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#971297 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on Yesterday, 11:45 PM

Eh...so they've been replacing Sakura since the beginning. Jerks.

Well they tried to. And Ultimately they succeeded at the end. But never the less, they can never take away the real heroine and (ACTUAL) love interest status  from Sakura no matter how much they try to cover it up because remember, Sakura was always the emotional support for Naruto and vice versa, among other things too. That is why so many accepted that they were the logical couple to happen. Those that don't either show irrational hatred of Sakura or have Deluded fantasies about Naruto, Hinata and the romance they they think those two are suppose to have. And also it is those aforementioned groups that believe ANY BS calling NaruSaku Parallels and romance in the series a "red herring"

#971270 Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime Discusion

Posted by Phantom_999 on 15 February 2019 - 08:21 PM

also that you attempt to murder/neglect family to show your love :th_yeah:  :zaru:

#971266 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 15 February 2019 - 07:50 PM

The problem is that, as a sequel series that was shoved in our face as "Naruto" was ending, you really CAN'T forget everything you know about Naruto because "Boruto" was clearly meant to literally be built off of "Naruto's" back in terms of its own narrative, not just because of being in the same general universe. You can't really watch it without knowing what happened before, especially since they have used stuff that was only ever really talked about in the previous series like the Rinnegan and such (even the movie, IIRC, doesn't even really explain much, which leads me to believe that the movie, and by extension, the sequel itself, assumes you're already a fan who knows at least the basics of it).

But even if you try to ignore the ending and look at "Boruto" by itself, Boruto the character himself quickly shows himself to a bratty, unlikable, and hypocritical character and the fact that he has no real good reason for doing so doesn't help. At least from my experience, at his age, a kid whose father works a lot would not hate him so much, but would actually, much like Naruto did as a kid with other people, be trying to get his attention, trying to get him to come home and such, otherwise try to be around him. If Boruto were in his mid-teens, then sure, I could probably understand, but only 10-12 or so? The hypocrisy coming from how he keeps saying he hates being seen as "the Hokage's son" and "young master" and such. If he had simply stopped there and actually tried to work to establish himself apart from his dad, like Itachi did from the rest of the Uchiha Clan, then perhaps impressions would have changed, but instead, he continued to spout such things while simultaneously taking advantage of the privileges that come with being the Hokage's son.

I don't hate Boruto (just) because of "Naruto's" ending, but because Boruto himself killed any likability he might have had, and everything else built up around him is just not really interesting. I'm not given any good reason to root for him or most of the others and to keep any close watch besides "they're the main characters", and even if Boruto and others were to become better people down the line, it clearly did not establish enough reason for us to experience that journey alongside them; they pushed us away from doing so at the beginning.



Not to mention how they're not even committing to the story, with the changes made from the original version of the movie by the anime. So, why should we follow this story if they're going to rewrite what was already written (...like Naruto was towards the end)?


Exactly. Boruto is  just a lazy half@$$ed rehash of everything that made Naruto grand in the first place with a cocky, "too cool for school" brat that has "severe daddy issues" and everything handed to him on a silver platter like "he is owed everything". It has none of the charm or tendency to be relate-able like Naruto had even though it is more realistic  as parental neglect is part of life but they go about it in the wrong way because "Brato must be in the same situation as his father all over again", and the feelings of abandonment by his father looks bad on them both because the son acts like an unreasonable whiner and the father could never be viewed as the type to neglect family considering he suffered all his life for not having having someone to love and care about him and no his job is not an excuse because again all previous Hokage showed to to have time for family if there is no crisis that affects the whole village and there is none at the start of Boruto and Nardo DOES have the means to to do his job and visit his wife and kids at the same time (kagebunshin, for the one hundred millionth time).


That said, I digress that that even though we can show distaste/dislike for Boruto if not outright hatred for what it represents I don't think any one can deny that it IS a great deal due to it being a continuation of Naruto. This is always the case for fictional media/entertainment, if a sequel does an absolute disservice to the thing it is continuing then there will always be comparisons to how it does not live up to the expectations placed on it because it is continuing something so beloved. You see it all the time with Movies for instance and video games. One prime Example I can bring up personally is comparing Tales of Symphonia to Tales of Symphonia 2- Dawn of the new World/Knight of Ratatoskr. On it's own, many state that Tales of Symphonia 2 is a pretty decent game on with its owm merits but that is only if you ignore how much better its predecessor was in both story, gameplay (in all but one aspect at least, but I won't explain in case there are those that never played it), and characters which you definitely can't because the original cast returns in that game as a painful reminder that this game is continuation of something that was far superior more or less. Anyway, the point is that you CAN always judge a piece of fiction and entertainment by its own merits which is a perfectly acceptable and fine way to view things objectively. But ultimately, if that piece of fiction/entertainment is continuing off something previously well loved you can't help but make comparisons if you ask me.


