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#987792 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 73

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 September 2022 - 05:52 AM

Boruto volume 18 sold 32.8K its first week and 71K after two.






Remember most of its fans buy it in the first ten days or so.

#987779 Kakashi should have actually trained Sakura.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 20 September 2022 - 02:21 PM

Kishimoto does not seem to get the show not tell when it comes to sakura. Like with her seal like yes we know its strong with tsunade but we only see glimpses of it with sakura. She should of had a full on on fight with it

The problem with Kishimoto is how he sees shounen heroine.


Tell me, what are your thoughts on American cartoons, what are you're thoughts of 80's action cartoons, and the action cartons that came out since the 1980's?


Now here is something people who works on an American action cartoon have been saying since the end of the eighties interviews to hype up their shows. "We are trying to make are story more meaningful and deeper. None of that villain losing every week and saying I'll get you next time." Now, they have been saying that for more than thirty years at this point, why? Because the impression of Action Cartoons that are in peoples' minds are from the eighties. So, Action Cartoons have been repeating the same thing for 30 years to try to escape the shadow of the 80's shows.


Now back to kishi. He doesn't read or watch shounen stories from my understanding. He prefers Live actions Japanese dramas and Hollywood movies. His impression of shounen mangas therefor remain of when he read shounen manga. Pretty much 80s-90s era and maybe his coworkers stuff when he was working on Naruto. So he has not really kept up with the changes especially since Naruto started. So he both hasn't kept up with the changes of the genre since he read it, and is trying to write with his understanding of what shounen manga is. Similar to the people that work on American action cartoons trying to be ground-breaking in their genre from their understanding, but ignore the fact that the genre has to naturally change over the years. Granted many people working on American cartoon never realized this and that partially why action cartoons have all but disappeared. With anime and anime inspired show dominating that genre.


So for his heroines lets first look at Anna from Samurai 8. She is the classical shounen heroine, she spend her time on the sidelines thinking, "oh main character-kun," praying that he will win, except her prayers do actually impower him. It would have been creative if not innovative in the 2000's, its archaic now-a-days because that heroine archetype isn't really that common in shounen stories' now-a-days.


Now, with Sakura she was the 80-90's shounen heroine a spunky girl that hits the main character a lot and rarely if ever fights. "Except she on a combat team and is expected to fight," we all say. Why yes, but the problem is that this is the archetype kishimoto grew up with. So he has mental blocks that make it difficult for him to fully accept girls regularly fighting in shounen stories is fine, granted many of his contemporaries have this problem even Oda. i mentioned this before but part of Sakura appeal to the Japanese is she sort of represented this shift in the genre of a girl that is both suppose to but at the same time not fight coming into her own and finding her own path and resolving to fight. Of course since the Japanese were fine with her development because of that, it allowed Kishimoto to coast with her only needing to patch her up every once and awhile...at least when Yahagi was his editor.

#987773 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 72

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 19 September 2022 - 05:39 AM

Yeah I know. I just wanted to hear if you think it's going anywhere as of now. New story arc outside the village? Something like that?

Story outside the village? Other than going off to face punk, no. The cyborg brats are going to the village so we will likely have several chapters/months focus on that. Eventually, Punk will attack with his blood-leather-bound nudist. At some point, Naruto will die. Nail falls off the deep end. Time skip. And then either I stay on for the first arc to see how bad it is or just stop.

#987726 Kakashi should have actually trained Sakura.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 04 September 2022 - 05:39 PM


It's also like how Kakashi was more impressed by Sasuke doing the Lion's Barrage just because of his copying the start of the Primary Lotus from his fight with Lee using the Sharingan than he was with Naruto doing the Naruto Uzumaki Barrage, which Naruto came up with more on the fly just from what he saw of Sasuke's Lion's Barrage AND also doing it to do more pain in some cases by doing hits all at once rather than a combo of moves....? Is it just because Kakashi has that mentality that only the elite are good and those who work to become stronger don't matter?

