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Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue 79-80

07 May 2023 - 06:30 AM

Right, so Part One ended on chapter 80. So Six years and eight months to get through the first part of Boruto...god this has been a miserable and pathetic story to read all these years. I'm very tempted to end it with this, because I do not care of what is going to happen in part two and I doubt reading these chapters will change that.


Summary Time: Chapter 79. Omnipotence...I don't need to be Omniscient to know these chapter won't be impressive.


Cover Page is Bolt with his bleeding wound.


Bolt asks Femmy what's happening and he acts vague and says it has begun. Sasuke is watching this with a...concerned look? The Village is chasing after Nail since he can hide his chakra signature that are just spreading out waiting for him to slip up. Neo-Ino-Shika-Cho overhear people looking for Nail and decide to go find him.


Konohamaru and Sasuke decide to join the search and order his squad to escort Bolt to the hospital. Cups ignores the order and decides to join the chase as well. Salad remembers that Nail said he would kill anyone who harmed Bolt and decides to leave her injure crush who is talking to himself to just wander to the hospital on his own...great teamwork and just look how strong their bond is


Conveniently, Nail is running out of chakra and can't maintain his cloaking ability, Sukuna-Hinona:"Small Man of Renownis the Japanese dwarf deity of healing and sake brewing and is associated with hot springs. He assisted Okuninushi in building the world and formulating protections against disease and wild animals in myths from the Izumo region.