I personally think Boruto is a lousy snore fest on its own and is an ABYSMAL continuation of of one of the most popular and well known manga/anime series in the world 

#971168 Boku No Hero Academia

Posted by Phantom_999 on 12 February 2019 - 08:56 PM

yup subs I'm actually buying the blue ray when it comes out for the dubs lol

#971158 Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime Discusion

Posted by Phantom_999 on 12 February 2019 - 02:16 PM

Not at the moment, no. She got a copy and paste of Sakura's personality in some of the filler arcs where Boruto is scared kittenless of pissing her off and fans STILL lover her for it, or how about when she was a complete tsundere/yandere that threatens Sakura to not get near "her Naruto" and fans praise her for that. Doubles standards are there no matter what they do with Hinata

#971150 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 11 February 2019 - 08:48 PM

Yup, the only type of fans that enjoy and support this ending are stuck in their lala-land and their "ideal romance". They don't care that the story was demolished to make Naruto a couple with Hinata, nor do they care that there was no development between them. And that second point is especially important because here is the fact of the matter regarding the prime and most loved argument that pro NH fans pull out of their a-holes; Naruto is not a romance manga. Well guess what?


Regardless of whether or not a story is about romance, for a couple to make sense in a story they need to have plot indication and support. just because a story does not have romance as a focal point doesn't mean that making a couple can not make sense in context because then that means that a character can get with another character for no reason and so it doesn't have to be your preference. If "not a romance" means no development is needed except for feeling horny/ love at first sight, that means you can't complain about who character A ends up with, whether it is b, c, d to x, y, or z. Here I'll give that logic a whirl. "Naruto is not a romance manga so it makes perfect sense for Naruto to get together with Tenten, Ino, any of the countless filler episode or movie girls, (i.e. Shion, Hotaru, Princess Sera, etc.) Shizune, or Tsunade". (because he actually loves grown women/has gmilf urges) Hey, "not a romance" means no context is necessary for a couple to be offical right, so why does it have to be Hinata that marries Naruto? Does it sound stupid and wrong? Yes? Then don't use "not a romance" as an argument/excuse.


Any shonen manga that does not have a romantic plot line STILL has a love interest if not multiple, and there still must be development and context between the love interest and the main character for it to work out. You don't see Ichigo get so much development with Orihime (whom he marries) or Rukia and then that development is blown out of the water and he gets together with Rangiku Matsumoto. You don't see Edward and Winry giving outright confirmation of their love for each other then he gets together with May Chang "because reasons." Dragon ball, that Naruto rips off a lot from, including the excuse as to why Naruto never noticed Hinata til "Naruto the Last" makes sense in it's own context because Goku never knew what romance and attraction was. Was he interested in Bulma? No. Was he interested in Launch? No. he DID fall in love with Chichi after but that was after he kept his word on his proposal because he was taught to not break promises. Naruto does not have that context because Naruto does know what love is, since he is asking Sakura for dates on occasion, jumps through loops and bends his back over to make her happy even if it means giving up his own, plus even asks his own mother how she and his father fell in love. But he does not even go out of his way for Hinata to walk her home at night in "The Last" movie, so what does that mean? Either Naruto's "the last" personality is canon and he gives no effs about Hinata's confession during Pain's invasion, or he DOES know what love is and his "the last" personality is an @$$pull so he DOES NOT LOVE HINATA. Either way it does not look good for his so called "true love", now does it?


Even in shonen manga that does have romance as the main plot, the point still stands that developing the couple to make their union convincing and believable is an author's job. if the development goes out the window, so does the story and it does not matter if it is about romance or not. Again for example, In Love Hina, does it make sense for Keitaro and Naru to be pushed as the main couple for the entire story only to have Keitaro marry Mitsumi at the last second and Naru marrying the teacher she has a crush on, Noriyasu? What about the popular works of Rumiko Takahashi? Does she set up Ranma with Shampoo and Akane with Ryouga at the end of Ranma 1/2? In Inuyasha, at the end of the manga does Kagome run into the arms of Koga and Inuyasha commits suicide to be with Kikyo? Does it make sense if that DID happen? No? Well Naruto did exactly just that. Hinata and Sasuke were all those  characters/side characters that barely had development with the main character, if at all, to make getting together with said main character believable  (NaruHina), or is plot determined to not be the one the a character chooses as a romantic partner (SasuSaku), yet here we are.


