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Certain Changes/Retcons Removed that would have made Naruto more deep/exciting (or theorizing about Kishi's ORIGINAL concepts before he changed them!)

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Posted 06 July 2019 - 05:29 PM

Besides the obvious 'Kaguya, Indra and Ashura should have never showed up" I have these IDEAS that Naruto executed brilliantly at the beginning of the series, that I think would be very interesting if they kept. (I make this thread not to sound regretful, just for in case I want to do fanfics.) 




-Itachi should have stayed evil (and was never the good guy to begin with.) The little shows of affections he gave Sasuke were his doubts or he was just playing the part because he was just there, but he did not have an elaborate plan to "save Sasuke." He killed the Uchiha Clan NOT on Danzo's orders, but by his own desire. 


-Later on, it was revealed that Izuna willingly gave his eyes to Madara. I'm thinking, it'd become been more interesting if Madara  DID  forcefully take Izuna's eyes (which is what Itachi said Madara did. )


-Yashumaru, upon trying to kill Gaara, said he hated him. Like 500 chapters later, Gaara's dad comes back in Edo Tensei form and tells Gaara that Yashumaru was only "saying the words Gaara's dad told him to say," and that "Yashumaru never hated Gaara." I disagree and think it'd be better if Yashumaru actually hated Gaara; we need some REAL betrayals in this story, not just "betrayals because I was ordered to" (such as Yashumaru's, Itachi's, etc.) it's overdone. So let's remove this scene. 


-Zetsu should never have been Kaguya's son. Can anyone post alternative  Zetsu backstory ideas? Here's an example: I think a really good backstory for Zetsu would instead be: Zetsu was a mad scientist from the Grass country, and did a horrific scientific experiment that messed up his body. And now he looks like this. 


-(Obito-Tobi's funny/jokester personality when he was teasing Deidara, etc, should have been Obito's actual acting, and not Zetsu-Tobi telling jokes. In fact, I kinda disagree with Zetsu-Tobi being an alive part of Obito. Those pieces should have worked the way Hashirama's cells worked on Danzo, dormant. I think. ) 



-Little radical, but what if Tobi was always Madara and never Obito? 


-It would have been better if Neji's father was actually FORCED to die, and that Hiashi wasn't lying about Hizashi CHOOSING to die. ( Admittedly, I guess this retcon was planned, but I'd like if it didn't happen lol) It'd cause a deeper story, and a deeper conflict of "what should Neji still do about the Hyuuga clan?" 

Actually, it'd be better. Naruto beats Neji up, hammering in the idea that "fate can be changed through hard work, fate isn't set in stone, don't give up." Neji changes his entire belief, thinking he shouldn't give up anymore, and then see the Hyuuga Clan's leadership as STILL his enemy, as his father was STILL forced to die. And without ever giving up, he works up a revolt and finds a way to liberate the branch members from the Caged Bird Seal. Or at least, that's his goal. Also, maybe he works together with Hinata to overthrow the Hyuuga Clan. Or has Hinata do infiltration in the Main House. (Hinata covertly betrays the main Houes and helps Neji, due to her gentle "fairness/justice" morals and their mutual respect for Naruto Uzumaki. And due to the fact that she suffered a lot under the Main House, always riskin)  


-Currently the Naruto fandom cheers Hinata on for "defeating Hanabi" in the 2019 Shinden novel, but I'm like, lol what accomplishment is that? https://www.reddit.c..._shinden_novel/  https://www.reddit.c...vel_2019_canon/

^I also find it pretty pointless trivia and that things would be fine if Hinata never defeated Hanabi, since defeating her NOW won't make any difference, is late as hell, and only seems a "flex" that happened long after canon. 

This comment I agree with "Blushing in a bout lol. I really hates how Studio Pierrot destroyed Hanabi's stoic character to make her a dumb cute imouto type. See Kishimoto sketch for Hanabi in the Rock Lee Spin off, teen Hanabi is a stoic genius type like Neji."

-(The siblings have had more dramatic conflict too, due to their polarizing situations/positions.)


-Izumi Uchiha from Itachi Shinden should never have existed; I think that giving Itachi a girlfriend, in the novel was kinda pointless. 


