: -thinks- are we the same?
neji:gaara almost does kill lee but fights it. he's slowly loosing control
naruto:but the akatsuki aren't around right?
neji:that's later
*scene shows sasuke talking to gaara outside*
sasuke:i know where you can learn to control your...inner demon
gaara:i want this thing out of me...it has done nothing but cause trouble...i'm becomming it like everyone said
naruto:-eyes water- no...this can't be
sasuke:you help me find my brother, and kill him, and i'll help you seek all the power you could ask for. i'm just like you. wishing there was someone there. someone who for once acted like a real brother...but, what can we do? WE have noone
naruto:sasuke no! your sounding like itachi can't you see?, and it's not true!
neji: he can't hear you, and no. he doesn't see it. in this world it IS true. deep down sasuke was always envious of you. gaara never learned what real friendship was. they just wanted someone to understand them. when it came time:gaara betrayed the sand, sasuske still betrayed the leaf.
*scene changes to when sasuke leaves*
sakura:-crying- please sasuke! don't go. if you leave i'll scream!
sasuke: you can scream all you want...noone'll ever hear you...just your cry...they never hear the dying soul...sometimes that's better.
naruto:-wipes his tears- sasuke's such a jerk...but, like me only wanted a friend.
neji: he did consider you his best friend...a brother he never had
sakura:-sits on the bench and cries-
naruto:oh sakura-chan...why must she always be made to cry?
neji: she cries alot naruto...this one does. she has noone to make her smile
sakura:i guess this is...goodbye sasuke...-sniffs- i wont chase after you anymore.
naruto:she gets over him?
neji:listen to her next words
sakura:i'd rather just be alone then to have my heart repeatedly broken...and thank you...for never noticing me.
naruto:OH YEAH the...oh
neji:you weren't there that day to copy sasuke, and try to talk to sakura. she tried to get him to talk to her but, he was lost in thought.
naruto:what about konohamaru?
neji:since you weren't there to acknowledge him for who he was he just decided not to bother being a ninja. he felt like he'd always live in his grandfathers shadows
*scene changes to the cemetary kakashi's there talking to a grave*
kakashi:you couldn't have gave me any advice before you died?
naruto: his teammates?
naruto:the fourth hokage?
neji: no
kakashi: how can i follow your footsteps when you pulled a stunt like you did when i was small?...what kind of father just decides to end his life, and never hand down any form of destiny, or life to his son? -his eyes water- everyone from my life is gone
neji: you braught spark, and humor back into his life. in a way you reminded him of his own sensei...your father the fourth hokage. kakashi's father was the white fang. who ended his own life when kakashi was very young.
naruto:can we see something happy now?
*scene shows jiraiya in a bar laughing*
naruto:hey it's the pervy sage. nice to know he hasn't changed a bit
jiraiya: bring another glass!
bar tender:isn't that enough sake for you though?
jiraiya:i'm the legendary sanin i'll say when i've had enough now -whines- come on
naruto:he has tsunade's personality
neji: yeah. he drowns his sorrows, and frusterations in sake. he's pretty much an alcoholic.
naruto:how is tsunade anyway since i don't exsist in that world?
*scene shifts to a pool bar with turned over chairs*
shizune:tsunade-sama please calm down!
*tsunade grabs a man by the throat*
man:okay...-hands tsunade her money back, and runs out-
tsunade:perfect...-chugs her sake- rule number one of gambling...the house that brings the money is the house that always wins...think before any of you try to take something from me again -smiles and holds up glass- cheers. lets go shizune
neji: she never got over loosing dan, or her brother, you softened her up with your determination..to become hokage
naruto: -is now in tears-
*scene shows the sand village in runs*
naruto:wait...did gaara do this?
neji: no. gaara is dead. the akatsuki trashed the village during the war...negato came after gaara since you never exsisted. SEVERAL died that day.
naruto:since tsunade never become hokage who did?
neji: danzo. sakura's a medical nurse. she stopped being a ninja a long time ago. she just let all her spirit drain. you were never there to boost her self esteem.let's face it. you are her sunshine.
*they appear at a cementary*
neji: there's a new name on the stone
naruto: *notices sasuke's name*
naruto:-tears stream down cheeks-
neji: you were never there to save him from himself, or to talk the kages' out of killing sasuke...so, full of regret, loneliness, and self-hatred, sasuske decided to "help them" with that request.kakashi quit being an anbu, sensei, and shinobi. because he's to wrecked with guilt that he couldn't save his teammates, sensei, and now...one of his students'. YOU kept team 7 together
neji: think about it naruto...aren't you going to stop the rain?...or let the storm roar?
*suddenly naruto's sucked back into a void
distant voice: i wont let you die...remember that dream of yours? its right in front of us
*on the outside sakura, gaara, and obito are there. *
sakura:-wipes tears- come on naruto! you still have to become hokage!
*with sasuke and karin*
sasuke:-wakes up-
sasuke:lets go! i'm going to kick the snot out of maadara and make him eat it *runs off*
karin: ew
*back to naruto*
naruto: -wakes up- sakura-chan?
sakura:NARUTO! -eyes water- i thought i lost you forever
*they stand up*
naruto: thank you to all of you.
sakura: obito thanks for helping naruto

obito:you saved him. I just helped you
*naruto, and sakura hug, and kiss*


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*naruto, sakura, and sasuke walk into a hotel full of people*
naruto:waw! come on let's go meet other comic, and manga stars like us!
sakura:i told you naruto, we have to sign in, and get our room key
naruto:hey if it's called dragon con are there dragons? *rambles on*
sasuke:he's annoying
*the three get in line*
voice:WEEE!*a dragon with three people on it come through the door, and drop them off*
goku:thanks shenron!
naruto:-gasps- LOOK WHO IT IS!
goten:hey? your right this is faster, and better
gohan:you know? when bulma gets here since mom, trunks, and vegeta all rode in her car...mom's gonna be mad
goten:-whines- she never lets us have fun!. plus we're all super saiyan!