Ultimately, Naruto had the most  and almost exclusive development with Sakura, and they showed the traits of a healthy and stable couple. I've said this already, an actual equal and healthy couple are those that seem indistinguishable from friends, showing that they are relaxed and comfortable around each other and know their significant other in the most intimate of levels. But the the only difference between friendship and romance is again the romantic aspect and child making/child rearing potentially. I don't see any emotional intimacy or closeness with NaruHina and DEFINITELY NOT with SasuSaku. Alright, rant over.

#971134 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 10 February 2019 - 08:42 PM

Again the idea is not of beauty or the like and who is more physically attractive in general. It is the fact that Sakura has always been put in the "situations that almost definitely designates a character as a love interest", and that she becomes emotionally closer to Naruto as time passes. If she was NOT meant to be the love interest, well why not give Hinata the the "intimate and romantically implicit" scenes that Sakura was in? The trick of making a character very emotionally close to the Main character but is not the love interest is that you have to give the actual love interest some screen time with the main character and there must be mutual attraction whether it is obvious or even just hinted at, which there was NOTHING with Hinata. Who was hugging Naruto in front to the entire village even though there was no actual reason to? Not Hinata. Who was offering to feed Naruto when he could not use his right hand for chop sticks? Not Hinata. Who actually verbally encourages Naruto towards his aspirations and gives him much needed support when he is in emotional distress? Again, Not Hinata. Who was it? She has pink hair. That is all.
The very fact that the Last was created as a way of rushing development to promote the NaruHina ship means even SP or Kishimoto admits Naruto was never attracted to Hinata for the manga's entire run. The fact is that, whether or not any Anti-NS fans or anti-Sakura fans admit it, Sakura WAS the love interest. Almost all of the manga supported it and other characters could see it, which is why NaruHina coming at the end was an @$$pull and SasuSaku was an ATROCITY. Naruto never had any romantic developments with Hinata because those so called moments with Hinata could be replaced by several other K11 members that he actually talks to or is much more relatable to and it would still make just as much sense if not the exact same context or dialogue. Whereas Sasuke showed that he treated Sakura as a friend only/ member of Team 7 at best or a nuisance/ no one to concern himself with at worst (He doesn't indicate he'd lose sleep if he killed Sakura or she died in front of him does he?), so HOW BELIEVABLE WAS IT that these two couples fell in love and had kids together? NOT AT ALL.

#971033 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 06 February 2019 - 05:57 PM

Not only that it proves that they were right but that Naruto Nardo is a HYPOCRITE, and the prophesy regarding him is a lie. Boruto is essentially built on hypocrisy and lies, the five nations' ninja villages still spy and infiltrate each other just like in the "good old days" as if any unity meant nothing during the 4th great ninja war. So much for world peace huh? Nardo actually condones Orochimaru to continue his experiments, even though Naruto WAS is a compassionate person that hated seeing others suffer and Orochimaru was given a sob story about how he just wanted to see his parents again, but apparently he must continue his work. karma is Orochimaru's b***h, I guess and Nardo gives no kittens on the suffering of others in actuality. and don't get me wrong, It is true that zetsu's and undead zombies are not like killing actual humans, but that is not the only horror of war it is also seeing comrades/friends/family die and suffer too so they had a huge dose of that (Neji anyone?), but despite this, again that thing "wearing Naruto's skin" is not doing a damn thing to stop any potential hostilities that could lead to another war, he is just repeating the mistakes of the past. So again, so much for all of his proud and childish boasting of stopping anyone from dying or suffering then, am I right?

#970975 Boruto: The NeverEnding Prologue Chapter 31

Posted by Phantom_999 on 03 February 2019 - 06:25 PM

He is the "Boruto's Sasuke" if you were wondering. :twitch:

#970974 The Great Naruto Discussion Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 03 February 2019 - 06:16 PM

YES, Kishi and SP HAVE dodged questions regarding why NH and SS are canon and why "The Last: Naruto the movie" was made. It has always been about finger pointing at someone else or not even answering the question if business conducting is not successful.

