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#969601 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 08 December 2018 - 10:15 AM

In any other situation, they might have a point, but a few big issues occur.
1. If Hinata is abusive to Naruto, whether getting angry at him or being like her other self in Road to Ninja, they praise her as being independent. (They had no problem with Kushina being that way. They have no problem with Tsunade being that way. They have no problem with ANY other female character being that way except for Sakura.)

2. They have no problem with any other female character in any other manga/anime being the same aggressive nature or worse. 

3. They still hate Sakura even when they have given her Hinata traits like being obsessive, bit kittens, shy and fainting personality, and more.

Which all leads back to the number 1 main reason why they hate Sakura: "Because Sakura is NOT Hinata." That's it. I don't really know how Hinata got so popular (we have "reasons," but some pro-enders I know hate Hinata-like characters in other anime like Orihime in Bleach), but because Sakura is NOT Hinata they hate her. They can switch their personalities, they can make them behave the same exact way, they can even switch looks, and STILL they will say Sakura is hated because she is not Hinata.

How do we know this?
Well, Hinata in Boruto has become flat-chested, useless, cares about nobody (not even her own kids), but Naruto, has some how developed a tsundere personality, and claimed she always had it....and they still praise her. Ask some pro-enders what they think of Orihime and Ichigo and they will say that Ichigo deserved to be with Rukia....who, in a general sense, is basically Sakura and Orihime is like Hinata. (That is if we go by character trope) (Rukia is flat-chested, abusive to Ichigo, and maybe even obsessive in some cases.)

So I am going to keep asking...WHY is Hinata so popular and Sakura so hated?
I truly think it has nothing to do with breasts or personalities or even character tropes. (Though these are things they like, they are not attributing factors) It has nothing to do with even how useful or useless they are because I bet you how many would say Orihime is useless?

No...I truly think it has to do with 2 major facts.
1. First impressions of Sakura and Hinata. Even 10 years down the line all they see is a lonely mistreated boy with one girl he likes treating him like kitten and the other girl he ignores that has this huge crush obsession over him. They obviously ignore the rest of the 600 chapters of development in favor of that first idealistic viewpoint even though that time, while was true, was only a brief reality in the story. They ignore all the development. They ignore all the changes and they ignore all the facts beyond it. They are stuck on that initial viewpoint. They don't even acknowledge Naruto's development if you think about it. They still see Naruto as that lonely boy that only Hinata truly sees.

Same thing with Bleach. The reason why Rukia is such a favorite or Ichigo is not because they believe she actually loves him, but rather because of those few first impressions scenes where they cared about each other regardless if it actually meant romantically. Rukia's past even enforces that she and Renji shared a childhood together and were really close. Something that Ichigo never had with Rukia. So, what does that mean nothing?

2. Sakura is NOT Hinata and she was a threat to their fantasy. It can be shown that you can turn Hinata exactly into Sakura and Sakura into Hinata and they will STILL hate her guts and love Hinata. Look at Road to Ninja for that very fact. Kishimoto purposely made Hinata into a complete and total man-wh0re bad-itch and they praised her even more. (Look how independant and sexy she is.) I remember when they said Ino's outfit was atrocious because she looked like a prostitute and yet Hinata's outfit in Road to Ninja was her being "so independent and strong." It is not the outfit they like or hate, but rather because Hinata was wearing it.

Hinata Hinata Hinata Hinata Hinata. If it comes from her, it is a good thing. If it comes from any one else...they hate it and it is horrible. It is not what it is, it is where it was coming from. This is what makes them huge hypocrites.

If Sakura fails...she is useless. If Hinata fails, she is praised for trying.
If Sakura is obsessive...it is disgusting. If Hinata is obsessive, it is cute.
If Sakura is big boobed...she is oversexualized. If Hinata has big boobs she is beautiful.
If Sakura hits her child because she is bad, it is bad. If Hinata hits her kid if they were bad, it is discipline.
If Sakura faints "look how weak she is." If Hinata faints "she fought so hard to exhaustion."
If Sakura wears revealing clothing, she is a whore. If Hinata wears revealing clothing...she is independent expressive woman.
If Sakura saves Naruto's life wanting to promote his dream "She is doing her job." If Hinata nearly causes the death of Naruto because she wants Naruto to bone her..."She is expressing her true pure feelings."
If Sakura masters a class-S technique that very few could master. "She is so pathetic." If Hinata takes forever to learn even the most basic of her own clans techniques "Look how gifted she is." (She finally learned a technique that Neji mastered in part 1.)