I think that, at the time those events were being written, Kishi wasn't set on Kakashi being Minato's student and as such was writing him to favor Sasuke. This in turn would make Naruto out to be more of an underdog while also making Sasuke look more power hungry when he left the village. It was only later, when the Akatsuki and the tailed beast become more center stage in the plot, that Kishimoto tried to tweak Kakashi to be less of an ass to Naruto leading to some uneven writing.

Anytime Kakashi was gushing about Sasuke's skills was more about Kishimoto trying to hype up how impressive Sasuke, the genius rival, was compared to Naruto, the idiot protagonist.


The first time it happened was during the bell test. Naruto showing off a forbidden jutsu from the scroll of sealing that he learned in a night and beat a chunin with? Meh. Sasuke using a C rank jutsu, that is the signature jutsu of his clan, and that they are taught pretty much once they can walk? Oh My God! That's completely impossible!! Sasuke must be an absolute genius destine to become the greatest ninja ever to exist to pull that off!!!

#987718 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 31 August 2022 - 12:44 AM

Seems they are airing naruto in india again and this person had an epiphany i guess the development can't be ignored


"People argue that Sasuke was the better suitor because he was the one who Sakura had romantic feelings for, going as far as to say that arguing that she was out of her mind and that Naruto was better would supposedly be sexist. Like forcing Sasuke to marry Sakura when he didn’t have romantic feelings for her isn’t sexist, or making Naruto change his mind to like Hinata isn’t either. This was just an authorial choice. It could have been the other way around just as easily. Basically none of the canon ships had any romantic feelings for their respective partners until the author suddenly decided that they had with minimal to no development.
While I’m turned off by Sakura’s rude treatment of Naruto, they still have several cute moments that almost wash it away. But I don’t remember any climatic good moments between Sasuke and Sakura that made me feel for them the same way at all. There is no romantic tension either, no moment when it feels like Sasuke is finally leaning toward Sakura. But I remember several ones with Naruto, too many to list.
He was always the one whom Sakura could rely on, he was always present, always kind and loyal, he never willingly did anything to hurt her either, contrary to Sasuke, and contrary even to Sakura herself, who often failed to reciprocate his kindness.
I know many will disagree but I'll still say that i think they would have been the best couple in the show probably even better than temari and shikamaru"
"I'm honestly tired of the feminists in this community. And I don't even know how any self-respecting woman and feminist in the Naruto community can consider the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura as wholesome. Sasuke didn't do much to earn the affection of the girls in his class. He was just talented and a boy with problems that distanced himself. He was basically the edgy teenage bad boy that you would find in some teenage girl romance. And honestly, I can't think of any moments in Sakura and Sasuke's time together as teammates to where I felt genuine love between them. Fans of Sakura always want to try to look for nuances or small moments in their interactions to where they can say they showed feelings for each other. But if most people can't think of those moments on their own, then their relationship obviously didn't have much suggestion of a mutual love.
A relationship between Naruto and Sakura would've been better since it would have been good development for her character to move on past someone like Sasuke and be with a person who actually saw worth in her. Am I saying that Sakura needed to be with Naruto to feel self-worth as a woman? No. But that's just not the direction for her character that Kishimoto intended. People can call his writing sexist if they want. But I don't really care. I'm not a woman and I'm not looking for any kind of self-identity with these characters. Even with Naruto, I love his character. But that doesn't mean that I like him because I feel some sort of relatability to him as a man."

The two good post from that topic. The ending pairing rely on the audience building the romance in their minds' and disliking a character. Without that and just watching the show there is barely if any build up and it happens at the last minute.


Edit: I'm always confused when people act like Kishimoto never intended Naruto and Sakura to get together. There are several interviews that said that he switched to Hinata because she was popular and Sakura was too hated.

#987663 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 72

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 21 August 2022 - 04:31 AM

This chapter was aight... Nothing really to ride home about except for building up more towards that inevitable timeskip that was teased all the way back in the beginning of Chapter 1. 


