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Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 71

20 June 2022 - 05:31 PM

Next chapter is 72, which means this manga will have been going on for Six years. I'm thinking of doing a few topic in the next month, maybe. Now then the chapter...pfff. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Summary Time: Chapter 71. Hinderance...well this entire manga is certainly a hinderance to its own franchise.


The cover page is the Punk... He has red eyes, white hair, that belt on his face, and suit is black and purple and it just all looks so stupid.


Punk is about to kill Madoc while the old guy in the base watches out of the corner. To save himself, he wants to talk about Nail with Hime. He is Madoc's ace incase the Leaf tired to turn on him, or as he says abandons him like he feels they did right now...Wait...Well, it was Shikamaru's stupid plans with no back up the put him in this position. So, he not entirely wrong. Punk and Hime get into a disagreement over killing him. Hime orders Moe to stop him with his power. Hime calls Punk a hinderance and Madoc clarifies that since Konoha has offered to let her join their village, she doesn't need Punk, and in fact being with him is now possibly a problem to her goal of getting Nail. Punk tries to kill Madoc, so he can't convince Hime to go along with it, but is blocked by Moe. Moe threatens to get rid of him.


Back to the village, Shikamaru explains Hime's power to the group. Also to try and build up the threat of Moe as he is also one of the cyborg that are apparently more powerful than Jenga.


Back to the trio of annoying cyborgs. Punk says Moe is acting weird and wants Hime to stop him. Hime point out she already helped him restore his power returning the favor of him freeing her, but she is done with him and is betraying him. Punk starts going on about how he loves her, and she only needs him to be her knight. Which weirds everyone out. Guessing that limiter suppressed her emotion manipulation power and now that its gone its taking him over. The old guy warns him of Moe's weakness. Moe requires to touch people with his hands to reflect their attacks...I don't feel like checking to see if that was the case in the other chapters when the brat used his power. Though this feels like a limiter they just put in place because they realize it was too broken. Even with that knowledge, Punk is easily defeated by him. Punk escapes with the old guy (am I going to have to give him a nickname soon if he remains involved in the story?) he declares that he will become a Kaguya clan member to see if he really loves her or if he will kill her for toying with him.


Ah. His ace is he installed a shut down in Nail incase he goes rouge because he is so strong now no one can beat him; certainly not Naruto or Sasuke (who Punk is also stronger than now by the way.) Of course other than Bolt who is his bro but that goes unstated. She knows that is only part of it and wants to hear the full story. He agrees but he also wants to tell the others. So, he convinces her to come to Konoha with him as a mediator for her entry. 


Punk ends the chapter declaring he is going to kill everyone in the village.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 70

19 May 2022 - 10:43 PM

We're at 70 and were still on this build up. Was the John Depp trail going on when the last chapter released? Ah, April 12th so yes.


Summary Time: Chapter 70 From the bottom of my heart...can this just get to killing Naruto already to speed this along already.


The cover page is Madoc sitting in a chair.


The chapter continues where the last left off, with Hime considering Shikamaru's proposal. She also show him her clairvoyant eye, the Senrigan, in her left eye. Naruto is trying to get in but the door is locked...or he just forgot the code to open the door. Shikamaru contacts Naruto saying to stay outside while he tries selling Nail to Hime. Bolt and Sasuke arrive as well. Madoc tells Shikamaru more about Hime power; it can see anything, even the past, it has few limitations of what it can't see...she is apparently very good at reading lips then, but clearly since he is being so open now; it doesn't work on telepathy.


Now, to Nail and the Clone. The clone is trying to justify trying to forgive him. Nail hates both that Madoc stuck karma on him without him knowing, and he realize that he needs it. The Clone points out that Madoc did it for his own mysterious reason...that hopefully he will reveal in full because he now on Ino's telepathic call. Really seems like they are trying for a CloneXNail ship.


Punk is upping the torture of Madoc to release the limiters. Hime decides to lie to make the Punk to have him retreat so she can weigh Shikamaru's proposition...oh. Wait. No, Nail really is coming. Also, in the mental conversation Shikamaru and Madoc have; Madoc acknowledges the danger Nail represents. That Shikamaru's concerns are justified since Nail could turn out to be a danger. Especially, since now Naruto is too weak to be a check on him once he lost Kurama. However, he needs him alive and with the Karma seal for his own reasons.