*naruto runs over*
naruto:hi! i'm naruto uzumaki! i'm a ninja from konoha the best yet. i'm going to be hokage some day
goten:-laughs- he acts like you -points to goku-
*chichi and the others come in*
goku:well, i'm goku. the most powerful super saiyan in the world *gets bonked on the head*
chichi:WHEN I SAY WE ALL RIDE TOGETHER IT MEANS WE ALL RIDE TOGETHER! not you three goofing off on shenron, or your flying nimbus!
naruto:woah she's like sakura
goten:but, it's faster!, and funner...hey trunks! -runs to talk to trunks-
sakura:naruto! get over here!
naruto:i can summon a toad
goku:really?! that's neat
*trunks and goten come back*
chichi:i'm surrounded by goof balls'
bulma:no. you, and i are surrounded by goof balls'
sakura:-drags naruto back to their spot-
naruto:his name's gamabunta.-while being dragged away- I'M THE NEXT TOAD SAAAGE!
sakura:will you pipe down?! we're trying to get signed in*notice sasuke's gone*
naruto:but sasuke gets to run off
sakura:grrr...ah, well. he'll be fine. if he does something dangerous i'm sure someone'll kick his butt
naruto:-whines- then how come i can't wonder off?
sakura:i care about you...i couldn't care less about sasuke
naruto:-blushes- YEEESSS! FINALLY! SEE WORLD? I'M # 1
sakura:grrr -bops him on the head- settle down!
*meanwhile sasuke's somewhere in the back if the line talking to kenshin, and kaoru*
sasuke:so, you were an avenger once?
kenshin:that i was. but, then i realised i can also do good. it's better to do good. because everyone has goodness somewhere inside. that they do.
sasuke:hmmm...-thinks-this remindes me of something
kaoru:so sasuke are you here with anyone? if not...you just lost your spot in line
sasuke:yes. my old teammates from when i used to be a ninja...then i strayed from the path of peace to the path of destruction
kenshin:happens sometimes that it does. but, is there atleast one person you desire to protect? that person'll give you reason to change your mind
sasuke:well...there is karin from team taka...long story...and even though i don't like admitting it...naruto's not the worst person i've ever met...i actually think of him like a brother...but never tell himn that!
kenshin:don't worry i understand...we all need rivialry sometimes. that we do.
*after sakura and naruto get their ticket they notice sasuke still in line*
naruto:hey teme? don't forget to buy a ticket! we didn't buy you one...and we'll be in room 663 on the third floor*him and sakura walk off*
kaoru:was that them?
sasuke:you can see why they're not someone i choose to be around. but, i only come because naruto wanted team 7 to do something together
kenshin:i think they got the hint...but, i'm sure you'll join them here for other events. that you might?
sasuke:or i'll just hangout with you two
kaoru:sure you can if you run into us...but looks like your sharing a room with yourself tonight
sasuke:i knew i was forgetting something about being together
kenshin:oh well...if you walk alone guess you stay alone. that you do.
*back to naruto, and sakura who are outside*
naruto:finally! i can mingle *runs off*
*a funny scene in the background behind sakura the twilight cast jacob, and edward. bella didn't come with them*
jacob:word of warning. if you see a pretty blonde girl who calls herself buffy...don't let her know your a vampire
edward:did you let her know your a warewolf:
werewolf:no...but i told her we were from twilight...turns out she's a vampire slayer
jacob:oh yeah...i thought the harry potter cast was our only competition...they're here to.but, look on the brightside. you sparkle in the sun...spike don't. he, and angel are comming tonight...buffy said so.
edward:great...why'd you talk me into comming here?
jacob:lets face it...coventions are fun...plus we're popular for some reason...and hated by some of our competiters'
sakura:*looks behinde her at the two arguing guys* i'm just glad i'm not with those two. hmmm...wonder if anymore of our castmates' are here. lee has a spin off so maybe team gai made an appearance
*naruto's talking to beast boy from the k-anime teen titans*
beastboy:really! you have a nine-tailed fox in you? i can turn into a ninetails!...i can turn into any animal...watch *he turns into a green fox with ninetails*
naruto:eh...i wouldn't do that if i were you
beastboy:*changes back* why not? i think your cool!, and your a ninja! oh, we all went to japan once. it was sooo fun. but, we didn't go to konoha...that would've been fun!
naruto:do they have a ramen shop here?
beast boy:lets go find one!
*they go off to a ramen shop were goku is*
naruto:heeey the super saiyan's here!
goku:hey it's the toad sage ninja
beast boy:[to naruto]COOL YOU CAN SUMMON A TOAD?!
*meanwhile team gai shows up!*
gai:here we are! at the convention of youth!
rock lee:yosh! i bet sakura, and naruto are here to! they are youthful...just like everyone else here
gai:let us show how youthful we are lee!
rock lee:gai-sensei
rock lee-gai-sensei.
rock lee:GAI-SENSEI!
*the two hug, then run off enthusiastically*
tenten:let's pretend we don't know them for the rest of the weekend
neji:i don't think it can be done.
