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#988133 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on Yesterday, 02:17 AM

If I think of an overview of Sasuke's feeling towards Sakura. He probably hated the fact he was stuck with one of the random girls that used to fawn over him, but at least felt she was better than that idiot Naruto because she had good grades. Then, after the bench talk he thought she an annoying spoiled brat that doesn't appreciate what she has. He also thought once he gotten to know Naruto more and respect him. That she wasn't doing enough compared to Naruto and that she was worse than Naruto despite initially being better than him. Eventually, with time spent on team 7 she became one of the few people Sasuke cared about which allowed her to help him suppress the curse seal when he looked into her terrified eyes. However, those feelings didn't not outweigh his desire for revenge nor did she understand him enough to keep their bond from severing at the end of part one like Naruto was able to.


After that she became an annoyance that he would kill without hesitation if she got in his way. Also as his before final battle rant said; he doesn't get what she actually likes about him because he has never showed her any affection, and think she delusional even living in a dream world if she think he would ever love her. Then, out of guilt, and to appease Naruto; he ended up with her.


The one time he ever said anything nice to her or about her. Was during the chunin exam because he could tell she was depressed, realized that he probably was going to work with her to pass the exam at some point, and so he needed to restore her confidence...which he originally destroyed in the first place. 


The person that has complete faith in her and constantly praises her was Naruto. So the manga is awkwardly making Sasuke fill in the Naruto role in Sakura's relationship, just like Hinata has to be Sakura-like in Naruto's. Which again is because neither couple interacted that much in the manga so eventually they have to go back to a relationship that did NS.

#988132 Naruto: Sasuke's Story-The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: Chapter 4

Posted by Bail o' Lies on Yesterday, 01:55 AM

It was rare for Sakura to be allowed to show off her intelligence due to it being a battle focus manga, she not getting many chapter focus on that aspect, and Shikamaru taking over the role of the smart member of the cast. So it is nice but the story is always twisting itself for these scenes to happen instead of letting the scene happen naturally.


Also, "I can memorize playing card decks, since I used to have to do it when I was training under Tsunade," is a nice moment but nothing really that big that Therece was hyping it up as. 

#988128 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 05 December 2022 - 07:34 PM

Well. Saw the SS moment in chapter 4. Sasuke gives Sakura a ring he made and she stares at it like a smitten teenage girl like Phantom said. When I'm talking about the story I'm talking about Boruto. But since Chie has taken a leave due to medical reason Sakura probably not going to be use often in the anime.


As for Sasuke I would used mandatory required affection showing for how he behaves. The problem is that we haven't seen him bond with Sakura like Naruto did with her. So him trusting her or having faith in her, or anything else feels off. We haven't seen the build up to this.

#988126 Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 75

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 05 December 2022 - 06:35 PM

If they were going to introduce "stronger enemies  that are out of Naruto and Sasuke's league" in the first place I fail to see he point of it in the first place. It wasn't necessary to kill off Kurama. It wasn't necessary to rob Sasuke of his Rinnegan powers. They needed those more than ever if anything. Forget handling power scaling properly, they don't even know what are good power scaling elements in a half way decent story. This is just beyond incompetency. That is if they were NOT overhyping and hyperboling the villains and their powers at all at all 

I'm split between two possible reason for why they did it.


One) Drama. He wants the fights that Bolt and Nail have to be epic, and doesn't want people in the back of their minds thinking, "oh no Boruto is in trouble, Naruto should come in a save him by defeating his foe in a single blow." Oh course this is a bad idea since. This is a sequel to Naruto fans are used to the kid ninja fighting some apprentice while some adult fights the big bad, and Boruto shouldn't be until his time skip. Also this limits the range of people you can have fighting. Naruto and Sasuke were already the world's strongest men, if they are useless, then most of the world is. Leaving Nail and Bolt to fight Otsutsuki aliens and any cyborgs Madoc's has stash away somewhere, because those are the only ones that possess shinjutsu, the new tier of power that no one beneath it can match.


Two) Spite. Ikemoto may be bitter towards Kishimoto. So he may want to drag down Kishi's characters so it be easier for his to shine. Also why he decides to rehash SNS because he wants to prove he can write better than Kishi. Problem is that many mangaka of the current manga scene grew up with Naruto and have added their own; how they would tell their story better than Naruto was told: MHA, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw man off the top of my head. and all of them are better written than Boruto.

#988116 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 03 December 2022 - 03:28 AM

MangaPlus published the chapter earlier. Original date also was 2/12. They realized their Mistake and removed.