....Ok the page just refreshed and the chapter just became out of order mess to what I just wrote down.


... Madoc explains more of Hime's powers and her weakness being blood relatives and Kaguya's clan members. Punk does the smart thing and just takes Madoc with him to get the release code, then kill him. Shikamaru holds Punk down with shadow bind while contacting Ino to know where Kawaki is. Hime decides to order Mustard to attack Shikamaru to break the jutsu so they can leave.


Oh joy, now we get more of the annoying brat Moe. Madoc begs for his life and releases the limiter, "There's no dress Code," a pun on Punk's actual name; Code. He has pupils in his eyes now...that's it. I think it was suppose to be impressive...but Ikemoto's art. Now, he goes for the kill.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 69

20 April 2022 - 04:12 PM

Well, I saw something amusing MobuSeka dub used Richie Rich to insult the future first wife of the main character. Also, the main character reaction to playing that game is very similar (though far less dramatic in my case) to having to read another one of these bloody chapters is for me.


Summary Time: Chapter 69. Captives...the chapter number is making me wonder if Shikamaru and Madoc going to be put in a sex dungeon or something?


The Cover is Mustard...OK. Does anyone else think this is a childish face? Why are all Ikemoto's female character seem to have very child-like traits and features to me? The fact they are often sexualized makes it even creepier to look at them.


Madoc is shocked at seeing Hime. Mustard goes in for an attack but Hime's stupid charm power activates that prevents her from finishing a kick. Hime makes a comment about seeing her underwear. Then she order her to release Punk...this charm power is now just as broken as her brothers reflection power. During the whole the scene art is bad and Shikamaru is wondering what's going on...Though in his case it isn't because he can't figure out what the hell Ikemoto is failing to draw again. Also, its nice he had an idea last chapter but it was bound to fail.


...Ugh. Now Bolt and Sasuke are having a talk. Ok. He apologizes for not being around during the last battle, it was his responsibility as Bolt's mentor to deal with Femmy, he regrets that Nail had to do it, and feels like no one but him should be hated by the village...wasn't the cycle of hatred suppose to have been ended? Wasn't he suppose to find some sort of peace? Why does Sasuke feel like he has to be the villages scapegoat? (yes yes I know some stupid thing from his light novel) Wasn't Naruto suppose to fix all that? One page of this and I can already see several examples of How Naruto failed off the top of my head. The rest is about how Nail should not be blamed because Bolt asked him to and they are 'Bros.' Oh good, they bring up that Bolt has/suppose to be wearing Sasuke's headband since the chunin exams and has to keep wearing it till he gets that scar. Bolt wants to return it to Sasuke. How long has it been since the chunin exam? Its has to been a few weeks/months since then in story; longer in the anime. Why does he only think of giving it back now? Why hasn't this come up sooner? Sasuke says to keep it if it helps him. Bolt is happy...when is he getting his eye scarred again?...soon, please.  Sasuke mentions how soon it might be his turn to show his resolve...well we know he can't die since he needs to train Bolt during the time skip. Its Naruto that has the Grim Reaper hanging over his head.


Oh, Salad and Cups watch this interaction from afar and wonder what they are talking about....God, this art is awful; did he forget how to draw these two after not drawing them for a couple of years? Cups mentions how devoted he is to Bolt and he feels like he couldn't forgive if someone were to harm him...yes, give something to feed the anime shippers not like anyone really cares about Bolt & Nail. Speaking of shipping, Salad laments how useless she feels they both have been. Ok, this is likely an acknowledgment that they haven't been involved that much by Kishi and that is going to change...doubtful given his tract record. When a character stops being involved in the plot they might as well stop existing when Kishi writes something. Since, it is unlikely they will be re-involved in the plot after they start to fade from it. Cups in his Sai role ask about her clear feelings for Bolt that she has that she won't admit to. She ends their scene talking about she has to get stronger as her goal is to become hokage. Again, nice to see it mentioned, but unless this is back up by action; its meaningless fluff.