He first arrived in Izumo in a small boat of bark and clad in goose skins. Later, he was picked up by Okuninushi, and Sukuna-Hikona promptly bit him on the cheek. The two, nevertheless, became fast friends.
His shrine is located in Dosho-machi, Osaka."
What, if they are going to keep naming these shinjutsu after Japanese deities, might as well tell you about what deity they are using.
Hime has used her eye power to locate Nail and flies off to him.
Shikamaru and Madoc have a telepathic conversation. I hope Ino has some sort of payment plan for her having to keep up these telepathic links at all time. Madoc begs him to not kill Nail, even offering up a shut down command he has been keeping from the village, but Shikamaru rebuffs him that Nail as gone to far. I'm just happy that Madoc is finally force to lose...wait a Kishimoto character has won over an Ikemoto character. This situation will not last long will it?
Hime finds Nail. To try to make people sympathize with his character Ikemoto has Nail tell her to leave him and instead protect Naruto...how? He is trapped inside your stupid magic god box? As he was doing this all to protect Naruto and the village he loves from Femmy. The problem is that since Femmy is inside Bolt the beloved Son of Naruto who no one would ever harm him. Even he doesn't want to harm him as he loves Bolt like a Brother. And of course the village will side with and protect Bolt over Nail despite the danger because Bolt is Naruto's Son and he is an outsider. The problem with this is that he never told anyone about how Femmy is still inside Bolt and instead like a crazy person went lone wolf and sealed up the village leader before going after his son to kill him. And. Again. ALL THIS COULD BE FIX RIGHT NOW! If he just released Naruto and explained that Femmy is still inside Bolt and can possess him. He even has witnesses now. But, no we have to continue this contrive plot Ikemoto has made.
After his speech is over Hime uses some big energy jutsu that shockwave spreads throughout the entire world. This causes her to faint for a moment allowing her to act shy when she realizes she fainted onto Nail's chest. Oh and some of the Leaf Ninja mooks have caught up to them.  
Bolt wonders what the big flash was while Femmy chuckles to himself.
Instead of attacking them, the Mooks wonder if they are alright. Nail prepares to attack them, but Hime stops him...ah she must have used her affection power to make them not hostile to Nail. Then they swap to tracking Bolt...ah she swapped the feelings people have of the two.
Salad wonders if somethings up and she and Cups turn back. Femmy gloating to Bolt about him losing everything. Salad and Cups arrive, Cups activates Sage mode, and attacks Bolt. Salad and Bolt are confused of what is going on. Femmy finally explains what Hime turn power is Omnipotence, the most powerful of all Shinjutsu the ability to make one's desire a reality. She overwrote reality and had Bolt and Nail swap places in peoples' minds.
When Shikamaru asks for Hime to confirm what happened to Naruto and Hinata due to the overwriting of info, Nail informs her to tell them that Bolt killed them. Well, he jumped off that slippery slope very quickly when give power didn't he?
The chapter finishes off with more of Femmy taunting and explaining. Only Bolt, Nail, Hime, Moe, the Clone (who femmy did not know was immune) and Salad were not affected. Nail is now Kawaki Uzumaki, and Bolt is now just Boruto.
Oh No! All the characters have had their personalities over written. They were not who they were before. Is this also to explain how Naruto ended the way it did? Because femmy taunts that the Otsutsuki have the power to do this and use it all the time on humans... are they gods or aliens? Can they please pick?
OK. Final chapter. Bolt needs to get out of the village with Sasuke acting as his protector/mentor so they can do that time skip...Ah so that's how Salad is important to the story. She going to use the power of Daddies' love to make him trust her and Bolt. That is her big importance to the plot. Not Sarada Uchiha a girl that dreams of being the next hokage, but simply as Bolt's love interest and Sasuke's daughter so he will train the main character for her.
Chapter 80. What dad would do...sigh. Let's get this over with.
Cover page is Salad.
Shikamaru is shocked of the news that Naruto is dead...ah. So, when he is release unaffected by Hime's warping reality. This is probably how they will show Nail and Hime have been deceived them. Also, when Nail ordered her to say Naruto was dead he grab her by the neck and only released her once she confirmed it. A great way to make someone who is helping you and is vital to your plans develop a grudge.
The Clone and Salad act shock by the news of Bolt killing Naruto and question what going on.
Hime ask if Nail really had to go that far. He says, he doesn't care because now Bolt will have no where to go now, and no one will stop him from killing him. He will only release Naruto...and Hinata once Bolt is dead. As far as he is concern, its all Bolt's fault. Hime contemplates her choice in men. Oh here is Moe.
Sasuke caught up with Salad. He was also affected by the swap. But thankfully the Clone mentally contacts her...who is keeping up these blasted mental connection!? The Clone figured out Hime was behind what's going on. While this is going on Neo-Ino-Shika-Cho caught up to Bolt...remember in the anime Shikamaru's son is Bolt's bestfriend. So this is suppose to be a sad moment, but like all things Ikemoto draws it lack emotion same with Salad freaking out and wondering if she going crazy or Sasuke being concern over his daughter. Femmy taunts Bolt over how its going to be soon kill or be killed.
Salad begs Sasuke to protect Bolt activating her Mangekyo Sharingan supposedly surprising Sasuke and convincing him that this is serious.
So Sasuke drags Bolt out of the village. Oh he seems to have understand his mind has been altered. Hime was observing this with her eyes which means she probably caught onto Salad being immune, but instead of figuring out how and how to make more people immune she is probably going to silence her.  Sasuke drops Bolt off outside the village and makes it clear that he understand their are some contradiction to what he think to what is but all he is going to due is put his faith in his daughter's request to keep it simple. Also he is probably glad to have an excuse to be away from Sakura before she decides to use Edo Tensei on him. Femmy has been taunt this whole time till he finally just outright demand control over Bolt's body...you know out of all the story of a mental being trying to take over another mind I've seen this is the lamest in interactions between the two.
Oh Hime plops down and apologizes to Bolt for what happened. She explains that this has happened to her before which is why everyone in the world is in love with her the second they see her. Bolt explains what her power actually is and he is now thinking about how Nail must have felt in his position now as the situation are reverse. Sasuke also bring up how his father was also in a similar position. This cheers Bolt enough to say he has the Blood of The Seventh Hokage from his dad, The Blood of the Hyuga from his mother, and the Blood of the Fourth Hokage from his Grandfather...What. No Blood of Uzumaki from his Grandmother? Ultimately, he is a Leaf Ninja and he needs to get strong enough to return this fight into a mere sibling quarrel. As he see Nail as his brother. Instead of how it spiraled out of control like it already has because Nail sense of justice meant he would go this far to stop the Otsutsuki. Hime after hearing this speech agrees to not inform anyone where they are through her power because she feels that Nail is acting like a coward which she dislikes...oh don't tell me she will fall for Bolt when they are older.
The chapter ends with both Punk and Nail swearing to kill Bolt. Punk because he has stolen so much for him including Hime...oh, my gut feeling was right. Nail because he see Bolt as an Otsutsuki. While Bolt charges off into the sunset.
This manga will not start up again till August.