I'm a Sakura Fan. But i don't mind SS, NS, Ino or Tsunade as long Sakura is doing something.   Although I prefer originally preferred NS. It's been 8 years since the ship sunken.
Also I'm simply don't deny SS popularity and some development the pairing had from Part 1. C'mon guys the pairing popularity, thousends of fanarts,fics and their fans don't come from nowhere or Kage Summit arc.

Also the most interesting thing in the chapter isn't the SS scene
But the Tsunade mention and finally some Tsunade/Sakura relationship as a Master and Student.
I know who much sensitive some NS fans are here and put spoiler Tag from SS...

For Sakura and SS. I like Sakura as a character, but I don't like the pairing. The story of Naruto was showing how bad they were for each other, how it based on lies and misunderstandings as well as abuse. The backstory of Boruto is, Sasuke was so indifferent to Sakura and the daughter they had together he didn't bother to see them for 12 years, and even made a meeting point for Naruto just to make sure he never saw them. That's not a healthy relationship. I don't mind you liking it but you come off -and I hoped I was already making clear- that you wanted us to embrace it as well. I don't want to. So, stop. Talking about it is fine, but curb you enthusiasm.   


As for anything about the story, I will see it tomorrow. 


Lets assume this was Kishimoto's intention. Do you think this is good writing and why?


For a manga that doesn't focus on romance and pairing development, he sure spent a significant amount of time on it with respect to the pairing that did not happen. He can do whatever wants; it's his manga. But my issue is (and always will be) good and bad writing. Pairings/relationships are utterly meaningless; the question should always be how something enhances the quality of the story. I would submit to you that NS fits the themes and respective character arcs of the original 700 chapter manga better than any other pairing. As for karin, she comes across as someone solely created for the sake of being in Sasuke's new team/posse. Whether they got together would not have affected the story, but I can see potential sequel scenarios it would have helped.


Since you're simply a Sakura fan, let me ask you a question: If a new Sakura focused side manga came out and the manga exclusively consisted of Sakura dating Orochimaru, Sakura gaining significant amounts of weight and Sakura getting a sex change, would you be happy about the new content simply on the basis that it was new Sakura content?

It a weird consumerism belief now a days were people are suppose to support product no matter what, like an abuse victim. Look at Star Wars fans, it made pretty clear that Kennedy hates what Star Wars is and what's to change it to its very core. But, show some fans a half decent show and they forget that and proclaim that star wars is back. When instead it just becomes a justification for more of her kitten. Once she destroyed the movies that nearly killed it as a franchise, but then Mandolorian came out was well received. But, now Star Wars is a TV-streaming franchise producing Kenndey's shows. Hell, a new Indiana Jones movie is coming out and the story is there is dial of time that will allow a Woman to travel back in time so Indiana will die, so she can replace him. They are expecting people to go see it because they have no respect for them.


Its better to walk away from a franchise than to continue to support it. If they make something that appeals to you at least wait or be cautious before fully embracing it. Because, is it them truly changing or is it just appeasement? 


As for Kishimoto's intention for SS and how it relates to this manga and the light novel it was based on. SS was a pairing of the spares for him. He was told for years the fans wanted nH. He gave it to them and made SS happen because it put Sakura somewhere once her was no longer the heroine and they did know SS had fans. So, it would augment the money they would get from that supposedly large nH international fanbase. The light novel was made as just drivel  to get some money from SS fans. While the manga was a check to see if SS was really popular, are other parts of the Naruto franchise popular, and is it just nH/Boruto that are unpopular?

Can only speak for myself, but had no issue with your posting. Any vitriol I would have I would direct at the manga publisher for reminding me that Naruto exists while I'm trying to live my best life.

Live, this manga will be done in a couple of weeks anyways. But, enjoy that thought in your head that this and the other one are doing better than Boruto the manga built on the pairing that said Sakura wasn't good enough to be the love interest or heroine.

#988109 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 02 December 2022 - 07:32 PM

...Its not Saturday, so that's not from the official sites. So, you want us to support this manga, probably even financially, but you pirate it? Huh, we really are going back to the old fanbase now aren't we?


Also, I'm not reading that I'll do that when I do the summary tomorrow.


Look, I get it. You found your religion... new pairing and are a born again SS fans and you want to convert us. We are not interested. It nice that they can do an art style that was intentionally made to be easy to copy, but the story is average at best.