#970973 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 03 February 2019 - 06:11 PM

1. it was more like Toriyama DID NOT WANT Goku to marry Bulma, so he made a new character to be Goku's wife. All things considered, Toriyama did what he wanted to do and did not care what fans thought. Any author or story maker should be like that unless it is a genuine critique to make their stories better. but that is not the fans' job, it is the editors'. On that note, WHAT KIND OF EDITOR would tell an author on how to write their story for character bias?


2. They either are ignorant of the actual meaning of the word or they don't care. In any case, they want to degrade Sakura and push forward their "Hinata is queen-goddess" agenda. Everything that they have argued for in Hinata's favour, every time they say "Hinata is so strong so selfless, so kind" is to make her look better because Naruto deserves such a woman.  "And screw DEVELOPING a girl into that kind of woman" they think, she must be that from the get go, so "by god", Hinata is that woman even though she isn't strong and selfless, not to mention they confuse shyness and timidity with kindness. Hinata never showed strength or determination to fight unless Naruto is involved i.e. her match with Neji and 2 second scuffle with Pain, she is not selfless or kind because does she SHOW any consideration and thought to someone that is not Naruto? I can't recall personally. She personally hands Naruto a cream that does nothing after his match with Kiba, and sure she may have given the cream to the doctors to use on Kiba but again that cream did NOTHING because Kiba was hospitalized so what is a damn simple ointment for cuts and bruises going to do? In contrast Sakura shows she cares about others, and her kindness doesn't extend to only her first crush (Sasuke) or her best friends ( Ino, and the man that she actually loves, shown by her behaviour in general that is, Naruto) but she shows concern to Shikamaru, Hinata, Rock Lee, and even a small helpless crying girl. If Hinata was actually kind and selfless like her fanatics make her out to be, she would show thoughtfulness and consideration not only to the man she is crushing heavily on but also to others, especially when they selflessly do something that cannot be measured in value for her. Neji died for her, and she was "getting wet in her lady parts" for holding Naruto's "manly hand". (HA) Or how about when she was only focusing on knitting Naruto a scarf and being jealous of Kushina's scarf when her Sister was MISSING HER EYES and was blind? If she was STRONG like her fanatics say then she would fight for reasons other that for "I want to prove myself to Naruto-kun! Notice me Naruto-kun! GET AWAY FROM MY NARUTO-KUN!!" Ultimately my point is the w/h word or s word if used on Sakura is to degrade her and make Hinata look better, nothing more


3. first part. I bring back up my point 1.


And YES Naruto did not need a sequel at all because for there to still be a story, there has to be conflict. If Naruto had FULFILLED his destined role then there should be no conflict because Naruto is "the child of prophecy" that brings world peace and stops war, blah-de blah-de blah-de blah etc. SO TO MAKE A SEQUEL with a STORY, he would have to FAIL as "Boruto" can attest to, plus he would have to be VERY DAMN USELESS for there to be a conflict at all given all the power he got at the end of his own series, again as "Boruto" can attest to.


Fictional genetics, I don't really care to debate about the logic of it or rules, because real-life consistencies regarding that does not apply to anime or even other sources of fiction. Even the most well thought of concepts in that regard still have holes in their logic so no use in talking about it or we'd be debating for a LOOOOOONG time. For instance, even in My Hero Academia the genetics of quirks (the superpowers of that setting that is) are logically sound mostly, but then you have genes blending in together to make new powers or have a child inherit both of their parent's genes co-dominantly, therefore gaining both Parent's powers at once, when again that does not really apply to real life genetics. And as you have stated, hybrids in fiction, Anime especially, is an unending bouncing between being weaker due to being half-blooded or being stronger DESPITE being half-blooded. Point is, if we really want to go into how genetics in Naruto does not make sense, then truth be told genetics has always been about acceptable breaks from reality as it is said, more or less in fiction so that's whatever.   

