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Naruto: The First Jedi (idea & need help)

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Posted 07 July 2012 - 12:16 AM

1. Setting: Mizuki's betrayal. Jiraiya and The Elders mistaking The Force for Rinnegan powers but they think cause Naruto had the Kyuubi effects the Rinnegan so the ripple eyes doesn't show up like the Sharingans does. Kyuubi is actually made from the Force instead of Chakra.

2. Naruto isn't a Godlike at all but he'd becomes a Jedi style Bounty Hunter. Younger Yoda was a trouble maker and hi jack a ship without knowing that he'd hi jack a Ship that's has Lightsabers. (Wave Arch.} When Naruto and Yoda mets.(After Haku was done talking to Naruto.)

3. When Yoda mets Sasuke, Danzou, Orochimaru, Kabuto and OTHER Villians.{That's First since of the Darkside]

4. After Naruto married Sakura but after that. Haku's long lost Twin sister wants revenge on Naruto believing that Naruto the Hero of the Wave. Was the one who killed her brother. This setting is after the Fourth Ninja war. Haku's sister freeze Naruto. Zestu saw it and kidnapped Naruto and place him into a Containing Until.

5. Naruto was release by An older Yoda. Yoda knows that in Naruto's universe they are allow to have Harems

Guri and Rock Lee became a couple.
Aayla Secura, Bastila Shan, Yuthura Bab, An'ya Kuro, Astraal Vao, Master Fay falls in love with Naruto after he'd release from his Containing Unit.
Shaak Ti is Naruto's Serval Greats Granddaughter by Sakura's and Naruto's blood. (the skin color is effect of Kyuubi's)
Naruto became Anikin's father. (After Older Yoda released him.)
Padme Naberrie becomes Naruto's daughter-in-law. (After Older Yoda frees Naruto from the containing Unit)
Mon Mothma is Tsunade's and Jiraiya's descendant due to Kabuto/Orochimaru's lab test.
One of Killer Bee's and Mabui's descendant married one of Naruto's and Sakura's descendant.


Okay I'd just need some same names of Naruto's world's type of names and Star Wars type of names.
I'd think having Han Solo being a descendant of Konohamaru's and Mogei.

8. After Sakura gives birth to Naruto's kids. Sasuke raped Sakura. Sasuke's and Sakura's son became the first Sith lord.

9. Sasuke has all the villains power of the Naruto's world. He'd mad cause he'd can't use the force. So he'll get back at Naruto by raping Sakura.

Here's the link:
Naruto: First Jedi

I'd need help to what should happen next.

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