#988046 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 26 November 2022 - 07:31 AM

I'm enjoying this so far. At some point  you guys gotta get over the pairings to be honest. I have no feelings seeing SasuSaku and ya'll should do the same.  I'm here for Sakura content.

To be honest, since I have to do the summaries. I somewhat analyze/critical of it, but even ignoring that the story is average at best. It's too reliant on contrivances that could have been fix with a few rewrites. The other side manga is superiors in my opinion and I think its first chapter should be erased.


The only of the three manga I even dislike is Boruto and that because I've been doing summaries for 6 year with nothing happening because the writer clear does not put in any effort unless someone higher up is breathing down his neck, and he does not respect or care for his audience.


I don't have a problem with SS nor do I with nH in of its self though I do dislike people in that fan base. Anyways.


Listen forgiveness does not mean embracing it.  What crime has SS done to me that needs forgiveness? What, it was one of the pairing the damaged a manga series that I bought merchandise of when I was younger. OK. Oh and it wasn't even the intended end pairing, that was nH, but a pairing of the spares with the former heroine being stripped of her position. Again, OK. Honestly, I find it more pathetic if someone to completely abandons a previous stance, just because this story was decent at best. Does anyone seriously want people to read this manga and go. "Oh I was completely wrong for Twenty years, this manga proves that Sasuke and Sakura are the most perfect couple to have ever been written, and I completely support it for the rest of my life!" This manga is not good enough for that.


Its better than Boruto, congratulations. It managed to pass that low bar.

Guys actually Sakura was used as damsel in distress to show NS or Naruto so many times both in Anime filler and manga.

The most famous example was when  Sasuke was exausted from his fight against Danzou and Kages, was blind and a 100% Sakura who fought against Sasori and 100 pupets have to be saved. If Sakura  didn't want to hurt Sasuke, she could easily simple dodge that Kunai instead of be saved by Naruto like a princess.

Sasuke broke a sound guy arm for hurting Sakura and was willing to sacrifice himself to save her in Part 1 when he was actually a sane person. So i really don't see a problem with him being "protective" with Sakura in a story focused on both, now they are married.

I have Nothing against Hinata, ikemoto or Boruto.
She is a Secondary Character and Boruto is simply a desperate attempt to continue Naruto.

Hinata's  toxic fanboys who are daily bullying Sakura and tried to downplay Sakura's status as main heroine make me hate her fandom.

Most of the fanboys hate Sakura, SasuSaku and NaruSaku because both are always  outshining Hinata and NH.
So aside to finally see Sakura in action again, it's nice to see a story showing that Sakura is the true main heroine. Putting Hinata's fanboys in their place.

Boruto was the intended sequel for Naruto. They were expecting it to be profitable. These side manga are the desperate attempt at seeing if their is a market for Naruto content.


The old fanbase didn't have a problem with Sakura, only a vocal minority. The old fanbase left with the ending and all are left with SS, nH, and fans too addicted to quit.


Now those two bits out of the way. Lets compare Naruto rescuing Sakura to the stupid attempted prison rape scene so they can proclaim their marriage to some guy. Naruto saving Sakura tends to flow into the story whether its during the fight with Gaara or when Sasuke was about to kill her for getting in his way again. The scene in this manga is absurd. 1) there are no guards protecting the medical ward, 2) what happened to the guard that was escorting him, 3) they hid Sasuke just to set up the scene, 4) they for some reason need to tell them they are married for some reason, 5) somehow telling him that they are married will protect her due to I guess the Guy Code or something. As for her in combat, we will see but I wouldn't get my hopes up too much.

Sakura is not allowed to be herself when she is with Sasuke. Also, Sasuke apparently acts out of character too. Glad I stopped reading this crap.

They gave him a scene where he gives a guy a pass just to show he is a good guy now that felt out of places.


+1. They tried to kill each other in the past, furthermore Sasuke tried without hesitation. Its the toxic relationship context on which their interactions is built upon that turns off rationale female readers. Clearly not their target demographic with this story. Although its clear they are targeting female SS old fans.

I'm waiting for the manga sales to come out. There's a past study that reveals 67% of manga readers are female. Therefore series like Spy x Family picked up very well the series reached 500 million views in Shonen Jump+ , with 10 volumes, it has 27 million copies in circulation (physical) while its digital version was ranked 5th on Rakuten's Top 20 Best Selling Digital Manga of 2022. Since its targeting female readers, I think we can use Spy x Family as a benchmark and mental model for this spinoffs sales performance. Well see.