It's what it is...it is who it is.

More proof is looking at their reactions to Boruto.
If Salad is supposedly "just like Sakura," then why isn't she hated? She is flat-chested, obsessed with Boruto,  wears slutty clothing, and doesn't really add much to the plot, so why isn't Salad hated?

That is another weird logic.
They tell us Salad is Sasuke and Sakura's daughter. "She has both of their personalities. Especially Sakura's as you can see, so Salad is definitely Sakura's kid."
Boruto is just like Naruto. "Same personalities, again."
But when you bring up the idea that they actually think NaruSaku was a better pairing because they like Boruto and Salad better than Boruto and Sumire (who is basically Hinata 2.0. Big-boobs, loves Boruto, shy, and blah blah blah.)
They retort by saying "Well, Salad is actually more like Sasuke so BoruSa is basically a new age SNS."

See, the facts only matter when it fits THEIR agenda. Salad is Sakura's kid because she is more like Sakura than Sasuke...until they realize that it basically supports the idea that maybe they think NS and SK should have been canon if BS is an "ideal couple" then all of sudden she stops being Sakura's kid and becomes more Sasuke's kid.

Although, because this is becoming a realization, they support BoruSumi more now. If there is any hint of NS in any way being a "good thing," they abandon ship or abandon logic entirely. They want to have it both ways. Any negative connotation to NH and SS and a threat to the status quo of said pairings is deemed not worthy and thrown out.

I have seen this occur many of times. They would rather Salad not be Sakura's kid and compromise the sanctity of SS than admit that if BS is anything like NS, then they admit NS was a far better couple than NH.

The hypocrisy is strong with this one
(Not a real quote, but I love to make funny things.)
This picture basically sums up modern mainstream anime in a nutshell

big image


EXACTLY. I have had this opinion for years And I will continue to bring it to my grave :yes:

#969559 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 03 December 2018 - 01:06 AM

Actually, I remember watching a youtube reviewer....well maybe last year about a video he did years before the ending. What stick out to me was he mention that kishimoto was getting another new editor. He goes on to say that this was constantly happening, and Kishimoto was constantly getting in fights with his editors at the time. Again it took years to wear him down into doing what they wanted. I still think that's mainly due to his father's passing, and a desire to do something else with his life along with some executive ideas.


Naruto did not instantly collapse after Yahagi left. It slowly eroded over time during the war arc. Kishimoto is an above average writer that got a lucky, he is not an complete idiot that has no clue how to write. The war arc due to the constantly changing editors was held up by him. Even the Salad giaden still felt like reading Naruto. He was the writer of Naruto from the beginning, but yes it was yahagi that came up with a lot of ideas the he then made kishi write. Some good. Some bad.


Yeah I know, Naruto did not collapse immediately, it was a slow painful process that none of us were expecting. It only hit when the last 10 chapters came about. I think nothing was wrong with Kishi's writing ability, I call him out for not STICKING UP for what he wanted to write, all the way til the end, especially after his father's passing. Also, while he is not incompetent there are issues that on what he was writing and why he was writing them. for instance why make Sasuke such a prevalent character and bump him up to deuteragonist when Sasuke was never even his idea? why make Sasuke the most important thing in Naruto's life to the exclusion of all others when it is supposed to be about bonds with others in general. Why make Make Sasuke so important to the story that Naruto's goal must foil and reflect his even if it derails Naruto's character and is detrimental to it? And that is just one aspect that boggles my mind.


He states he is not good at romance, yet NaruSaku and all their parallel relationships seem perfectly acceptable and realistic relationships and romances to me, then he shoots himself in the foot by calling them all "red herrings". He wanted to incorporate "forgiveness and not holding onto hatred" as a theme yet it was so poorly executed because of some factors, such as giving all villains not dead at that point some hamfisted shallow SOB STORY that destroys their character motivations just to make them seem sympathetic when it is not believable or even makes that villain look better. And why is it that Naruto and Sasuke should be the only one to overcome hatred when ALL the world experiences it? Why can't overcoming hatred be extended to all characters and be used to mend the relationships between nations for instance to stop international conflicts?