Sasuke's Search for Space Dust in Jurassic Cardboard-Prison

06 May 2023 - 02:36 AM

...I'm weighing whether I should do this or Boruto first. On one hand, Boruto is only two chapters, but its Boruto. Or, Four chapters of this and having Therece trying to convince everyone this is the most perfect romantic story ever because they think its popular, while the sales are even more pitiful and pathetic than Boruto's


Summary Time: Chapter 8 Part 1.


Sorry Blue Saber Sasuke is not riding the Dino. Sasuke realizes Jiji is working with Zanzul, as he is the only person that knows he is not working alone. Sasuke fights some dinos and sends Meno to protect the fleeing prisoners...the raptor is smart enough to understand Sasuke and they will trust the thing that use to see them as a midnights snack. The Brachiosaur destroys the main building and Sasuke worries about Sakura.


Sakura is trap in a pocket of the collapsed building. She can't do anything so she just faints till Sasuke gets her out and takes care of her. Sasuke uses medical ninjutsu to heal her...I guess he learned this at some point. Sakura apologizes and consider herself useless Sasuke acts like Naruto again and tries to cheer her up.


Jiji and Zanzul have a conversation. They used the prisoners as sacrifices for summoning more dinos. Jiji reminds Zanzul that they have a deal he summons the dinos and Zanzul helps him revives his dead girlfriend. The see the old man prisoner and orders some dino to attack him. Meno comes in to defend him. Then when the giant chicken dinos try to swarm him Sasuke defends him.


Chapter 8 part 2.


So Sasuke and Meno fight the dinos. They bring in a T-Rex. It tries to crush Meno. Zanzul thinks they will kill him, but Jiji says as Sasuke has taken control over Meno he is the one fueling Meno now...how? Wouldn't Jiji still be consider the summoner even if Meno went rogue? That is what happen with Kabuto and Itachi. Sakura comes in from another area beating up more dinos. Zanzul orders Jiji to finish her off while he focuses on Sauske.


Zanzul is really piss about Meno's change of allegiance...like it had a choice. So he summons all the Dinos.


Chapter 9


More of Sasuke and Meno fighting Dinos. More of Zanzul villainous ranting. Sasuke eventually brings up he is not the one that is in control of the dinos as he is not the summoner. Sasuke defeats the Brachiosaur by driving him into the lake. This causes Zanzul to fall as he order a pterodactyl who caught him to pull the brachio out of the lake which makes it drop him, and then he falls unceremoniously to his death head first...huh, well that happened. 


Sasuke gets a message from Kakashi. I guess...would have been very helpful if they had adapted that story at the same time instead of the Mirai one.


Sakura defends the prisoners. The Librarian and the Old guy come in to help...oh right these are supposedly edo tensei summons so they can't really be permanently damage. Jiji arrives to fight Sakura. He apologies about having to kill her twice and would rather she and Sasuke live happy lives together...well that's not happening no matter what, but he has a job. He walks into a trap. Apparently, Sakura always knew he was a chakra user as she is a medical ninja...why didn't she tell Sasuke...hell, why did she let her hug him or get close to her? There was no proof-reading for this story. Jiji figures he just has to wait for Zanzul to come after beating Sasuke...as apparently he doesn't believe Sakura can handle him or that Zanzul would lose to Sasuke. Then Sasuke appears. He gets the scroll with the Ultra particles in it. Jiji finally notices Sasuke has a sharingan and recognizes it and him as an uchiha. If he is knowledgeable enough to know about the Sharingan how does he not know the name of the last living Uchiha that could use it? sasuke question him why he works for Zanzul. He tries deflecting. Sasuke counters by saying he protected a cellmate from Meno. Jiji says he just reacted which makes Sasuke think of the wave arc.