*the next day:friday*
*in sakura, and naruto's hotel room*
naruto:yaaay! today goku said i get to ride on his nimbus cloud, meet shenron. if i let him meet gamabunta!!!. how was your day yesterday sakura-chan? any plans today?
voice:AAAH *their door swings open* the paring war geeks are here! HEY NO HITTING EACH OTHER WITH NARF BATS IN THE HOTEL! *runs off*
sakura:-blinks- i'll never understand what THAT was about. anyway's i mostly just hangout here yesterday. no plans today
naruto:you can hangout with goku, and i!!!
sakura:sure i'd love to.
*the two go and meet up with goku*
goku:okay ready?
naruto:yeah...is it okay if my girlfriend joins us
sakura:-blushes- NARUTO!
goku:of course!. heeey! i never thought falling in love was possible till after i got married
sakura:wait...weren't you in love with chichi before you married her?
goku:we made an agreement to never talk about that.
sakura:hey naruto? remember shion?
sakura:your so oblivious sometimes
naruto:well...a girl asked if i would help her restore her village
goku:thats nice...did you agree?
sakura:great another knucklehead - -{}
naruto:sakura had to explain what she meant later.
goku:-laughs- was the village destroyed?
*flash back*
shion:and my power must be passed on to the next priestess.what do ya say naruto? you going to help me?
gai/kakashi/sakura/lee:*all look shocked*
naruto:i'll do whatever it takes!
goku:so...how did she get her new priestess?
sakura:she wanted to pass down her priestesshood to the next generation...her daughter
goku:AH, so she had a kid?
sakura:she wanted naruto to help her with that...think about it
goku:hmmm-thinks-...-blush- oh...that must've been embarrassing! there was a time i thought marriage was a type of food.
naruto:ok can we get going?!
goku:of course!
sakura: at least i'm with naruto, and not sasuke. who knows where he is
*in a coffee shop*
sasuke:-sits down- i'll just have plain black coffee.
waitor:coming up.
*a girl with blonde hair and a t on her shirt sits in front of him*
girl:one coffee...black
waitor:got it
girl:hi! i'm terra...I'm a villain. from teen titans...kind of
sasuke:i'm sasuke...from the series naruto
*waitor brings them coffee*
terra:oh...so, whats your tale?...beast boy wanted me to be a titan...but, that didn't work out so i joined slade...in the end i just wanted to be a normal teenager.
sasuke:*explains his story*
terra:waw!...then after you found out it wasn't konoha did you decide to go back? or WAS it them, and your still plotting to destroy the village? -sips coffee-...OR-
sasuke:-thinks- i run into some of the strangest people here
terra:you know some theories say...that when a VILLAN becomes good again they often have someone they want to sacrifice their life to.you know...to protect...do you feel you owe yourself to someone? or is it all for nothing in the end
sasuke:your the second person to ask me that similar question -sips coffee-
*at another table a funny scene*
*edward's sitting infront of another blonde girl*
girl:so, who did you come with? i'm here with dawn, willow, and xander.
edward:-realises who she is-...oh god
buffy:OH YEAH your that guy from twilight. don't worry...don't terrorize the convention, or anyone here, and i wont slay you. deal?
edward:sure. i came with jacob...he said we HAD to come...its what popular stars do.
*meanwhile team 8, and team 10 decide to show up*
shikamaru:ok. we're all signed in...room arangements! choji, you are in room 100, kiba, and shino you two have the room next door 102 on the nineth floor...ino, and hinata you two get the 7th floor room 700. i'm on the sixth floor room 200...i'll be sharing with temari who had our reservations on thursday
ino/choji/kiba/shino/hinata:-all look surprised-
*temari walks over*
temari:hey guys
all:hi temari
*her and shikamaru walk off*
choji:anyone want to trade rooms?
ino:we're not allowed to do that they have us written down.
choji:so? we're ninja we don't have to do what they say...-gasp- FOOD! *runs off to a food bar*
shino:they don't allow pets ...how are you sneaking aukamaru in here?
kiba:animals are allowed...just not in the hotel.
*ino and hinata are walking outside*
ino:we'll meet back here later! lets go have fun! -ruuns off-
hinata:um...-sighs- i wish naruto-kun were here.
*ginny from harry potter walks over*
ginny:ah, young love... is naruto your boyfriend?
hinata:n-no -blush- but, i sure wish he was
ginny:well, you never know! i married harry potter.
*a harrymione fan[harry/harmione] shows up* AND J.K ROWLING REGRETS IT!, and YOU'll never end up with naruto!
ginny:and how do you KNOW that exactly? she might end up with him someday
harmione fan:NONONONONOOO! AAAH *runs off*
ginny:geez some people are so touchy
hinata:if i never end up with naruto i hope he's happy with who ever he's with
ginny:do you know if he already has a girlfriend?
hinata:no...i'm to shy to talk to him
ginny:i used to be shy to!. by the way i'm ginny
hinata:i'm hinata
ginny:wait...YOUR hinata?...ah cheezets i heard some said sakura was like chichi! honestly some don't know what they're talking about. she was shy before her, and goku married...now she's a tsundere.sorry about the mix up! *walks off*
i'll never be naruto's girlfriend?...i thought they compared me to chichi because we're both heirs of somekind?