That said,  the whole concept of miniaturizing The ten tails into being a more resourceful use as an army isn't bad. A point can be made that it could be viable asset to use.   What had me facepalming is what these miniature versions look like.


Out of all the forms we got, this is it??   :wallbash:


That said, when it pertains to Dragon Ball Super, it was quite an interesting chapter   and the whole Black Frieza thing isn't bad. I like it overall, but what does bother me is how it was quickly done. 


but still I am curious to see how things go for Dragon Ball Super's manga, and.... When we eventually cross the ending of Z.

Half the chapter seemed to be building the Uzumaki family dynamic more which is fine -even though I don't care for them- but it feels late. As much as I hate to say it, Hinata and the daughter should have been involved more in earlier arcs to make the scene work better. The Cups and Salad bit is just them reminding themselves and everyone that yes that are trying to re-involve them in the plot... after ignoring them for like five years.


I also thought it was an interesting idea, but then Ikemoto's horrendous aesthetic taste struck again. Seriously, anytime something could be impressive in this manga it would be destroyed partly because Ikemoto made the worst design for it.


As for Super, its a monthly so I don't mind the arc's ending in a chapter instead of being dragged out like its is for weekly manga. Lord knows the Wano arc could have ended over a month ago if it wasn't being dragged out.


Its probably to show off all their big new transformations of the main cast this month Ultra Ego, Ultra Instinct Omen, Orange Piccolo, Black Freeza, and Beast Gohan. Toriyama made Super Saiyans' blond because it was a pain filling in their hair weekly. Super is Monthly so Toyotaro probably doesn't mind doing so. Also, probably either to set up the next arc or the one after when he is once again the antagonist.


In the movie released this week, Pan can walk and talk and Trunks and Goten, finally, look like teenagers. So in story we are probably only a year or so off. The manga has made it clear that Goku will train Uub. Which means soon he needs to start training or at least spending more time with Pan.

#987632 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 16 August 2022 - 06:08 AM


Shame she can't say her opinion in regards to her character when it's the truth 

Tell me about it. Makes me wonder how deep down Kishimoto really feels.

Neither of them can officially talk about it. But, its likely if you were to talk to them on a personal level they would be able to tell what they actually think. From hearsay I have heard over the years VAs' have willing offered their displeasure over the ending; if they are talking to fans with no cameras. 


But even in official interviews its not like Kishimoto has ever shown to particularly like the end pairings.

#987619 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 14 August 2022 - 02:24 AM





Junko had an interview...can't tell when but its making the rounds on twitter; which means its could have happened ten years ago for all I know.


She was only informed that Hinata would marry Naruto right before she got the script to the Last.


She thought Naruto would remain single, follow Jiraiya's footsteps warding around spreading a message of peace, and Sakura would become hokage. Also in the second fanbook sakura was considered the 5th favorite to become the next hokage. Naruto, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Iruka and then Sakura.

#987593 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 03 August 2022 - 07:43 PM

Yeah, like I said, head canon. I'm not ever re-reading Naruto again — just makes me angry —so I don't know the fine details as well anymore. But it always felt like if Kishi planned for Kakashi to be the one the 'raise' Naruto, then it makes more sense to have him with the connection.


I remember now that Obito was like the Naruto on the team. But seriously.... the kid turns into a psychopathic killer when he's like 15, 18? And kills both of Minato and Kushina in such a horrific way trying to steal Naruto. It should never have been written that way that she identified with the kid who strung her up and ripped a hole in her stomach just a few years later. 


If Naruto were a movie, then young Obito would always be accompanied by 'he might be a villain' music!! :lol:


As for Kushina, it's actually pretty disappointing that she wasn't given a more active role. Like, why? She would have been the most powerful shinobi in Konoha right? And yet she can't even get her own team? But Naruto goes on to become Hokage with the same power? Kushina should have been a super bad ass in her own right, standing equal to Minato in terms of village power, and absolutely on her own in terms of lethal power. And it would have been interesting to see her interacting with other hosts. Like maybe there was some kind of peace among the jinchuriki before Obito shattered everything. 