Ok. So, Jiji was a rogue ninja from the Sand, again how did he not recognize Sasuke nor Sakura, the Prime Minister was calling mercenaries together for his coup. Jiji was assigned a maid -with the same Hairstyle Hinata had in part two- fell in love with her, wanted to get married, she died, and he made a deal with Zanzul that if he made a dino army he would be given her body to revive her. Jiji when question why he would do this asks Sasuke wouldn't he do the same...of course he would, for his clan not for Sakura.


Sakura says he might since if he died she consider reviving him...Right. Sasuke, as a person who doesn't even like you, I feel even I must say this. Never leave any trace of your DNA around her. Clearly, his constant leaving her has slowly morph her from a Tsundere in to a Yandere. So she hopes he might consider doing the same thing...




Thankfully, she reluctantly admits her friends would stop any attempt. Sakura says Margo would want to be revived like that. Sasuke reacts to that name. Turns out that the message Sasuke just receive informs that Kakashi got help from a maid name Margo. Jiji undo the jutsu just as a Dino was about to sneak attack Sakura. Sasuke says farewell to Meno...Why are we suppose to care so much about this god damn raptor!? And why do they care so much about it!?


Chapter 10.


Sakura is distracted by falling snow. So the Dino makes one last attempt at attacking her. Jiji takes the bite. Sakura tires to heal him he tries to convince her to not bother. She gives a speech that I'm skimming over. We see a boy praying over a grave and for a second your suppose to think it Jiji's. But then Margo tell the King Nanara they need to go and we see Margo and Jiji riding together.


Back to the Leaf Village for the end.


Ino and Sakura are talking. Ino apparently tried to add curls to her son's hair...have another child. This time go for a daughter. That something you do with a daughter not your son. This leads to Sakura bringing up Temari talking about Shikamaru bedhead which Ino's says makes him look like a hedgehog. Shikamaru pops in behind her to talk about something. Apparently, Shikamaru ask Salad where he could find her mother. Who, we then see awkwardly holding up groceries proudly informing her mother that she will handle cooking tonight. Apparently, Iruka taught her how to cook while she was in ...I forgot the name, rangku? Anyway, Shikamaru informed her the cure work and Naruto is back at work. In fact he hasn't fully recovered yet but refuses to take a break...as taking a break would mean spending time with his family. I completely understand. Shikamaru walks off and then Ino notices Sakura's ring. Apparently, due to it containing Sasuke's own chakra was how he was about to find her when she was buried.


Ino sees Sakura roaming the village behind Sakura. This causes Sakura to lay her head on the table and then gush about how hot Sasuke is. Ino points out that while yes Sasuke is hot, she should be used to it because they been married for years...well to be fair, Sasuke barely visits that she has probably spent more time with her creditors than she has with Sasuke. Ino ask how she can even handle a long term mission with him if she can't even stop gushing over him like a school girl over their first crush. Apparently, because he shinobi switch flips when she is on the job. Which unfortunately, when she gets back to the village he feelings return full force like they are fresh and new. Wait does the mean while she merely considers using Edo tensei on Sasuke while on mission. She actually wants to use it on him when they are in the village? 



While heading back home she takes off her ring because it gets in the way of work -so why she taking it off now?- but she will be happy when she retires because then she can wear it all the time. The family has a meal together. Sakura notices that Salad made a lot of her dad's favorites ie stuff made with tomatoes. He compliments Salad's cooking after Sakura kicks him...You know with last chapter in mind. I think I understand how Sakura keeps him on a leash, "Do what I want or edo tensei." Also explains why he does not want to be in the village that often.