*hinata goes to look for chichi*
bulma:so, while the guys are off...goku's with that blonde kid, and vegeta took the guys to the gift shop. maybe you, and i can hangout
hinata:-thinks-what! is naruto here? -blushes-
chichi:hey! isn't that the girl people compare me to?...or is that the pink haired one?
bulma:no i think they compare sakura to you
chichi:oh...because we're both tsunderes?..there was another one they compared to me though...a really mousey girl who was some kind of heir
hinata:um...i'm hinata. i'm the heir of the hyuuga clan
bulma:OH YEAH HER TO! though i don't know why! you two aren't anything alike...except your also an heir to something
chichi:yes...yes i was.
bulma:hi hinata. i'm bulma
chichi:i'm chichi
hinata:s-so you married goku...and some believe that i'll marry naruto someday.
chichi:isn't sakura haruno his girlfriend?...i think they made that very clear numerous times.
hinata:b-but, i still have a chance right?
bulma:not if he has a girlfriend
hinata:but...oh...-thinks-i shouldn't say mean things like "what if they break up", "or what if sakura dies"...naruto wouldn't like it,,,and he'd be very sad if something happened to her.
chichi:buuut maybe you two'll remain friends!
bulma:did you know there were people who hoped goku, and i would get together!...could you imagine?...though...i never thought about it
chichi:*bops bulma on the head* THEN DON'T THINK ABOUT THAT
bulma:grrr *bops back*WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!
*the two start arguing, and hinata walks off she sees sasuke walking out of a shop*
hinata:*walks over* h-hi sasuke...is naruto with you?
sasuke:yes i came with him, and sakura...no i don't know where they are.
hinata:it's okay...i'll try to find him with my byakugan! *runs off*
sasuke:oh great...either hinata's with her team...or neji and his weird team are here...though he, and the girl are more down to earth. that they are...AH NOW I'M DOING IT!
*meanwhile that night naruto, and sakura took goku's advice, and eat out together*
naruto:today was AWSOME!...even more awsome since i'm with you sakura-chan
sakura:yeah...you sure know how to have fun naruto! i'm glad i spent the day with you
naruto:-blushes- i am to sakura-chan
*sasuke spots neji outside a cafe*
sasuke:just as i thought.
neji:hello uchiha
neji:so, did you find out what your destiny is?...i mean after all what is there left for you? you're an avenger...i figured at one point you'd have to come to a crossroad
sasuke:your the third person whoes braught that up...it's starting to become really creepy.
neji:ah maybe your path has found you...now all you have to do is learn what it is.
sasuske:*walks off* i've got to stop talking to people.
*buffy, and dawn walk up to him*
buffy:hey? have you seen a redheaded girl, and a dark haired guy walk past here?
dawn:see? i TOLD you we should have asked them where we were supossed to meet!
buffy:-sighs- -gets her cellphone, and calls willow-...you two forgot to tell us where we all need to meet up! *the two are walking off*
sasuke:finally someone who wasn't weird talked to me
*conversation overheard from two guys*
guy 1:so it was forshadowed that the villan becomes good in the end and sacrifices themselves by saving the heros life!
guy 2:i can't believe they gave hints' but, we never noticed untill the end!
guy 1:I KNOW!...wait untill you hear the next part...it turns out...
*conversation drifts off*
sasuke:wait...were they talking about our series?...that sounds like how the manga's going now!...nah may be something else...after all ...but what was the end of their conversation? MAN this is the last time i come to one of these
*next day:saturday*
hinata:*uses her byakugan on the hotels', and spots sakura, and naruto's energy
hinata:-gasps- there he is!...oh naruto-kun -blushes- i wish i could say hi...maybe i'll see him again today...hey i notice neji's team's here to! their at the next hotel over...we're at the one across from the one naruto-kun's in...-blushes-naruto-kun's right next door
*meanwhile rock lee, and starfire met eachother at the art gallery*
rock lee:*gasps* someone drew me, and sakura!. oh this is a very youthful art. i must buy it!
starfire:i'm buying one with me, and robin. *shows him* so nice when others appriciate a perfect couple yes?
rock lee:oh. yes indeed very youthful, and wonderful. but, i myself am not sakura's boyfriend. that title belongs to naruto.
starfire:i have seen art of them also, it really is amazing. they seem to love eachother so much yes?
rock lee:yosh! they make a wonderful couple. sakura's a beautiful blossom who deserves only the best!. she found her sunshine to help her bloom!
starfire:waw...very poetic i'm starfire. a teen titan, and i take it you are a ninja, or other kind of fighter yes?
rock lee:i am rock lee the green beast of konoha! indeed i am a ninja
starfire:we have a green beast to -laughs- his name's beast boy.he can transform into animals'. is there anyone like that on your team yes?
rock lee:well, not on my team. though there are some who can summon certain beasts to help them in battles', and there are jinchuuriki but, it is hard to explain
*meanwhile naruto, and sakura are in a cafe when hinata walks up*
hinata:h-hi naruto-kun -blushes-
naruto:hi hinata. did you come with shino, and kiba?
hinata:y-yes...we came with shikamarus group. s-so are you two here alone?
naruto:well, sasuke came with us but, if he don't want to do stuff as a team then fine...we don't need him
sakura:yeah...we're better off without sasuke. then naruto, and i can finally be alone
hinata:oh,,,so...are you two going out?
naruto:yeah more or less
*image of a heart breaking*
hinata:-blushes, *eyes water* s-so you two...are...you know...
sakura:yes. i'm his girlfriend -blushes-
naruto:why are two getting red faced?
sakura:cause your so cute :)
hinata:i- h-ave to...go -runs off-
sakura:i think she has a crush on you naruto.