Ultimately Kishi wrote himself into a box if you ask me because all he gave a kitten about was Naruto and Sasuke to the exclusion of all other characters in the story and how they would impact the world he built. he worried too much about Naruto and Sasuke and their "destined fight" that he didn't even give a kittening thought about any other character or how they can flesh out his series more 

#969548 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 02 December 2018 - 06:26 PM

Oh I know that and I'm not trying to change your mind on anything. I'm just saying that yes NaruSaku would not save the ending, yes it does not change anyo of the horrible horrible writing and plot decisions, but at least the having NaruSaku would mitigate a small portion of the damage that has been done to the series as of late. At least Naruto wouldn't have to be FORCED to love a girl that he never had feelings for, and Sakura would be with a husband that geuinely loves her and that she can love back that is actually there for her and makes her happy. I can't call her "marriage" with Sasuke as happy, she is DELUDING herself to thinking he makes her happy and is HOPING he will make her happy in the future but it is not happening. Plus you know that the marriage is a farce because Sakura is not showing any mature form of love, she is showing those same annoying school girl crush like feelings that she had at the beginning of the story and is not treated equally or with respect and consideration by her  "so-called" husband.


Ultimately my point is that I'm not delusional enough to think  that NaruSaku alone would have made the ending great or even some semblance of a "good" ending with the writing problems it had. But at least if Naruto married  Sakura and no one got greedy enough to continue beating this zombie franchise even more that it has already milked, then the the ending wouldn't be this abysmal, god-forsaken shamble it is now, That is all I'm saying.  

#969544 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 02 December 2018 - 05:46 PM


Assuming that was what happened with Naruto, nah, can't really think of one. Naruto's a weird outlier in that it's canon pairing is the one with the least framework and buildup, settling with a character that was barely in it. Setting aside fandoms - although, haha, I haven't liked or cared about Naruto or thought much about it in years so that's not hard - Hinata, for such a popular character, barely ever did anything. Her story was basically over in part one and it showed. Up until where I stopped actually reading, it seemed like any time she was around, it was in the background or it was struggling to include her in some real way. He barely ever noticed her presence, she didn't do much, hell, the one thing people count as her crowing moment of awesome is the time she charged at Pain and got shut down in one move in the most unintentionally hilarious scene I think I've ever seen. It said a lot to me that they had to dedicate an entire movie to the pairing to try and make it work; they'd set up absolutely nothing in the manga itself so it fell to that to get the job done. Amazing.


That said, it's not like NaruSaku would have saved that manga. I used to be a regular here (I actually recognize your username) and I actually stopped reading the manga weekly when the aftermath of Pain involved resurrecting Konoha. I didn't actually stop checking in on it for a couple years and popped in here from time to time to see what was up until the ending, but that was about the point I laughed, put my hands up and walked away. That manga had problems. Like, past a certain point it starts actively becoming one of the worst manga I ever spent the time to read; I spent more time actively questioning the plot and what the point was than I did enjoying it or liking anything that happened. Even if NaruSaku actually happened, I'd still have a negative opinion of Naruto.


As for Eva, if something like that happened, it would backfire on those fans in the worst way possible. Ardent, terrible fans were not well liked there. They actually put death threats the studio got into the movie. Not to mention that entire endeavor was an exercise in deconstruction (to the point of being hard to watch and not really in a good way, in my opinion).



I mean, yeah? Fans and places like this put emphasis on the pairings but that was never what the series was about. That stuff is always side business that pops in here and there and is only really given any resolution at the very end in shounen, as it's not even remotely a focus. You'd have to change a lot of the series a lot earlier to have a shot at changing the once juggernaut that Naruto was (is? I don't know how Boruto is doing).



You know, the hilarious part about it was that they talked about Team 7 so much, but how long were they even together? A couple months, at best? I don't think more than six passed through the entirety of part one and even that might be pushing it.


It is true, Naru Saku would not SAVE the ending from being garbage, but at least I feel it would be better than the brain killing idiocy that we were given in "The Last" Where Naruto is a selfish @$$hole and Sakura turned out to be a "munipulative thot" that was using Naruto's feelings fro her to get back her "man candy". The writing made many things horrible, yes, mostly the whole child of prophecy garbage and the whole reincarnations of SOSP's sons to justify Naruto and Sasuke secretly wanting to "kitten bang each other" :zaru:  :th_yeah: BUT at least we wouldn't have needed that $#^%storm Hinata fanfiction of a movie where the themes of bonds were destroyed to make just to make Naruto suddenly desire "knocking up Hinata", having the very first chapter of the manga retconned to Naruto already knowing the kage bunshin move while he was at school (WAY EARLIER THAN DEPICTED in chapter 1) and becoming a whiny, self entitled bastard who wouldn't lift a finger to save anyone because the "bewbalicious goddess" Hinata Hyuga would not love him.