After Salad heads off to bed the two talk on their patio. Sakura gives him an update on Kakashi's mission, and that she learns what a ring symbolizes in Redaku...ah that was it. So she teases him about why he gave it to her and question if it was to chase other guys off. Her guess was on the money which leaves Sasuke embarrassed. Which makes her happy and they end the story with them hugging while looking at the night sky.

Mirai's Endless Hot Springs Vacation

05 May 2023 - 11:15 PM

I don't consider these side manga chapters worth the effort of individual topic for each chapter so I'm just making one topic for the rest of the chapters for Naruto: Kohono's Story- The Steam Ninja Scrolls.


Summary Time: Chapter 11. The Resurrection Hot Springs.


The girls from last time wants to join the group journey to the land of hot springs for a special hot spring that is said to either revive the death or let you see the dead I don't remember. Mirai rejects the girls offer at first, then mopes, and then decides to join her. Sorry, I genuinely thought that she was going to join the group for a hot springs further into the country, turns out it just in a nearby forest. Tatsumi was I guess scared of going there at night when this hot springs power works. Then brings a group of you're friends there on a dare. The wander through the forest. The stop at a drinking spring, Mirai has a poor reaction due to the water tasting awful due to being high in iron. Then they talks about dead parents. The reach where the spiring is suppose to be and stumble on the sect of the Jashin cult that suppose to be the big bads for this story...kind of a lame way to introduce you antagonist. Turns out that the girl is apart of the cult. Tatsumi introduces Mirai to Master Ryuki leader of the cult. She was actually bring Mirai so she could be initiated into the cult. She rejects the offer as the water was drugged as she was suppose to be used as a sacrifice.


Chapter 12. Taking Up the Mantel.


She reveals herself as a Leaf Ninja to the Cult. Master Ryuki instantly reveals his evil plan to make another Hidan and everything he told all the girls he lure in was a lie. Hidan was apparently the Great Master of the Cult. Ryuki talks about how glorious he was which pisses Mirai off. While she is fighting she has yet another flashback of Shikamaru training her, this case how to use trench knives. She defeats the Cult's minions.


Chapter 13. The Jashin Curse.


As she defeated his minions with great ease last chapter she informs Ryuki that she is taking him into custody. Apparently Ryuki was going to conduct the ritual to make someone immortal...why did it take is guy about 20 years to do this ritual again? He has his minions that are still conscious hold the abducted woman hostage.


Then as Mirai thinks over this dilemma Kakashi and Guy bust in. kakashi notice she was leaving in the middle of the night so he had one of dogs follow her. He frees the hostages...wow the artist really does emulate Kishimoto are quite well those girls do look like something he would make for random village women...thought the one on the left looks a bit too much like Sakura. As there is seemingly nothing left Mirai just walks up to arrest him, but she steps into a Jashin ritual circle. Ryuki was about to cut her earlier so now he can do his cult's curse through a doll. His allows him to kill his opponent through his doll then use his opponents corpse as a puppet...which seem way more useful, effective, and efficient than Hidan's curse, why was he their grandmaster?  But, it turns out that he never got a hit on her as she used a genjutsu, and he didn't notice that he was tasting water from a damaged bottle as it was high in iron...doesn't blood have a coppery taste to it?


He decides to grab Tatsumi and use his curse on her. Oh no its not like there are two other people in this cave that know about Jashin curse's weakness of just dragging him out of the circle to stop its effects.

Naruto: Konoha's Story-The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Manga Chapter 10

05 March 2023 - 06:56 AM

Kinda starting to regret always doing these chapter by chapter since nothing really happens.


Summary Time: Chapter 10. Words of Inspiration...lose weight fatso?


Cover page is Mirai peeling a potato.


She hypes her self up to peel those potatoes to make potato chips, so Choji will move the rock, and they can hopefully finally get on with the plot. Oh her mom taught how to make potato chips...I'm skipping the process. Choji comes in to eat her mountain size amount of potato chips. She apparently made the best potato chips Choji has ever eaten, she is glad for the compliment...how bad are potato chips in this world when some chick can just randomly make the best in the world? They all help move the rock...apparently she has never seen Choji used the body expansion jutsu before.