-Sakura should have learned THE BASICS of  Genjutsu from Kurenai the same way Naruto learned the BASICS of WIND chakra manipulation from Asuma. Then, Sakura should have went on to invent some crazy Genjutsu-based Jutsu the same way Naruto went on to invent the Rasenshuriken. 


-(Theoretically Kurenai should've been more developed- to be Kakashi-strength tier, but I can let that one slide as long as Sakura invents her own tsukuyomi-level genjutsu.) 


-Anyway, returning to my earlier recommended retcon removal, let's say Itachi has always been evil. Here are potential story EFFECTS of that:  I believe after Sasuke defeats Itachi, he should return back to Konoha. (His morals weren't screwed up by then. We see in the manga series that Sasuke refused to kill ANYONE, and probably ordered Suigetsu not to kill anyone, UNTIL after he discovered the truth about Itachi being the good guy manipulated by Konoha. That's when he went psycho and murderous. So Sasuke still had morals before finding out Itachi was good, so if Itachi stayed evil, Sasuke would've kept his sanity/morals. Plus, the reason Sasuke left Konoha in the first place and knocked Sakura out, was because he felt he was going down an 'evil-ish path' (revenge on Itachi,) and that he couldn't walk the 'good path' that Naruto/Sakura walked (Konoha=good.) But his mindset entirely changes when he finds out Konoha=evil. In that case, he thinks, then there are no good paths, and he goes psycho/murderous (and does whatever to get revenge on Konoha.) 

Anyway, due to this reason, Sasuke could have gone back to Konoha with good intentions after killing Itachi.  

-Once he returned to Konoha, they could all work together to defeat Madara/Akatsuki next. 



-Regarding how Kakashi killed Rin. I think it would've been better if Kakashi CHOSE to kill Rin, rather than Rin jumping in front of Kakashi suddenly in a sudden suicide. Maybe either Rin asked Kakashi to, or Kakashi just chose to do it and forced Rin to die. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense, why didn't Rin just take out a Kunai and slash her own neck? That's better than risking a jump that could potentially NOT work (jumping in front of Kakashi's chidori while he was running forwards-) as what if he stopped in time? 

(Exception: if there was a special seal in Rin's heart that needed to be destroyed by lightning, then it'd make sense. I still prefer the "Kakashi chose to do this" thing, otherwise it'd look like Kakashi was just another one of those "did something bad not out of my own free will" which is overdone




-This is a bit more radical, but I believe when Kishimoto created the Hokages (Hashirama and Tobirama) that he did NOT intend to make those brothers. So I'm thinking, Hashirama came from the forest, and Tobirama came from a place that has lots of SNOW (otherwise why's he always wearing a winter coat, and has really pale skin, while Hashirama  is tan.) And how Kishimoto connected the two as brothers, was because he introduced a third character who died, I forgot his name, but half his hair was WHITE and the other half of his hair was BLACK. 

Anyway, thinking it'd be more interesting if we/they created a separate backstory for EACH Hokage, and that they weren't brothers who grew up together, but came from different clans. 


(-In fillers, Mizuki was working for Orochimaru and tried to steal the Sacred Scroll of Sealing for Orochimaru. That was never canon so I think it'd be better if Mizuki was just Mizuki (no Oro related.))


-Don't kill Neji, and have Neji be the Sensei of the next Generation. OR, actually kill Neji during Arc 1 when he fought that Spider Sound Ninja.


I'll add more to this list when I think of them! Feel free to add your own theories/changes! 






Blushing in a bout lol. I really hates how Studio Pierrot destroyed Hanabi's stoic character to make her a dumb cute imouto type. See Kishimoto sketch for Hanabi in the Rock Lee Spin off, teen Hanabi is a stoic genius type like Neji.

  • Don't kill Neji, and have Neji be the Sensei of Boruto/Sarada. OR, actually kill Neji during Arc 1 when he fought that Spider Sound Ninja.

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Posted 06 July 2019 - 05:30 PM

thanks for reading this too!



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Posted 12 July 2019 - 02:35 AM

I have this video on Naruto recons I just founded https://www.youtube....h?v=2tNIkM9D6Mk

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Posted 12 July 2019 - 12:39 PM

The people during the Pain fight who died should have stayed dead.

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