Nail wakes up with Naruto and the Clone still watching over him. This makes Nail recall this is how they met for the first time and ask is he going to start waxing nostalgically about his youth again. Naruto tries to get the Clone to leave the room so they can talk, but Nail cuts to the chase before she able to leave and ask about what's going to happen. Since, he thinks he killed Bolt. Naruto informs him Bolt is alive. Naruto considers the whole thing water under the bridge but it is clear the Clone doesn't feel that way.


Shikamaru/Ino inform Naruto and Sasuke what is happening in the lab.


Good news, Shikamaru can use his shadow possession to hold her. Since, it doesn't inflict harm. Shikamaru ask Ino to put him in a mental call with Madoc. Once, Madoc realizes he is in that call with Shikamaru he informs them they are all Hime's captives. Oh, wait. This implies Hime is not Madoc's daughter...maybe, and we start seeing the effects as Mustard falls for her.  Punk is freed as Shikamaru's hold fades and he starts torturing Madoc. Shikamaru asks Hime what her deal is, and like a shy girl she wants Nail. Shikamaru then hatches a plan to bribe Hime over to Konoha's side giving her Nail...when did he become a pimp? Of course, that is going to backfire even if it works. At least, its nice he was allowed to have two ideas so far in this manga: making a trap to speed along the plot, and pimping out a thirteen year old.

Box Office Comparison

11 April 2022 - 11:30 PM

Had a thought today, and wondered how other shounen jump movies were doing compared to Naruto the Last and Boruto.


Also I'll be going with what the wiki/google says the final earrings (world wide) are because box office mojo https://www.boxoffic..._nb_tt_mojologo seems to not record that accurately in some cases.


Naruto the Last


US opening $179,370 Total Gross $524,451. 


Doesn't have Japan on Box Office for some reason so from Wikipedia $14,760,000 million


Internationally $2,424,734.


World Wide $19,840,000.


Most of its money was made in Japan with $2,655,266 box office mojo didn't record.




In the US opening $380,419. Total Gross $919,651.


Japan Opening $3,283,998. Total Gross $20,477,537.


Internationally $37,442,797.


World Wide $39,500,000


Now the rest of these will be by date.


One Piece Strong World 2009


Japan Opening $11,979,803. Total Gross $48,192,309


Internationally $49,271,461


World Wide $61,200,000


One Piece Z 2012


Japan Opening $16,681,502. Total Gross $72,822,122.


Internationally $74,223,861


World Wide $85,000,000


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 2013


US Opening $296,414. Total Gross $2,553,002,


Japan Opening $7,307,670. Total Gross $29,947,013


World Wide $51,200,000


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of Freeza 2015


US Opening $1,817,937. Total Gross $8,008,363.


Japan Opening $8,009,561. Total Gross $30,117,264


Internationally $53,759,827


World Wide $ 64,800,000


Now these were movies that came out before the two Naruto movies -Resurrection came out between them- and when streaming took off raising awareness to Anime and their movies. Lets see after.


One Piece Flim: Gold 2016


US Opening $50,241. Total Gross $423,593


Japan Opening $10,896,304. Total Gross $47,824,455.


Internationally $65,783,480


World Wide $66,207,073


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes 2018


US Opening $1,388,499. Total Gross $ 5,754,556


Japan Opening $ 2,580,856. Total Gross $8,242,562.


Internationally $15,268,168


World Wide $33,400,000


Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2018


US Opening $9,816,197. Total Gross $30,712,119.


Japan Opening $9,232,351. Japan Total Gross $34,644,279.


Internationally $85,045,821


World wide $122,700,000.


One Piece: Stampede 2019


US Opening $357,740. Total Gross $1,298,528


Japan Opening $7,625,969. Total Gross $48,399,503.


Internationally $80,264,213


World Wide $94,700,000


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising 2019


US Opening $5,891,252. Total Gross $13,304,000


Japan  Opening $2,586,458. Total Gross $15,104,115


Internationally $16,667,229


World Wide $29,980,000


Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train 2020.


US Opening $21,234,994. Total Gross $49,505,008


Japan Opening $31,825,358. Total Gross $364,777,208


Internationally $405,274,619


World Wide $503,000,000


My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission 2021


US Opening $6,255,779. Total Gross $12,271,658.