He burnt up all the calories and is now skinny. Choji gives her some advice that he got from Asuma and mentions the 'King.'


They enjoy yet another hot-spring. Oh a random village women joins her, I thought it was Ino for a second. They talk about hair and dead parents...and Tatsumi has joined their party to see the hot-springs because the village girl heard rumors that you can see the dead in one of the dozens of hot-springs that Mirai will bath in in this manga.


I wondering ifI should change the future topic for this manga to "Mirai & the Vacation of Endless Hot-Springs." Tell me, if you can think of something better.

Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 78

20 February 2023 - 08:09 PM

Well lets see if they are forcing Ikemoto to rush this...So this arc will be done by chapter 80.


Summary Time: Chapter 78. Super Idiot... Who? A character likely Naruto, the people that work on this, the companies that have kept it going, or the audience?


Cover Page is Naruto looking over his shoulder...I guess to say he is gone as far as the story is concern...please don't tell me being sealed away was his "Death."


Shikamaru is just informed Naruto's chakra just vanished. A squad of ninja are searching his home. They also tell Shikamaru that right before they disappeared they sensed Nail's signature at the premises...kind of start off with that morons. The daughter see them investigating and realizes that her parents are gone.


Shikamaru uses the psychic phone line to contact Bolt and team and tell them what happen. Hime uses her power and says, 'yes he did it.' Bolt rushes off to find him. After Bolt leaves Hime decides to actually review the conversation and through lip reading she realizes that, "Kawaki is planning on killing Boruto...again"...even the manga is doing it. Oh right Salad is the only one in that room that does not know Nail killed once Bolt already. Shikamaru informs her of everything including Nail's reasoning. Salad feels shame at knowing Bolt died without her being able to do anything and refuses to let that happen...again.


While Bolt is rushing home Nail tries to seal him, using the same move he sealed his parents away, but is counter by Bolt's karma seal. Bolt asks what Nail did to his parents, and he answers. He trapped them in Daikokuten, a shinjutsu that has control over a dimension that time is frozen, Naruto and Hinata are held in stasis in a tiny magic cube. Bolt tries to reason with him but Nail considers himself already crossed the Rubicon...doubtful as if say, Nail just released them and then forced Bolt to tell his parent Femmy is still active in him. Naruto would forgive Nail instantly like he did before; hell, the second part is unnecessary bonus to prove he is not insane. Both them activate their seals.


Madoc is with Sai and is shocked that Nail gone AWOL. Sai asks him to be quiet as he is still receiving info and it looks like they may have to take extreme measures. Madoc looks worried...hey for once no snarking. This is rushing then.


Salad arrives and gets involved for once. Oh, so that's how he got that stupid scar. Ok. Salad arrives both Bolt and Nail tell her to beat it as Nail will kill her. She counters as someone who aims to become hokage she can't run from a situation like this. Nail strolls over and comments that, "Shinobi really are destine to die young" as he turns his tree arm blade-like. Which he has never done before. He lazily slashes at her which of course she can't dodge. So Bolt has to save her and gets that scar. He continues as he stroll over to them and threatens Salad to try to scare her into leaving. Then Cups arrives along with Shikamaru and Konohamaru the Useless. Oh Sasuke here too.


Shikamaru questions Nail. Instead of just saying again Femmy is active in Bolt he acts vague and sounds insane. Oh how convenient, through Bolt's damage eye Femmy comes out and possesses him...again. Which if Nail had told anyone would prove him right! Femmy releases Nail to allow him to escape, my guess to provide a sacrifice for the tentail's fruit. He does so because he is evil now and stupid.


Femmy taunts Bolt that he already lost one eye and the end has begun.


Doesn't feel as rushed as the last few chapters. But overall this arc is being rushed to its conclusion...a poor one at that. Seriously, this was poor compared to any of the Naruto Sasuke fights. 6 years and 6 months for this.