And, though I'm not pro-Uchiha anything, I can understand why they would have been pissed that the only guy from an apparently dead clan (Namikaze) gets the Kage role, while this huge clan of powerful shinobis gets passed over. 


Didn't the Third want Orochimaru for the role, then Jiraiya. And when Jiraiya backed out only THEN it went to Minato? Which makes it kind of funny the Tsunade has to go back and pick up the pieces. The one who wasn't even asked to do the job! :lol:


edit: so much of this is rhetorical too. Just thinking back over the pre-Naruto era really reveals what a mess it was. And Kishi could have tied it all together with Naruto's story – forgave his rival, succeeded where his dad failed, abolished the shinobi system that created these problems, etc. etc. Instead he just made it worse by leaving Naruto like a grown-up kid, with nothing at all resolved.

The big problem again is Kishimoto did not really give much thought to the backstory unless he had to.


...I think I explain this when you asked about Naruto's clan but Kushina didn't really exist to Kishimoto till his wife asked about her. Then to please her he made kushina like her just as Sakura had become like her. Kakashi was already developed long before she was made, so she couldn't really effect his character. Kushina didn't seem to like the Kyuubi and wouldn't use its powers. So she wasn't as strong as Naruto. She fought most likely with her chakra chains and her clans sealing techniques.

"the kid turns into a psychopathic killer when he's like 15" To be fair, that is a lot of the cast. Again, it was suppose to increase the tragedy of his fall. He was suppose to be the ultimate what if Naruto turned evil, but it was dropped by the end because that all but states that Sakura was the most important person to Naruto and losing her would be the thing to make him fall. Obito was a lot like Naruto and therefor he was a lot like Kushina, and what was Kushina suppose to be some psychic the knew he would turn evil so she shouldn't interact with him?

Tsunade didn't want it. She wanted either her brother or her lover to become Hokage. The third wasn't going to force it on her. Which left Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and anyone else high ranking enough that wanted the position. Jiriaya had the Old Toad's prophecy to think about as well as his own aversions to the role so he supported his student taking the role instead.

#987589 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 02 August 2022 - 07:26 PM


The Uchiha's eyes are the swiss army knife of eyes, they have everything and can do everything.

Speaking of their eyes, can someone explain to me how does transferring ones Mangekyo eyes into another give you Eternal Mangekyo.

I mean my understanding of how it's suppose to work is that once you gain the Mangekyo you start losing your sight, the more you use its powers the quicker you lose your sight. And in order to regain your vision and more powers even, you have take the eyes of another Mangekyo sharingan user. That's what I remember.


Now maybe I'm the only one that thought about this, but how does transferring the eyes of someone who's losing their vision gets you back your vision? My understanding is that in order to get the Eternal, you need the eyes of someone who's got the Mangekyo, so someone who's losing or lost their sight. How does getting rid of your bad eyes and getting another's bad eyes gets you good vision?


I mean I know the whole transferring eyes thing was mainly so Itachi can scare Sasuke, at least in that point, but eventually it became the rule of how it works.

Story wise I'd guess that the intent of the transfer is to basically how do I put this. its combines the two eyes into one super eye effectively wiping out the weakness of the individual eyes. and opening access to the full power of the eyes


individually the sharingan while powerful cant handle the raw chakra needed to use all the special powers the human eye can only take so much power flowing through it without damaging it


so the double mangekyo reinforces the eye to superhuman levels which allows it to channel chakra more easily meaning there's no risk of blindness as the eye no longer deteriorates with each use

Cat gave the best excuse for how it possibly works; a single set is incomplete and damages the eyes causing blindness, combining two sets somehow stabilizes the eyes' power, and also restores the sight.


As for story-wise the problems with it was a mixture of kishimoto's habit of trying to keep powers and Ninjas balance, a reason for Itachi's actions, and his obsession of the Sasuke Naruto rivalry.


