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NetFlix's reboot of Neon Genesis Evangelion

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#1 Merchant Of Blue Death

Merchant Of Blue Death

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Posted 21 June 2019 - 11:29 AM

So, it just stared streaming but so far I like it. It's funny to read the uproar about not either using the the original English dubbing track or have the original ADV cast re-record their parts but I like the new dubbing. While most of the original voices were fine, I have to admit that the original voice for Gendo sounded wrong for a man of his stature and facial build. I envisioned it as deeper when I was reading the manga. The new voice is more inline with what I had imagined all those years ago. The voice for Misato as well sounds more mature with just a hint of a fun loving person when she;s in her 'official' mindset.


At some level I can understand why the original actors feel the way they do about not being allowed to reprise their roles but on the other hand, most are 50 years old or older. Even when the series was new the VA of Asuka was over 30 and Asuka's tones always sounded forced, as if she was asking the audience to believe that it was a younger person speaking. I can't  see, of hear, how people near my age can sound like my oldest grandchildren's ages. Then again, Johnny Yong Bosch make a better Tohji than the original, same for Kensuke. I never liked the would drift into a higher register when Kensuke got excited. The new VA sounds like he has a better grasp on how the guy would sound. I wish this sounded better but there is a point when actors need to realise that voiced that made them famous when they were young don't sound that great after a certain age. 


As for the rest of the show, the video quality is better than ever, it's as good as my Platinum DVD collection and the sound and music quality is better. So, as for as I'm concerned, for everyone that saw it the first time around it's worth watching again, especially since it's been nearly twenty years since it was last on TV. For those that have never seen it, this in one of those anime series that is a must see. It's also, along with Akira, one of the most important shows that got many of us interested in both manga and anime. To tell you the truth, this is a very innocent looking show at the start but gets darker and darker as it goes. It will really warp your mind if you let it but it's worth watching.

#2 James S Cassidy

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Posted 08 July 2019 - 01:22 AM

I have no opinion either way on this, but I do find it surprisingly ironic that Netflix, which is very pro-lgbt, and all about pride and such...would censor the homosexual tendencies of a character.

Just saying. Evangelion was one of the first anime I know of that had an openly gay character that I knew about. Two, in fact, and they decided to censor it and change the dialogue entirely.

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