naruto:EH?!...hinata? i knew she admired me but...-hangs head-
sakura:don't feel bad. i'm sure she'll get over it -smiles-
naruto:so...i really am obliviuous to everything?
sakura:-frowns- don't be so hard on yourself naruto...besides...i like it when your oblivious...you just wouldn't be you with out that bit of knuckleheadedness...thats the naruto i love
naruto:-smiles, and blushes- but my obliviousness has caused others unhappiness -frowns-
sakura:and your gullibleness has almost gotten you killed several times, and your recklessness causes you to be injured. then i have to heal you...but, if you truley didn't care about others...you wouldn't even bother to do any of that stuff
naruto:-smiles- yeah...i'd be a looser like sasuske...though he does seem to have shocking power ups
sakura:yeah...theres a symbol there...but i can't put my finger on it...it's like someone is trying to show, or tell us all something
naruto:something omenous?
sakura:ah, its probabbly nothing!. let's go
naruto:okay where to next
*rinoa from FF8, and squall walk over*
rinoa:you two going to the saturday night dance?
naruto:sakura do you want to?
squall:oh no no no...we need to talk thats NOT how you ask a girl to a dance
*the two boys walk off*
sakura:sure i hope so
rinoa:it's at seven!. at the convention ball -hands sakura an invite-
*later sakura goes out to buy a dress, and naruto's somewhere probabbly buying a tux.*
*chichi walks in dragging goku behind her*
goku:-whines- but chichi
chichi:you spent the money to buy your tux on food...i had to pay for it for you...so your paying for my dress lets go! *pulls on his ear, drags him off*
sakura:-laughs- remindes me of naruto, and i...hmmm maybe we'll be like that when we're married...or i hope we do someday -blushes-
*bulma walks over*
bulma:hi...your going with naruto right?
sakura:yeah. why?
bulma:strange some people seem to compare you to me, and chichi to hinata..the only way they're alike is they either are, or were an heir to something...we all are three tsunderes'...you seem more like chichi than me though
sakura:thanks...some people are really weird
bulma:i know...so, what dress are you buying? mine's a blue one to match my hair.
sakura:i haven't decided yet.
*later that night after sakura, and naruto get ready*
sakura:yes naruto?
naruto:*hands her flowers* would you be my date for the dance tonight?
sakura:of course i will -smells them, and blushes- you don't have to ask
*they go to the dance sakura decided on a green dress that matches her eyes*
sakura:you look good naruto
naruto:and you look beautiful...those mesmerizing green eyes -smiles-
sakura:those hypnotising blue eyes
some there:JUST KISS ALREADY!!!
*sakura, and naruto kiss then hug, and dance aw they're falling in love with eachother all over again lol*
*vegeta steps on bulma's toe*
bulma:-sighs- just let me lead
vegeta:okay...sorry bulma
*where goten, and trunks in chichi's hotel room as gohan is babysitting them*
gohan:why do i have to babysit while they have fun?
*the next day:sunday*.
*shino, kiba, ino, and choji decide to leave*
hinata:i...want to stay...since naruto-kun's still here
ino:but he's here with sakura i think they want to be alone
hinata:i wont disturb them...i just want to be here since naruto-kun is
ino:anyone ever tell you act really obsessive?
hinata:no...is that bad?
ino:um...lets just say you'd make a REALLY good spy. ever thought about becomming an ANBU?
ino:well,...-jokingly-just don't betray the village, and join the akatsuki -laughs-
*back at sakura, and naruto's hotel room*
naruto:did you see temari, shikamaru, and neji with tenten at the dance last night?!
sakura:yeah. what should we do today...should we leave, or stay for the last day?
naruto:there's nothing else to do...we've done everything!
sakura:ok...lets go find sasuske, and we'll go.
naruto:yeah...don't want him joining an evil organization again
sakura:-eyes water- naruto?
naruto:eh?...sakura-chan i'm sure he wont REALLY join one again
sakura:i...actually don't want to find sasuke...we have so much more fun together...without him interferring all the time.
naruto:um...but, we came as a team...plus he's kind of our ride.
sakura:but i'd rather spend more time with you alone...plus i'm sure we can get another ride -winks-
naruto:yeah...there are many here...unless we go with team gai, or shikamaru's group then how do we get back to konoha?
sakura:grrr NARUTO! CAN'T YOU SEE I WANT TO TRAVEL WITH YOU! not go back to konoha so soon
naruto:-blushes oh...-gasps- NOW I GET IT! COME ON!-pulls sakura while running-
sakura:where are we going!?
*meanwhile they arrive in a cafe where goku is*
naruto:we need to borrow your flying nimbus!
goku:-spit takes-why?
naruto: sakura, and I want to go on adventures together before returning to konoha. I thought it would be fun to do it on a flying nimbus
goku:NIMBUS!*a cloud flies over* I'll give you this flying nimbus. you two have proved that you are your purest when your with each other
*both sakura, and naruto climb on the cloud*
naruto: thank you
sakura: yes thank you
goku: your welcome. have a great time
naruto: okay sakura-Chan hold tight...-grunts- to tight
*they fly off*
*hinata decided to leave with team gai, shino, kiba, ino, and choji since naruto left*
*sasuke goes to the hotel helpdesk*
staff: I'm sorry haruno, and uzumaki checked out earlier this morning
sasuke:-sighs- why'd they bring me along if they were just going to leave me behinde
staff:it sounds like they wanted you to join them but, they must've got tired of your attitude
sasuke:hn -walks off- guess I'll ask shikamaru if i can ride with him
shikamaru:it seems the others left with team gai, and no...temari, and i are going back to suna...wait-gets an idea-
*temari, and shikamaru smile at each other*
shikamaru:yes you can come with us
temari:buuut there's a catch
*in suna in the kazekage's office*
gaara:since kankuro's on a mission this week...so nice of you to fill in for him this week as my assistant
sasuke:hn...helping the kazekage's not so bad...is this because of the "i want to be hokage" comment?
shikamaru:guess you could say that
*the two leave the room*
sasuke:so, what do i do? paper filing?, ANBU-like stuff?
gaara:we're not letting you anywhere near our ninja, or ANBU, and i don't trust you with the files'
sasuke:then how am i going to assist you?
gaara:-gives sasuke a list- pick up everything on this list, we need groceries', and be sure to clean our house to
gaara:you are this week.