People are free to enjoy whichever content they're interested in. True contribution to the franchise is demonstrated by purchasing their products, not just debating online.

I do hope it does better than Boruto, which shouldn't be that hard. Just so, it completely buries, 'the Hinata sell better that Sakura,' narrative in those companies, if it hasn't been already.


Women reading rationally may not like it, but women reading it as smut and just wanting to fantasize about dreamy bad boys will probably love it.

#988036 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 25 November 2022 - 09:16 PM

No thanks.

Sakura's character is destroyed by the end of the manga. Im not sure who is the target audience of a character that throw away her self-dignity, self-respect and self-worth for someone who doesn't even care for her and her daughter.

Well see how the manga sales fare when it comes out. That'll be the true yardstick.

Oh that's simple, people that don't care about her character and only care about using as a insert character; so, they fantasize about a relationship with a hot dreamy bad boy who is still semi-wild and dangerous.  


Aparently NaruHina and Hinata fans are bitter and angry as ever with this adaptation from Retsuden story.

First because they chosen SasuSaku story.

Second because it's doing supremely well, with better numbers than Boruto, what shows that SasuSaku, Sasuke or Sakura is much more financially successful than NaruHina and the own Boruto.

Sakura is doing something important like fighting in a mission and being a medic-nin not just a useless HouseWife like Hinata.

Also Hinata scenes was completely excluded from the special Naruto's 20 years video comemoration while they put Sakura moments and SasuSaku departure scene.

Because they haven't gotten anything like this since the last despite the fact that they are the end pairing and the couple that made the new main character.


Again, showing how this was the worst option for Naruto to end on because they actually hate each other.


Again, making them bitter and likely making the people in charge of Ikemoto putting a fire under his ass.


Not sure about the housewife part they just hate she is involved in the story at all, and that this story is about having SS moments.


They did? I skimmed through that video.

#988029 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 24 November 2022 - 05:25 AM

I just want to point out that there was an attempted prison rape scene (the sixth one you picked), just so the story could have a scene where they state they were married. That is the SS scene we have had so far...No thank you.

#988020 Sakura in the New Manga.

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 23 November 2022 - 04:05 AM

Just because she is in a side manga based off a light novel that's about appeasing SS fans doesn't means she is 'back.'


The side manga could sell a thousand-fold to Boruto and that doesn't means she will be involved in the story.

#988012 Boruto: The Never-Ending Prologue Chapter 75

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 22 November 2022 - 03:48 AM

About time we finished part one of this story. It was so booooring

Its something. This has been the first chapter since chapter one that even has hinted at Boruto/Bolt Vs Kawaki/Nail conflict other then vague prophecies about Bolt's eyes and them fighting due to karma. From the looks of it, Kawaki isn't really down with the whole giving up his karma seal to restore Madoc's daughter. As he wants the power to fight Punk. He will resist. Injure Bolt if not kill Naruto this of course upset everyone, he flees the village, and he also fights Cups.


Just took us...75 chapters...75 months...6 years and three months to get some level of progress to the story.

#987999 Naruto: Sasuke's Story-The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: Chapter 3

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 20 November 2022 - 06:55 PM

How much a Flop Boruto  really is? A Spin Off surpassed the original Story





Is Sasuke, Sakura or SasuSaku really this popular  or simply Naruto's son (and Kawaki) is too uncharismatic to carry a story alone? This could give some feedback to Kishimoto/Ikemoto that almost nobody from old fans Naruto's fans care about Boruto and his alliens.

First. Thank you for showing that, last time this side manga beat out Boruto people on reddit and other places tried to play it off that the site lowered view after awhile so that's why it won. Clearly that is not the case.


Second. As for this story, they went with the Naruto name because clearly the Boruto name was considered toxic for sales, I think its a 4/10 because while the art is good (it has problems in places but it can copy Kishimoto style well enough) the story is bad. The background for why this story is happening is contrive as are a lot of the story beats, they randomly put a dinosaur in the ninja world for no reason damaging the feel of the world, the writer put their desire over obvious logic, and the story could be fixed with very easy rewrites which makes it feel like a first draft in a way. I however, also think Boruto is only a 1 or 2/10, so it is doing better than Boruto I just don't like the story, and Boruto's manga is pretty much a flop.


Third. After the ending the franchise was suppose to rely on nH as it new flagship to get fans to purchase products, but the Last (and other projects) quickly showed that nH fans don't financially support Naruto-Boruto; they just pirate it. So, they had to switch to appeasing the secondary pairing SS whose fans do purchase Naruto-Boruto products.