P.S. I know I make a lot of exaggerated dirty jokes, but that is just how I make sarcastic and satirical comments, so if I offend anyone I apologize. It is just that I am someone who has witnessed the attitudes of Hinata worship and how Naruto must return her patient love or else he is the devil incarnate, not to mention how NaruSaku is sick and wrong or is just platonic with the double standards of Naruto just saying hi to Hinata and they are supposed to be engaged next panel, plus yaoi shipping for years on end and it just annoys me at how shallow, hypocritical and narrow minded such fans are so I just enjoy poking fun at their mindsets. :lmao:  :yes:  :P So don't mind me I am just a genuinely frustrated person with this series in general 

#969457 Black Clover

Posted by Phantom_999 on 26 November 2018 - 04:56 PM

Well there is a bit of exaggeration on Noelle's tsundere traits too but that's it. Agreed that they don't push the timid nice girl with the huge rack and has a crush on Asta into importance. Also I feel that Noelle is way more popular with fans again for a simple factor. She's falls for Asta very early in the series, does not insult or be-little him while professing her love and being a fan girl the rival, which was making Asta's life more difficult. Not to mention that Asta has no unrequited feelings for Noelle either. Plus she is established as a very powerful character that just needed learn how to control her powers ala Orihime.


I've already theorized that Sakura haters are so adamant about their hate cult of her because she was whiny and obnoxious and never encouraged Naruto at the start when Naruto always liked her. The Fandom feels that Naruto does not deserve to be verbally abused and insulted by the "girl of his dreams" because he was always fighting a uphill battle socially since the day he was born. And then the fans don't take kindly either that Sakura gets all tingly and excited to see her  "beloved " Sasuke who Naruto instantly establishes a bitter rivalry with and the fans want Naruto to beat and overcome his rival. Noelle didn't do any of that, so she is way less annoying to fans that bother to read it I guess. Plus It also helps that she has a very tragic back story of her own and she is also MUCH MORE attractive initially with a pretty face, a large chest and slender a waist :smile: Whereas Sakura did not look more beautiful until after the time Skip


Posted by Phantom_999 on 26 November 2018 - 04:36 PM

I really can't say either. Both are bad villains in a series never needed villains in the first  place. Azami was a snore fest whose Ideology comes from "this school broke my senpai!!!!!"  *cry sob* and then "why is my god cooking for the mindless masses!? THIS SHALL NOT STAND!!!!!"  :rawr:


Asahi on the other hand, well his motivations are somewhat more sympathetic but he still comes off as a poor excuse for a villain, wanting Joichiro for a father to the point he was jealously possessive of him and wants to to be his actual son so he wants to prove himself to better than his actual blood son so he has to show himself to be better than Soma and then have Soma's life, And now he's trying to take Soma's wife (to be) because of a bastardized take in Joichiro's philosophy to find a woman to devote your cooking for. So he wants to to be the ultimate chef for the ulitmate gourmand and food critic. :no:  


That aside though, I tolerate it (BARELY) because like I said, these two "villain" serve a purpose, as poorly written in and thought of as they are. Azami was essential for Erina' development as a chef and as a person in general. Yes he is not the source, but he's the trigger. Whereas Asahi is meant as a push towards Soma and Erina's relationship and we have already started to see the results as Chapter 278 is huge evidence of it .


But ultimately I digress. Asahi's skill and threat level was idiotic to say the least to be placed at where it was established because if he is capable of beating Joichiro then that means Soma has no realistic chance agianst him, but we all know Soma will beat him, and then what happens after? Since Soma beat the chef that beat his dad, and defeating his dad is his life time goal? :wallbash:

#969414 Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime Discusion

Posted by Phantom_999 on 24 November 2018 - 03:50 PM

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...................................................... :twitch:

#969413 Black Clover

Posted by Phantom_999 on 24 November 2018 - 03:38 PM

It's interesting how Asta is always the most enthusiastic about Noelle's new powers. I think Tabata is hinting at Asta being in denial about his feelings for Noelle lol :D

#969389 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 23 November 2018 - 06:35 PM

Idk what you're discussing here but I feel like this forum thinks Hinata got the long end of the stick and I disagree. I just thought of it and getting it off my chest will be good. Kishi treats Hinata like garbage - he literally called her the "boob-character" when he was asked about her in an interview.
Sakura was never allowed to get over Sasuke because that's not what a good woman does, and I put Hinata in the same box. It is so very spineless no-balls of him to reduse her to something lesser than he wrote her as, only because he's mad at her fans. She's his creation not theirs and he once said all characters have something of him in them. In a good story the side characters are main characters too, they have independent full lives that cross paths with one another and there you have a plot.
Naruto is such a basic series.