1) Kishimoto tends to prefer not to make broken characters or abilities. Characters tend to be specialist that are good at one form of fighting while poorer in other fields to justify teamwork...that never really happens. While powerful abilities tended to have draw backs.


From what I recall Dosu of the Sound was killed because Kishi thought he was too well balanced compared the rest of the genin during the chunin exam. Neji and Lee were close range fighter that lack range attacks. Gaara was a defensive stationary fighter, Shikamaru's shadow powers lack offensive abilities at the time, Kankuro relied on surprised and his puppets, Temari her fan, and Shino his bugs. Look at any fight Dosu was in, he was very versatile with his vibration gauntlet that made any fight lean in his favor unless there was a massive power discrepancy.


Team 7 should had in part one in theory had: Naruto was their close combat focus fighter that could scout, Sasuke a close-mid range ninjutsu fighter, Sakura a long range genjutsu support, and Kakashi an all-rounder with a problem with his stamina.


The Rasenshuriken couldn't be thrown at first for example of powerful abilities having limits and damages the users showing drawbacks. So, the same with the Mangekyo a fire that can't be put on, instant unbreakable illusions, and summons a giant invincible armor spirit all for the price of slowly losing your eye sight.


2) Originally, at least before he finally drew him, Itachi was suppose to be evil. An evil power hungry monster that murder his entire family to gain the power of the mangekyo sharingan and his reason for not Killing Sasuke was; he needed him to be his second set to gain even more power. Of course that was abandon for what both consumed both Kishimoto and the story all things to fuel that drawn out Naruto-Sasuke conflict.


3) As all should know Kishimoto was obsessed with the final battle being a final fight between Sasuke and Naruto and spent large portions in trying to justify it. One of his obsession was Sasuke and Naruto must be equal in power no matter how strong Naruto got. The thing due to being the container of Kurama once he gained access to his power Naruto would become instantly one of the strongest ninjas to ever exist. How was Sasuke suppose to match this? At first Kishimoto gave him the curse seal, but he clearly thought it would be stupid if it got passed the level 2 staged. So that left him with things like the Sage mode which Sasuke doesn't seem the type, or power up the sharingan till it could match the power of the nine-tailed fox. He went with the latter. So, the more powerful Naruto got the more broken the Mangekyo sharingan had to be to match him.

#987584 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 01 August 2022 - 03:00 AM

Obito was also so much like Kushina, who Naruto completely takes after too!  :D


I have a head canon that Kakashi was actually closer to Kushina than Minato, because they were both orphans in a way. Minato was a strong, focused leader that he wanted to be like, but that Kushina was the one who kept young Kakashi grounded and empathized with him. She was like a big sister to him. 


Also...*sigh*... way more tragic that way considering just how many people Kakashi has lost in his life! ugh! Kushina as a big sister would have been just another terrible loss....


Anyway, still my head canon!  :lol:

I don't think close is the right word more Kushina likely teased him a lot, which he hated because he wanted to be taken seriously, and only remembered it fondly after everyone was dead. But I see Kakashi spending more time with Minato both because he is his team's sensei & the closest thing he has to a father figure after his dad passed. We never really see Kakashi fondly think about Kushina when he watches Naruto. While Kakashi is always reading Jiraiya's books which Minato was stated in the databooks and in flashback to enjoy...though I think the Icha Icha series came out after his death. So, a very know habit of his came most likely from fondly remembering Minato reading the tale of the gusty ninja and trying to imitate it. Kushina's hobby seemed to be cooking (also pranking and talking with people) and we never see as scene of Kakashi making a meal for his team to try to bring them closer through that...though he could be a bit trollish; so maybe he picked up that from her. When Naruto does something it either he find it amusing it, annoying, he sees Minato, or as he said to Obito he saw a lot of him in Naruto.