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announcer: here's your host the guy who starred in hoshi's comedy club ryuu!, and hostess. from "America's next dream girl" Tara!
audience:*cheers as the two walk up*
Tara: welcome to the dating game! three rounds' we'll have 3 contestants. one decides which one of two dates' are going to be their match!
ryuu: you know? I remember back in high school I dated a girl...she was younger than me but, really shy, and nice...when we broke up I dated a girl my age...all went well till a week later they both became all angry, and we broke up. neither one spoke to me for a month.
Tara: wow...why?
ryuu: turned out the younger girl was her sister!
Tara: wow awkward. never date a girl's friend or family.
ryuu: lessons' we learn growing up. it seems we have to suffer before we can understand love
Tara: now we need to start the show or we'll have people throwing bubblegum at us
ryuu: those hard ones in wrappers are like rocks!
Tara: that's why you have to chew it. now our first guest is a guy who says he's going to become famous one way or another, and gain back his role as main character NARUTO UZUMAKI
*naruto comes out, and sits down*
ryuu: ok here's how to play!. we have two people behind the curtain., and you have to ask them both three questions' about yourself. the one that answers correctly wins!
Tara: and is your match.
naruto: okay, -gets the cards- number one what's my favorite food?
girl 1:*quiet voice* um...well, I'm sure you like many things. but, your favorite?...hmmm...you don't pick favorites.
girl2:*clear voice* pork ramen from ichiraku. you love ramen noodles'
naruto: mmm...now I want some!.
ryuu: him talking about food makes me want some
Tara: I know right?!
naruto: question number two what is my lifelong dream?
girl 1:um...to be the hero of the village?, and to be known, and accepted by all?, and to never give up!. that's your nindo
girl 2:to become hokage!
ryuu: oh, when I was little I used to want to be president...then I watched batman, and wanted to be a super hero!
Tara: yeah. when I was growing up you know what I wanned to be? I don't know where I got the idea from!
ryuu: what?
Tara: well, I used to want to be the empress of America if we ever had an empire...I was a strange kid
naruto: having dreams is never strange!. you never know what's in your future. never doubt yourself or give up on your dreams. believe it dattebayo!
audience:*some laugh, some cheer, some go "awww"*
ryuu: we have a very animated audience
Tara: well, our contestants', and guests' are from naruto.
naruto: question number three last question...this is very personal. when i was growing up. i had a fear no one knew. what was it?
girl 1:your not afraid of anything!. I guess it must have been of failing...but, you kept trying, and fought to win!, and made sure you never lose
girl 2:that you would loose control of the kyuubi, and all heck would break loose.
*bell dings*
ryuu: okay that's it for round one!. the winner is...girl number 2!.
Tara: now after the commercial break we'll come back, and start round two.
Japanese guy:*behind a manga stand* hey kids! you like action packed adventure?...well come down to daichi's manga shop...we have everything...bring your friends, your family...not your pets!
*after break*
Tara: and we're back. the second round involves something ryuu, and I call..."beyond the eyes". sometimes everything you need to know is on someone's face, or body language
ryuu: they say actions' speak louder than words...but can YOU see...beyond the eyes?, or are you trapped in an illusion of lies?
Tara: this is where intuition kicks in, and the heart plays the role...not always the mind.
ryuu: ever wanned to be a mind reader? well, this is kind of how it's done. anyway. girl one, and girl two'll be looking at three pictures on the screen up here *points to the screen*
Tara: they have to use their hearts to tell what naruto is feeling in these pictures'.
*a picture of naruto as a child standing in the crowd looking sad*
girl 1:very lonely. like he don't have any friends...but, i guess he felt like no one wanted to be his friend so he chose to be alone rather than be picked on, and bullied like he always was
girl 2:agree. very sad, and alone. but, he wanted friends no one would give him a chance...no one wants to feel rejected...he felt he had no choice...he thought he had no one.
*screen now shows naruto at age twelve eating ramen beside iruka at ichiraku. smiling while slurping noodles*
girl 1:he was probably hungry from a long mission. he looks like he's enjoying his meal, and is just glad to be eating, and once more accomplished another hard day's work
ryuu: how busy does she think he is?
Tara: shhh
girl 2:-laughs- he's so glad to be acknowledged by iruka-sensei, and finally be a ninja. must've been a time after we graduated. he's so proud of himself...it's so nice of iruka to treat him to meals back then. . I believe deep down he's glad to become something worthwhile in someone else's eyes. all he wanted was for someone to believe in him. iruka-sensei has no idea how much impact he has on naruto's life.