Correction. Hinata never "got the long end of the stick", Everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE was handing it to her. Take a look at the so called "canon movie" to the manga and what do you see? Every named and relevant character in the village telling Naruto Nardo he must bury his face in Hinata's ample marshmallows because she always had feelings for him or it would benefit himself to do so. (So apparently she confessed to him during the Pain arc, and for at least two whole years it was never brought up) What was the point of the villain in that movie? To make Naruto a crazy, clingy, possessive boyfriend that "fights to have his woman" plus was despairing over her initial rejection that he wouldn't lift a finger to save the world prior to that. Does that sound like the Naruto that we rooted for all these years? How did Naruto fall in love with Hinata? He was FORCE FED a genjutsu to show how "faithful and patient" Hinata was in her devoted love throughout the years and told himself he had to give his love for her patience. It was not that he was full of thoughts of her, that she inspires him for any of his goals in life or was a comfort to him, or you know anything typical for falling for someone in the first place. He GAVE HER A PITY ACCEPTANCE of her feelings and it was not even another confession of love straight from her mouth.
His most significant bonds, Iruka and Sasuke were not within viewing distance of his vicinity because NO ONE can be more precious and significant to to him than his "sexy, boing boing goddess" wife to be, Hinata. And Sakura, his most significant opposite sex bond and practically best friend told him he was only lusting after her as a "rivalry game" with Sasuke and never had any genuine feelings of love for Sakura. So there you go, All of Naruto's most precious bonds had the bridges between them burned to oblivion because Naruto can only think of Hinata, dream of Hinata, and imagining himself "doggy-styling" Hinata. :banana:  :th_yeah:
It is REALLY insulting to Both the story and the readers when you think about it. So no, Hinata never got the long end of the stick. her worshiper cult HANDED HER the long end of the stick because they thought she deserved it. And in doing so, decided to paint the once good, selfless Protagonist into a a shallow and self-serving prick, the actual heroine of the series is now joining the mindless masses of Naruto X Hinata shippers that emphasize what a cute couple they would make and how beautiful/perfect their babies would be(plus twisting the knife further, DEGRADED Naruto's feelings for her in one fell swoop), and ultimately the theme of bonds in the story was "sunk to the bottom of the ocean" to accommodate the believability of How "Hinata Hyuga got her dream man that never noticed her until now, in to her hot-pants".

#969330 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 17 November 2018 - 11:32 AM

Oh  the American fan base WASN'T a factor, actually. The More I think about it, the American fan base or any pro NH fan in general was actually just a means to an end. Kishimoto was not convinced to change Hinata to being "THE heroine", BUT MANY male members of the Naruto anime team and and ALMOST ALL OF of his post- Yahagi editors want their self insert Naruto Uzumaki to boink the precious, shy, big kittens, innocent and pure girl Hinata Hyuga that was always "into him", so they gathered the opinions of like-minded masses as "evidence and data".
They wanted a method to make Hinata the dream girl of the Main character because they want to vicariously "make love" to her in canon without shame or are SO socially inept at real life relationships that  they think Hinata is the obvious option as a wife because she is easy to obtain without effort because they don't see that love is something that is nurtured and developed, that it starts small but gradually grows by communication, trust and compromise. They feel that Naruto trying to earn Sakura's love is a "chore" because she does not immediately reciprocate and was pining after the cool sexy mysterious bad boy, when all sources of the story indicate that Sakura was starting to understand that she knew nothing of Sasuke at all and that his actions and choices are breaking her heart, so she can not accept who he was at the mid way point and beyond of Part II in the story. At the same time her friendship with the boy that she always looked down on and insulted was blossoming and growing into a mature and stable relationship with the occasional childish banter still being there. That she is always touched by how warm and compassionate that village pariah is, not to mention that he is selfless and loyal to a fault with his friends, which is changing something in her too. The makings of a great romance were all there but in the end it was thrown out the window for the "easy way."
That is something that truly disgusts me. That the NH and SS relationships' themes are about the easy way to obtain romance through "entitlement" and "first love" rather than showing a solid friendship and mutual understanding. That the romance is about whom loved whom first rather than showing a couple that grows closer by spending time with each other by choice, talking about happy and sad times alike, can always be "themselves" around each other without putting on a mask or pretend to be someone they are not, and can have arguments or disagreements but do not let that destroy their bond. So of course true love is who you are entitled to and they have to be broken down or brainwashed into loving you back. That is what NH and SS is shown to be with all Post chapter 700 material. And the idiots that are hypnotized and entranced By Hinata's H+ cups eat it up like pudding  :yucky:

#969324 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 17 November 2018 - 02:50 AM

Well the idea is not that she has not done anything of importance really, it is that she was a side character that could have been taken out of the story at anytime and no-one but her worshiper cult would bat an eye, yet was PUSHED TO RELEVANCE IN THE STORY by that exact same worshiper cult. To say Hinata did nothing of relevance is true, but that applies to other heroines in shonen manga/anime yet they are still the heroines. Anzu/Tea doesn't duel for instance and there are way more heroines than I can list off the top of my head that don't fight or stay away from relevant battles in most action and fighting series in the genre but they are still important as emotional support, etc. It is just Hinata did NONE of that. She was just a shy quiet girl that secretly liked the village pariah and that made sympathizers think that she is entitled to him and should be revered as a goddess, especially after her "chest puberty". But being a heroine doesn't mean squat if you are not relevant to the story nor again are a huge pillar of emotional support to the MC, which we all know again, Hinata was neither of those things.

#969283 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 15 November 2018 - 02:18 AM

EXACTLY, Naruto is not a romance manga, It is about how intimately Naruto and Sasuke entwine their d***s together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ according to Kishi and he DID MAKE IT CLEAR that was the only theme he ever really cared about or thought deeply of. So why was Hinata the sole focus of the only movie called canon to the manga?

#969263 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 14 November 2018 - 12:39 AM

Well that goes to show how much love end effort he puts into Sasuke and the Uchiha and not enough into Naruto. To put that  much effort into a deuteragonist rather than the main protagonist, Sasuke should have been the main character then. The series should have been Called "The Sasuke show", and " With a side of Naruto" as the subtitle, since EVERYONE is seemingly kissing Sasuke's @$$ :zaru:  :roll:

#969249 Dragon Ball vs. Naruto - Who Will Win?

Posted by Phantom_999 on 13 November 2018 - 06:29 AM

My thoughts are simple

Naruto- ended with themes that were just ham-fisted in to sound deep and philosophical but amounted to nothing. Has a sequel with an annoying, self-entitled, whiny, preachy, hypocritical brat as the main character. Ended the way it did to appease idiot, weaboo, japanese-wannabe fans with which most of them don't pay a cent to supporting the franchise.

Dragon Ball- simple fun. Terribly inconsistent, but at least no-one, not even the creator insults the fans' intelligence by forcing a reason for the BS down the audiences throats. Doesn't pretend to be what it's not. The characters remain or become LIKABLE by the end.

No more comments.

#969222 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 12 November 2018 - 07:08 AM

You're soooooo right! "The Last" was just pointless. It doesn't benefit either side. And it just proves how much of a romance Naruto was in the end. That's what they went with not the bromance. Not Naruto winning over power and supercool enemies (like Akatsuki and Pain). It was all about the romance.

Exactly and EITHER OUTCOME Is admitting that the whole movie is a pointless farce. But no Hinata fanatic is willing to admit it because it proves either way we were right- That Naruto never Loved Hinata until that movie so it was not planned. But to say that invalidates their beliefs that Hinata is Naruto's Soulmate and that Naruto always loved her like she loved him. They don't want to give us the gratification that Naruto only had eyes for Sakura until "The Last" so they ramble that Naruto is not a romance manga to preserve their pride and dignity a little. But here is the irony and hypocrisy of it. Many other shonen manga/anime are not a romance manga/anime yet the pairings are decisive and clear enough that these very same fans eat it up regardless of whether they like it or not. And DOES ANYONE SEE a movie trying to justify a romance between a couple if it is NOT about romance like Dragon Ball or FullMetal Alchemist? What About Bleach, hmm? Did Bleach say "lets make one last movie and call it canon to explain how Ichigo marries and knocks up Orihime?" Is there a movie like that anywhere?