Again, Kakashi never really thinks about Kushina which means he was at least more close to Minato and cared more about him than her. The people we first heard her from was in a conversation between Jiraiya and Tsunade. Jiraiya talking about how much Naruto is like Minato clearly fondly remember training both, while Tsunade points out he is only like Minato in appearance in every other way he is Kushina. That implies some level of closeness between Kushina and Tsunade and they likely have some form of bond probably due to them both spending time with Lady Mito. She the only one Kushina seemed close to besides Mikoto her best friend, in story. Which either means either everyone she was close to is dead or just not involved in the plot. For a bit of head-canon and using ladygt fan-comics. I see Kushina being friends with the mothers of team seven when they were young. Kushina was the tomboy with a crush on a boy, Mikoto was the polite reserved one, and Mebuki was a punk that straightened up later in life. I see Kizashi as one of Minato's early rivals as they were both from un-prominent clans that wanted to become Hokage. However Minato's potential was spotted by Jiraiya while Kizashi was not leading to him to be completely left in the dust after a few years. Eventually, realizing that becoming Hokage was out of his reach, just retiring early, starting a business, and marry Mebuki once she finally grew up enough to say yes... and started to openly enjoy his bad jokes. Fugaku didn't seemed to be that close with Minato to me. So he was more of an unacknowledged rival as he would claim he wanted to take up the role of chief of the military police, when he secretly wished to become Hokage.


Kushina didn't seem to have a team despite her age and rank. Though that is likely because like always, Kishimoto didn't put much consideration into backstory unless its to explain something happening in the plot. Though a good excuse is that because she was the village's demon container and the last Uzumaki seal master she was too much of a target to be allowed a genin team. So she adopted Minato's trying to bond with each one, and if he ever complained she would probably joke that they are practice for when she has kids of her own.


From what I recall, Obito was her favorite, in the anime, to heighten the tragedy that he killed her along with her husband and orphaned their son leaving him to take up her role as Kurama's container...with all the suffering she knew would come from that.

#987563 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 28 July 2022 - 03:25 PM

Kakashi is not a bad teacher because he "favored Sasuke." The only thing he taught Sasuke that he didn't teach the others was the chidori, and the reason for that is to look at the situation. Sasuke was going up against Gaara an incredibly powerful genin that defeated Lee, the prized student of his rival Gai. He had to focus on him or Sasuke would be killed. Yes, he shoved Naruto off to Ebisu but it was very likely that the water walking was what he was going to train the team in anyways. Which he considered fine because, Neji was unlikely to kill him. Look at both fights Neji had during the chunin exam, he constantly requested the matched be call in his favor once it was obvious he was more skilled than his opponent, so he would not seriously injure or kill his opponent if the match went on, and of course both refused. So if Naruto lost he would live if seriously injure at worse. Sasuke would be killed. Which one do you focus on?


Granted this is somewhat the fault of the story rushing. It was implied before the chunin exam that Kakashi mostly trained the main cast as a team. Granted it would have been better if he had done more individual training. As Naruto's education before joining the team was atrocious and Sakura lacked a specialty.


Now granted I did point out...awhile back how Kakashi is a bad teacher, he does not adjust his training on an individual level. Look at how he taught the team tree climbing and Naruto wind release as well as the shadow clones. He begins with a long technical explanation of what he is teaching them. Naruto doesn't get it. Kakashi give another simpler but still very technical explanation. Naruto doesn't get it. Kakashi tries simplifying again, and Naruto still doesn't get it. Finally, an exasperated Kakashi shows him what they will be doing, he finally gets it, and Kakashi gives one last explanation that Naruto also gets.


Naruto needs to be shown what his is suppose to be doing, he doesn't get things when it only explain to him on a conceptual level.


Jiraiya was able to teach Naruto the Rasengan by showing him the steps and letting him figure it out. Granted with a few tips here and there.

Asuma gave Naruto a explanation then a demonstration then finished off his explanation.

Fukasaku had Gamakichi with him to give him a simplified explanation. 

Killer Bee seemed to be able to connect with Naruto.


Yamato wasn't a teacher he was a captain. The closest thing to a lesson he gave Naruto was a dress-down where he told him, he needed to find his own strength instead of relying on Kurama.