Fourth. No one really likes Bolt they defend him because he is Hinata's son, some maybe like Nail, but that overall story is garbage.

#987973 Announcement coming in Jump Fiesta 2022

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 14 November 2022 - 02:50 AM

December 20th around then.

#987958 Announcement coming in Jump Fiesta 2022

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 11 November 2022 - 02:54 PM

Well my thoughts on those.


NNS5: I find unlikely due to the failure of the last game. Now some of you are immediately thinking, "But Bail NNS4 sold well." I'm talking about Shinobi Strikers, that was the last Naruto game that wasn't a mobile game and it sold very poorly. They aren't doing any games until they have more confidence that they will sell. 2/10


New movie: The chikara arc was originally a movie before Kishimoto wanted to do a movie, I think that's even on the wiki. A movie would be a very quick check to see if Naruto could still be popular. "The two Naruto-Boruto movies we release internationally were before streaming took off maybe it was just bad luck and with the renaissance of international interest in anime, new Naruto-Boruto movies could sell," some Executives have likely thought. However, if they don't sell it will be quite clear with easy comparisons to the other movies they have released since streaming anime took off. So an expensive check 3/10.


Naruto-Kai: If its going to be anything beyond NFTs its gonna be this. A season of an anime can cost around the same as a video game or a movie from what I understand, but they can obscure the numbers a bit more from the public while they check the data themselves. Also, if it doesn't work they can just do Naruto up to the wave arc then stop if it doesn't sell, but if it does then they can continue very quickly without having to wait like they would for a movie or game which both have at least a year of development time. NS happening depends on how the executives believe Naruto's fall and Boruto's failure happened. If they believe that simply, Boruto isn't as popular as his father, they will stop it there, but if they believe its because people wanted him to get together with Sakura not Hinata they may go for it. 10/10 if its more than just NFTs.

#987932 Announcement coming in Jump Fiesta 2022

Posted by Bail o' Lies on 05 November 2022 - 09:21 AM


They could get around the whole "thou shalt not let Naruto and Sakura be themselves" Boruto Era commandment by going the dragon ball heroes route and creating a Naruto multiverse of sorts. That way, they wouldn't have to worry about pissing off the vocal minority!

Lol, better than what I would do as I would be all screw the vocal minority! And tell them all to take writing classes on how development works.

But right now we have no idea what they will do. Still this is SP and they could still screw all of this up.

I'm playing the optimist, that it will be Naruto focus probably no nH or Boruto maybe NS, because it is amusing, but if it doesn't happen, oh well.


SP is not a monolith that solely supports nH. There is a strong faction of animators and some writers that do obese over Hinata. But, there were others that thought this was a terrible idea; they were apparently largely women according to kishimoto. Also, you have the higher up execs that went along with it because their employees promised that it would be a huge profit earner. It hasn't, or at least not to the level they were promised.


I see this as coming full circle to why Boruto exist. Like before they (WSJ/SP) are looking at their products and realize that they don't have anything to replace a successful money maker in sales, yet. My Hero Academy is ending; it is at its final battles right now. Black Clover anime hasn't started up again. Jujutsu's mangaka already said he is at the final arc. The guy who made demon slayer hasn't started a new manga yet. Dragonball Super I think is on hiatus both because still Bulma's VA passing but also them deciding where to go from where they are after the success of Super Heroes. Many of their old IPs such as Bleach and Kenshin are getting new anime. They want something to bring in sales, at least till they find a new money maker.


Now, they are looking at Boruto. The anime stuck in endless filler and still hasn't managed to outsell Naruto's reruns yet. The manga refusing to move its plot along at all even after kishi was brought back and even declining in sales. Then, they look at Naruto who manga reprints still out sell Boruto, and the anime who still beats its sequel in earnings while its on reruns. They look at two spin off manga with Naruto's name on it crushing Boruto in views (which they probably did to see if this would happen,) therefore hopefully sales. This is also after giving Boruto at least 5 years to get it own legs, but it can't beat an IP that been over for almost a decade now. Now, you are an executive in a company with this information, what do you do?


So, I see this as testing the waters. If its successful go from there. If they get information that its would make more money with NS they will eventually do it...maybe. They're not cancelling Boruto partially due to no point in it, since they already done a lot of cost cutting measure to make sure it was profitable, or at least stayed out of the red.