*screen now shows naruto around 16/17 sitting outside on a bench in tears.*
girl 1:he looks really sad. must've been a mission gone wrong or something, or it could be tears of joy. But, either way in the end he always picks himself up, and remembers he is strong in every way!
girl 2:this was either after jiraiya died, or another time. I know he stressed himself out a lot...over sasuke, over jiraiya, over keeping his promise...-eyes water-...*a tissue is handed to girl 2*. thank you. he always goes through so much...but, in the end it makes him stronger...look at him now *smiles*
*bell ring*
Tara: that's the end of round two. Audience vote who YOU sense should win this round, and we'll be right back -winks-
*commercial break*
Japanese man:*in another manga shop* hey young adults! want some "good stuff" late at night?...well...come to "yaoi it's Yuri" yeah strange name...but YEAAAOOOWWWI!I bet we got your attention! bring your friends, enemies, rivals, frienimes...not your pets
*end commercial break*
ryuu: aaand we're back!. before the break we told the audience to vote on who they believe should win
Tara: let's look at the score on the screen.
*screen brings up a pie chart*
tara:75% say girl 1 should win, and 90% said girl 2 should win. the rest undecided.
ryuu: who do you think should win?
Tara: we're the hosts' we're not supposed to play favorites *points to girl 2*
audience:*laughs and some "girl number 2" fans cheer *
Tara: okay for the last round
ryuu: round number 3
Tara: they knew that.
ryuu: they did?. wow I should pay attention
Tara: we act like sibling's!
ryuu: that's because our last round has to do with relations'! how well, you work with someone, and how much you trust them
Tara: we need more rounds, and ideas'
ryuu: well, your the brains!
Tara: right, and the "brain" commands you to explain what the constestants are doing in the last round!
ryuu: okay "onee-chan".
Tara: good "Otōto-chan"
audience:*some laugh*
ryuu: now in this round naruto gets to make the choice!. what do you feel about girl number one?
naruto: I believe she sounds really nice. I may like a sisterly bond with her, or maybe just like a friendliness. but, I don't feel like she really wants a romantic relationship. just a savior-like person. someone to give her hope, and help her break out of her shell
Tara: and how do you feel about girl number two?
naruto: I can relate with girl number two. I feel like she knows how to read other people, and she looks for what's inside a person
ryuu-*cracks up*
Tara:*bops ryuu on the head* -whispers- will you stop that?
naruto: I feel like she's for real.
Tara:-thinks- yeah us tsunderes' are like that hard to crack on the outside but we're big softies on the inside-
ryuu: so, naruto which girl do you choose?
naruto: girl number two
ryuu: girl number two come on dooown!
*sakura walks out, the audience, and Tara cheers, naruto smiles, and blushes*
sakura: hi naruto -smiles- I'll buy you ramem after the game show
Tara: actually in some cultures the boy buys the girl food. sooo naruto are you going to buy her a meal instead?
ryuu: our cultures are very different...its like japan, and the u.s are each others alternate universe, or mirror twin or something
naruto: ok. I'll buy ramen for both of us sakura-chan.
Tara: lets say hi to who you could've ended up with. girl number one come on down
*hinata walks over*
hinata: h-hi naruto-kun
naruto: hi hinata-san -smiles-
hinata:-blushes- san?
naruto: yeah...your the heir of the hyuuga clan...guess it's time I show more respectful honorifics? -chuckles-
Tara: like sama?...I think it's hinata-sama
ryuu: no that's right
Tara: really?
naruto: thank you for thinking so highly of me hinata-san -bows-
hinata:-blushes- your- w-welcome n-n*faints*
naruto: sakura-Chan thank you for always being there...I...I love you
audience:*cheers *
sakura: and thank you for being there for me, and being you. I love you...you goof ball
*they hug and kiss while everyone cheers*
ryuu: thank you all for watching, and tuning in see you all next time
Tara: naruto, sakura, when hinata wakes up. thanks for playing so long everyone
*show goes off*

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thanks for the like, and thanks for the comment :). I always have fun when I'm writing/thinking of naruto ideas' lol

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lol. I might start putting my imagination to work, and make more omakes, and even some narusaku fanfics lol

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*omake after 688*
announcer:CUT! awsome we'll see you all next week...or later if there's a delay due to the storm.
naruto:sasuke i told obito a while back he was the coolest...YOUR the coolest...before obito
obito:ok...THAT wasn't what i meant!
sasuke:hn. dobe...you really think YOUR going to be hokage? i mean you haven't even took down the villain yet!
kakashi:YOU GAVE ME THE SHARINGAN!, i don't want to be hokage, and tsunade's reserving it for naruto...and look what you started *points to sasuke and naruto arguing*
obito:OH YEAH! i forgot i gave you my sharingan
*naruto marches up to kakashi*
naruto:-whines- sensei! tell the two uchiha-teme to stop stealing my role as main character
kakashi:ah yes...good to see old classic naruto -chuckles-
sakura/naruto:SENSEI DO SOMETHING!
obito:so...was it always like this?
sasuke:pretty much...what's your story?
obito:well, short version:maadara apparently used the death of rin to get to me...so, for a long time i thought it was all konoha's fault rin died yours?
sasuke:short version?...my brother was used by orochimaru to destroy the uchiha clan. so, i killed itachi, then became an avenger...seeking revenge on konoha.
obito:so...your a samurai kind of?
obito:hey wait?...if it all links to maadara...then HE must've been used by...
kaguya:hellooo are we going to discuss next week's strategy?
*both obito, and sasuke glare at kaguya with red eyes*
obito:you caused this?
sasuske:because of you the uchiha clan had to suffer
obito:we were known as the most powerful, AND YOU USED OUR POWER FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH REASON!?