#987542 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 25 July 2022 - 07:06 AM

Well no. It is not the same. Really, my overall problem is the delivery of Kakashi just telling Sasuke to simply forget about his revenge, rather than calling him out on all of the acts Sasuke did in the name of revenge as you listed. It is the message of simply saying revenge is bad and Kakashi showing a bit of moral myopia over it rather the extremes and circumstances of either case that is contradictory and in my eyes rather hypocritical. Obviously anything and everything Sasuke has done is not something you should be rooting for, but again that is not he is called out on, Both Naruto and Kakashi are giving him the basic don't seek revenge schtick.

Sasuke just picked a fight with Naruto and used an assassination jutsu during the fight. In fact, they were going so at it that Kakashi had to intervene because they were about to kill Sakura. Who tried to intervene because she felt while watching their spar; that they were going too far and were trying to kill each other. Both Sasuke and Naruto were given the message that they went too far. Naruto just needed Jiraiya to appear to get the message. Sasuke needed a sit down lecture.


The lecture could be summed up as: 'Sasuke, I did not teach you my signature jutsu so you could try to kill your teammates with it. There are a lot of people like you in this world that lived short bitter lives obsessed with revenge. Even if they achieve their revenge, they have nothing else to live for because they devoted their lives to it. I don't want that to happen to you. You need to move on. Like you, before forming this team everyone I have ever cared about is long dead, but we have found new people to care about in our teammates. Let's enjoy our new bonds and move forward with our lives, rather than obsessing over what we have lost.'


After this lecture, Sasuke abandoned everything to join the enemy in the name of power to get his revenge.


Shikamaru spent a few days moping after Asuma's death, then decided to go after his killers. After achieving his revenge, he went back to his old life with new dedications such as planning on becoming the Jonin sensei of Asuma's child. 


Generalizing them, they are both about revenge. It is the context where we must find the difference.

#987532 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 24 July 2022 - 01:02 PM

This is all true, but my main point is the "do not seek revenge" message falls flat on it's stupid face if you get other people doing it, then had the very person telling one character that all of a sudden say "okay, I'm gonna help out for this one."

The only justification is to look at the how they go about it instead of what they are doing.


Shikamaru and his teammates were going after an enemy of the village, The Akatsuki, that they already knew a general location of. They weren't abandoning the village or joining the enemy nor did they attack any member of the village that tried to stop them. While their Hokage Tsunade tried to persuade them not to go, she relented after Kakashi join them as a fourth member; which means it was approved by the village.


Sasuke had a seal on his neck that had everyone worried since it was designed to draw the person into desiring to serve an enemy of the village, Orochimaru, that just attacked the village and killed the third Hokage. He in a fit of jealousy picked a fight and used a jutsu designed for assassination on his teammate & the closest thing he has to a best friend. He abandoned the village to join the enemy for power like everyone feared he would and when his teammate tried to bring him back; he tried to kill him. This is just from one arc, this is ignoring everything else he did during part two.


Now looking at how they went about it, do you think they are equal guilty because they were both after revenge?

#987509 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 71

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 21 July 2022 - 12:57 PM

Ah...Seems that Boruto manga did have this month off...No clue why they needed a break. Granted a lot of shounen jump manga have been having breaks recently, but those were so they could plan out their final storyline. Which I doubt is happening in Boruto. Could be they were given a month off to think about their story and move it along faster...I doubt even if that was the case it would really change anything.


Dragon Ball Super 86. Gas powers up and starts beating up an untransformed Goku. His gang members notice that he is looking increasingly older. So I guess the theory his increase in his power because he is rapidly aging was correct. Oh Granolah is back up. Its a Buu remix with Goku stalling Gas while Gran charges up a big attack to finish him, oh and Vegeta gets back up to reprise his role.


...Well that's new and will likely cause people to complain. Once the attack is charged Goku summons up a giant energy version of himself to grab Gas, and throw him into the sky; so the attack won't destroy the planet. And Gas is likely defeated. He might get up next chapter might not. Surprised for once that someone other than a Saiyan score the winning blow.