Japan Opening $5,160,000. Total Gross $29,257,746.


Internationally $34,681,191


World Wide $47,020,000


Gintama: The Final 2021


Japan Opening $4,300,000. Total Gross $16,971,401


Internationally/World Wide $17,252,960


Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie 2021


Us Opening $14,818,624. Total Gross $29,693,448.


Japan Opening $14,179,710. Total Gross $108,746,437.


Internationally $124,349,040


World Wide $159,800,000.

Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 68

19 March 2022 - 07:20 AM

Oh it releases today, the release date being 18-20 instead of just the 20th is kind of annoying. So, since last time War in Ukraine started. Wonder which will last longer that war or the build up for the next year end fight?


Summary Time: Chapter 68. Scar...now if only this manga would fade away like a scar.


The cover page is Bolt's modified Karma seal since it will no longer take over his body and is now just his super mode. The seal diamond is now on his....jugular grove below it is a black right triangle that connects to the blue lines of the activated seal...guess that his Bolt's DNA part. His has surprising muscle definition at 13 compared to when his father was his age. It looks weird on a cartoon character.


Chapter starts off with Bolt explaining to sleazy inventor, Madoc, and Sai in the background how the karma seal resurrected him. He has his jacket open and the black triangle is still there so I guess that a side effect of the resurrection.. also he has the diamond seal on his right palm still as well. It the same stuff covered already. Sleazy inventor acknowledges that the excuse for Bolt revival and how it solved the Bolt being consumed by the karma seal is "mind-blowing/bull-kitten." Madoc clarifies that Femmy is still alive and will still try to take over... to make sure to keep some measure of drama about the karma seal and so Bolt & Nail plan (if there was a plan) didn't make the entire event look like an asspull by solving everything. Also, now it really is reminding me of Cyberpunk 2077's plot since now femmy will be the sort of spirit advisor trying to take over his body. Bolt says he no longer needs the suppression drugs... that goodness those pills were introduces then render useless so quickly; granted they were likely made for the anime filler they will be doing for the next four years with how slow this story is.


The clone, Shikamru, Naruto and Ibiki look over a sleeping Nail. They pretty much confirm he is fine and nothing will happen to him. Shikamaru meets with Sasuke who has information. He found the base Punk is at and found out a lot of details about the place it was "a hidden cult facility were they conduct dark rituals of human experimentation as well as disposal for cyborgs Jenga wanted destroyed." Shikamaru agrees to deploy some red shirts to investigate the place and go to die. Sasuke heard about what happen and is...upset, I think, that Nail killed Bolt.


Of course, Hime heard everything and informs Punk...can Madoc explain his daughter's power to the leaf ninjas already! Her just listening in on their conversation where they explain everything vocally to each other has gotten old. Also what has gotten old is their personalities.


Punk shows that he is also listening in because he, as blatantly hinted at last chapter, put a belt on Shikamaru. Thank god he wears a high collared coat and apparently doesn't let anyone see his neck, else it would be spotted instantly. Shikamaru decides to visit Madoc who he has had it with all his keeping secrets and wants to know everything he knows about Nail's seal.


Oh wow Cups and Salad are involved in the story again, for a moment, wonder how long that will last. They are concern over Bolt and ask him questions. Shikamaru told him to keep quite about how Nail killed him. Sasuke pops in and they are all just exuberant he is there. Sasuke warns that now that both Nail and Bolt have the karma seal Punk needs to unlock his full power, which they realize means getting to Madoc.


Cue Shikamaru explaining that Madoc installed a new karma seal in Nail without him knowing. Nail absorbing the attack just activated it, instead of absorbing femmy's karma to create a new one. Shikamaru questions why is he so obsessed with Nail having a karma seal. Then Punk pops out from his belt. He knock Shikamaru aside and threatens Madoc. Ino and her sensory division detects him immediately. She contacts Shikmaru, he tells her to inform people but don't send anyone yet because he going to try to handle the situation. Oh the writer finally remembers that Shikamaru was suppose to be smart but sadly still has to fail for the plot to continue, he noticed the claw mark and prepared a trap. A Modified Mustard android. So Punk calls forth Hime.