*sakura, kakashi, and naruto watch*
obito:who all have you destroyed? the namikazi?
kaguya:.calm down guys! save some of your anger for next week!
sasuke:who were you after next? the aburame? akimichi?, yamanaka?
obito:hyuuga?, haruno?, sarutobi?, inuzuka?
BZ:hey! mother? whats going on?
sasuke:the legendary sanin...two are dead...because of you?! did you use orochimaru?, nagato? the akatsuki?
obito:why not suna, or kiri? why was it so important you wanted to destroy konoha?
sakura:oh no...
naruto:please...just dont say his name again sakura-chan
kakashi:obito! cool it!
kaguya:come on guys...it was nothing personal...you understand right...um...sasuke?
sasuke:-holds out a sward-
kaguya:uh oh
obito:i'll take the...OH MY GOODNESS!
kakashi:haven't seen that in years!
*a lightning bolt appears around sasuke's sward*
sasuke:CHIDORI! -stabs a sward through her-
sasuke:obito...make yourself useful, and help me seal her!
sasuke:wait naruto!
*naruto rushes and blasts kaguya with it*
BZ:did you guys forget i'm still here
sakura:YES NARUTO!?
naruto:-points to kaguya- deal with her- i need to have a talk with black zetsu
kaguya:no! wait...oh the pink one's the weak one -laughs-
sakura:you know i'm not weak. i can still kick butt. i'm just reserving my chakra for when, and if naruto needs some. i'm the only medic-nin
kaguya:is it because of your enourmus forehead? -laughs-
*echo forehead forehead*
sakura:-tries to hold in her rage- i'm not that insecure anymore -laughs-
kaguya:aw a girl that lies to herself
naruto:HEY OVER THERE! STOP BELITTLING SAKURA...AND SHE HAS A KISSABLE FOREHEAD -sends a kunai at kaguya who dodges it-
sakura:-blushes-...kaguya just shut up already! it's not going to work. i'm not wasting my energy on you.
*sasuke, and naruto sealed BZ*
kaguya:NOOO YOU DEMON! HOW COULD YOU! -eyes water- why i'm gonna get you
naruto:you did NOT just call me a demon
sakura:-gasps- -fists ball up- kaguya you made a BIG mistake!
kaguya:you going to rip my other arm off demon brat! your all finished WOAH *falls underground*
sakura:-grabs kaguya by the hair-...NOW NARUTO!
*kaguya poofs, and poofs behinde sakura*
kaguya:HA! i passed! WHAT!? -is tied to a post-
sakura:if the bait is obvious...
naruto:don't take it!
sakura, and naruto seal kaguya
kakashi:now see? THEY listened to me. guess who never got it...get it?
obito:you only think you get it
*announcer runs over*
announcer:NOOO how will chapter 689 happen now?
sakura:wait you weren't recording?
announcer:-whines- but the audience
tsunade:very good everyone.
*tsunade comes over*
tsunade:actually this IS going to be seen by an audience
sakura/naruto:our audience
tsunade:how about we make a spin off called heaven and earth? naruto your the hokage, and sakura your his wife.
*minato pops up*
minato:awww just like kushina, and i.
sasuke:can i be in it
tsunade:you have a spin off. just like rock lee, and his ninja pals'.
announcer from rocklee's STOY:-gives tsunade a note then waves and runs off-
tsunade:well, sasuke...you stil are getting your own spin off
sasuke:-takes note and reads it- WHAT! lee's firing me for being unyouthful, and a horrible rival! I'M NOT EVEN ON HIS TEAM!
-gai comes up, gives sasuke another note, and walks away-
sasuke:fine! then me, and team taka'll have our own spin off, and none of you are in it!*marches off*
naruto:eh?...it was MY show that MADE him popular! SASUKE! GET BACK HERE!
sakura:-pulls naruto in for a big hug, then a kiss-
*hinata sees them kissing and tears up*
hinata:n-naruto-kun? -sniffs-
konohamaru:AL RIGHT hey can udon, moegi, and i have a spin off to?

*outside in a studio somewhere*
kishi:-in a dream opens his eyes to a room full of naruto characters'. oh no...not again...NOOO
*the end*
rock lee retired from his spin off so that he, his team,team 10, and team 8, konohamaru, and more can all go be on heaven and earth part 3 of naruto AND sakura shippuuden
kakashi's in the anbu, and sent obito to live in suna. he's kazekage gaara's problem now lol
and as for sasuke? it turns out team taka decided they weren't interested in a long going spin off, and whent their separate ways due to "creative differences"...noone has heard from those three in 2 years

oh, and narusaku has a movie coming up this December. they've sent out invites of who gets to star...so far only sai, and shikamaru answered back

but they're hoping to hear from the rest of their konoha cast members. and gaara to if they're lucky...but nope...like i said NOONE has heard from sasuke., or the other team taka

the end
thats my fanfic omake lol


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I feel creative...or so I think. so i'll try poetry. what narusaku poem should my mind desighn...how about...heaven and earth collide? lol


when earth has water
heaven has fire
when heaven dreams
earth desires
when earth dies
heaven revives
when heaven shines
earth intensifies
but when the world needs love to truly shine
THAT is when
heaven, and earth collide
they each shine in their own way
like the sun, and moon
or yin, and yang
but together they are what makes
the stars at night
and the sun during the day.

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sasuke...kishi's maryjane LOL puff puff DON'T PASS lol

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Naruto Manga 669