#970958 Black Clover

Posted by Phantom_999 on 02 February 2019 - 08:49 PM

Probably means nothing, don't worry too much. :smile: It's almost definitely Noelle :yes:

#970938 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 02 February 2019 - 12:52 AM

Oh he apologized. With the single most effing epic half-assed sorry that I've ever read or seen, then Sakura is more than willing to jump into his arms again and scream out "MARRY ME SASUKE-KUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!" Shallow much? More than NH taking a dismantling of the entire story in an epic retcon fanfiction of a movie to have them marry, Sasuke and Sakura is an abusive and disgusting relationship. It is the part of the love triangle and romantic false setup to bring together the true loves together in any medium of fiction and story telling that is about true love and romance. Yet the "true love was BLOWN OFF" to make this fallacy of relationship come true because Hinata must get "her due reward" and Sakura must be married to the "anthropomorphic personification of male sexiness" that is Sasuke Uchiha. :zaru:  Does that sound the type of happy ending or even satisfying conclusion that anyone would want to have? The only type of person that actually, seriously, supports the relationship SS has are those that delude themselves to thinking that girl getting the actual type of bad boy that would physically and verbally/emotionally abuse her is romantic, those that enjoy seeing Sakura suffer, or those that that don't give two $#!ts about anything in the story except Naruto "nekkid cuddling" with his true love Hinata and the only obstacle for that, Sakura is out of the way. :twitch: :roll:       

#970868 The NEW NaruSaku Debate Thread

Posted by Phantom_999 on 31 January 2019 - 01:00 AM

There is still the variable of
"I hate the fact that Sakura is obsessive, but don't want her to get over what makes her obsessive in the first place."

"I hate the fact that she is obsessed over Sasuke, but don't want her to get over her love for Sasuke and move on to someone else...say Naruto."


Yup, this is the train of thought for these Sakura haters. "She is the useless, squeaky, obsessive fan girl of Sasuke that she was at the start of the series" and they were adamant about that view point and never let go of it until they were proven right. When Sakura shows signs of not being what they want her to be, develops her maturity level and grow closer to Naruto they are dumbfounded and scream their self righteous and single note views on her even louder because she MUST be that useless squeaky, obsessive fan girl of Sasuke. The reason being, Naruto must be with his "huge bon-bon goodies goddess Hinata Hyuga", or they are just sick of "idiot main character getting getting strong-willed tsundere girlfriend." 


Either way they did not change their views on Sakura and they hounded that view until they were proven right. Not to mention that apparently for this series the characters feelings and growth don't matter unless it suits their agenda. Sakura becomes strong and takes out an Akatsuki member (Albeit with some help), One shot's one of Pain's Centipede monster, tales out a legion of Ten Tails clones in one strike, and shows to be a top notch healer? All irrelevant, she is still a useless b***h. Hinata attempts to impress Naruto, only thinks about protecting Naruto, and is never even remotely a functional fighter unless Naruto is within viewing distance of her? "OMG she is so strong, so perfect, so selfless!!!! that is why she must be Naruto's WAIFU!!!!!!!!!" Naruto's entire story? Doesn't matter unless the mates with the "sexy delicious megami-sama" Hinata. Sasuke? As long as he gets that "hoe" Sakura Haruno out of the way for Naruto to get his "silver medal" Hinata, it is all whatever, you love him or you hate him.


Ultimately they wouldn't shut up about it either way, so why not go for the couple that actually has development as has been pushed for in the story, as you have said already? Why not not go for the couple that does not need a retcon movie that destroys the very canon story the series was built on because all the development that they would ever need was already given in the entire run of the series? I've already stated this before, the NH and SS marriages reflect what was always the horribly one sided affair and dynamic between the couples. Naruto barely acknowledges Hinata exists in his life and only gives her any thought if someone tells him to or she just so happens to be in sight. Whenever he talks to her, it is "just a matter of fact" in context of the situation they are in, or in a friendly, platonic manner that SO MANY Anti-NS debaters accuse him of being with Sakura (HA) :roll: . Sasuke always ignored Sakura or degraded her self worth because she has nothing to do with his goals, and he doesn't even get why she had feelings for him in the first place. He outright said that to Naruto and Kakashi after he gave Sakura a particularly cruel illusion to put her out of consciousness. How could think that relationships like that are romantic or even functional after all that?

#970860 kingdom hearts

Posted by Phantom_999 on 30 January 2019 - 11:21 PM

I'm hearing it's a pretty good game overall. Yeah, it's got some problems (what game doesn't), but is no where near as bad as some people have been vocal about. I've heard some complaints about the story and plot points not being resolved, but this game isn't the last KH. Those plot points will probably come up in future titles.


 I attribute the vocal disappointment and exaggerating the flaws of the game to the fact that fans were waiting thirteen years for it to finally come out and all that anxiety and excitement reached a breaking point and they came in with these super high expectations that couldn't be met at all. well that is my guess anyway I'll just take things in stride and see for myself.


On a side note work has been burning me out quite a bit so I think I'll hold off starting the game until the weekend